38 Year Old Mom of Three, Deflated Chest Hoping to Go to Small C, 5' 5" 118 Lb - Arlington, VA

I have breastfed three kids and am hoping to go...

I have breastfed three kids and am hoping to go from a 32 b to a smallish c. Doc recommended silicone under the muscle. I am going in Thursday for sizing and final pre-op. Hoping for a very natural look, likely 300 ccs or less. I am very athletic/bony chested and I fear the Tori Spelling boobed look! would love any advice or tips. I also have no idea what to tell my 9 year old daughter, HELP! I also have a seven year old son and 4 year old daughter. I am seeing Dr. Munasifi at Advanced PS Center (Virginia Hospital Center). What can I expect for recovery time and

Hell week: calcifications and biopsy

I am almost 39 with no family history or breast cancer risk factors. During BA prep, I had a mammogram which showed a calcification group I had biopsied and came back benign (thank god). In thinking about the BA surgery, can anyone speak to how the implants might affect future imaging for dense breasts with lots of calcifications? I was told I don't need another mammogram till age 40. I am unsure of what to do about the BA now. This entire process has been terrifying. Thank you
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