Lower body lift, TT w/MR, BL, BA w/Sientra

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I've been reading and lurking since May 2014....

I've been reading and lurking since May 2014. Thank you everyone for posting the good, the bad, the ugly, the pain, the joy and definitely the pics. I really appreciate the time and effort.

Is there anything you know NOW that you wish you knew prior to your surgery(ies)? I really appreciate the honesty and candor so many of you provide.

I am 44. I have lost a significant amount of weight. I workout 7 days per week. I know this seems excessive but my rest days are "active" rest days. taking a simple stroll, hiking, hell - even grocery shopping at Wal-Mart is a workout. ?

I have this skin on my stomach. It's repulsive. It hangs when I am doing planks, push ups, yoga, sitting in the bath tub and it floats up. WTH? It's ok if I am clothed and it's tucked in, but otherwise, there is definitely an ick factor to it.

Breasts? these are no longer breasts. They are flaps of skin with nipples attached. I can push it all in a bra and appear to look respectable, but do not remove the clothing. Go to the doctor and I have a buffet of boobs to choose from. Big, small, I don't which one's will give me what I am looking for. I want the same size - just where they are supposed to be. :)

Will post more as the train wreck of emotions start taking in everything as the time draws near.

I have the pics from the surgeons office. Will figure out how to upload them. I seem to be getting an "error" every time I try. ?

Staring at boobs....

Called the PS's office. We haven't settled on a definite implant size. Yes, I realize my surgery is a couple of weeks away but I like to have all of my ducks in a row. And knowing what my breast size is seems a little important to me. lol. The receptionist (Ashley) is so stinking happy all of the time and was tolerant of my annoying phone call. (Must happen quite a bit - I hope I am not her only annoyance)

On another note.... I am staring at boobs all. of. the. time. Grocery store, gym, concert, gas station, etc). uuuggghhhh

A picture is worth a thousand thoughts.

Here are a few current pics.

the Journey, details , boobs (again)

Everyone here on RS is a wealth of information. Seriously, you ladies (and the few men I have spotted) are truly amazing when it comes to sharing your journey. Whether it be in pictures or the details, you guys put it all out there. Thank you so much for that. ?

BTW, if you haven't checked out the "Forums" tab up there ^^^^ at the top of the page, you really should. To be honest, I randomly clicked on it today and there is some great information there, as well. I don't know if anyone else is guilty of just reading the reviews (me), but sometimes a wrong turn sheds new light.

I have appointment with the PS on Tuesday. Probably the payment and implant selection. Not sure. I know I still haven't chosen the size so that must be in there. I haven't paid and I know work will not be performed until $$$ received....so...like my mad deductive reasoning skills? And at that time I will more than likely bombard the talented man with my questions because I like DETAILS. ? And I definitely like attention to detail.

And I will be showing him lots of pictures of what I do and do NOT want to insure we are on the same page of outcome.

Enjoy your evening!

Dr. Visit, payment, minor details

Here are some pics from dr's office. We decided on Sientra 375cc high profile. We agreed this would give me the desired look I was going for which is 350cc. It was hard for me to get a realistic idea because putting the sizes on top of my breasts make them appear larger. I trust his judgement.

I don't know why I look orange. I don't use self tanner. Lol. Maybe I should have used a flash.

I'm a visual person and thought it may help if I showed him pics of what I do and do not want and what I do and do not like about those pics. Definitely made me more comfortable and he didn't seem or come across as irritated. ;)

Was given pre-op information, to-do list and what NOT to-do. No green tea?


Picked up prescription/hydrocodone.

I will be going in early on the 26th to be marked up. Can't go in on the 25th (Christmas). Dr estimates 6-8 hours for surgery.

So now nerves are running amuk, will be prepping like crazy for Christmas and surgery, buying surgery/recovery items, preparing Christmas dinner, preparing family dinner and freezing some and hoping no one drives me bonkers. ;)

Different views, freckles, 2 days & a wake up!!

2 days and a wake up! Wow....the time has flown by.

From the moment of booking my surgery in May until now - time goes by in a moment.

Things I will not miss:

My stomach scrotum aka the waterbed belly. (Depends on the angle). Bending over, gravity pulls it down and it hangs. Sitting in the bathtub...it floats up. Lol. I don't think I'll miss it. Hopefully it's not a dear friend that I reminisce about.

Having to adjust my panties or jeans around the belly skin. Tuck it, squish it, whatever. To be done with it will be fabulous.

The slight "puff" on my thighs.

The long boobs. I'm not naive enough to think I have the boobs of a 20 year old, but I do want them to look like boobs and not tube socks.

Thank goodness I am booked with clients and not have empty time on my hands to ponder and make myself a bundle of nerves. Unfortunately, I feel like I am not organized. Lol. Fortunately, I get to sleep through it while someone else gets to sculpt my body.

As far as pics, the back views are not that clear. The tattoo should be gone (according to initial consultation).

The abdomen shots I took and have my 'markers'/freckles I will be able to notice where they end up. :)

Have a great evening and Merry Christmas!!

Surgery 12/26, 3 days post-op, lower body lift, TT w/MR, BL & BA

I have attempted to post this twice and lose it. Ugh!

