26 Year Old. 5'1 120lbs. Getting Tummy Tuck, Breast Lift and 500cc Silicone Implants - Medford, OR

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I am currently a 34B wanting to be 34D or DD....

I am currently a 34B wanting to be 34D or DD. After having my son and weight loss I have been left with deflated breasts and sagging skin. I have had two consults with two different plastic surgeons. I chose to go with Dr. Kreul. My pre op is April 6th and my surgery is scheduled for April 21st at 1:45pm. I have been wanting plastic surgery since I had my son and lost a lot of weight with diet and exercise. I kept coming up with reasons of why I needed to wait. Once my husband and I decided that we were done having children I knew it was time to have the surgery.

Forgot to mention

I am going under the muscle with 500cc silicone implants HP.

Pre op

I had my pre op yesterday. Everything went great. I got all my prescriptions and all my instructions for the day of surgery. Only two weeks from today. I tried on sizers again because I am torn between the 450 or the 500. I decided on the 500 sizers. He told me he would take in a few different sizes in the OR and he would decide what looks best. He recommended taking in 450, 500 and 550. My breasts aren't totally symmetrical and my right breast bone sticks off my chest further than my left so I may have a smaller implant in the right. I told him to do whatever he thought looked best! He also thought that for my narrow frame that UHP was the best for me.
Today I had a lot of anxiety out of no where. I had been fine all the way up until today. I started feeling very unsure if this was the right choice and if I was sure that I didn't want to have anymore babies. I don't want to get all this work done and then end up wanting to get pregnant. I already one son who is almost 5 and we have such a strong bond that I almost don't want to have another just because I don't want to have to share my time with another child. So I went and got an IUD placed today. I hope this uneasy feeling subsides.

Tomorrow is the day!

Well less than 12 hours until surgery... I'm surprised that I do not feel anxious at all. I'm sure tomorrow will be a different story. It really helps that my husband is behind me 110%. I will post a new update and photos after I am feeling better with recovery :)

So far so good!

Everything went great in surgery. Everything happened so fast. I got there and took a pregnancy test and got in my robe. Dr Kreul started my IV and then before I knew it the nurse came and got me for survey. The surgery room was freezing the nurse said ok I'm going to give you some meds so it will make you sleepy and right then I was out! I woke up with no pain just a little tightness.... Woke up to pee a couple hours and I was hurting pretty good. Took two Percocet and a muscle relaxer and I'm feeling just fine right now. I got back to see my doctor at 8:45.

Day one post op

So far it has been very easy on me. Not much pain at all. I was terrified from all the horror stories about recovery. But thank god it has not been hard on me. I ended up getting 495cc UHP silicone under the muscle.

The girls.. 495cc UHP. Under the muscle.

Finally got some of the gauze off today and got to take a look at my girls. Still very swollen on the sternum but that should start to subside in the next couple weeks.

Forgot this picture.

Side view. Only 24 hours post op.... I already can't wait for them to drop and get soft.

Two days post op

Last night I ended up getting really sick and was unable to get anything to stay down. Throwing up with the abdominal incision. Was absolutely horrible. I stopped taking the oxy and dilaudid thinking that's what was making me sick. Now I have just been trying to take Tylenol extra strength and trying to sleep as much as possible. I just want to heal and not look like Frankenstein anymore.

pain and swelling

Sorry I was MIA for a few days... I had to stop all my pain meds on day 2 post op. I was throwing up everything and let me tell you that was the worst thing that could of happened. Throwing up while trying to put pressure on my belly to keep it from splitting open. The doctor prescribed me some Tylenol 3s, they seem to be working ok. I just have a lot of pressure in my breasts and my sternum is very swollen and painful. I also get a very intense burning sensation when I am up moving around in my abd incision. I can not for the worst of this to be over. This is only post op day 4 but I am so miserable. I go back to the doctor on Thursday afternoon to have the drain removed and a check up. I will post some new pictures soon. If anyone could give me some tips and tricks it would be greatly appreciated. I have been trying to take meds here and there and using frozen peas on my breasts.

Post op day 6

Today I woke up feeling pretty good. I am almost standing straight up on my own. Still wearing the abdominal binder and surgical bra. I am basically back to doing my every day stuff just really really slow at it. I have my one week check up tomorrow. Anxious to see how he thinks I am doing. The only thing concerning me is that my sternum is still really swollen and tender. My breasts are still just as firm as they were post op. I haven't gotten the ok to massage yet due to me getting a lift. I just hope that it is normal to still be this swollen and tight. Capsule contraction scares me to death so I think that I am a little paranoid but hopefully talking to him tomorrow will ease me anxieties.


I forgot to write an update. I had my one week post op appointment a couple of days ago. He was very impressed how well I was doing with standing basically upright already. I am pretty much back to my old routine just a little slower. I get worn out a lot easier and I have to sit down but other than that I feel good. He also removed my drain at my post op appointment. I have another appointment this Thursday which will be two weeks since surgery and he plans to remove the steri strips and the few stitches that he put in that won't dissolve and to start scar therapy. He suggested I use the silicone strips for scar removal. The girls are still up a little high so he wants me to continue using the compression band and surgical bra. I also have to continue wearing the abdominal binder. I have noticed a lot less swelling over the last few days. I don't know if I mentioned before that I ended up with 495cc UHP round Natrella silicone implants. This picture is from my post op day seven. I will also take pictures of my belly today.

9 days post op

Still have some swelling in my belly and sternum. Implants are riding high but are slowly starting to drop. Can't wait to get this tape off next Thursday.

Pictures didn't post

Two weeks post op

5/5/16 was two weeks post op. I had an appointment to get my sutures out. He said everything looks great. I got the clear to get rid of the horrible surgical bra and wear bras without underwires. I still have to wear the compression band at night since the implants are riding high still. My belly is still a little numb around the belly button. I can get rid of the abdominal binder but I have to wear spanx of some kind through out the day while I am active to keep the swelling down. I have been feeling good. I'm going to start back at the gym on Monday and do cardio... No weights for another four weeks. I have another follow up June 2nd!

Three weeks today

Today is three weeks since surgery. Doing great feel basically back to my normal self. I still can't lay on my stomach. It doesn't hurt but it feels weird. Like my skin on my belly is too tight for it. I am waiting on my breasts to settle. They still ride high and are just now starting to soften up some. I am loving my results. So happy that I decided to go with Dr. Kreul.
Medford Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Kreul was very friendly and listened to all my wants. He was very helpful in helping me to decide on the type of lift and implant and having the full tummy tuck vs a mini tummy tuck. I had a great connection with him and his staff and felt very comfortable.

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