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Well, thank you to everyone for posting their...

Well, thank you to everyone for posting their experiences. It has helped me prepare for my procedure this coming Friday on my abdomen and flanks. I am very nervous I won't lie, but it can't be worse than labor or c-section right? Or at least that's what I keep telling myself. I am most nervous about my upcoming vacation with my husband 04/23 I don't expect to be back in a bikini by then but it sure would be amazing! I am 34 years old with a 12 and 3 yr old. I gained a lot of weight with both, my first it came right off in two months. I have always hung around 120 lbs, I am 5'4 and have not been able to get below 135 lbs. I am okay with the number, I just want to see more definition. I have before pics from my consult I will post with some post op pics along the way! Trying to pay it forward so others will benefit from the reviews like I have! 4 more days!!!! Eeeeeek.....wish me luck! I know I am in good hands though, I feel very comfortable with Dr. Setty and to me that's the first step!

Day 1.....super sore...but very excited!

Well the procedure itself would not be that bad at all if you have a normal tolerance for pain meds and Valium......I DO NOT! I knew this going in but 4 Valium, 2 hydro and 1 phenergan later I was barely phased. Lol I feel bad for them don't think they had ever seen such a thing. So with that said if I can do it with nothing to really ease the pain or discomfort anyone can! I did get really dizzy once everything started to drain. I have 8 incisions and he left 4 open the two loweron the front and back. This has been the hardest part for us, I get dizzy when we have to take the lower bandage off to change pads etc. I do highly recommend the depends for afterward. I am looking for some that have more absorption on the abdomen area. Going to try and get some rest but will update tomorrow!

Day 2 different kinda pain

I am on day 2 and bundled up tightly like a burrito, my doctor used the epi or lipo foam with ace bandages, see pic below. I was very happy he chose this as I had read it is the best compression and cuts down on bruising! I haven't seen anything yet so not sure how well it works but will update Monday after my post op. I have not had too much drainage, not sure if this makes me lucky or if it means I will swell more? All in all so fair have been very pleased with my experience and feel as if Dr. Setty goes the extra step in adding on those things that help you heal for the best results. I am on the bromelain and arnica pills with cream, along with the lipo foam and massages I am very hopeful I will be very pleased! And thank you Dr.Setty for calling me today!

Didn't sleep much last night :(

Well I barely got any sleep last night at all the numbness has worn off and let the itching begin! Lol it itches everywhere under the foam and wrap.....since I am not in a normal garment yet I can't scratch it. Overall have more energy can sit up straight with no discomfort(once in correct position)just itching, I am doing great with my walking every two hours, staying on low sodium diet and my 5 million meds. Lol I was up at 1:30 am and found a perfect tool on They have an awesome pill organizer sheet so I can keep up with the 6 different meds times what you eat with what you don't? The most "pain" I have is when I am trying to get up or sit/lay down or get comfortable which is hard to do, It is like sharp pains in places...maybe where the incisions and stitches are? I am still very sore and I am not really leaking anymore so I may just remove the ace bandage today and put my compression garment over the lipo foam(if your PS does not offer this buy it to bring with you it is comfortable and smooth. Oh and so far what I can see, which isn't much, I don't have any bruising so the foam must be to thank for that! Oh and vitamin water zero is the best! Pics to come Monday!

Today is the day I finally get to see my results....

So my PS seems to do things a little differently than I see on others posts, I have been wrapped since the moment we finished. I did get a sneak peek while I was still on the table but he uses epi foam also known as lipo foam so even though I did get to change from my tight wrap to my CG yesterday I still couldn't see anything. I know for sure I am more swollen this morning than I was yesterday. Just part of the process I guess, my appointment is at 4 pm today so will post pics once they upload them to my MD profile they use. I still haven't been sleeping very well, I have some pain that even the pain pills don't help with on my left side. He was having a hard time getting actual fat out of that flank it was just fluid so I am thinking that is why it is more painful. But hey no pain no gain! I did also get out a bit yesterday we took it easy but I did walk more than the 10 minutes every 2 hrs like I have been since Friday. Oh and the itching has kicked in, it sucks but that tells me I am healing. I still can't see any bruising but again my view is limited with the foam. Here is a pic when we moved me from the wrap to the CG. Mine is a marena and although I have not tried any others I can tell you it is SUPER comfortable and easy to un hook for the restroom, huge plus! (Refurbished) saved me half the money. I went thru and search refurbished. As soon as I have the pics from today's visit I will upload my other pre op photos, you know the ones bending over etc all so very flattering posses! Lol