12/26: went to surgery center/hospital, check -in, Dr. arrives and begins the marking process. (I will post these as soon as I have them)
Anesthesiologist gives me a cocktail and the party started. Literally don't remember anything after him giving me a memory blocker. Lol

Around 6 or 7 pm I am taken to my room.
Now, honest to goodness truth, the next 12 hours were MISERABLE. As much as I didn't want to get up and move around, I will say it was the best thing for me. (Don't be a hero and skip pain meds) . I left the hospital Saturday at approximately 9 pm (this way our youngest child would be asleep when I got home)
Sunday: routine. Water, pain meds, muscle relaxer, walking laps around the house, more water, brush my teeth AGAIN (anyone else's breath FUNKY about this time?) repeat.
Monday (today): feeling pretty good. Post op appointment. Got 1 of the drains removed (woo-hoo!) got to see the incision line and at this point, I am really happy with it. Nice and low. Actually, it is a lot lower than I anticipated, which is even better. Have some swelling (normal). Very pleased with my surgeon choice.

My foods of choice: keeping it bland and light and healthy:
Ham (leftover fr christmas)
Protein shake
Homemade veggie soup I prepared and froze prior to surgery
^^^^those fruits w/Greek yogurt

I will post pics when I shower tomorrow. The tattoo on my lower back isn't completely gone (wasn't concerned about it). Dr. didn't need to take as much skin in the back. Can't be mad about that! ????

Things I have that are must-haves for me:

Pillows. I am sleeping in a regular recliner and have pillows to prop around me, under me, everywhere. Mine doesn't 'rock.'

Foam cushion to put under your bottom/coccyx. That tailbone is sore as heck from sitting on it all day. I have it in the chair and 2 pillows on top of it.

Toilet seat riser and medical bar/handrail in restroom. I could have done without the toilet seat riser but not without the handrail. I paid $16 for it at Home Depot. I like having them both.

Pajama pants 1 size too big. You will need the extra room. And I most certainly did go to my dr appointment today in them.

Lip balm, cup w/bendy straw for ice cold water (mine is from the hospital)

SOMEONE to help you. Seriously. There is no way I would have been able to do anything without my husband here. You can not use your abdominal muscles/core. The first day, he even had to help me pull my pj bottoms down when I went to the restroom.

Feel free to ask any questions!

Surgery pics

Here are the pics from surgery. All "fresh."
Yes, all swollen...but a belly button?! Woo-hoo! Waistline?!

I'll post more pics weekly and as things shift/change.

Day 4 post-op, funky breath, & Golden Girls

Day 4:

It truly does get better each day. Woke up, Reduced pain meds from 2 every 4 hours to 1 every 6 hours. Yay!!

Brush my teeth and tongue. I swear, it's almost like an old man pooped in my mouth. Or cat. I dunno. Something pooped in there. Anesthesia and meds got it all kinds of funky.

Small snacks/meals throughout the day. Still do not have an appetite so still eating bland/soft food. I have had no nausea at all so that's important. Can't imagine having to use the abdominals to be sick. Goodness.

Haven't pooped. I am pooting so that's a good sign. I drank milk of magnesia prior to surgery day and cleansed the bowels some so that may have something to do with. (Plus the small amount of food I am eating)

Drinking lots of water and walking laps around the laps.

Watching Golden Girls. I don't know why. Mindless entertainment. My daughters even sit here and watch it with me. We have 4 daughters and these girls (and my husband) have been absolutely amazing during this recovery. Even the youngest helps and likes to be the 'pillow stuffer' to help me get comfortable.

Swelling. Goodness. The hoo-hah is swollen. I've read from some of you ladies about swelling in that area so I knew to expect it. BUT I did call the PS office just to confirm that it is not abnormal. I mean....it looks like I may have had a different surgery performed. Lol. I just put ice packs on it. Because it feels (and LOOKS) awkward.
There is swelling in the breasts and abdomen as well but still liking what I see. ????

The 2 remaining drains aren't really putting anything out today. I made sure they weren't blocked. Maybe tomorrow there will be more production. If not, I'll give the PS office a call to maybe get them pulled out. I don't want to pull them too early and then be swollen more.

Did I mention how often I brush my teeth? ????

Have a great New Years Eve for all who have plans. I'll be sitting right here, with my flat stomach, ringing in the New Year.

Post-op Day 5, crabby, Law & Order, ice packs

Post-op Day 5:

Cute ice packs, huh? The va-jay-jay increased in size and swelling (didn't think that was possible) so I put the lunch ice packs on the lady bits. It's about 8 pm here and it has worked some. It's crazy, though. Legs and feet are swollen, also. If you guys have any ideas to decrease, let me know. I've propped my legs up. Am I doing too much? I feel fat and lazy, especially from all of this swelling. Heck, let me know if this is normal. I'm the Stay Puff Marshmallow Man!! (I'm not eating any salt)

Walking, brushing teeth, eating small portions, even though I am not hungry.

Only had 1 pain med today. I'll take another before I go to sleep. Pain has truly been more of discomfort and annoyance. I took ibuprofen.

Crabby. Goodness. (Bitchy is a better word). I had to snap myself out of that. I was snapping at my husband for nothing. Probably should have taken the pain meds. Lol

Took a shower. Ok. I definitely broke no records here. It took me an hour to take a 10 min. shower. It exhausted me. I got back to my recliner and konked out for about an hour long nap.

Law & Order marathon all day. Not really watching it, but it's background noise. I get up and walk a few laps on the hour, when one episode ends. Monotony must be settling in.

