26 Years Old Breast Feed 1 Baby Flat Chested - Langley, BC

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I guess this is more of a question. I recently as...

I guess this is more of a question. I recently as of 1.5 weeks ago stopped breastfeeding my 9 month old son.

Now one side has dried up. The other is still full of milk ... Huge asymmetry here and I'm scared at my NOV 14th consult the milk will still be in there causing me to have such in even boobs the doctor will refuse to operate?

Has any one had this experience with breastfeeding and a breast implants within 3 months after??

The doctor I'm going with is in Vancouver, I had a consult two years ago and he recommend 300 cc or 375cc high profile.

I at first was going to go small so that I did not attract unwanted attention however now I could careless! 375 it will be :)

Sugery is tomorrow :)

Time has flown by. My surgery is tomorrow but it doesn't even seem real. I recently got engaged so that has luckily kept me busy planning for a wedding.

I have no expectations right now or anxiety which is remarkable for me LOL I'm scared tomorrow is going to be a sh@&$ storm. But for now im fine so I will enjoy the calm. My fear is not waking up from surgery .... I'm a mom and I can't bare the idea of not being with my little boy and his dad. I guess I have no expectations for my breasts as long as they get more filled out.

I decided after belabouring over the sizing to go with 370. I had the option to go to 465 UHP, but ultimately I'm a small girl and realized through this process I love my body for what it is I wouldn't want to destroy it with big monster boobs.

Doctor moshers staff if super professional and answers all my questions so I feel like I'm in safe hands. Hopefully I get a little one on one time with the anesthesiologist so I can feel safe on that end too.

Thanks to all the ladies who shared the process with me. It has been so helpful and empowering to see women with similar bodies and proportions surgery results so I could make a educated decision on sizing.

I will up load one more pic so you ladies can see the BEFORE!



5'7 112 LBs A-? Surgery is done!

Surgery went well I'm sore but mainly feeling high from the medication bothers me! Here's what I'm working with now girls!

Couple days in

Well surgery is definitely not fun, and I miss holding my little boy. But I will say that it's not the excruciating pain I was equipping myself for and for that I'm glad.

Yesterday I felt better so I decided to get Christmas shopping and wrapping done. Bit off more than I could chew and kind of paid for it.

I made a stacked picture to see I could see any progress. My right breast in literally in my collar bone so hopefully it subsides. But I guess one breast is wider than the other naturally so that probably to be blame for it!

Here's an embarressing progress picture what can I say I have a lot of time on my hands during recovery!!



A to D.. But I won't hold my breath

We were doing Christmas shopping and we passed a VS. Couldn't resist especially since my fiancée was just as excited as I was.

I ended up buying a bra 32D .. With NO padding ... That's just a vindicating let me say that! I was literally busting out of it so I felt it was safe to say I would at least fill it when the swelling went down.

A D 32 is my dream size I realize I may end up smaller because I went with a conservative implant size. But I'm hoping it'll stay there
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