I'm calling it early, Worth It!!!

I know it may be a little premature, and I had every intention of taking pics to post for everyone but for one I am crazy swollen on my belly I am so uncomfortable even standing and two being my first time to take a shower since Thursday night I was more occupied with getting cleaned up and took us a while to get my swollen belly into the clean CG my back was killing me and my energy level dropped quickly. With all this said although I cannot speak for how my belly will turn out I can say I see a big difference in my love handles from the front view. So I am choosing from today forward to stay positive I really wish I knew what flared me up so much from yesterday to today. If I could have just seen what it looked like before all this swelling kicked post op is the 20th. Going to do everything I can to get this swelling under control. Very impressed with the foam though, I have virtually zero bruising! Too bad I can't just wear that for 6 weeks. I have my first massage scheduled for Friday. Hope to update everyone that the swelling has subsided a bit. Any advice is welcome, I am drinking the correct amount of water, been on bromelain from 3 days pre op, arnica and on a low sodium diet. I have read mixed reviews on ice packs so haven't done that yet.....any other ideas?

First day back to work, drained! But check out yummy low sodium ideas!

Well, I can see why some people take a few more days off. Not that you can't work but geez it just wiped me out.....I was doing great until about 3pm then I just crashed, my staff started calling me grandma as I attempted to walk definitely lost the pep in my step lol. But I do have some positive news to post my swelling has gone way down, I think I have found something that not only tastes amazing, is filling and very little sodium( will post info toward the end, highly recommend it, yummy) I had every intention to take some pics tonight but I can't find the energy to get back in this CG tonight but I am going to go ahead and post all the before pics I have. Even with the swelling it is totally worth it, major improvement is my back you will see how my love handles just curve out, well not anymore!!!! Will get some pics up as soon as I can find some energy, don't know how you ladies do it? Lol

Super shake: one scoop Dymatize nutrition elite chocolate fudge protein mix GNC( 25g protein, 5.5 BCCA which helps re build muscles after trauma such as ours speeds recovery, 130mg sodium, 1g sugar) add 5-7 whole ice cubes, about 6 ounces of coconut milk( I buy mine at sprouts has zero sodium, lots of vitamins) and I add one packet of Justin's all natural peanut butter( again sold at sprouts meant for shakes, only 15 mg sodium) blend on low so it has a nice texture like a smoothie/shake.....the whole meal replacement shake is a total of 145 mg of sodium and is not only super yummy but very filling. In the morning I am going to add a banana( too funny I hear my husband making himself one now)

For lunch I made myself a baked potato in a shopping bag, lol I cleaned it up poked a few wholes in potato put it in the plastic grocery bag and tied loosely, cooked in the microwave about 7 minutes added 1/2 tsp of I can't believe it's not butter and pre portioned cheese and had less than 15 mg of sodium.

Drank vitamin water zero all day, included regular water too and one cup of coffee which is a natural diuretic. All of this I just started today and can see my swelling is about 50 % better than yesterday, so I am going to continue this. Oh and snacked on salt free peanut blend again no sodium.

First set of after photos, still super swollen but you can see some changes taking place!!!

