Rhinoplasty in Medellin Colombia

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I am a 22 year old living in Miami, Florida with a...

I am a 22 year old living in Miami, Florida with a huge family residing in Colombia. I've wanted a rhinoplasty procedure done for as long as I could remember, especially after being teased about looking like an avatar or parakeet. Finally, after saving up, and knowing that my family was traveling to Medellin, I went forward with scheduling a rhinoplasty. I chose a doctor who was registered with the Society of Colombian plastic surgeons. My first appointment on Monday with Dr John Orlas Blair was very comforting. He speaks to you in a way that assures he knows what he's doing and he didn't pressure me into having something I didn't want. He sat me in a chair, brought a mirror, and asked what I didn't like about my noise. I explained I would like the hump removed, the sides a bit straighter, with a very slight lift of the tip. He agreed and immediately was able to schedule me for the Saturday of the same week. On Tuesday, I did blood tests, which went well. They said I was very healthy. Friday, I met with the anesthesiologist. The big day was Saturday. My surgery appointment was scheduled at 10am and I was instructed to arrive an hour early. At 9am, I went in where they asked the same medical questions. They told me the doctor had not arrived yet. At 10:15, I went in to start the IV in my hand which hurt like hell. FINALLY at 10:50, Dr. Blair arrived. He took pictures, went over what he would be doing to fix my nose and I proceeded to the surgery room to start anesthesia at 11am. I awoke at 4am in the recovery room with nurses. They told me i needed to stay on the Antibiotics IV just a bit longer. They changed my drip pad and allowed my family to come see me. After I was dressed and the IV was removed, I was allowed to drink a natural mango juice. Which immediately came back out. I had not eaten in 24 hours. My doctor was already gone when I woke up. Eventually I was ready to go home. I went home where my aunt had prepared soup and nothing stayed down. Everything I tried to eat, immediately came back up. I stayed in bed all day, and when I tried to get up, I felt super nauseous. I made it to the bathroom twice. But that's it. I can't wait til I can eat.. I do not have follow up dates with the doctor. I am supposed to call on Monday which is day 3.

Pre Surgery and Day 1 Pics

Day 2

Day 3

Still lots of cheek swelling but my family says the bruising is getting a lot better. I don't see it but I have to trust the process. I get slight headaches from time to time. I'm taking everything the doctor gave me. Inflammation pills, pain pills, and also antibiotics. I really really want to blow my nose. My patience is running pretty low. But every time I see my profile, it brings my spirits back up!! I can finally smile also. My lip function has returned.

Pushing through Day 4 & 5

Finally getting through the worst part of this, and I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. At times, I've started to regret this because I am desperate to breathe through my nostrils agains!
Most Bruising is lightening day by day and my swelling is in my lower cheeks and makes me look like a chipmunk.
On Day 4, I began to get blood lines through my eyes. Not sure why it happened. I'm assuming because I've done a lot of bending over, if I drop something, and I forget that I shouldn't. I had a quick post check up wth the surgeon. He went over the shape that he achieved and how he cut a nerve that ran from my nose to my lip which should stop my nose from dipping towards my lips when I smile. We scheduled the splint removal for Day 7 and I cantttt wait!!
On Day 5, the bruises have gone away a lot and the swelling in my cheeks have gone from chipmunk to a puppy. Today, I was desperate to get out of the house, so I made sure to put lots of sunblock on. The surgeon said if you don't use aunblock on the bruises, it could cause them to turn into a dark stain lasting much longer. I put on very light concealer, and headed to a science museum with the family. I wore a hat and glasses all day. Today, I also paid to get my hair washed which I've been avoiding doing since pre-op. Grossss I know I know!
I think the worst part has been goin to sleep. I haven't found a cure for the terrible dry mouth that I get. I wake up gasping for moisture, but make sure to keep a glass of water close by.

Day 6

Day 6 and I'm feeling great! I don't mind stepping out in public anymore. If I really need to, I add a little concealer. My bruising is going away alotttt. Thank goodness. Everyday is better and better. I had to add concealer to the tape on the tip of my nose because that's where it touched blood and looks nasty from Day 1. Also, I am getting very exhausted from breathing through my mouth. It takes me forever to eat and my lips are dried out.
Tomorrow, I finally get to see my surgeon again to remove the splints and bandages. He wants to replace them and leave them on another week. I fly back home to Miami on Day 10, so I'm reallyyy hoping he approves for it to come off completely so that I can go back to work and look normal. I plan to continue taping at night to sleep. We'll see what he says. I stopped icing on Day 4 which was probably a bad idea. The swelling in my cheeks seems to be stuck there. Also, because of the taping, I think he pulled my nose very high, which made my lift lip and now my top lip doesn't touch my bottom. I'm hoping that will go back to normal when the tape is removed. My raised lip and tip of the nose make me feel slightly piggy. I just hope to look myself when I fly back home.
Definitely super excited to see my nose tomorrow!!! Can't wait!! Will take pics.

Day 7

Off to my splint removal!

Day 7

Can't wait to get this cast off!!!

Post Splint Removal

So my surgeon just removed my splint. And basically professionally cleaned my nose lol. It was pretty gross. There were 2 small plastic pieces inside the nose that held the septum together. Turns out, it also contained low anesthesia to numb any pain post op. Thank goodness!!!
He removed a small cast but left a bandaid. He wants me to keep it for 15 days post. Which is for 8 more days.
That's a problem because I need to return to work in 4 days and I think a bandage makes me look silly. It's like shouting for attention and I'd rather not have everyone asking me questions about it. I'm hoping for another doctor response about how long I need it and if I can get away with taking it off 10 days post op. Of course, I want to do what's best for me, but I can't miss anymore work days.
Colombia Plastic Surgeon

Dr John Orlas Blair did his best at making me feel comfortable with him. He let me explain what I wanted done and he assured I would be satisfied. He doesn't do computer generated images because he doesn't want to create a false sense of hope. But I left my trust and face in his hands and was not disappointed!! Besides being late to my surgery, He did an amazing job as a surgeon!! Highly recommend and will consider for other procedures in the future.

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