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Going today for Belotero filler to help with my...

Going today for Belotero filler to help with my eye hollows. I've always had darkness under my eyes. Now at 48, I've found that even the best concealers don't hide the hollows. My doc is going to fill in the area around the fat pads. He will only use Belotero for under eye troughs (or surgery!). I'm not ready for surgery yet so hope this does the trick.

A few pics to share regarding progress.

I had bruising and swelling. No surprises as I bruise very easily.

with makeup...


Don't think a standard concealer will work on my very blue bruises. Tried those and the results aren't great (as photo shows). I think I will need some kind of color corrector to offset the blue tint. I have a family dinner tomorrow night and really don't want to have to tell everyone why I have a black eye!!

Still bruised...

Slow progress. Need to stay patient.

Pic from today--day 4

Getting impatient

Still bruised...feels like they will never dissipate. Also starting to see a slight bump on my left eye and concerned that it won't level out. I think it might also be there on the other eye but hard to tell with bruising. Gonna give it a few more days and then will call the doc.

Anyone know how long it should take for minor lumps to recede?


Seeing progress. Seems the bruising is finally improving---though not totally healed.

Two Weeks--Feeling Better!

Put makeup on today and i think I'm looking pretty normal. Most of the bruising is gone. Still some minor lumps but I think I might just live with them as opposed to messing more in the area. Lesson learned for me is that the tear trough is very tricky. If I every try again, I'd likely look for someone who does cosmetic dermatology full time. My doc is great but I think he's more of a surgeon than an "injectables guy."

3 weeks out--happy

Bruising all healed. Contour irregularities are basically gone. This was a bit of a perilous procedure but I'm not glad I did it. My advice to anyone considering is to be sure your injector is super experienced in the under eye area. Photo shows me with no makeup. I'll always need concealer but deep hollows are much improved.

One Year Later

Philadelphia Facial Plastic Surgeon

I'll tell you more after the procedure but generally, a lovely man who took his time during my consult and answered all my questions thoroughly.

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