So, I am 5 days post op and have only been out of a wrap or garment twice now so maybe a total of an hour? My marena garment is super comfortable I am not counting down days to stop wearing I see on other posts. I plan on purchasing the same CG brand for stage 2, I bought a few of the current one I have and hate to admit the first one I had has been laying in my basket to be cleaned since Monday lol I put it in my sink tonight during my ten minute shower with a little detergent I went to scrub all the blood out and to my surprise it was all gone! I know Marena does use a different material and claimed it was easy to clean but didn't imagine it would clean itself, lol. I even had my "aunt flow" grace me with her presence at 4 am day of surgery so you can imagine the first CG had it's fair share of damage! Now on to the fun stuff, these pics do show some changes in the love handles as I see them I have less of that immediate hump that sticks out, I tried to find some undies that were similar to those super sexy ones they have you use in the office for a similar comparison. Lol I have decided going forward I will take pictures every Saturday or every other Saturday just easier than trying to do them on school/work nights! I have my first massage this Friday hoping it is not too uncomfortable I really want a "real" massage but for now I have to protect my investment and follow all the rules, I lightly massaged myself this evening in the shower and knock on wood I do not feel any lumps or any irregularities so far!

Oh and added bonus I have been smoke free since my consultation YAY me!!! Asked my hubby if I can get new boobs for my quitting smoking gift, lol don't think he was as on board as I was with the idea!


I don't know if it's the damn never ending hallway in my office or what but I am beat! I feel like it should be Sunday already, I have not been able to sleep well at all and can't seem to find anything that helps. The only night I had much sleep really was the night of my surgery and that's only because of all the meds I took during surgery in an attempt to have somewhat of a relaxed feeling! I think this is my sorest day yet, it is not pain it is a feeling like every bone and muscle from my breast to my hips front and back is bruised internally. Still no bruising externally! Only good news is I managed to change into a fresh CG all by myself today without my hubby's muscles! That has to be a good sign, right? Lol still swollen but obviously that is expected! Might have to find me a low sodium cocktail to have this Saturday after work to reward myself! Eeee, just remembered 1st massage is tomorrow.....might need a cocktail before that, lol just kidding I know I can't. Well will update how my first massage went with new pics over the weekend! Nighty night, hope to get some sleep tonight!

Time to get a smaller garment

Well, let's hope my healing continues to improve and today is not just a "good" day! I am feeling good, still sore but nothing like the other day. My CG's are not as snug so I am researching what to buy next. My family and I went to the mall today, I purchased a properly fitting bra and refrained from buying clothes just yet. I am going to try and hold off till a few days before our vacation end of April to see how my healing and body takes shape. I am very excited, I know it is way too soon to really worry but my left flank and right flank are different and based on everything I have read I normally wouldn't worry and just let time do it's course, but I do know my PS worked very hard to try and even them out and we just couldn't get any more fat out of my left side it was just fluid coming out. I really don't want any revisions so just gonna stay hopeful! Happy Sunday everyone!

Swelling is subsiding

Thank goodness I think I have my swelling under control for the most part at this stage in the game! I did swell today about mid day as usual but these pics I just took were with swelling so we are seeing progress, still nervous about the evening out of my love handles in the front and back but really I'm not even two weeks post op, anything can happen! I had my first lymphatic massage yesterday and OMG was that awesome! Now I am not saying it wasn't a little uncomfortable but once we were about 15 minutes into it I felt relief she said I have very few small lumps, she worked them out a bit and very little swelling at 9 am, yeah but at 3pm it's a different story as we all know too well! Lol. Y'all let me know what you think of the pics, I know I said earlier I would try and do weekly updated pics every weekend and hopefully I can start that this weekend but don't want to bombard everyone with pics all the time with no visible changes! Oh and btw, I stressed so much last night trying to find the perfect next garment and decided there isn't one, lol I ordered just one and a binder to start to figure out what I am going to like best in the months to come! ( some of these notes on the pics are for me to keep track, lol I look at myself in the mirror in the mornings when the swelling monster isn't awake yet)

New garment

Well, that was an experience lol I am glad the stage1's have hooks and zippers! I had to inch this thing up little by little. Feels much better since it is boy short style but it kinda cuts in on the back above the bottom where the compression starts. Got a binder too but this bad boy won't be coming off for a while. Kinda wished I would have showered before I managed to get it on, lol oh well just home for the night can shower in the morning!


