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So I have decided to document my surgery journey...

So I have decided to document my surgery journey starting about a year out. I know I know a year out but I figured this would help lots of ladies considering plastic surgery in Medellin, Colombia. Yes, I have decided to do my surgery in Medellin, Colombia and as you read this you may be asking why a foreign country by the way I live in Texas. I chose Medellin, Colombia because I was born there and my parents have retired and have gone back to Medellin, Colombia to live. So yes it's extremely easier for me to go have surgery there but I do still have some difficulties due to the fact I was raised in NYC so I still have to do my research on plastic surgeons in Medellin, Colombia who to go or not go to.

With that said I will be flying into Medellin, Colombia on July 17th, 2016 for my vacation I will be in the country for 4 weeks YES 4 WEEKS you read correctly. Remember I'm from there. While on my vacation I will be also visiting Cali to see a specialist for my eyes and the condition I have. Since I will be in Colombia long enough during my vacation I plan to visit quite a few plastic surgeons in Medellin and Cali, Colombia for face to face consultations. Consultations in Colombia for plastic surgery are usually free and I prefer meeting one on one with these docotrs so I can get a feel for the patient and doctor relationship we have, also hands on body evaluation, not to mention seeing how their offices/clinic look. In Cali I will probably visit at most 3 plastic surgeons who they are not sure yet I do have top/popular/well known surgeons on my research list I will do the same in Medellin but with maybe a couple more surgeons maybe up to 5 total. Right now I am compiling a list of my top choices of doctors to visit while I'm there.

Some time from her to next week I will post my list of surgeons I will be visiting in both Cali and Medellin. If you would like to know more about a certain plastic surgeon in these cities let me know so I can look into them. This is just to help me make my final choice on who to go with and also to help others. I hate to hear about horror stories and just want others to avoid that. I'm also doing this so you ladies can have more options on here. I really don't ever see very good information about doctors in Colombia like you do on here for doctors in Dominican Republic.

Please feel free to ask my any questions that pertain to Colombia in general and plastic surgery in Colombia.

Pre surgery one year out...

I was blessed with an average Colombian body lol but after having kids it all went to hell. I am currently 35 years old and have had 2 pregnancies both pregnancies ended up in C-sections. C-sections are the only "surgeries" I've ever had in my life.
I am pretty healthy thus far. I don't take any medications or have any
health issues. I currently weigh 178 lbs and I'm 5'5" tall. I have a bust
of 38", B cup, my waist is 34" and my hips are 42". I'm including these
specifics due to the fact I often find myself asking these questions when I look at others reviews/pics plus it would be neat to know these stats pre surgery then post-surgery right after, 2 weeks, 4 weeks, 6 weeks, 8 weeks, 6 months, to a year post-operative. I think for myself it would be useful so you can see actual results according to not just in pictures but in the stats a more realistic view of how one's results are. So here are some pics of myself pre surgery a year out with the stats stated above. I do want and will lose a couple pounds before my surgery. I intend to lose about 20-30 lbs. I would like to go into surgery at 150-160 lbs.

Pictures did not upload here they are

Date: July7th 2016
Height: 5'5"
Current Weight: 178 lbs
Measurements: Bust 38" B cup, waist 34" hips 42"
Goal weight before surgery: 150-160 lbs

My list of surgeons I will be visiting in Medellin, Colombia

So the time is getting near for my month long vacation on Medellin, Colombia I have come up with a list of surgeons I want to definitely visit while I'm out there. Some I have been already in contact with sent them my pictures received and consultation appt. and even a quote.

1. Dr. Carlos Valdivieso - don't know much about him my mom made the appt. for me with him. She had a procedure done with him and he does have over 10 years experience and is part of SCCP. Appt with him is set for July 18th.

2. Dr. Henrique Henao - same as above I don't know much about him but he also did a procedure on my mom. I'm sure he is part of SCCP if my mom went to him but will ask at my appt with him. Don't have a set date for the appt he actually told my mom his agenda is really full but that when I'm in country to give him a call to fit me in.

3. Dr. Hermann Daza - I actually contacted him through WhatsApp and received a pretty quick reply. He actually gave me a rough estimate of the cost after I sent him my pictures. I asked to have an appt with him and was able to get one. Appt with him set for July 18th as well.

4. Dra. Liz Vicent - contacted her through WhatsApp no reply back as yet. Had my mom call her office and she was told to tell me to go through WhatsApp but still no success. May have to just walk in to her office to set an appt once I'm in the country.

5. Dr. Jose Daza - contacted him through WhatsApp quick reply was told to send pictures or call once I'm in Colombia to make the appt. Sent pictures will also call the office once in country for appt.

