30yr Old on Accutane for Comedonal Acne - Melbourne, AU

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Hey all, ...

Hey all, I have been struggling with tiny blocked pores for the last 7 months. I have tried microdermabrasion, chemical peels, facials, antibiotics and topicals. My derm decided to put me on accutane 10mg a day for at least 9 months. I was obviously very hesitant due to the side effects. I've been on accutane for 6 weeks now. So far my skin is drying up, I have dandruff and some minor back pain. I have noticed no changes in the closed comodones, I'm not really expecting much to happen for at least another couple of months. I'm trying to stay hopeful that accutane will get rid of this and I'll update every few weeks. If anyone has this type of acne I would appreciate any advice or what to expect.

7 weeks

I'm now on 20mg a day. My skin is slowly starting to get a little bit better. A few comedones have disappeared but a lot more to go. I'm hoping by the 3 month mark I'll start seeing a lot more improvement. The dryness has really kicked in and I'm feeling very depressed most of the time. Can anyone recommend a good night time oil free moisturizer?

accutane causing facial hair?

Hey all, two weeks into my course I noticed a lot of peach fuzz on my cheeks and the side of my face. Has anyone experienced this?

8 weeks

I think I was imagining it when I thought my comedones were looking better, infact they look worse and some look bigger now. I haven't left my house in weeks, all I do is go to work and stay home and think of the times when I felt good about myself :( I hope accutane works for me I want to feel like myself again, confident and happy

trying to be patient....

Heading into week 9 absolutely no improvement. My skin looks worse, 5 new large under the skin pimples on chin. I don't understand why I get new spots on the areas that were clear, yet what I've had on my face since the beginning like my hundred comedones and two nodules have not budged at all. I hope these comedones don't turn into large pimples, I'm hoping at best that they come up as a tiny whitehead then go away. I'm trying to be hopeful.

week 10

Not much change i know it's still early days. I'm seeing my derm next week and hopefully she will up my dosage and be able to perform fine wire diathermy on my comedones. She did three last time I was there to test it out, they scabbed off and did not leave a scar. Basically its a small needle that heats and destoys the lesion. I didn't find it painful but they can apply an anaesthetic gel beforehand. I'll update after my appointment.

fine wire diathermy

I went to my amazing derm today, i told her I was worried about my comedones turning into big inflamed pimples which a few had and that if this was the case for all of them then I might develop severe acne, yeah I am a bit of a hypochondriac :) anyway so she killed half off those buggers of comedones off with fine wire diathermy, they are now little scabs then in a week they will be gone. I'm going back in a month so she will do some more then. She prescribed me Prednisolone to combat potential flares and Cephalexin to calm down my skin. I'm still taking the zooely birth control pill to level out my hormones. It is a great pill, similar to yaz and dianne but less risks in terms of blood clots. The facial hair is bugging me but I'm hoping in will go away after my coarse as i have read that this is a side effect and does go away eventually, or hopefully the bcp will help this too. I also had a cortisone injection on a massive cyst on my cheek and it's already starting to go down. I'm still on 20mg a day, my skin in far from perfect but I'm hopeful in a couple of months it will be 100 times better. I feel like a walking pharmacy now lol. I'm finally starting to see the light at the end of this hideous and difficult journey. I'm going to look like a scabbed up mess for the next few days but is ok, luckily i work in a small office and pre warned my workmates so they don't get a shock when they see me. I'm so lucky to have such supportive people around me, it's definitely important to have people by your side to get you through it all. I haven't handled the accutane well at all, I've been extremely depressed, overly obsessive with my skin. I can't wait to stop thinking about my skin 24/7 and move on. Having acne sucks! We are all on the right track and are going to feel so much more confident and happy with ourselves once it's over :)


I stupidly squeezed a few clogged pores last night now I'm left with teeny tiny pitt marks on my cheek. Will these fill in eventually on there own?

month 4- feeling so down

I have been on accutane for 4 months now. Currently I have 4 pimples on my left cheek that were previously comedones and probably about 30 comedones on that cheek too. My right cheek is almost clear. It's so annoying
I hate my left cheek it's horrible, i hate having acne it has literally made me a different person
I barely go out now, I have such low self esteem. I know people have worst problems and acne is not permanent but it has really affected me. I wake up with anxiety, I can't sleep properly, i cry everyday, i hide in my room a lot. I wish i could get over it but it's so hard :( i just want this to be over soon

makeup tips???

I'm starting to get large pus filled whiteheads and resisting the urge to squeeze them because I'm paranoid of scarring. They look so disgusting, i have 4 on my face now. Does anyone have any good advice on how to cover them? I'm so annoyed it just doesn't seem like accutane dries them out quickly enough, they sit on my face for days :(

start of month 5

Hey all, my skin in slowly getting better. I've got a lot less comedones, the majority of them have turned into pimples before going away. I'm still on 20mg a day. I have one persistent cyst or bump under my skin on my cheek for over a month. I did not have it before I started accutane, it was injected at my derms office, went down for three weeks then popped back up. I hope the accutane kills it off as I'm worried that it's something that has to be cut out. Has anyone experienced these dormant cysts that stick around for ages, if so did the shrink or come to a head on accutane?
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