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I initially meet with Dr. Daniel Becker in Sewell,...

I initially meet with Dr. Daniel Becker in Sewell, NJ. His website and experience was impressive but waiting 2 hours in the waiting room seemed to be a little ridiculous. After that day I immediately scheduled my appointment with Dr. Pontell.
My request was to have the bump removed from my bridge, straighten my nose due to a deviated septum and bring my nose closer to my face because it is longer/larger than I would like.
I'm scheduled for surgery on December 20th 2013.

financing solved

To cover the cost of the procedure I have $2,000 from my income taxes. The remaining balance has to be paid two weeks prior to surgery. I will be using money from my 401k, it is a loan with only 3.25% interest against my 401k, much better than rates!

preparing/ shopping

I have seen many lists on what is needed after surgery. i know i have a couple months, but i figured i will start getting my supplies together. Everyone recommended a neck pillow so i went on a search for one. My boyfriend and I stopped at Five-Below and they had tons of good recovery items!
Five Below had neck pillows ($5) so i don't bump my nose when sleeping. they also had spray bottles ($1). i know many people say a spray bottle of water is great to have because your mouth gets so dry. They have great chapsticks there, tissues, Q-tips, and even a cold/hot mask that you can freeze or microwave.

I grabbed a box of mini saltines (i didn't know they made minis until i saw them at Walmart. i thought the mini size would be easier for me to chew.) i know you are supposed to keep your sodium intake low so i will probably use these saltine crackers for when i have to take my meds.

I also picked up Arnica cream ($12) from the Vitamin Shoppe, it came with the arnica pills but i will have to ask Dr. Pontell if i can take them.

I know they recommend wearing a button or zipper shirt to surgery and for the week after but i cannot find any comfortable button up shirts :/ i am still on the search for some shirts.

1 week after surgery, after my cast is removed, i will be traveling by car to my boyfriends parents house for a late xmas/ new years. I will not be driving, since i might still be groggy from meds. They know i am having surgery & i feel good going there, especially because his step-mom is a nurse and i know they will be helpful in recovery.

a little more than 10 weeks left :)

patiently waiting

I wish it was December already! Waiting is the worst part.

My story is I broke my nose when I was younger, about 8 years old. I was running into my bed room, I remember I wanted to grab a toy from my room so I didn't even bother to turn my bed room light on. Well I was a messy child so of course there was a pillow on the floor that I accidentally stepped on and this is what caused me to tumble face first into my wooden framed bed. Actually I tumbled nose first, and ended up with two black eyes and a nose like Marsha Brady. As I went through puberty the bump started to worsen and I noticed how crooked my nose was. I always thought that I would want to get my nose fixed but I knew it was a crazy expensive surgery. I figured it would be a dream surgery for me. I always try to make it look straighter with makeup but it is what it is.

I recently started doing yoga in an attempt to relieve stress and become healthier. Since turning 26 I decided I have to act like an adult and take care of my heart and body. Doing the breathing exercises in yoga made me realize how crappy my breathing is! I can't get a full breath in through my nose and always end up breathing through my mouth :/
Dr. Pontell said he noticed my turbinates were larger than normal and it was the cause of the breathing problem , as well as the septum of mine being wavy. He didn't say it was leaning to a certain side, just that it waves back and forth. Yikes! Dr pontell said he should be able to improve my breathing which is going to feel amazing!

Question, Does anyone else experience pain from wearing glasses on the bridge of their nose? I thought it might be from where it was broken, or maybe my glasses are just to heavy?

going away party!

I've decided to have a going away party for my nose! I think it will make me feel less nervous about this decision, and it will be fun and hilarious. I should go to the dollar store and buy fake noses for everyone haha


I just paid for surgery! Blah what a huge chunk of money :( it will be worth it though.


I was a sugar skull for Halloween. My nose looked pretty good though! All that black makeup must have made it look smaller Haha! :~)

Low sodium!

I have heard that a low sodium diet helps with swelling... is it true? I believe it. I guess I will be eating healthy two weeks before surgery in preparation!
No more ramen noodles... no Chinese takeout, no cheeze itz, no soy sauce :(

Anyone have low sodium foods that they enjoyed during their healing?

some more views

Taking more photos of my before!

getting nervous!

Yup I'm getting nervous! I wasn't nervous until I went to have my blood work done, now it's all so real! Ahhhh

16 days left with my old nose!

