DOT Laser Resurfacing for Wrinkles, Hyperpigmentation, Scarring - Work in Progress - Medford, OR

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Looked into several different types of lasers over...

Looked into several different types of lasers over the years. Had Fraxel done 3 times (about once a month) in 2005. This time I was looking for more drastic results and to address more than one problem. Just had the DOT laser therapy on Wed. (Sept 29). My physician used aggressive settings (I told him I wanted the most bang for my buck since I was spending $3950 and had an entire week to recover).

I used Obagi Clear and Retina A for the 2 weeks prior to the procedure, took the prescriptions for Valtrex and the antibiotic as directed and have followed the aftercare instructions to the T. No pain during the procedure as I was sedated with Versed (so he could be more aggressive in the treatment). Really haven't had pain with this experience.

Swelling continues after 48 hours and I look HIDEOUS! Really red-faced, obvious laser marks, swollen...a hot mess! I know it'll get better though. Have been (and cont) to use the Aquaphor which has kept my skin moist. Am starting to notice bubbling of the skin and some peeling, but I know not to try to peel.

Tomorrow I will start to use the Biafine instead of the Aquaphor. Today is Friday (night)....I am scheduled to work Wed...I hope I look a lot less freakish by then. I will cont to post updates and get some photos posted as well.

Well, so far, I think so. It's really too soon to tell if the cost of the procdure is worth the results. He was aggressive as I had asked him to be. He also offers another treatment within a year for just $500. So, in the long run this may really be worth it. I'll keep you all posted.

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