Well, I know I posted on someone's comments my new garment I was soooo excited about ,because it was boy short style with no didn't fit it was too small. In the game of lipo day by day, I decided to try it on one more time before returning and BAM it fits now and has every day since. I decided the marena is by far the most comfortable I own and am attempting to get one altered. They will remove the zipper and hooks making it just a slip on. I hope it works that zipper just happens to be on the same side I battle the pain and swelling with(left flank). The massages have been amazing and well worth the money, I had one Monday and another tomorrow. I am trying to go every 5 days and so far zero lumps!!! Will post new pics next week closer to my one month post op!!!! Happy healing fellow swellers!

3 Weeks Post Op Today!!

I notice a pretty big difference this week, I have fewer swelling episodes for sure and I have my lymphatic massage therapist to thank for that. I have been going every 5 days now and it has made a big difference in swelling, comfort, shape, and I feel like my skin is tightening a bit and taking on its pre c-section form! I know in previous posts I mentioned my left flank being different than my right. I am seeing this even out more and more each day. While I am still unsure if they will be completely even, knowing how hard he tried, I am hopeful it will be less noticeable over time. I continue to have soreness and sleeping issues with the pulling and burning here and there but still very happy!

I made it to the one month mark!

Woohoo, I made it! I am still sore on my back flanks but better every day. I really don't have much swelling at all he said I can start to exercise more and wear my compression garment less but I am still going to wear it 23 hours a day for as long as possible. A touch of bad news, well not the end of the world as we kinda already knew I will need a touch up :('s that dang left flank. He offered to possibly do it at the 3 month mark but I am thinking I am just going to wait the full 6 months. I do not blame him, he tried really hard to get it even and just fluid would come out but it's more on the back side and I would rather have it even than complain about it! It was hard to tell if it was swollen more from spending so much time on it or fat. I kept one of my stage one garments just in case. The other stage 1 I had sized down and zipper removed. They took one month pics so as soon as they load them on my personal my touch MD page I will post them. Should be next week sometime

1st night with garment off.....

It was actually kind of amazing, I didn't mean to sleep with it off I just fell asleep after my shower with my hair wet and all! I woke up in the middle of the night and thought about putting it on but reached down and felt around.....everything felt smooth and normal so said the heck with it, lol. I am just over 4 weeks and I know I promised everyone some pics, they have not uploaded the ones taken last week yet so I just snapped these a few minutes ago. I can't get the back on my own but you can kinda see the difference in the left and right side. Again no fault of the doc's bless his heart he tried soooo hard but I will do the revision because I can't imagine coming this far and not seeing it through. I have one more massage before my Cancun vacation and she says I have very little swelling at all yesterday when I saw her, considering it is my time of the month that is great news! I have had a little issue with swimsuits for Cancun, I bought the Co'coo brand of compression and was too big in the body and small on the breasts, now my Victoria Secret came today and it is kinda too big all over but fits okay on the breasts, then I went ahead and bought one from everything but water and it fits great but is the most expensive.....gonna let the hubby decide tonight and will post the keeper! I am still going to bring a few bikini's but still unsure on that. Maybe a wild hair will catch me, who knows!

Still Happy

I am sorry it has been so long since my last update, things have been crazy at work and home. My husband dropped my ipad and it shattered which is the only tool I have to take pics of myself. I posted a pic from vacation. I will say the swelling is all gone, however my flanks still hurt a bit I still wear my CG 23 hours a day but I am pretty sure the revision will still be needed on my left flank(it is still numb) lol my whole lower back is still numb and sore. I had to run after my youngest the other day and it felt soooooo strange. I do hope that goes away in time. I am 9 weeks and a few feels like it has been WAY longer though. I will see what my PS says at the 3 month mark I am undecided if I want to do the revision then or just wait the whole 6 months? I keep telling myself just wait but if I am still numb at 3 months back there I might as well since it is such a small area. My last visit I had lost 2 inches in the waist and about an inch in the hips. I have such wide hip bones I cant get any smaller down there, I am still a size 4/6 just as I was pre surgery but my clothes just fit better with out the extra "love" lol

