38..165# 2 Breast Fed Babies - Medford, OR

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I started a B before breast feeding... then went...

I started a B before breast feeding... then went to D... now a small C. Just looking for something closer to full C.but if the risks outway the results I won't do it. Mmmm y boobs are pretty... but are stretched a bit. Just want volume without mirsa. ;)
Just want natural, pretty, & no foriegn objct

no need for brava...oked fat transfer!

At my 2nd consult...we reviewed what I wanted...Tt with muscle repair...lipo of thighs for fat transfer.... he said yes to allat once and I am so excited!...not only get my "gooey" belly gone....but also leave witj less fat in my chunky thighs and bigger Natural boobs! Yay!
He said I really don't need to loose much weight...but it wouldnt hurt either.

7 more days til surgery!

I can't believe christmas is this week... and surgery is three days later...kinda crazy!
I got my meds...my anti clotting shots ( yuk..I have to give myself shots) motel stay... I just need open button shirt/pjs and maybe a robe... and azip up hoody with pockets for my drains.
I keep looking at my belly and can't fathem that it will be gone next week.
I had to take a valium bc if I think abour the gourey surgery I kinda freak out.
So this week I will maintain healthy habits...salads...lots of water...excercise machine....vitamins and hope foe the best!

breast fat ttans pics...day 2

I decided to take my binders off and see what I look like Here you go

the bruised from lipo, TT, and breast fat trans

I didn't like to take my binder off But had to see. Lots and lots of bruising right now and I am in a lot of pain too

moody and trying to do too much

Its frustrating when your husband is there just going through the motions taking care of you, but not really "there" like I am putting him out...like he is resentful...maybe I am wrong. When I ask he does, but he never thinks ahead.
Yeaterday I washed my own hair, cleaned all my bandaged, loaded the stove with wood, did laindry...and I am paying for it for it today.
I am used to taking my kids ro all there activities (Gymnastics basketball soccer And now Miss Coos County Princess.) Sure he says he'll do them And take them But shows no enthusiasm.

I wish he enjoyed...truely enjoyed spending rime with his kids...not jist b.c I cant take care of them.
I guess beggars can't be choosers he is all I have.
He wants to be the main man and can't handle How independent I can be.It's easier when you have someone else But I can take care of myself.
Ok enough with the pity party here are some more pictures...

photos from review above

Additional photos...I will go get some witj better light.
Ps my husband is a good man, he just frustrates ne with his sarcasm

more photos

Looking good But the bruises are so hideous I am going to get myself Arcina Montana And see if it does the trick I have been trying to massage the bruises out Which under normal circumstances usually works But I don't want to look at them and it freaks me kids out and my husband:-)

the bruised side of things

Getting myself some Arnica Montana To help with the bruising It looks pretty nasty right now But after it goes away I should see some good results

love my nrw boobs!

I just can't wait for all the bruising to go away and get my pretty skin color back.
I haven't been using the gel bc I am not sure I'd it is ok on fat transfer or if it will affect the outcome.
But the bruising medicine....montana...however u spell it...works really well.
I hope my tube come out today so I can wear something else.
Dr Jensens said NO BRAS! So tank tops it is.

bruises go away so I can see my results

I love having bigger, natural boobs.200cc/brst.I figured I would do lipo on my thighs & for abit more use the fat in boobs.. I hav some bruisin, Drk Prlp,but I am using Arnica gel&homepathic pills,it helps so.much! I am happy so far, but w/fat trsfr it may need a 2nd rnd. I cld use less fatty thighs

second week

Second week

more second week

Letting me updaye with photod

week 2...

Pain is definitely a till there, I am afraid if my doctor takes me off of The high dose painkillers That I'm going to die :-)I must have a low tolerance of pain and a high tolerance of medication. I woke up crying Every two and a half 2-3 hours last nightIn pain. I lowered my dose as recommended by the nurse/dr. Due to the laws that they have to follow. Thanks a lot junkies out there You've ruined it for The people who really need it.

159# now...from 168

So I weighed myself and at 159....belly still swollen...and keeping up on my healthy diet...low sodium...not over eating so I can contin ue to lose throughout this healing process.
Bruises are kinda freakin me out but Arnica gel and the tabs seem to be helping

belly before and after 3weeks out

feeling skinny

week 4..

Medford Plastic Surgeon

Going for co sult no. 12th, 2015

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