16 days left!

keeping busy

Thank god for school which is keeping me busy and my mind off of surgery! Two weeks till surgery. 1 exam & 3finals until then. No more alcohol, ibuprofen or vitamins for the next two weeks! I'm also trying to limit my salt intake as preparation :-)

follow up visit

I just got off the phone with dr. Pontells office. With Dr. Pontell, he likes to see his patients shortly after rhinoplasty surgery to make sure everything is going well. I have surgery on the 20th and so I have a follow-up that is scheduled for Monday 23rd at 11:30. I like that he will see my nose shortly after surgery! Makes me think he is really particular about his work :-)


Last night I had a dream. I was done surgery and everything went well. I was recovering and I felt no pain! Jeeze can this become real life for me lol I hope! I woke up this morning still thinking I already had the surgery! Weird haha

almost time!

It's 10:14pm & almost time for bed! I have to be at surgery by 8:30am tomorrow. When I think about it too much I feel sick to my stomach. I just want this to be over with! I want to be on the couch healing. I'm nervous. I'm anxious. I'm also a little pissed that I have to pay for parking garage fees at Bryn Mawr hospital while I'm in surgery :/

My bf will be driving me and taking care of me. I have crackers and chocolate pudding packed for the ride home, which is a little over an hour.

My biggest fear is being nauseous and throwing up. I did get anti nausea medicine from my doctor so I have it in my bag. Chapstick is in my bag and I guess I wait now!

30 minutes!

I leave the house in 30 minutes to head to the hospital ahhhhhh
I had to shower last night and this morning with anti microbial soap per the hospital instructions. My skin is dry now and a lil itchy!
I didn't eat or drink past midnight like the hospital told me. I'm so nervous it's silly! I've been under before and had wisdom teeth taken out (all 4 at once!) I just want to be on the couch recovering with my boyfriend by my side, can we get this surgery over with already? !

alll done!

Im alive! With a cute nose! Ok I'm done surgery. Apparently I get very nauseous. Threw up on the car ride home. Threw up blood. I'm sorry it's gross but you should know it happens, so don't freak out if you throw up blood.
I stayed in recovery longer than I imagined I would... 4 or 5 hours! Pain, then nausea. Then lots of nausea. I have a patch that was placed behind me ear for nausea. Throwing up made me feel 89% better!

My boyfriend is amazing. Amazing.

Cold Apple sauce and me are now best friends. I'll write more tomorrow or when I have time. Thank you RealSelfers, thanks for support, the good luck and your great recommendations.

day 1 post op

Not much pain but my nose bleeds when I walk around. I think I change the dip pad about every 6 hours. Ive been trying to ice as much as possible. I think the most pain I've felt so far was in recovery when I felt nauseous. I did wake up every three hours due to dry mouth. I have my humidifier next to me but I still get a super dry mouth

recocery room

While in the recovery room

let the bruising begin !

Bruising is becoming noticeable. I need to ice more! Im having some pain at the incision site. I think the gauze is maybe irritating it? Maybe I should just take a Tylenol


Today sucks lol
My upper jaw/gums are throbbing, just like when I have a sinus cold. I have a headache so im placing ice on my forehead. I haven't taken Tylenol since last night, so im grabbing some applesauce and pain meds. I did sleep for 4 hours straight last night which was nice.
Im not bleeding as much, so that makes me happy.
I do have lots of puffiness under my eyes where it's slightly bruised.

day 3

Post day 3. I feel better this morning than yesterday. Yesterday was the worst. I had a headache all day, soreness and nausea on n off. It was a tough day. I hope today goes easier. Heading out to see Pontell for my checkup!


Dr. Pontell cleaned out my nose today.simple, quick, 5 minute cleaning. Felt a lil weird but I'm glad he checked everything out. Friday I go back for cast removal ! !

day 4

I slept for 5 hours straight last night. The drip pad is on only when I walk around for a while and it's 90% clear. I feel some itching under the cast which is impossible to get to.

