Ultrasound Liposcultpture/Butt Implants/Ab Etching/Chin Lipo. Colombia, CO

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Hey Guys, This is my first review so I want to...

Hey Guys,

This is my first review so I want to share my journey about going to Colombia for Surgery.

I have breast implants 275cc high profile, done in greenwood village in 2009 by Dr. Millard - fantastic job and very natural mentor cohesive gel.

I also currently have 275cc type 3, size 2 round semi-soft solid silicone buttock implants done in Beverly Hills by Dr. Chugay in 2012. (I do not recommend this doctor)

My stats are 5'9" - 130lbs, 34D-26-37 currently

So I have been researching Doctors for sometime and have decided to go with Dr. Juan Diego Mejia in Medellin. I originally want to get BBL done in DR with with Dra Duran or Dr Molinas but it is a pain getting a response back from them about anything and took more than two weeks to just get a quote. I also was informed that because of my current implants I would not be able to do full BBL.

Ladies let me tell you, getting butt implants is no joke, I didn't want to change them out unless it was absolutely necessary but I would like more butt than they are giving me now. I would also recommend get some sculpting Lipo if you plan on getting them, it makes a big difference.

I originally only wanted the liposculpture to add to my hips and bring that waist in but the more I researched on implants I just know my outcome will make me happier. The implants you get in the states are not natural like they say. My butt is very firm to the touch and does not move. I am an avid runner so I get away with it by saying 'strong muscles' but getting them replaced with cohesive gel butt implants will definitely make me feel more feminine again. The FDA has not approved them in America as 1. It takes money to bring it in front of the board and 2. No one has gone out of their way to present all the up to day research & put time and effort getting it in front of them.

The manufacture my doctor will be using is polytech cohesive gel buttock implants, they are resilient and double layered as well as gel that will not leak if rupture occurs. They are made in Germany and individually tested before they are shipped.

I will also be getting full abdomen/back/under butt cheek ultrasound Lipo and abdominal etching. I have this stubborn fat under my chin and am taking this opportunity to get that Lipo out as well! I am looking for fat to be transferred to my hips and lower butt thigh area just for that upside down heart look and a natural result.

I am opting for 500cc implants intramuscular like my current ones.

I would like to get my teeth done while in Medillin, so if anyone can recommend a good dentist, I would appreciate it.

Also my quote includes everything including a two week stay in a recovery house and my airfare. Just minus meds ($250)

Surgery total $5,500
Recovery house $1000 (two weeks)
Airfare from LA $500

Wish pics

Change of plans - thinking about Dr Plazas in Cali

Hi guys, I should have already had my surgery - I have been losing sleep over choosing the 'right' doctor. I am 90% on Plazas - I am looking for aggressive Lipo and I need good fat transfer to my hips. There is another Dr Harold Paz who apparently did joselyn cano and she has been my wish body for a while now - you can see both work on IG via @plaztique and @hermajestyrecoveryhouse ; I am contemplating changing out my implants and possibly just going for BBL just so I don't get a ridiculous look...
Colombia Plastic Surgeon

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