May add more doctors to the list.

Appts. Appts. And more

Arrived in Medellin Colombia late last night. Today did some errands was able to renew my Colombia passport to the new one. In a few hours I have my first appt with one of the plastic surgeons here in Medellin it will be with Dr Hermann Daza. Once I'm done with him I will de a review of how it went. Tomorrow I also have another appt. with Dr. Jose Daze. Those two will do for now since I will be going to another city in Colombia Cartagena for a wedding once I'm back from that I will have some more appts and surgeons to review. These appts are for evaluation and quotes.

Consultation review Dr. Hermann Daza Manjarrés

So I went to my first consultation with Dr. Hermann Daza Manjarrés in Medellin, Colombia. First impressions was NOT GOOD. The first thing I noticed was he didn't introduce himself at all. I'm so use to "Hello, I'm doctor so and so.... How can I help you?" None of that was done. Not even a hand shake or welcoming face the doctor actually looked perturbed to be having to do a consultation. I felt he wasn't very informative like pulling teeth to get info from him. I was asking questions and he would answer yes or no not much explanation. Doctor looked very young I'm sure he has great work but he looks so young like not many years doing plastic surgery. My mom went in with me and asked questions I didn't think of and she also got the same impression as I did. I didn't really feel a good patient to doctor relationship. This was just my experience in my consultation. Everyone has their own opinions and experiences. Please do your own research as well aside from reading or hearing about others reviews. Reviews should help you, not be the only determining factor of choice in your doctor. Unfortunately I have decided not to have surgery with Dr. Herman Daza Manjarrés. He is just not the surgeon for me.

Second Consultation with Dr. Jose Daza Medellin, Colombia

This consultation went way better than my first one. The consultation was actually in the clinic they operate out of. There are other plastic surgeons there too. Dr. Jose Daza was friendly and very welcoming. This one actually started of with asking me some brief questions to see if I'm even a candidate for surgery. He wrote all my answers down. He asked did I drink, smoke, if I take any prescription medications, do I suffer from anything, have I had surgeries and so on. After that he confirmed I'm a good candidate for plastic surgery based on my answers. He then gave me a list of actual labs and a heart exam I assume an EKG I would have to get done before surgery to make sure surgery could be done. He was very detailed. Then he went on to asking me exactly what I wanted to get done. He told me what he would do and exactly how, he informed me I would have a breast lift with implants not just implants. This I liked about him he explained why I would need a lift unlike my first consult he didn't explain why the need for the lift. I felt very comfortable with him and liked how our patient to Doctor relationship was starting off. So far I loved this consultation compared to the first doctor. I was not charged no consultation fee at all with Dr. Jose Daza.

This was just my experience in my consultation. Everyone has their own opinions and experiences. Please do your own research as well aside from reading or hearing about others reviews. Reviews should help you, not be the only determining factor of choice in your doctor.

Dr. Luis Enrique Henao Consultation Medellin, Colombia

So this doctor was the one that did my moms TT. I was a little apprehensive to even consider him since I really didn't like my moms TT but after going to his consultation I found out that my mom only got a TT to get rid of excess skin she didn't get the lipo done. He even said that if he would have done the lipo too her results would have been way better. This was my moms choice she only wanted TT no lipo due to her age. Now on to my consultation. Number one he was very very very nice. He was very busy and didn't really have a slot for me but was able to fit me in since he knew I was coming from the states and had a limited time here plus he had already done work on my mom. He also didn't charge a consultation fee since my mom was a past patient and she was referring me as a potential patient. On to the consultation he was also very informative about needing a breast lift as well and implants. He was also more on the conservative side with multiple surgeries. He said he wouldn't do all in one shot. He would first do the TT with lipo and bbl but that the breast lift with BA he would do in a separate surgery. He said that it Would be just too long of a surgery to be under anesthesia. He wouldn't want to put me in risk. It leaves me wondering because I see all these surgeries done all the time in one shot. Even well know doctors in the states do all what I want in one shot. So that right there has me a little hesitant plus I haven't seen his work. I've only seen what he did with my moms TT which was nice and her belly button is pretty prefect it actually looks like a "normal" like no surgery belly button. I wish I could see more of his work. I did like his professionalism and he does his surgeries in a hospital. He also gave me a list of labs that he requires me getting and gave me a round about estimate.

This was just my experience in my consultation. Everyone has their own opinions and experiences. Please do your own research as well aside from reading or hearing about others reviews. Reviews should help you, not be the only determining factor of choice in your doctor.

Date change

Had to compromise with my husband and surgery will be in June 2018. So I will be consulting some more surgeons.
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