My only issue is trying to keep the bactroban cream off of the tape. I was doing fine but today I noticed it became looser! I'm scared about that and trying to pinch it back together.

day four before bed

Its Christmas eve and most of the swelling is gone. My parents had a Christmas eve party and that brought my spirit up.
The headache pain is gone, as well as swelling. All bruising is yellowing out. My skin however is a wreck! I am very careful with my skin, because it is so sensitive but the tape from the drip pad tore up my skin on my cheeks.
I have a feeling of itching under the cast but I obviously can't do anything about it!
I'm going to moisturize the heck out of my face tomorrow.
Merry Christmas to those who celebrate!

loose tape

Before bed I'm realizing that the tape on the tip of my nose has gotten bactroban on it and has become loose. It used to be stuck to itself at a point but it no longer sticks to itself. Any advice? Did that mess things up for anyone ?

day 5

Barely any dripping or pain. Now I'm trying to keep everything moist without getting the tape wet

day 6

My skin is freaking out! I'm not breaking out, no pimples here, just itching and redness. My skin is super sensitive so the tape is making me itch and turn red and irritated on my cheeks.
Very little drip. The bruising and swelling is a thing of the past. My main concern is the tape at my tip coming undone ( if that messed up my nose) and my skin.

cast off

Today I got the cast off! It was quick and painless. The worst part if finding.out I was having an allergic reaction to the tape adhesive! It itches sooo bad and dr. Pontell felt really bad. He sent a prescription cream to my pharmacy right away. Im also going to take a benadryl in hopes it goes away faster. It feels like bugs crawling on my skin.

I must say at first look I felt the common feeling of having a pig looling nose but im over that. It looks nice, I can't wait to see it without the redness and swelling!

allergic reaction

So I am allergic to the surgical glue, neomicen I believe it's called. Dr Pontell called in a steroid cream for my face and it seems to be helping. It itches like crazy even after washing my face for 10 minutes.

day 8

Post op day 8. I wish I could get over this allergic reaction. I'm still itchy and my skin has blisters now. Thank god I don't have work for another week

steroid pills

My face has been slightly improving as far as the allergic reaction. Dr Pontell sent in a prescription for steroids in pill form to get this cleared up faster.

the pills are working!

It's already looking good!

feeling good!

These steroid pills have worked wonders! I have still been sleeping with my head raised, only because it feels better for my breathing. Today I was able to eat and taste everything! I had normal foods ( eggs, toast & sausage) and the only thing I can't eat is super hard/crunchy foods. It doesn't hurt to eat crunchy foods, it just feels odd because my nose is so sensitive.
I am very cautious about hitting my nose on things, haven't bumped it.. yet... lol.
Now that this allergic reaction is under control I am concentrating on keeping my sutures moist and cleaning out my nose.

The sensation of how your nose feels as you heal is so strange. I could have never imagined it feeling like this. There is no pain 9 days post, the best way to describe it is that my nose feels heavy and sensitive.

Another week and my internal stitches are coming out! Heres to being able to blow my nose soon! Haha!

9 days post

I love my new nose!



before and after photos

Some photos of before and after. I find a neat app called PhotoWonder that let me do all these. (Ps that app for my android is free and amazing! )

11 days post

Feeling good!
I must admit, the day my cast was taken off I felt like I had a hot dog for a nose LOL
Everyone please remember, when your cast is taken off it will look totally different, even ,4 days later!

day 12

Still trying to get my smile back! I can't believe I was in surgery less than 2 weeks ago! If you can get through the first 4 days post op, then the rest is smooth sailing!
Good luck to everyone getting ready for surgery!
Happy New Year to all of us and our new noses!

before bed 12 days post

Updated photos at 12 days post operation, before bed. Swelling is still present but much less than cast removal day!
There is a bump that is visible ( on my bridge), however I'm sure that is from swelling, as that particular area had work done to it from a previous bump that I had Dr Pontell remove.

13 days morning

13 days post night

Today I went out for a yummy dinner with family that included lots of soy sauce. Let's hope I don't swell up like a balloon tomorrow haha

thanks :-)

Thank you for all the awesome compliments guys!! I'm feeling really great about the new nose and I can tell it will just keep getting better :-)

day 14 before bed

Today I laughed quite a bit! My nose feels sore from all the smiling :-) not a bad problem to have! My skin feels dry, probably left over weirdness from the allergic reaction. My appointment to have my stitches out had to be pushed back till Monday since the snow in Jersey was so intense. I want the stitches out! They are annoying but not painful at all.

day 15

day 16!

Traveled back to Jersey today from Pittsburgh. 5 1/2 hour drive and it went easy. I slept flat for the past two days and I don't like the feeling! I wake up and my nose feels different... like is more swollen.

There is no pain at all anymore. Just swelling! And my skin felt dry the past couple days so my nose felt super tight. I laughed so much yesterday that my cheeks hurt and it made the sides of my nose sore. Other than that, all is well!

17 days.