3 Month Check Up/ Revision scheduled...eeek

Okay so first let me apologize for not updating in a while, I have been so busy since vacation. I am still wearing my CG about 15-18 hours a day but am slowly getting used to my new body and enjoy when I am out of it and welcome the stability when I put it back on, lol it's a love hate relationship. I am still numb on my back side but I guess I am just used to it now, more annoying when I have an itch and just can't satisfy it? As I knew was coming I have scheduled my small revision for my left flank on July 18th. I am thinking with my luck the numbness will wear off just before and then I will be numb another several months.

He is going to use the same small scar I have and being such a small area I imagine it is a lot less of a recovery than the first time. I don't wear my CG while I sleep but I notice when I turn over I have a little pull or burn on my sides it's a very weird feeling. Also when I run being numb in the back it feels like bricks.....all this and I am still so super pleased. I am so thankful I found Dr. Setty I don't know if I would have the same results and overall experience with anyone else. Just love them.....apparently they kinda like me too they gave me one of their staff shirts today. Lol see pics. I still can't get my backside by myself but feel like everything is smoothing out and gets better and better each week! Happy healing!

Revision in two days....

I am more nervous this time than before, I think it is because I am aware now of the discomfort involved afterward. I am having night terrors so I'm just trying not to think about it too much and just gonna put on my big girl panties and get through it! I will try and update Friday or Saturday. Procedure is Friday at 8am! Wish me luck!

I'm done!!

Well i am happy to announce, I have completed the revision, yay! Pro: he allowed me to take some of the meds before going this time, woke at 6:40 am took two Valium one phenegren, and one hydro surgery at 8am. I then took one more Valium about 8:30 then the other at 9am
Con: Although I do think it helped me relax and not tense up so much during the procedure, I wish I didn't have such a high tolerance just a nudge more would have been awesome!

Took about 3 hours, he evened out my left flank, removed a little more above my c-section and above my belly button just below bra line. I am having more discomfort on my lower area than last time but less on my flank so guess it evens out! Super excited about the results!! Once again he bundled me in foam till Monday, as before I had ZERO bruising and I do contribute the foam to this. The bromelain and arnica as well. Which even though is just a revision I am still taking both and following all the same steps as before. I think it was a total of an additional 400(is it cc or ml) ? Which would bring my total to 2800. Woohoo, thank again to my wonderful doctor and Courtney of course! Will take pics once he moves me to my CG!

Pain...holy moly

Well, I was up all night in pain.....I asked my husband if it was this bad last time and he said yes honey it was, lol. I am not sure why but the pain meds are making my face and arms itch this time? Anyone else ever have this issue? I am thinking it is because I have to take two at a time to move. I slept today for 5 hours which I missed my scheduled dose and OMG was I regretting that nap. I think it is more noticeable this time because it is three distinct areas of pain where as before it was an ALL over pain? Does that make sense to anyone? I am draining way more than I did last time, I have resorted to maxi pads on the two open incisions which seems to do the trick. I am just hoping I can sleep tonight without pain! If not I will have to call the Dr. for a different pain med, maybe it's the codeine making me itch? I never take pills but this situation definitely calls for them. :(

Up all night again!

