31 Year Old Female Two Kids. Tummy Tuck Breast Lift with Implants - Medford, OR

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Hi! I'm 5ft 6 145lbs 31 year old female. I have...

Hi! I'm 5ft 6 145lbs 31 year old female. I have two kids ages 6 and 3. I breast fed both kids. I have a ton of stretch marks! My goal is to have most the stretch marks gone and wear a bikini again! I gained 50 lbs with my fist child and 40 with the second. I have since lost all my baby weight and close to my pre pregnancy weight. But my body shape is completely different! I feel like a big saggy stretch mark! I am not confident in my own skin! I have been wanting a tummy tuck an breast augmentation for years! I'm excited now that it's only 17 days away!

15 days!

15!days til surgery! Getting super nervous but very excited! Please share any tips! Also, anything I should buy ahead of time??

Today is the day!!!

Today is the day!!! So nervous! Barely slept last night! 10:30 check in:)

One day post op.

My breasts are way larger than I imagined. Hoping it's mostly swelling. We ended up doing 375 cc. I am pretty happy with my stomach. I can still see some stretch marks but I think they will be covered with bathing suit bottoms.

2 days post op

Today I woke and and my entire body is sore. There's no pain unless I am up walking. Still walking very huntched over. I took a shower, and it felt amazing! My breasts have settled down a little. My stomach incision is very numb and sore.

3 day post op

Today I'm doing a lot better. I am able to get out of my recliner by myself. I tried on my bathing suit I bought for after surgery and I'm pretty impressed!

4 day post op

Took a shower today and was able to shave my legs by myself. It felt great! Still taking pain meds but I'm starting to cut back. My breasts swelling is going way down. I'm a little concerned about my stomach incision on the side. It looks puckered. I'm hoping it heals ok.

Day 11

Feeling pretty good. I am able to do about everything I did before. I have a few concerns... My stomach looks like I have a donut around it. Where my incision is I feel like my stomach stick out at least an inch. I hope that makes sense. Also my left side of my stomach sticks out a lot further than my right. Why is that? It's been like that the entire time. Also, my boobs are flat on the bottom not round. Has anyone ever had this happen to them? I see the doctors again on Wednesday and will be pointing this out. I will attach photos.

15 day post op appointment

Had my two week post op appointment. He addressed all my concerns. My boobs are still high but they will round out. Got all my stitches and sutures removed. I have to start massaging. I am a hair stylist and I go back to work tomorrow. I feel ready. I hope it goes well

3 weeks post op tomorrow

Tomorrow I will be three weeks post op. My breasts really burn and hurt underneath where the incision is. Has anyone else experienced this? I really do feel great, but my stomach is super swollen still. I don't know what I can do to get the swelling to go down. Any recommendations? I wear my binder 24/7!

3 month post op

Saw my doctor yesterday and he said everything is looking great. I haven't updated on here in a super long time. I am super happy with my results. I have actually gained 6 lbs since surgery:( I have started to exercise again more regularly, so I'm hoping the weight comes off easy! My doctor sent me my before pics from surgery day. The first pic is surgery day of May 10. The second one is August 11th.
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