Today I get my stitches out! I had one stitch removed at cast removal but the other ones remain.
I slept flat like an idiot last night! I'm super congested this morning and I don't know why. maybe because the weather changes from Pittsburgh to Jersey?

more photos

These photos are for documenting the allergic reaction. (This was in no way Dr Pontell's fault! It was an allergic reaction I had and he helped by giving me prescription s immediately after seeing this)

17 days post

19 days post

How has rhinoplasty affected me? Hmmmm
Good question! Well, before rhinoplasty my nose was not a huge deal to me in the aspect that I was thankfully never made fun of as a child and never had meanies saying anything about it. I knew my nose was a little off, but it was mainly due to the fact that I broke it.
I always thought about having it done but it was not a big deal if I never had it fixed.
I'm in a school program that is pretty intense and I can't miss any class days so I had to plan rhinoplasty very carefully so that I can handle all of my school work and recover at the same time. That was the hardest part (finding the right time to have surgery and recover).

My family, boyfriend and friends were all very supportive. Some told me they think that I don't need the rhinoplasty done and that they like my nose. After explaining to them that I was also having some work done on the inside so that I could breathe better, they understood more of why I ess going through with it.

I had to take two weeks off from work because where I currently work I lift heavy boxes and do a ton of bending over and running around. I only work part-time so it was not a huge deal. I did however have to fill out tons of paperwork saying I was going on medical leave, per the request of my HR rep.

I feel like now when I take pictures I can face the camera from any angle and any side. I also feel like my new nose makes me look more feminine! I had a strong nose before and sometimes it felt too strong.

I like my cute little nose now! There is more of a slope then i anticipated but I'm glad because I'm in love with it! In my initial consultation Dr Pontell recommended he do a little work at the tip and I was not sure if I wanted it done. I'm glad it was done, he was right and it looks great. He really knows what he is going and I'm glad I didn't doubt him.

still healing

The swelling is the only thing left from surgery.
Skin is almost back to normal. I had lots of peeling dry skin and at the same time it would get oily lol very weird!
It is still very sensitive. I have not hit it on many things. I did tap it on my boyfriend's forehead when I was trying to kiss him on his forehead. It felt so weird! Like a tingly feeling... similar you when your foot is asleep and trying to wake up.

I'm noticing a lil bump on my bridge. I'm trying to ignore it though and pretend it will be gone in a few months once swelling subsides. I don't know for sure though! My next follow up is at the end of January. I think I may ask my doctor about it.

first full day of work

Monday I had a full day of work. And I could feel it in my face! My forehead and nose felt swollen and when I got home my boyfriend noticed it lol so strange

1 month andv five days since surgery day

1 month andv five days since surgery day

about 6weeks post op

Things are going well, I do breathe better from my right nostril. My left nostril still feels swollen inside.


Before and after

before and after update.

Still looking good so far!

no contacts! :(

I ran out of contacts and so far I've been waiting a week for them. I've had to wear my glasses and it sucks! My nose gets really swollen when I wear my glasses but I have no other choice right now. It also makes my nose super oily, so now my skin is breaking out. My nose feels sore from wearing glasses and my glasses leave huge indents on my nose. I hate it!

my instructions

These were my instructions before and after surgery. I double checked about when I could wear glasses, it says 6weeks after but I feel like the pain my glasses are causing me is my body saying it's too soon

got my before and afters!

My before and after photos from Dr Pontell

more photos

Things have been going well. I still feel like my tip is swollen and in the morning it looks fat haha

still loving it!

I'm still in love with my nose :)
It's wonderful and everything I could have asked for! No more swelling. The only thing that still happens is: if I wear my glasses for a long period of time my nose will get oily like in the beginning of my healing.
Everything else has been amazing!

over 7 months post op!

Picture update

swelling comparison

Comparing swelling

one year later

I am so very glad i had surgery. I wish I had done it sooner! My breathing is amazing and I have a much more feminine nose compared to before.

I still have a little swelling when I wear my glasses for too long but I normally wear contacts, so it doesn't bother me.

still loving it!

16 months post op

16 months post op

June 2015 update

No changes or anything new! I think this is 1.5 years post op.

Still in love with my nose and my decision. Nothing has changed, which is good because I like the way it is :-)

I graduated and all of my graduation photos, from every angle, look amazing and make me realize what a great decision I made.


still very happy, I wish I would have done it sooner!
Philadelphia Facial Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Pontell was awesome during the consult. I was five minutes late (i was not aware of the rush hour traffic on my route) and the receptionist seemed annoyed but that was understandable. Dr. Pontell was helpful and showed me a ton of photos from previous surgeries.

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