So, post op day 5 is crabby patty. And still no poop. I feel no pain from it, I don't have the urge to go as of yet so I have no pressure from it. I took a dose of MOM yesterday and today.

I know this is all part of the process, but just putting it out there for others to read, so maybe it will let them see that it is normal. And then I can look back on this and laugh and think what a silly goose I was. :)

Happy New Year everyone!! Think happy thoughts and happy healing. It only gets better!!

Post op day 5: TMI :: POOP

Post op addendum day 5. This is TMI, I know it. So read with caution and humor, as it is intended.

For the love of tiny, baby Jesus: I POOPED!!

Seriously. Amazing feeling. The best poop of my life.

Here's the deal: the tummy is still numb so I can not really feel the pressure. I can not feel the urge of needing to go. So basically, I don't know that I need to go.

I have taken MOM twice per day since Sunday to assist with this because I have read several people posting of constipation. Didn't want to go there. Drank smooth move tea last night.

Didn't want to try and push for fear of busting my guts. I don't know. Sounds weird and in my hypochondriac mind, that's what would happen.

Spouse came home with supppositories and as a last ditch effort, my stomach grumbled and I felt some pressure and I made a run for the restroom.

I just put light pressure on my abdomen, outside of the CG binder, to compensate for the internal push.


All done and no suppositories and my guts are still intact. And....I do feel better and now I can ring in the New Year with less of me!!

Thanks for reading. :)

Post Op Day 6, the difference a day makes, boobies, family

Post Op Day 6:

Wow! What a difference a day makes! Seriously.
Fell asleep around 2 am, woke up at 5:15 took ibuprofen and antibiotic, fell back to sleep relatively quick (amazed - usually I'm awake for awhile) then woke around 9 am.

First accomplishment: Got up and fixed me some oatmeal. Probably took me 1/2 an hour, but I did it. Yay!!

Feeling fresh and funky at this point so I start the New Years Day meal. Simplified. Because I'm not my usual spry self, it's going to be black-eyed peas and ham and brown 'n serve rolls (not cornbread, bummed). Put the black-eyed peas in the slow cooker.

Feel like I just ran a marathon so I'm going to rest for a minute. Lol.

Husband and kids head to Nanny's for their annual New Years Fritters. I had never heard of this either. Deep fried balls of dough w/raisins. It's their thing and they do it every year so go have some fun. I'm not feeling THAT spry so I'm gonna sit here and chill.

No naps. Say WHAT? Yesterday was a 1-nap day and now none? That's much better for me. That's how we roll 'round here (4 daughters AND a husband, nobody got time for naps) :)

Around lunchtime. Heated up some of the veggie soup I made for post-surgery). Noticed I'm having a better appetite, give myself Lovenox injection.

Walking laps around the house. Still get winded easier.

19 year old comes over.."wow. You're boobs looks great." Really? "Thanks." I haven't observed them as of yet. They're still "puffy."

Pooped. :)

Everyone's home and we had New Years Meal, (ate a little - it's tradition!!) 17 year old comes home from work and she says, 'you're boobs looks awesome. Sorry if that's weird.' Ha. Thanks. My daughters are used to seeing me as before so these 'girls' are getting some attention. (A little perky) :) love these perky girls!

Played family board games, paid bills online, now watching TV.

Weather permitting (today was rainy), tomorrow I'm going to try a little walking outside and take pics earlier, before I get all covered up in clothes, so you guys can see how things are progressing.

Regular, uneventful, a little stronger, only 1 ibuprofen, kind-of-day. :)

Happy healing!!

Post Op Day 7, pics and swelling, law & order, Breast settling?

Post Op Day 7:

Added a few pics before my shower. You can definitely see the swelling and I had only been awake for around an hour. The skin is taut and shiny. So, by the end of the day it's like a bacon-wrapped jalapeƱo. That exploded in the oven.
The CG is a necessary evil because the abdomen area would probably look like HUGE. Instead, it's spread throughout the body. I have little monkey feet and no ankles. Lol

Sleep was pretty good. Woke up 3 different times to go to the restroom and the same episode of Law & Order was on. I kept thinking I was dreaming I had gone to the restroom but didn't go and just thought or dreamt I had. I was so confused. Turns out it was 3 separate times, just the same episode. Lol. I seriously woke up this a.m. And scrolled through the TV guide menu just to figure it out.
I still sleep with my pillows propped up around me and under my booty.

Standing pretty straight, not complete but almost. Until evening then I am slightly bent again. Whether it's fatigue or the swelling I'm not sure. I get a dull ache in the area above my booty. Nothing serious. I just turn the heating pad on.

Made my instant oatmeal all by myself. Only took 1/2 an hour. :) lol. I got this.

Handled the shower by myself. Grabbing independence where I can. NOTE: I do not recommend taking the first shower by yourself.

Called the PS office to pull one of the drains today. Yay. Down to 1.

Went to the video store and picked out a few movies. All in my pink panda pajama pants. Rocked them.

Took no pain meds today. Hhmmmm....very cool.

Still brushing my teeth, but not the 13 times in one day as before. Lol. That was craziness.

My incisions look nice and clean and I do like the placement of them. In my pubic area then out to my legs, then in the leg creases, then up.