That's all I got, lol I slept about 2-3 hours and have been up since. I took a pain pill walked the back yard to stretch my back and legs, still walking every two hours and think I would be feeling much better if I could just sleep. I'm afraid to take Benadryl until I talk to the doctor, sure he would hate me if I called him at 4 am though, lol

Felling soooo much better

Once we took the wrap off today I have to admit, I was a little scared as part of it had been cutting into me the whole weekend as I had three separate pieces of foam instead of one large piece. Everything was all indented and funky but I tell you what not even 30 minutes after being out of the wrap almost all of my pain and discomfort vanished. I felt like a new woman.....I think it was just wrapped too tight it was causing the pain. I kept the garment on from 9am to 7pm to let things settle in and flatten out and I am sooooo freaking excited. Those two bumps of fat are gone, my bra fat does not indent like before and I just know my left flank will be just as smooth once the swelling goes down. I had far more swelling this time, again think due to the tighter wrap. I did get a blister where the foam was cutting in but it doesn't hurt at all just more of an eye sore right now. No pain meds needed today at all and looking forward to a FULL nigh sleep! Can't wait to post pics in a few days! Happy healing and night night!

Revision photos

I had my revision Friday, these were taken today so that's what 5 days post op. I know I am still swollen but I can tell having been thru this before that the results are going to be awesome. My left side is really swollen as we did the most work there. But the two areas I had above my c-section are totally smooth and I can see less of the indentation between my bra line and stomach, if you compare to previous pics hopefully you can see too. These were taken in my office today


Okay so a few people have PM'd me asking for my before and after measurements to be honest I have not kept up with it, as I am not a person who watches numbers I base everything on how I look and feel, lol BUT I did email my PS and he sent me all of my before measurements and I just took my own, so here it goes this is exactly what he sent me:

Circumference at the belly button was 88 cm and at the hips was 96 cm on 2/24. Total volumes were Abd: 600 cc, Left flank: 800 cc, right flank: 900 cc at the first treatment. Revision: Upper abdomen is 150, lower abdomen 75, and left flank is 225.

So my belly button measurements now is 76cm and my hips are 93cm( my hips bones are so freaking wide this is as low as it gets me for I am sure) There is not really a way to measure love handles but the pics speak for themselves.

So total removed between 1st session and revision is 2750 cc's so that is ALOT folks, feels so strange because while I know it is a lot I don't feel like it is that much ONLY because it just got me back to my pre 2nd baby body so I know this body and the other body is what felt weird lol.....that may not make sense but to me this body is what I have known most of my life and I just put up with the other body for a few years and just never felt like myself so yes I GOT ME BACK!!! I am about to take a shower so I will take some pics while i wash the garment and post them in a bit. momto308 I will get my C-Section for ya since we cant send pix in the PM's. Happy Healing

Updated pics


I keep forgetting to post this, some have PM'd me asking what I have used, this has been my little friend since March. I use it a few times a day when I am watching tv or as soon as I get out of the shower! It has helped a ton and was only $20 at Brookstone!

Bed bound again

But this time for strep throat, urgh I have felt like I was dying the last two days. The doctor was able to give me a steroid shot and he said how bad it was going to hurt, BUT thankfully I am still numb there from my surgery so yay that was a pro! Happy to be back to work tomorrow! Happy healing RS team!

1 month post revision

I have to say the recovery from the revision, outside of that first few days, has been a piece of cake. I am super pleased and soooo glad i had it done. The strange thing is when i look in the mirror or am getting dressed i really look and feel like my old self(pre 2nd child) i look at my pre op pics and cant remember being that girl, thank goodness! Lol i go monday for a post op and since my dr has been on vacation a few weeks i think he is going to be pleased with his work as well. I cannot wait to have my breast lift now. It will be my second and last PS venture and of course i know i am in good hands! My husband and i had date night last night and he couldnt keep his hands off me! Lol It is such an awesome feeling. I keep telling my PS he needs to use my pics on his marketing materials because i feel like my results are more drastic than others who just needed a "little" fat removed. I have lost a whole person i feel like. I am grateful for the RS community and look forward to posting a blog on my breast aug soon! Hopefully march next year! Happy healing!

