21 Years Old, 5'9", 116lbs. Beyond Excited for my BA! - Mckinney, TX

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So, like most people in the BA section of...

So, like most people in the BA section of RealSelf, I've wanted this surgery for a long, long time. In fact, once I even had a significant other laugh when he felt me up. I've learned to love my body now, but that doesn't change the fact that I would just like to change it slightly. It has nothing to do with anybody else - it's something I want, have always wanted, and more than likely will always want if I don't do it.

It was a long time coming, and it took awhile to get the guts to go to a consultation, but I finally did! I went to meet with two doctors in my area in October. One was recommended to me by a friend, and I actually really enjoyed his consultation! He was super informative, very thorough and you could really tell he knew what he was doing. It was great, and I would wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone.

However, my second consultation was with Dr. Naveen Setty. He is closer to my home, and when I went there, I just kind of knew. I knew that he was the right surgeon for me. I loved his staff, his office, and his demeanor. Everything about my consultation was comfortable, informative, and I didn't feel rushed in the slightest. Even when I admitted it was unlikely that I would book that day, his patient coordinator, Carrie, gave me all the information I would need for that decision. I called the next day to book my surgery with Dr. Setty.

So, I'm about three weeks out. I'm not really nervous at all. Everyone asks if I am, but all I feel is this weird sense of calm. Like this was how it's always supposed to have been.

I've been reading a lot of stories, but it's really hard to find people with my body type! I know I'm overthinking size, and my pre-op is December 5th. I know I'll trust Dr. Setty with what size recommendations he has, but I also really know what I want, and I don't know if it's possible for my body! Again, I'm tall and thin, and have little (or no) breast tissue at all. If anybody has any recommendations, or similar body type, I would love to hear how your BA went and what size you went with!

Oh, and I'm for sure getting round silicone. I'm unsure about textured or smooth. As my chest wall is a little concave, I'm terrified of symmastia. But Dr. Setty addressed that with me, and I'm totally confident in his abilities. But I am a ball of anxiety, so.

The pictures are from my consultation with Dr. Setty. As you can see, literally nothing.

Wish pics

Just a hoard of wish pics so I can see them all in one place. I have collected a LOT.

Pre-op questions

So ladies! My pre-op is next week and I really have no idea what to ask my surgeon! I would love if y'all could help with maybe a list of questions, or what you wished you asked/what you were glad you asked?

Pre-op done!

I can't believe I had my pre-op today! It was so nice meeting with everyone at my surgeon's office again. It was just as amazing as my first experience.

They already had some implants out for me, I believe it ranged from 200cc-350cc HP and 100cc-200cc Mod plus profile. I spoke with my surgeon's medical assistant, Jessica (I love her!) about pre and post-op instructions and all my medications. It was mostly similar to everything I've read on here, so that was a breeze. Then she gave me a bra to try on the implants!

My surgeon, Dr. Setty, came in and went over why he put out the implants he did. My BWD is about 10.5 (I believe) and so the max HP was 350cc. I tried that one on (because I knew I wanted pretty large implants) and liked it, but didn't love it.

I inquired about UHP, regarding the fact that I knew it had a smaller diameter. He said he usually stays away from it, but I was one of the few cases he would consider using it for, as I do have quite the tiny upper body. From there, he gave me the 400cc UHP and I put them in, and liked them SO much more. He said there was one size bigger he'd feel comfortable going, and it was 460cc UHP, and brought them out. The second I put them in the bra I loved them. I compared them to the 400cc UHP, and again with the 350cc HP, and there was really no comparison for me.

My biggest fear with this surgery is going too small. I know I am limited, size wise, with how big I can go, so I'm not worried at all about going too big. I trust my surgeon's opinion very much, and he said that as long as I knew the risks (possibly stretching the skin out too far and causing complications later, I assume regarding sagging) that he would do the UHP. Also, that he would take in the other sizes we considered and would see what worked best.

I did, however, forget to mention my newest fear - bottoming out! Especially with going with a larger implant. I'll have to call and ask.

Anyway, above is a sort of picture dump. From both my pre-op appointment and just general pre-op pictures. Thought I'd take one in my surgical bra (which is so not horrible. It's really comfortable!) so we could really see the before and after!

One week away!

Holy shit, only one more week (and a day, but who's counting?). I can't believe it's finally happening! I have my painkillers, my Arnica, my post-op bra, and Hibiclens. I'm waiting for my surgeon to call in the rest of my prescriptions so I can pick those up. I feel like I'm forgetting something MAJOR! But I'm always like this. Always overreacting.

Anyway, my favorite pictures from other peoples reviews have ALWAYS been the comparisons between pre and post op, so I've been taking LOADS of random pre-op photos for comparison! I'll take more this week in different clothes, just to really show the difference. I love my body the way it is now. It's funny - in full body pictures, I love my body SO much. Even though I know I have no boobs, I think I look cute. In top only pictures, I am so alarmed at HOW FLAT I AM! Haha. Regardless, I love my body. I'm happy I am able to get this surgery and make it even better.

Finally done!

I had my surgery yesterday! Yay! So I'm officially one day post op.

I am so, so happy with how everything went. I got to the hospital, checked in, and waited a bit before a nurse took me back. I couldn't pee for the pregnancy test, lol, so she gave me IV liquids until I could. My surgeon came in then too and introduced himself to my mom and drew allll over me hahah. It was funny. I wish I had taken a picture of it! Later, the anesthesiologist came in and told me it was time for ~breakfast in bed~. He put some stuff in my IV and they started wheeling me to the surgery room. I just remember saying "oh, now I'm drunk." And that's the last I remember!