Looks like the breasts are shifting/settling, I'm not sure. The nipple is pointing downward and the breast itself is lower. Hopefully that is part of the process and it works itself out.

Read me if you are Preparing for Lower body lift, tummy tuck w/MR, BL & BA

So here are the BASICS of what I did to prepare for this surgery. My surgery is more than a mommy makeover so I needed to go in a little more prepared. My surgery ended up being 10 hours, under general anesthesia.

Continue working out.
Working out and eating clean is the mantra. I lost the weight, reached goal weight by doing it so continue the habit.
I walk and/or run 5 days per week, weights 3 days per week, yoga 1-2 times per week (eliminate one run day if 2 times), hiking, etc. I'm not saying for anyone else to go to this extreme. I enjoy it so I do it. If you don't workout like this, going for walks prior surgery will help the healing process!!! (And clear the head)
Eating clean: going into surgery, I increased my protein intake to 100-120 gr per day. It is tough, but doable. Protein shakes, fish, repeat.
Drink daily green juice. Anti-inflammatory fruits, kale, spinach, coconut water and a tsp of probiotics and blend away in the Ninja or Nutri-bullet. I get all of daily servings of fruits and veggies in 1 drink and don't have to figure out how I am going to fit them in. Eating a lot of protein, it's hard to fit in anything else. (And I don't really like coconut water so it tastes ok in this)
Daily multivitamin and supplements.

Here are items I have on hand to prepare for this surgery. I didn't want to buy a bunch of stuff and not need most of it:

Pillows (recliner-life).
Sheets/blanket to put in recliner.
Lip balm.
Toothpaste. (Be sure you have an extra tube)
Toilet seat riser and medical bar on wall in restroom. Don't NEED both. If I had to choose 1 over the other to cut expenses, I would go with the bar. Makes me use my arms and legs. It only makes you stronger and recover better/quicker.
A coccyx cushion. I put mine in the recliner and put a pillow over it. Takes some pressure off of the tailbone because it gets sore. Quick.
Cup w/bendy straw (hospital gives one)
Granny panties. I went commando the 1st couple of days and was just fine.
2 pj pants in 1 size bigger. Cheap at Wal-Mart
Sports bra. My PS provided 1 and I bought an additional for washing. Zip front. 1 size bigger. Cheap at Wal-Mart will be sufficient until some swelling goes down.
Compression garment/Binder. My PS provided 1 and I purchased an additional off of Amazon for $17. I do not recommend buying the Spanx quality until some of the swelling goes down. (I ordered a medical post-surgery garment for that time)
I made homemade veggie soup and froze in portioned servings. Lifesaver.
Vitamin C/cough drops.
Peroxide (cleaning incisions)
Ibuprofen (also helps w/swelling, not just pain)
Baby wipes. (Keeps you a little fresher while waiting for that shower)
Lanyard. (To attach drains to, don't want gravity to pull those suckers out)
Milk of Magnesia (whatever works for you)
Smooth Move Tea. It doesn't taste bad, works better for me)

I had no appetite until some of the anesthesia got out of my body. I literally ate an egg, SF Jello, chicken broth, etc.

Things my husband had to run out and get because we didn't have:

Medical tape (to tape the gauze pads around drain holes)
SF Jello
Fruits (kids ate while I was in the hospital) lol
Greek Yogurt

Didn't need but did purchase:

Chuck/med pads for the sofa in case I leaked. No leaking so I didn't need. No worries, we can use them in the garage. :)

That was it. :) if I can answer any questions, let me know. These are the things I would have wanted to know prior to my surgery so I truly don't mind.

Happy healing and good luck in your journey!!

Post op Day 9, Pekingese, sneezing, & PINTEREST

Post Op Day 9:

Not much the last couple of days. Getting more independence. Now, don't get me wrong, it isn't much, but the small things start adding up.

Still walking laps around the house. Make my own bland and simple breakfast, load dishwasher, shower, watch tv, walk outside for a few minutes, read. Which I suppose is nice because I normally do not get a chance to read very much. Oh, and Pinterest.

Today I definitely made an effort to try and sit more. The swelling after walking around yesterday was ridiculous. And yesterday being 8 days post op, I'm certain it was too much. Today, the pubic/mons area had finally decreased some and the overall swelling has gone down tremendously!! Today is the first day I have been able to see my ankles.

Pain is very minimal, nothing that an ibuprofen can't handle. I do take a muscle relaxer at bedtime, only because the weird spams in my abdominals is weird.

Like my Pekingese up there? She's my constant companion right now. Which is funny, because she has never been a lap dog, or cuddly, for that matter. Funny how dogs know things, huh?

Hum...my house is a disaster. Forcing myself to look away and ignore it.

Oh, so this is going against all medical advice, but if you feel the need to sneeze....go ahead and pick up the nearest, sharpest object, and stab yourself. That would feel better. :) my abs felt like they were on FIRE. ;)

Ordered a couple of compression garments online.

So far, I do like where the breasts are sitting. The verdict is still out on the size. BUT, I am the same size bra size right now that I was pre surgery. Maybe I need to just get used to it actually being breast, and not skin from the sides having to be counted as part of the breast tissue. If I were to have been adamant about the smaller size, I would have probably been left with more loose skin on the sides (under the armpit) and I would have been very unhappy about that. I dunno. I'm sure when some of the swelling goes down, I will be more than happy, as long as they are even and nipples are correct. :)

Have a great evening!!!