Still doing great

I am sorry i was out of pocket a few weeks, we took the kids to the beach for their bdays for a week and the day after our return we lost a family member so packed again and off we went another week. Been back a week now and still not caught up at work. I missed my post op with Dr. Setty but with all the stuff the last few weeks i have lost a few pounds and i can tell in my skin. I was talking with my husband and think i may do a TT in a few years, which is what was recommended to begin with but i am glad i am doing it in two stages. I still love my results and would do it again! They were supposed to take pics at my visit i missed so i will try and schedule that soon so everyone can see updated photos! Happy healing and i am replying to comments and messages as i can! Xoxoxo

Post op been 7 months WOW

Time flies, I went to my missed post op appt today. They took pics so once they are posted to my profile they set up for me i will upload them here too! Having a weird issue unrelated to my lipo, it looks like a hernia but Dr. Setty doesn't think it is but we just aren't sure what it is, so having a CT scan done to be safe. I will try and post a picture of it if i can get the angle right so its visible by picture? It looks like a protruding muscle just below my(in between) ribs and breast bone? Strange.....

Hernia surgery..TT or not up in the air?

So I finally saw a surgeon today who confirmed I have a hernia, the question is do I have the TT at the same time or not? I wanted to do this eventually just wasn't prepared to do so soon......advice? Thoughts? Much appreciated ladies

Appointment Thursday

I am still undecided on if I "REALLY" need or want a TT I will meet with Dr. Setty Thursday to really discuss it.....I know it would be the best time while having the hernia repair but I dont know if I am financially prepared or truly mentally prepared for such a major surgery. I have been extremely pleased with my results and I am not worried about the outcome at all, I have full and complete trust in him. It is the recovery that scares me to death! I think I might start a post in the TT section to get some feedback! I need to post some updated pics as well but nothing has really changed still no lumps and still pretty flat minus the hernia which mainly pokes out at night anyway

Arnica gel at walmart

A lot of you have asked about this, it was amazing I used it with the arnica pills as directed. The gel I used every morning and night. It dries quickly and is not sticky so can put your CG on right away. Hope it helps some of you!

TT consult

Okay, we met today and he reviewed the entire procedure and recovery. I am not ready! I hate that because it does save about 1k dollars by combining the two but I told myself I will just think it over because I have to be ready for something like this and I know myself the savings is not worth it if my heart is not in it. Would be different if we didnt have so much planned this year vacation wise! Gonna think on it a few weeks though

I Am Home!

Okay so this hernia surgery is no freaking joke, this is the most excruciating pain I have ever felt, the muscle repair was extensive or at least it feels as though it was. I cannot move an inch with out horrendous pain....but I do love these, wish I had these for my lipo recovery. I think if the TT is pain like this it is out of the question!!!! Lol
Dallas Plastic Surgeon

First let me say, I work in patient care myself, I have a very high standard of care. I felt very comfortable with Dr. Setty from day one and knew he was the one for me! I felt as if he spent a great deal of time with me during my consult never felt rushed and just flowed. It was a lot of information to take in so by the time I got to Bobbie the manager to discuss costs etc I wasn't thinking of all those little questions. I then got her email and poor girl answered every single question, wasn't as quickly as I answer my patients emails but it was before the days end. Everything went so fast I had little time to prepare, I had my consult Monday before last and my procedure march 7th so had a lot to cram in such a short time. Which brings me to my surgery, Courtney was scheduled to be off the 7th and bless her heart she came in just so I could have mine done since my hubby was already off this day as was I with a 3 day weekend. Thank you Courtney! As for the procedure itself, I have a super high unbelievable tolerance for pain meds or sedation so yes I felt most everything outside of just being numb and it was not that bad, so I imagine it would be a breeze if the meds work for you. Dr. Setty spent extra time with me making him late to his next surgery to make sure he provided me his standard of care and that just impressed me even more. I would definitely highly recommend him. In fact reading reviews on other docs he takes more pride in making sure he provides all necessary healing aids unlike others. Bromelain, arnica and lipo foam.....all of which are supposed to be the best of the best! I am very excited for my results, but what I could see before they wrapped me looked good! Thank you, Ashley, Bobbie, Courtney, and Dr. Setty!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
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5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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