Life is to Short ,having This Procedure is Just Another Step in the Journey to Live a Healthy Life - McKinney, TX

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Life is too dang short!! I realized this after...

Life is too dang short!! I realized this after loosing both my parents within a year of each other due to health reasons that may have been corrected / avoided . So I made a promise to myself that I would do what ever is I'm my control to start living a healthier life. So I can live life to the fullest,and not just exist .
I have known I needed a breast reduction since soon after puberty I was "different " the most of the other girls . I married young and had my first child by the age of 19 and my breast only grew from there .Fast forward 30 years and here I am "36 ddd ( because I refuse to buy a larger size) . I have joined a gym lost 30lbs and alas all that did for my breast was cause them to sag .Which by the way , that is a word that should never have to be used to describe a part of the human body , just saying . Anywho I now feel younger then I did in my 20's . I love going to classes at the gym and the changes I have made to my health surprise me more everyday . But the pain from my large breast after working all day & then going to the gym and being squished into 2 bras just to avoid self inflicted injury is Ridiculous!! & I'm not gona do it anymore.. I had 2 consultations , both Dr.s were board certified and highly recommended . My husband and I have researched the procedure ,talked & re talked and my decision is made . My surgery is scheduled for April 29,2015. My insurance has been approved ,Time off work is scheduled ,now comes the tough part ..the count down to a healthier body that I can live life to the fullest in

I had always been on the larger side....

I had always been on the larger side. From c's pre teen to D's after puberty and of corse DD's & DDD's during pregnancy . But after a hysterectomy a few yrs back they just kept getting heavier. The head aches and neck pain ..forget about it never a pain free day. Then I decided to loose weigh and join a gym . What a beating just to fit into a sports bra and endure the awful pain for days after a work out .. Running forget it ,Zumba ha ha ha yeah sure if I wanted to be the side show in class.. 

I had my mind made up , I was going to do this for myself !! My husband has never denied being a breast man , but the night I told him what I wanted to do ,he said its your body , just find the best Dr. You can ! So I called several that my gyn suggested ,made appointments and started reading everything on the web I could find and looking at every utube and web MD video. I contemplated telling anyone especially my grown sons I was doing this.
I called my insurance company spoke to a nurse and told her my neck , shoulder and headache issues. She told me to have every Dr. I had a consult with to send in documentation and photos and they would be reviewed .i saw 3 Drs before I got the approval from my very first visit. Now I just had to pick a Dr.

Dallas Plastic Surgeon

Dr Setty and his staff have been great so first appointment was very late in the day, my husband went with me. I was worried about being rushed since the time was so close to office closing hrs . But just the opposite. He just calmly described the procedure,even after I told him I have watched it enough online to do it myself. He even answered all my husbands questions .i knew when I left that day I would call my insurance ,and have them change my approval letter to his office !!

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