Post op Day 10, swelling, puffy, feeling fat

Post op Day 10:

Today was quite eventful. My most active day since sx. :) feels good to be moving around.

As far as sleeping, I am still in the recliner. I have it where I can actually sleep 30-40 degrees to either side, but definitely not flat. I read where some of you TT folks are already in your bed and I am JEALOUS. I have been cut all the way around my body so there is some discomfort back there.
I do wake up around 5:30 a.m., awake for a few hours, then back to sleep for another hour or so.

I haven't taken anything for pain, not even ibuprofen today. I will probably take the muscle relaxer before bed - only because I don't want those weird muscle spasms. You know that feeling when you are almost asleep and then you JUMP and you're awake? Well, I seem to get those...only with muscle repair they SUCK. Lol

Went to video store.

My husband took me to lunch. :) yay!!

Then stopped by PS office and got the last drain out. Even better. It does not hurt when they pull them out. Not at all. Mine didn't really bother me. Only the re-adjusting every time I change, shower, restroom, etc. I'd rather get all the fluid out than it stay in there.
I have an appointment on Thursday, I'll try and get some pics then. Nothing has really changed.

Stopped at Whole Foods. This is where I noticed I wasn't walking completely straight so I had to make a conscious effort to do so. This is where I noticed I may be getting a little tired.

Cooked dinner, baked cookies, and now watching a movie.

Noticed more swelling this evening. I know swelling is part of the process, but I am 5'7", 146 lbs and wear a size 8, or medium. Well, I currently was able to put on a size 12 today. (That's with the binder on) I was going to try and and wriggle and dance into the compression garment, but after I worked myself into a sweat I decided to eat some protein to get my energy back. Good grief!!! Flopping around like a fish out of water and afraid I was going to pull my stitches from the MR, if that's possible.

It's all part of the process so I'm Just putting it out there so people don't think we are all getting into bikini's 3 days post op. I'm hoping my process is normal and I will at least be a size 8 again when this swelling goes down. A FLAT size 8. :)

Happy healing and talk to you soon!!

Post Op Day 12, swelling, learning curve

Post op day 12:

I am so frustrated with the losing the entire post thing.

These pics were around 3 in the afternoon, after shower. You can see the swelling around the incision line- looks like a hump in the front and back. Heck, my entire torso is swollen, you can just see it more (in the pics) in those areas.

Random thoughts/observations at this stage (that may or may not help someone else):

Energy level is coming back, but do fatigue easier. Baby steps!!
Today: made protein pancakes, homemade protein bars, laundered and folded (most) bed linens, made dinner, walked down the street and back, showered.

Still no pain meds needed. No ibuprofen. At night when sleeping, I do get muscle spasms in my abdomen. Almost like restless leg syndrome.

Can stand almost 100% straight. This does falter by evening, almost like I have poor posture.

I can dress myself completely with no assistance, including shoes. (This has been for a few days - just forgot to mention it). I do get assistance with the binder to insure it is tight enough.

I have no waist. I know this is part of the process and know this wasn't a quick-fix, it's an observation. Please let this be temporary. I was a size 8. They come to my thighs. I can put on a size 12.

It's cold outside and the nipples felt it. Not ouch or painful.

If you look in the pics, the one with the binder: I started wearing it this way a couple of days ago because mine is constantly pinching and rolling. When I attached it in a "V" method, it actually makes it larger at the hips and I can pull it down a little lower and it helps with the swelling in that area. If any of you have issue with the pinching and rolling, maybe try it this way and see if it works for you.

Hope everyone is doing well and healing well!!

Post op day 13 - there's a light @ the end of the tunnel!!

Post Op Day 13:

Today is day 13, went in for 2 week follow-up (a day early). Woke up, showered, put a little mascara on, dressed, went to appt. PS checked things over, picked some glue off (for some reason it felt good to get it off - like an itch that needed to be scratched.) started embrace (scar treatments) today. Yay!! Feels like some progress has been made.

The above pic is this a.m. when I woke. Looking at it, it's before the ton of swelling sets in. I can actually see the indentation of where a waist will be. :) at least it's flat here.
BUT.... Just want to point out my observation. I do not have the flawless skin so many of you have. I have random freckles. :) which I use to my advantage. If you look close at the pic, to your left of my belly button, there is a darker freckle close to the edge. That exact freckle use to be about 3 inches higher. :) Now that makes me happy. The black stuff at belly button is glue (and dried blood) it's not there since he picked it off.

PS is happy with progress so far. I can increase my activity level (thank goodness) to include longer walks or riding a stationary bicycle, treadmill. Low impact only, and just gauge my level of fatigue and swelling.
Can add Spanx-like garment but continue to wear binder. (This will probably be until about 6 weeks).
My swelling is absolutely normal. :)
Breasts are healing well, nipples will gradually "flip up/out" as they settle.

My energy levels are definitely coming back. I am going to try working a half day at work on Saturday. I feel good and want to test it out. I'm self-employed, but I do stand all day and use my arms.

Went shopping and bought groceries. Man, it's amazing how some things will wear you out after this surgery.

I'm not sleeping perfectly flat. I'm getting closer. I start out somewhat straight, then wake up in a few hours and have to adjust to put some bend back in me.

Still a little stiff when I first stand up, but it works itself out after about 3-5 secs.