Waking up from the anesthesia, I just kept grabbing my boobs and trying to talk to the nurse with my oxygen mask on. My surgeon came in but I could NOT tell you what he or I said. I believe I asked him if I got the size I wanted and he said yes!

Once I got to the recovery room, they put me in a recliner and the nausea started. I tried to eat crackers and drink ginger ale, but I was soooo nauseous. I managed one cracker and half of a ginger ale, and as my mom and I decided we would just go home, I started to get up and puked twice (I had a barf bag). After that, the nausea was completely gone, and I went home around 11:30! (My surgery was at 7:30.)

Once I got home, I tucked myself into bed and took some painkillers and anti-nausea and all the other crap I needed to take. Honestly, my pain hasn't been too bad. It's really not even pain, just discomfort. I can go to the restroom by myself no problem (and have been able to since I got home) and getting up and out of bed isn't as bad as I thought it'd be, but I've never really used my arms to get out of bed. My brother and mom have been helping me and taking care of my dogs, so that's been really really nice.

I actually haven't had much of a problem sleeping. I have my pillows all propped up, but I'm not sure if I'm sleeping elevated enough. But I'm definitely comfortable.

I'm pretty sure I'm going to be super happy with them size wise. They already make me feel so much better and I have frankenboob! I can't wait until they d&f. Also, frankenboob looks a lot weirder in pictures than in real life. It looks funny, but in a bra it's not a huge deal.

I'm mobile, but I'm going to try and upload some pictures!

More POD1 pics!

In my pretty VS bralette. Such a difference! Plus incisions. They have glue over them so I could shower right away. Starting to get bloated from constipation, ugh. I only took off my post-op bra for a short time to take these pictures and now it's right back on.


Nothing new to report. I've been taking Tylenol instead of my painkillers, and I can definitely feel it. But the constipation is so real. I went out today to get bagels and it felt nice to get out of the house. But besides that, everything is the same. Boobs are still frankenboobs and hard as rocks. I think they may have moved a little bit.


Nothing new to report, really. The pain killer constipation is real, guys. I've never been this bloated or constipated in my life. It hurts worse than my boobs do, honestly. My boobs are still just achey. I took off the bra to shower (for the first time, even though I was cleared to do so since day one) and wow, they felt HEAVY! Heavy and tight. So as much as I may still need my painkillers I'm easing off in the hopes that I can have a BM soon!


Yay, five days! They're slowly starting to drop. Very slowly. But I can see a difference! The left (funny, because it's my not dominant side) is a little higher than my right. But it's okay. It'll all be fine! Also, I took a picture where they don't look terribly frankenboob-ish, and I feel, dare I say, sexy?!

Happy New Years ladies! I'm going to my first post op tomorrow and will post an update then. Also going to ask if I'm allowed to engage in New Years festivities.

Back to normal life

Happy New Years everyone! I had a rather low key night, but very very fun. My boobs feel great! I don't have anything to report really. They feel the same, no more pain. Still have the same restrictions, but I really feel completely normal. They really need to drop, though. Still waiting on that. But I'm also sucking at my massages so it's probably my fault hahaha. Here they are in a cute bralette, so that's fun.

Long time no update!

I guess it hasn't really been THAT long! But I just wanted to post some pictures of what I'm currently looking like, I believe almost five weeks post op. I've decided to start horseback riding again next week (five weeks post op). Even though my surgeon said to wait until 6 weeks, I just can't stay away. I feel completely normal! I haven't had problems with anything. My right boob is starting to really drop and fluff, but my left is still pretty high. I'm sure it'll all even out eventually.

General photo dump

Hi everybody!!!! Quite literally nothing has changed about my boobs, so here are some random pictures I've taken since my last update.

More random pictures

I don't even know where I am post op now - my 3 month check up is in a couple of weeks, though. I can't believe it's been this long! They already feel like, completely a part of me. I've had the most boring recovery, seriously! My scars are still pretty dark, but I'm super unconcerned about them. My leftie is still pretty noticeably higher than my right, but it doesn't bother me so much in real life as it does in pictures. I'll add some more random ones. Btw- cleavage in a sports bra ROCKS!

Before and after

Alright, girls. I know I'm only three/four months post op, so my boobs will keep changing. But I absolutely, completely love them. I do not regret a single thing about this surgery. Not at all.

7mo post op!

So it's pretty much exactly 7 months post op, and I CAN'T BELIEVE IT TOOK ME SO LONG TO HAVE SURGERY! I'm sorry I haven't been updated, but I honestly forget I have fake boobs all the time, hahaha. I just feel so comfortable in my skin...it's wild! I was comfortable and confident before, but it's a whole new thing now. I love my body, I love my boobs, and everything. I love how they look pretty low-key in clothes, but when I put on a bikini or pushup bra, it's like HELLO!!!

Scar updates!

I know some people care about scars, so here's some updated pictures! I haven't really done anything besides put argan oil and lotion on them! I honestly don't care a whole lot about my scars...they don't bother me either way. They're perfectly in the crease, which is nice, but I don't care if they don't become completely invisible. I wanted this surgery and I'm happy that I got it! I took pictures where you can actually see the scars, and some where you can see where they sit in the crease. Hope it helps!
Dallas Plastic Surgeon

I cannot say enough amazing things about Dr. Setty. The professionalism of him and all of his staff immediately made me feel comfortable upon consultation. I took a very trusted friend with me, and when we walked out, we looked at each other and I knew he was my surgeon. Every time I've gone for pre-op or post-op appointments, it never fails to impress me how caring everybody is! On the day of my surgery, I felt zero nerves. I knew I was in good hands. If you are in the area, I would highly recommend Dr. Setty. He is a fantastic surgeon. Also, say hi to Jessica as well. She is fantastic!

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