31 Yr Old Mom of 3 Getting a Tummy Tuck, Breast Lift & Augmentation, and Lipo - Mcdonough, GA

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After having 3 children and losing about 60...

After having 3 children and losing about 60 pounds, my body is definitely not what it use to be. I started contemplating plastic surgery about 3 or 4 years ago and this year everything has fallen in place for me to get it done.
So, today I met with Dr. Raniere in their Mcdonough office. This was my 2nd consultation. The first plastic surgeon I met with had a somewhat arrogant disposition and it seemed like instead of asking me what I wanted, he would just do what he thought would look good. So, I really appreciated how thorough Dr R was in explaining the surgical procedures, the risks and the healing process. I felt like he took my wants and other factors into what would work best. And he also let my husband and I see and feel the difference between the silicone and saline implants. I was also impressed with their patient coordinator. She was so sweet. I am hoping to have all the procedures done on Dec 10. =)

Surgery Scheduled for Dec 10

I called the Patient coordinator and paid the fee for scheduling the surgery for Dec 10. The count down has begun!!!
A few more details about what I am getting done: I am getting a breast lift and augmentation. At one point my breasts were a D but now I am B. I want to be a FULL C. I can't wait to have nice firm breasts again.
I am getting a full tummy tuck. I had 3 C-sections and have pretty bad stretch marks. I have that little fold where my scar is and just the typical stretched out skin.
I am getting Lipo on my flanks to compliment the tummy tuck.
I am also getting circumferential lipo on my thighs. I have always had bigger legs with cellulite. The doc told me not to expect everything to be perfect after the lipo. I was still have loose skin and cellulite but my legs will be much smaller and that is all I am asking for.
I have my pre-op appointment scheduled for Nov 25 and I will try to get some "before" pics posted.

Pre-Op and Before Pics

I had my pre-op appointment on Nov 25. I paid the rest of the balance and had my "before" pics taken. I have to say that I love their patient coordinator. She is so friendly and open. Today I received a call from the surgery center letting me know to be at there on Dec 10 at 7 am. 5 MORE DAYS! I have all my prescriptions filled and my comfy clothes and robe all ready to go. I am so excited for the "new me" but I am anxious about the recovery. I have 3 small children and I don't know if they will understand why I can't hold them or help them as I usually do. But my Husband is taking off 3 weeks from work to help out. We have moved our recliner to our bedroom so I won't be as easily accessible to my kids and I will hopefully be able to rest undisturbed. Ok well as promised I am posting some before pics.

Before Pics

Bad dreams and anxious nerves

The other night I dreamt that the outcome of my surgery was less than desirable. My stomach was all stretched out and I could see a huge separation of the muscles in my stomach. And they forgot to put a compression garment on me. It was just weird. So I am obviously anxious about the results. I can't believe tomorrow I will be packing up and getting everything ready for my surgery. And then I will be actually under the knife! yikes! I have been trying to get the house in top shape, trying to clean absolutely everything. I keep going over everything in my head that I will need to bring. We will be staying at my mother-in-laws house Monday and Tuesday night because she lives closer to the surgery center but I am worried I will forget something...like my pain meds. Anyways, 1 more day of flat boobs and jelly belly!

Another stressed out dream

Last night I dreamt that I was over an hour late for the surgery and for some reason my mom and dad were the ones who were driving me to the center. Mostly I remember being incredibly stressed out and every other word coming out of my mouth was an expletive. I probably won't be sleeping too much tonight because I will be too wound up. Thankfully I will probably have to be up by 5 to get there on time. Less than 24 hours now!

post op day 1

Wow i feel like i got run over by a semi. My legs and flanks are quite sensitive to touch. I feel alot of pain in my upper abdomen probably from where my muscles were stitched back together. I havent been too nauseous and the drains dont bother me as much as i thought they would. I have been drinking water and ginger ale. I have been sleeping A LOT. Just walking to the bathroom wears me out plus that is when the pain is at the worse. I cant wait to get a good look at myself. My boobs seem great but i know i am swollen and leaking. And my throat is really sore, too. Anyways things are going pretty well so far.