Thanks everyone for posting and calming me down from my swell hell yesterday. Your positive comments and telling me of your results definitely put my mind at ease.

Have a great weekend everyone, talk to you soon.....and stay the course.

Positive encouragement always accepted and freely given. Feel free to reach out or stop by anytime. :)

Post op day 15: new pics

Post op Day 15:

Attempted to post this yesterday, but kept losing connection. Strange.

So here are updated pics. The swelling has gone down some and these were taken first thing in the a.m., right after my shower. The lower, larger, dark scab in the pubic area....that used to be the belly button hole. :)
If you look at the side view, you can see the swelling along the incision line.
The breasts are still swollen and haven't settled much at all.
Here is one of the PS's pre-op pics.

Energy levels are great. I worked a 1/2 day and felt fine. Maybe tender after, but nothing that required a nap. I am a hairstylist so I stand and use my arms constantly. Walked around the mall for a little bit.

Driving is fine. Although turning may be a slower process to insure I am not making large arm movements. Concentration.

Only wake up once, maybe twice in the night. Use the restroom and re-adjust.

No pain meds, appetite is normal. Got my protein levels back up to 80+ gr.

So, things are getting better day-by-day. I will try to post weekly pics and update. I am still here and commenting, but most of mine is routine stuff now and I think weekly posts will probably better serve you guys.

Let me know if you need anything!

Lower body lift - what did it lift? I KNOW!! :) my arse!

Post op Day 17:

I've been getting a few questions, and I completely forgot this??!! I guess, honestly, it's because I don't really see my backside. Lol (I posted it in comments yesterday and thought I would just give it it's own post so people could find it easier)

So, while showering yesterday, I noticed my skin was more taut. On my glutes/thighs/hamstrings. Say what??!! YES, YES, YES!!!

Since I lost a considerable amount of weight (152 lbs) there is only so much that lifting weights can do. I work legs twice per week to do what I can. You can see in the preop pic, I basically look like a deflated balloon. The PS told me I would get "some lift." So, I didn't want to get my hopes up and thought "minimal."

Well, while I was slathering up my skin-drying Dial anti-bacterial body wash and sudsing up, I let a squeal of delight. (I swear that stuff has my skin flaking off like a reptile) Although, my husband thought I had hurt myself and came running to my aid. I was so ecstatic because my booty and thigh/leg skin did get a lift. The swelling makes it hard to tell because of the hump that goes all the way around my body at the moment (scar line).

Right now, I see a lot of squats, lunges and deadlifts in my future. I don't care!! They're not droopy. I can't grab my leg skin and lift it. It's taut.

So, there you have it my fellow body lift peeps, you will probably get more lift in that area than what you expect.

Side note....I got my period and I DONT CARE!! Lol. My hamstrings and outer thighs are taut.

I got my first bill for these surgeries...and I DONT CARE!!

I've got some good ju-ju going and I'm going to stay the course. :) even if my boobs are engorged like I just had quintuplets...I'm flat and taut.

Happy healing everyone. For those of you just starting out, each day gets better!!

AM/PM pics of swelling

Just out of curiosity, I decided to take pics of what I looked like in the a.m. and then the difference in the p.m.

Wow..I guess this is why the binder feels so tight by the end of the night.

The a.m. Pics were taken around 11 a.m. and the p.m. pics were taken around 8 pm

Went to doctor, then to work. In the p.m. pics the shiny stuff is the Embrace scar treatment sheets.

Work is going well. Able to work and not be overly fatigued. Worked 6 1/2 hours today.

Hope everyone is doing well and happy healing!!

Post op day 21 pics and progress notes.

Post op day 21 pics.
Took the pics yesterday, but just posting today.

The swelling is starting to go down. These pics are after I worked for 8 1/2 hours. Standing the entire time, then to the mall. :) I'm not saying I don't have a ways to go, just that I can observe the swelling decreasing and I am hoping to soon see the makings of a waist. It's slightly more defined in the a.m. This may change, I dunno. I began in a size 8, after surgery a size 14, then in the last couple of days have fit in size 12.
I am probably going to purchase a couple of pair of leggings just to get by until I get back to pre-surgery size.

I returned to work on day 14 and have not had any issues at all. I know everyone's recovery is different so be sure to listen to your body and do what is best for you. For the first couple of days, I scheduled 1/2 days for myself and this week I have been working regular hours and today was a 10 hour day. I am a hairstylist and double-book most days. So far, so good. On postop day 4 or 5 I would not have thought going back to work on day 14 would have been possible. I had scheduled for 3 weeks off.

I keep my nutrition clean and protein high, haven't used salt on anything. (I admit, I miss salt on my eggs)

I am wearing Spanx Ultra (from Target) and binder. The Spanx is one with some leg (thigh area) and you wear your own bra. I did order a different binder and it has made a huge difference in my comfort level.

Numb along incision line. Front and back. Kind of strange because I don't know if my butt is showing - in case my pants are creeping down. :)

Nipples are sensitive. And it's cold outside. :(

Very happy with my incision line. The lower body lift does keep us slightly more swollen, but I am hoping my skin stays this taut when the swelling goes down. I don't appear as a deflated balloon. :)

Happy healing everyone!!

Post op day 27 before/after pics, progress & life

Post op day 27.
Here are a few pics for comparison. At day 27, almost 4 weeks.

