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I've been in for my consultation and am pretty...

I've been in for my consultation and am pretty excited seen pics of other people that have had this done they look great. date set and $1500 down paid yikes.
Im 34 yrs 5'6 155lbs lost about 50lbs its taken a couple years with some personal set backs to do it but i finnaly made it and have kept it off for a year so it is time for a mommy makeover, a full tt with lift and small augment.

Feel like I'm Nesting again

one week to pre op holy cow the time has flown by with thanks giving and christmas and work i can't believe its right around the corner, still need to finish up shopping for supplies for after surgery. plus i still need to get some before pics to put on, and do some pre done meals that just need to be microwaved soo easy for everyone else and that way i don't have to worry about cleaning up.
My husband keeps asking if i'm sure i want to do this and wants to know if i've changed my mind yet. lol of course i haven't changed my mind.

Pre Op!!!!!!

today was my pre op appointment!! day started out good untill i had to drive over the mt. pass that was icy made my blood pressure super high when they checked it (it was a little scary) after that everything went great got all the scripts and directions for post op. everything is signed and paid for ouch! but worth it. and most important scheduled for monday Jan 13th 2014 at 8am!!!

finally here!!!!

tomorrow is the big day i'm so excited i couldn't sleep last night don't know if i"ll sleep tonight gotta get up at 4am to make it to appointment by 7:15am hope the roads are good got quite a bit of snow on them.
I will post pics of before and after as soon as i can when i get home hopefully wednesday we'll see how i feel lol

post op day 1

ok not gonna lie it does hurt but not bad with pain meds ladies dont be scared take them i do have a rather high tolerance for pain so we will live. post op appointment went well though i did get motion sickness waiting in the waiting room (that Hurt)
and then again on the way home. I have been sleepng lots so far so good i will post pics hopefully tomorrow

post op day 2

feeling much better today got a couple pics to post on my own today husband had to go to work kids at school so a nice quiet day work has already called to make sure i was ok gotta love the ladies i work with they are great.

after 12 years the girls are where they are supposed to be!!!

Drain coming out!!!

Ya just called in my drain totals tonight and got told to come in on Friday at 10 sweet!!! These things are a little uncomfortable. Not excited about the drive 1 1/2 hours on snow ice and frozen fog roads but got a good car and I trust my driver. Post more tomorrow

Feel like dancing

Lol to funny to post but gonna anyway finally had a bowel movement omg hate being constipated back to normal hopefully :)

No more drains

Thank god those are out feels a lot better without them in and took like 2 minutes to remove yay felt kinda wierd but no pain

Break down

Ok so this is gonna sound really dumb but I had a total break down tonight. It started after my appointment to get my drains out after that my sister in law who drove took me to Victoria secret and picked out some panties.(she knows I haven't worn any for year because of the tummy hangover and comfort) so I really didn't know what to get or how I would look didn't try them on till later tonight after I had my first shower after surgery. I started to cry and couldn't stop I felt so pretty in them even though I'm really swollen I called her to tell her and could hardly stop crying to do so, of course my husband hears me crying and comes in all worried until I tell him I'm happy crying lol feel foolish but god it feels good again.

Here are some pics without binders on or panties before break down lol


Yay no more of those blood clot shots in my ass I'm so happy and so is my poor hubby he was such a trooper giving them every morning is watch him turn white as a sheet when I brought it to him lol tomorrow gotta go back to the dr for one week check up see what he says hope everything is good cause it feels good check back tomorrow night all :)

one week post op appointment

love those fast appointments was told that everything looks great in the next couple of days i can soak off the steri strips and see how everything looks then go back on next tuesday to have the stitches taken out of my belly button yay.


Does anyone know of any good products for lessening scars?
I've heard vitamin e is good but is there anything else that work?

No more tape

Finally got to take the tape off

One more

Real clothes

Two week post

I can't believe it's been two weeks already boy how time flies! Got told everything looks great got the stitches out of my belly button and the anchor stitch on tt scar. Gotta keep the stomach wrap on for one more week then can take it off but wear it if I want to, and keep the support bra on for a while still. Over all super happy with results and don't have another appointment until three more weeks yay

Back to work

Time really does fly! I went back to work Monday and got a donut party lol love everyone I work with, then found out I won't be getting any time off for next post op appointment cause my substitute quit ( guess the $4000 she made while I was off wasn't worth it) so I have to cancell my appointment until who knows when :( other than that healing is going good if a little slower then I had hoped for just a couple of spots on tummy and one under boob that are slowly closing up I'll post pics later on when I get more time prob in th a.m.

swelling is down a little!!!

Ok I really missed work sounds wierd but i really did. Finnaly got the time to go back to doctors for another post op so gotta call and make a appointment this morning yay!!

My swelling has gone down quite a bit not all the way yet but thats ok i do have two or three problem spots though, i woke up last week with my tt scar split open about an inch on both sides i guess i moved wrong while sleeping so i've been dealing with that and they are doing a lot better almost all healed, the other is on my nipples both have one small spot that will ooze a little puss, been cleaning those and are also almost all healed too.
I think those are my reason for finnaly getting the blues i hear everyone talk about, which i don't think was really that bad for me just a couple of days thinking omg what the hell did i do this for untill i saw some old pics of myself then the light bulb went off and felt way better:)

7 1/2 week post op

Just got back from my 7 1/2 week post op things are healing great!!! Got the ok to wear real bras yay and to resume my regular gym workouts!!! Next appointment in 3 months. I think everything looks good dr. Said he might want to correct my right breast a little it has a small roundness on the bottom he said and a little lipo at the same time for more conture all up to me if I decide too. I said I would think about it and let him know on my next appointment. But I think I've already decided I will have him do it as long as I can get someone hired and trained at work, sounds easier then it is trust me last time it took a year and a half to do it so cross your fingers for me.bwill post pics after phone charges up tonight :)

Update 7 months post

It's been 7 months and things are great love my new body!!!!! I am having a issue with my right breast just the scar and a small amount if breast tissue looks a little funny so I am scheduled to get that fixed in October so will post that journey also it should be a easy surgery.
I don't think the scaring is too bad since I really haven't tried anything yet like mederma or bio oil to make them fade or lighten up. If any one has other ways of treating scars let me know !!!! I will post more later on closer to next surgery!!

Dr.was great explained everything and then mailed more info which was very detailed about surgery.

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