day 3

The 2nd day after my surgery I got a chill in the evening so I decided to take a shower. That was incredibly exhausting. I knew from others profiles that taking off the compression garment would be pretty rough. I tried to go nice and slow and took each piece off one by one but it didn't matter. I almost passed out. I had tunnel vision and my ears got all muffled...I couldn't even hear myself talk. plus I was just so weak I could barely hold my head up. It felt good to remove some of the gauze though. Putting the garments back on was painful too but only over my Lipo sites. I am walking hunched over but I am slowly being able to stand up a little straighter each day. I have been hanging out in our recliner and resting a lot. I am also trying to cut back on my pain meds which has worked out well so far. The worse thing so far is that I had 2 coughing fits today. It has been the most painful thing by far. It was so bad I was in tears. I hope to get some pics soon but it's hard with having such low energy. Other than the coughing fits, today has been a really good day. I have been able to stay awake more and walk around a bit more. I am still very swollen, most noticeably in my groin area but each day is getting better. Oh I also started my period today so that sucks

coughing seriously sux

More coughing today and it was horrible. There's nothing that makes it feel better or eases the pain. It feels like I'm ripping the stitches apart. Last night i stopped taking the pain meds. Today i took 'over the counter' ibuprofen for a headache and the pain (other than coughing) has been fine. The Lipo feels sore to the touch and i feel pressure in my chest area. I am still hunched over but i think i am standing fairly straight. The drains are still leaking, the fluid is kinda yellowish with a little bit of red. I am getting more energy everyday which kinda stinks cause there isn't much i can do but lie around. I can get around pretty good on my own. the kids have been really understanding and have not bothered me much at all. My biggest complaint has to be the compression garments. I can't wait to take them off and not put them back on. They aren't comfortable at all. I have one that goes from just under my breasts to my calves and the zipper on the sides feel like they are digging into my skin. I have the Bra which is fine but then i have a garter around my middle that i hate. It always bunches up and sometimes out feels so tight i can barely breathe. I often take it off but i am trying to just deal with it. Well that's all for now

first post op pics

another day gone by

Today was a good day. I had a little bit more coughing but i am trying to control it. I have my first post op appointment in the morning. I really hope i will have my drains removed but i think there is still too much fluid coming out. Heres to good sleep and no coughing!

post op appointment

Went to my first post op appointment. There is still too much fluid to remove the drains so i am going back on Friday to have them and the stitches from my belly button removed.

2 week post op

2 weeks after my surgery and I'm feeling really great. I had my drains and belly button stitches removed on Friday and I have been feeling better and better everyday. I am standing about 99% straight. My stomach feels tight and I feel a pull when I try to really straighten up but it isn't really painful. My bruises from the lipo are fading but I still have a few tender spots. All the steri strip tape is off and I've started using bio-oil and mederma. Everything seems to be healing well and has gotten to the itchy healing phase. I am feeling more discomfort in my breasts than ever before. Again, nothing painful really, just tender and uncomfortable. They seem to be softening up some. So far I am loving the results!

2 week post op pics

been to busy

Since I've been feeling rather well the past few days I have been busy getting things together for Christmas. And i am feeling it now. I 've wrapped presents and ran to the store a few times, packed up to visit with family and have been trying to help more with the house and kids. So we made it to my family's house and now i am laid up in bed because my stomach is throbbing. It was hard to sit back and rest when i was feeling so good but i should have known better. Now i don't have a choice because it hurts to move.

Itchy and Scratchy

I am feeling really great. I still have a few tender spots on my legs from the lipo but I'm not sore any where else. I can stand up straight. The only thing driving me crazy is how itchy my boobs are. It's so hard not to scratch and any little thing sets off the itching. I've been interchanging between mederma, bio-oil and silicone strips. And everything seems to be right on track. I'm really looking forward to see everything all healed up.
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