I know I expect more. Hell, I'm an overachiever. Lol. I see pics of all of you beautiful ladies posting pics "3 days out" and you have the flattest stomach and a waist. I'm 4 weeks out and no waist, box-y shape, still loose skin/flab above my belly button - the PS made an observation about it today, don't give up on it, wait and see where it is in at 3 months, blah, blah, blah. I had seen it there last week but when he pointed it out - for some stupid reason it crushed me. I don't know why. I guess because I worked so hard, lost weight, healthy BMI, had no fat left to do lipo, paying this small fortune to fix things and then that. WTF?!

No breast massaging for me. I have textured implants so it is not recommended.

I can continue my walking. I have been walking 5 miles a day since day 21. My swelling was pretty bad today so I opted not to. Hopefully tomorrow will be better. Gradually add the miles back as I want. No running. :(

Still no lifting objects over 5-10 lbs.

Keep wearing binder. May have to wear it longer than 6 weeks, depends on swelling.

My scar is darker in color and is raised/bumpy. Part of healing process. I am doing the Embrace scar therapy so I will see how it goes.

Go back in 2 weeks to see PS. Next week for the Embrace sheets to be applied.

Oh...and on a side note, I am an unintentional klepto. When I was leaving the PS office and scheduling my next appointment, the finance/receptionist person and I were talking (about hair - I'm a hairstylist), I'm looking at my calendar to schedule the next 2 appointments, thinking about what PS said about the loose skin above my BB and I picked up some product, opened to smell and then when I get home I find it in my coat pocket??!!!! Sheesh. It looks like it's a sample thing, almost empty. I'm freaked by this point and tried calling but at this point they were closed.
So....now I need to stop by their office in the a.m. and return it. How embarrassing. Doesn't even sound believable.

Have a great evening and happy healing!!

Short video of jiggly spot & Nordstrom's

jiggly spot 28 days post op.

Explicit - Click to view

As mentioned in the above post, here is a short video of what I call the "jiggly spot."

No, I am not mad. No, I am not miserable. I am "not giving up on it just yet," to use the PS words. I am hoping it works itself out, although don't think it will. With all of the swelling I have, it should be taut. I will know more around the 3 month mark and hopefully it surprises the hell out of me.

The PS observed it, I did not point it out to him. He did not look at it and point and make me feel bad. It was/is an observation.

Side note: since I don't have any pants that fit me at the moment, I went to purchase a couple pair of dress pants for work. Came home with 7 pairs of casual/dress pants from Nordstrom's for the bargain price of $52. :) YAY!!

Have a great evening and weekend and be good to yourself!

Post op day 35: pics and post op notes, lower body lift

Post op day 35/week 5
Sorry it's a couple of days late. Allergies have been kicking my butt.

This week has been a turning point as far as swelling!! YAY!! Around day 30 and has gradually got better each day.

I still have swelling in the evening, including on/near the incision line on the back. My lower back is puffy with the swelling so seems strange to have it front and back. The numbness along the incision line (front and back) is still there. Get those random shot of pain in the lower abdomen, the nerves regenerating. Feels like a poop pain. Not excruciating, just uncomfortable. :)

I increased my walking from 5 miles to 8 1/2 - 9 miles. My PS said this was ok as long as I wasn't in pain.

I put all my anti-inflammatory fruits (+ ginger) in the ninja, whirl away and drink. Seriously, this has helped me tremendously in getting the swelling down. I was initially just taking Bromelain and it worked for a few days but once I started eating the pineapple, I am peeing all day. I wake 4-6 times during the night to pee.

Work is going great. Working 10-12 hours, standing and using arms (hairstylist). There is swelling in the evening, but I am not near as uncomfortable as I was.

The incision line looks great and healing well. Low in front and back and more like a clean seam. It is slightly bumpy/raised but that is normal for this time frame.

Happy healing everyone and will post again after this week's PS appointment. :)

Pictures and clarification, 35 days post op before/after

I've received a couple of messages regarding the pics. Thank you everyone for your kind words!!

I realize I do need to clarify, the pre-op pic is, as can tell, just moments before surgery. This is hospital lighting for this pic. To be and remain fair, I am going to post a few preop pics with the same lighting as the new/current pics, in the same restroom.

I know when we read updates to reviews, we don't always go back and read each update, only the current one.

I hope these clarify and as we all know, lighting does a make a difference in photos. :)

8 week review, pics, progress

Hey everyone!

Not a lot has changed (visually) but thought I would update.

At 6 weeks PS released to resume workouts. Definitely made me happy. Running is still awkward - but not painful at all. It's really the use of the abdominal muscles that feels awkward. Definitely wearing compression garments and then running tights over.
Weight training is going decent. Definitely not a lot of ab work going on - unless it is secondary muscle group that is getting worked. :)

At 6 weeks, switched to wearing Spanx and not the binder during the day. There is still some swelling in the evening in the breasts and stomach. At least I think it is swelling. Maybe this is how it will be. I don't know because I don't have anything to compare it to. :) I know the incision line is still numb and the lower abdomen is taut - not loose at all so I am just assuming there is some slight swelling. Everything above the belly button is not as taut, feels like normal skin so that is what I am comparing it to. If that makes any sense.

The incision/scar is fabulous. I can wear undergarments and not see a thing. :)

I have a few more pics to take - as soon as my spouse returns home to take some decent one's I will post them.

