Cursed with double chin/heavy neck

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I am 35 years old and have been cursed with a very...

I am 35 years old and have been cursed with a very heavy neck and double chin. From the neck up I appear to be a very obese person however elsewhere I am pretty normal size. No matter how much diet or exercise it just would not budge. I have been extremely self conscious for years. I've finally decided to have smartlipo on my neck and chin. Scared to death that it may not work or will make matters worse.

2 days post op

Feeling very sore, some pain around jaw line . Hard to open mouth, lots of soft foods. Noticed some very dark bruising around the ears. Haven't yet fully removed dressings, docs instructions are to wait for day 3. Even more nervous now than on surgery day.

Post op day 4

Removed my bandages to shower last night. Honestly I feel as though I'm headed for a nervous breakdown. I am terrified of how my neck will heal. I know this takes time and ultimately months before I see final results. I am a complete worry wort and dread the thoughts of returning to work and facing customers all day. I have lots of bruising near my ears and light bruising around the jawline and directly under the chin. I have swelling right at the jawline which is giving me this boxed/square faced look when forward facing.

Day 5

Visually everything looks about the same. I have this uncontrollable itch. I get these tingly feelings and the urge to scratch the chin area. Though I wouldn't dare attempt to do so.
When i remove my bandage I'm so much more aware of the numbness on my chin . At first I wasn't happy with wearing the bandages yet when I do I hate to admit it gives me a sense of security . Not sure if it was bc I had such a heavy neck and now it feels like there is nothing there .
No real pain, except occasionally a sharp pain inside my left ear . Though there was so much fluid I'm almost wondering if I don't have an ear infection. All emotional dilemmas at this point. I go back to work this weekend, hoping for some big improvements in the meantime. Turtlenecks and scarves in the near future, all though I have never ever worn them due to my heavy neck.

Day 6

Feeling pretty good today. Not as painful, swelling has went down a little. Bruising has definitely lightened up. Neck still pretty numb, couple of really itchy spots.

So they say the avg is 6 mos total recov. So if things continue to progress as such I'll be pretty happy. I had a really really heavy neck and double chin, any less will def be an improvement.

Day 6

Just wanted to add a comparison, side by side before and 6 days po.

Day 7

Better and better day by day. Still bruised, and largely swollen. Although I went most of the day without wearing my compression bandage. I have family in town visiting and didn't feel like being restricted.

Def some lumps and rippling in the skin. A little worry some but apparently it's pretty common after effect.

11 day post

Still wearing the compression wrap at night. Chin is still very numb mostly all over. Still pretty swollen and now lumpy too. Dr has advised massaging the are, just started 2x per day. Bruising Is still present it gets better each day.

Chevy Chase Plastic Surgeon

Very nice, seemed confident, explained procedure well. Results yet to be determined and so I'm hesitant to provide and overall rating at this point. I have yet to even unwrap my dressings. Fingers crossed!

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