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I've had breast augmentation that was successful...

I've had breast augmentation that was successful almost three years ago. I had a failed attempt at a BBL-clearly wasn't meant to be. Honestly the main reason in addition to the desire accent the curves that were hiding under my flab was the cost. I'm a sucker for a good deal and the cost for lipo is comparable to the BBL. ANYWHO...I've decided to go with Smart Lipo. I've had several consults. My friends call me the Consult Queen but I need to feel the doctors energy. I recently met with Dr. Khalifeh, consulted with him about a year ago, virtually but went to meet with him on Tuesday. He was very honest about the results that I can expect. He said basically Smart Lipo is a head start. He advised that I do two separate procedures since I will be awake and not to overwhelm my body. I wanted to do three areas but he stated that my bra line wasn't that serious and I could achieve the curves I'm going for with lower back/flank region. This cost is $3500, outpatient procedure that takes about 2 hours with sporadic breaks in between. Then based on how I heal my second procedure would be my full abdomen which I would then pay $2000. That could take place for 2 weeks to a month after the initial procedure. He told me that I had some fat under my muscle in my abdominal region that will only be resolved with diet and exercise. He told me that he could only get 3/4 of the fat in my abdominal region. I can actually work with that 1/4. I do kickboxing but this fat is stubborn and I need that kick start. During my consult he took his time with me and answered all of my questions, even giggled at a few. I did not feel rushed at all. His patient coordinator, Georgette is cool as the dickens. We've had a few conversations on the phone prior to my visit. I was initially concerned with the idea of being awake but since they give you Valium I think I could handle it, lol. After watching his videos and talking with him I am at ease...the same ease I felt with Dr. Hedden who did my breast. I'm 97% sure that I will pay my deposit to secure my date tomorrow but we shall see how I feel in the a.m. I'd like to do it March 3rd and I've already taken the time off. In the mean time I am working on my diet and this 1/4 of belly fat to have the total look I'm going for!

Very Satisfied but Never Satisfied...

I settled for Smartlipo and Dr Khalifeh did an amazing job. I can't believe that I was away watching this cannula suck the fat out during the procedure! During my procedure I was laughing and singing. There were some points of discomfort but he was great!
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