Hope everyone is doing great!

9 weeks (63 days) post op, before/after pics

Time is certainly flying by!!

Things are progressing well.

Life is back to normal, for the most part.

When sneezing, I do sometimes feel it in my abs. Not painful or anything.

Back in my clothes. I didn't/haven't gone down a size like I read with some of you. Hell, I haven't even lost weight. One whole pound. Lol. You would think more than a pound of skin came off. I'm sure it did! Maybe still slightly swollen? Maybe adding the implants balanced out with some of the loss during surgery? Maybe I was at goal weight so it doesn't make a huge difference? My mind just runs amuck. :)

But I am back in my normal clothes and that at least is comforting. They fit differently. I'm not sure it is flattering and could possibly just be the cut of the jeans I wore prior to surgery is not actually flattering to my new shape. I don't know. Something to get use to.

Working (my) normal work days. 12 hours+. Back to running and lifting weights. Running felt a little awkward the first couple of times and is now fine. Yay!!

I do hope things are still shifting and working itself out. The part above my belly button/below my breast is discouraging for me. I know I must have been pretty swollen during surgery so it was probably tight at that moment. I'm happy as long I keep it covered up, so NO bikini's for me. That part hasn't changed. Lol. The PS knows best and will see it in a few weeks.

Here are the pics before surgery and after surgery. I put on the same clothes so it is easier to do the comparison.

Hope all of you on the fence set a date and do yourself proud and I hope everyone is healing beautifully. :)

Have a great weekend. :)

104 days (3 1/2 months) post op

Hi everyone! I thought I posted these at 100 days, guess I closed the window before it uploaded.

So, here I am at 100 days. :) everything is healing nicely and life is pretty much moving forward.

Guess what? I figured out my camera phone had a timer. Could have posted better pics for you guys this entire time.

I am back in the gym and doing well. Seems the only oddness and restriction I feel is can't do pull-ups at the moment and minimal ab/core work. Even hanging full body weight is awkward and 'tight,' for a lack of a better word. Finally able to get in the plank position and hold for approx 25-30 secs. Baby steps!! Couldn't even do plank position until last week so you can see the difference a week makes.

Feeling awkward and/or tightness is ok, pain is not. :) that's how I base things on.

No restriction in running.

I am very happy with my results. I am comfortable in my own skin and clothes, and that is worth more to me than a bikini.

There is some minor swelling by the evening. Usually not enough to notice. Still tightness in the abdominal area if I sneeze.

My one and only concern is the area above the belly button and we have scheduled a minor in-office revision for that procedure for the first week in June. The delay is of my own choosing - I didn't want to interrupt my training for the 1/2 marathons.

Hope everyone is doing well. If you're considering surgery, please schedule the consultations!! You'll be glad you did. Find the surgeon that is right for YOU and your needs to give you the results you are after.

I will keep all of you posted as the journey continues.

157 days post-op: minor revision on Friday

Here's an update!!

3 days revision post op

Here are pictures from post op and one before (with markings).
I would guesstimate about 1 1/2 inches in width was removed and the sutures measure approx 5 1/2 in length.
Healing isn't bad and pain is minimal. Ibuprofen works fine.
Definitely, at the moment, is more taut. :) Can't wait to see once some of the swelling is gone. Swelling does appear to be minimal and that is great!!
LOVE my Doctor and his skilled hands!!

Post -op 10 months - pics

Here they are: 10 months post op pics. I had posted some at 8 months but they are not here, so maybe they just didn't upload? I don't know. :)

The scars are very faded and I do love my results with the procedures I chose. I feel the breasts are natural and not over done. Having that extra skin gone at my midsection has been amazing.

These pics were taken at the end of the day, after dinner.

My weight is 150 and a size medium. I do run 4-5 days per week, road cycling twice per week (explains odd tan lines), and weights are currently 6 days per week. (Working legs twice per week - so would normally be 5 times per week.

Keep looking out for YOU and don't give up on your goals for yourself. Finding a surgeon you TRUST is an important part of the process (if not the MOST important).

10 months post op pics of scars

I received a couple of messages asking for pics of actual scars of my surgery so here they are, as requested - side views of the actual scars.

I was asked about dog ears? No, I do not have them. My surgery was 360 degrees - lower body lift. I know some individuals on here have indicated they do have dog ears, but I believe they have a tummy tuck so the potential to get them is a higher percentage. Definitely ask the surgeon you choose what his procedure is if you do end up with them. I believe it is an in-office fix. :)

Hope this helps.
Dallas Plastic Surgeon

At 6 weeks post op, I am very pleased with my interaction with Dr. Setty and his staff. From my initial consultation I have always been made to feel comfortable. Dr. Setty was my 7th and final consultation. He never attempted to "sell" me procedures I did not need. He was honest and did not over-promise and under-deliver results. Extremely professional and a great bed side manner with no arrogance attached. His staff (Courtney & Hana - hope I spelled them correct) is competent, helpful, friendly, and do everything they can to make you feel comfortable and answer questions you may have whether it is over the phone or in person. Follow-through and follow-up is important and they both do it well. I have NEVER been to a scheduled appointment and left waiting because they are running late. At 6 weeks post op, still healing and recovering so my results are not absolute and definitive, but I am very pleased with my results.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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