42 L and Ready to Change That. Medford, OR

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So far I am a ball of anxiety! I went to a...

So far I am a ball of anxiety! I went to a different Dr first and was turned away even though I was in tears over the pain. She would not even talk to me because of my weight.
I called another Dr and they were so nice on the phone and listened to my concerns.
When I went into the office, there was 0 waiting time and they made me feel so welcome. They agreed with my PCP that I can not do anything about my weight until they are gone.
My surgery is in one week and I cannot grasp the changes I will feel! My back hurts 24/7.
I am Dr ordered not to run or jog. I see my chiropractor weekly. Standing in the shower is even painful.
I always have a terrible rash under my breasts, it bleeds, burns and grosses me out. The indents in my shoulders are over an inch deep. My bras break from the weight and are so painful to wear.
I work in an office setting but go for walks and have a treadmill in my office. Walking for too long is very painful... As is sitting.
Sleeping at night is difficult, I have to wake up completely to roll over and cannot sleep on my back because I can't breathe.
My finger and arms go numb constantly.

I have dreamed of this surgery since 7th grade.
Wore my first bra in kindergarten, was a DD in middle school and by 19 I was an H.

approved by insurance!!

I turned in my pre approval paperwork at my first consult on 2/26 and Monday, when they received the last documentation, it only took 2 hours to get the call :) surgery is Monday!!

I did it!

Went in foot BR and I feel great. I was out for about 3 hours, woke up feeling lighter. My little finger nerve had been pinched for so long, the feeling started coming back and it ached for a few hours. The pain is tolerable, not bad at all.. No drains were put in, so I don't have that hassle.
Really glad to have this done!

1.5 weeks post op

Well, every day gets better. The pain is mostly from the stitches and where the surgical bra sits under my new breasts. I have been feeling so well, I have been trying so hard to relax but have started finding ways to walk more. I have been parking at the far end of parking lots and walking from store to store. Tomorrow morning I get the bolsters off. I can't wait, they are awful looking and I can't stand looking at my chest without a bra.
My nipples itch something crazy, which I how is a good sign.
I also will get to finally shower tomorrow. Can't shower until bolsters are removed.
The difference is amazing on how I feel. One negative is now I can see my belly and I need to do some sit ups lol. Everyone says I look like I lost weight but my belly screams at me.
One thing I found is after surgery I should have taken stool softeners from day one. I was so constipated and for 6 days could not go. I got so bloated my stomach was hard and uncomfortable.
Will maybe post pics after bolsters are removed.
Oh! They removed 8 pounds 13 ounces total! That's a whole baby!

so far so good

Today I'm feeling pretty good. Sharp pains in my nipples remind me to take it easy.
Changes to my bandages show my skin peeling off of my nipples. Pretty gross really.

as promised... pics!

So, I'm feeling good about my results. A little creeped about peeking nipples but not as bad as I thought. This surgical bra is annoying me lol. Getting used to showering and my breasts are right with me every where I go... Used to feel like I would turn around and they would follow me and jiggle around a while.
I got dressed up today and was really nice my mother in law bragging to everyone about how great I looked and the comments of how healthy I look.
Only spot still painful is the incision under my breasts where the surgical bra sits. Learning to pass them with gauze for relief.
Overall, I am seriously happy with results!
As you can see in the pictures, I'm very sensitive to the surgical tape and the take I have been using for gauze is for sensitive skin.

3 weeks post op

Healing is taking toooo long! I'm so tired of wound care! It seems like I get one under control and another pops up. !!

1 year later.....

OMG. I am a new woman. I feel amazing. I ended up with a comfortable C cup. I love being able to go braless for a day. Wearing spaghetti straps or even strapless. Its been life changing
Medford Plastic Surgeon

Very comforting. When he walked into the room and my "napkin" couldn't fit around my breasts, he say in front of me and looked me in the eye. He didn't say he couldn't do it and he didn't say I wasn't a fit for the surgery.

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