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After being on this site what seems like everyday...

After being on this site what seems like everyday 24/7 I have finally gathered the courage to share my story and what I hope will be a happy ending. So where do I begin? After 3 kids, ages 9, 4, and 17 months, I have finally decided to take the plunge and get a TT and Lipo done. After going to 2 different PS I finally made my decision and couldnt be happier. I will go into detail about both doctors later because I am meeting the hubby for dinner but foremost I am so happy I worked up the courage to begin my journal and upload pics.

Ok so I was so eager to start my post that I didnt...

Ok so I was so eager to start my post that I didnt even offer any info on my ps that I have decided to go with.

Dr. Rios is the first consultation I went to. His staff is very friendly and I have several friends who have chosen him and have had excellent results. The first time I went in they had me watch a video on the procedures I was interested in and then his friendly nurse had me stand and measured me and what not and told me exactly what I could expect. Then he came in to talk with me and give me more information. I felt very at ease with him. I especially liked when he told my husband that I can do crunches till I am black and blue in the face that no matter what the extra skin I had on my belly was never going away. Which is what I tried telling my husband for years however he just kept saying all I needed to do was work out and not be lazy. And if you know me you know that I am very self conscious about my weight. I am constantly dieting and running ( I love to run and joing 5ks especially with obstacle courses). At the time the dr said I did not need any lipo that with a full tummy tuck I should be fine. I left the appointment feeling very happy. Let me note that there was a $50 consultation fee but if I choose to go with him then that would be applied to my balance. Needless to say when I left there I wanted to jump for joy and have the surgery asap. However due to my job I have to wait till summer.

Second Plastic Surgeon- Two weeks later I went to see another PS surgeon literally like 3 blocks away. He was very nice however I didnt like that my consultation appt was scheduled for 4:30 (I left work early, had to drive 30 min) and I wasnt seen till 6:00. When I was finally called in I was called in my a nurse who told me to undress and immediately started taking pictures of my body all over before even asking what I was in for. After taking pics and then asking me what I wanted to be seen for she called the DR. Once the dr came in he said after reviewing your photos I think a breast lift, tummy tuck, lipo to the flanks and butt, followed by a butt lift and perhaps breast implants you should like your 18 all over again. I was in so much shock I couldnt even talk. I was to embarrassed to even tell him that I just wanted a consult on a tummy tuck and maybe lipo. Besides im 27 year old mom i want to look natural not like im an 18 year old barbie doll. After telling me I was going to pay over $20,000 I didnt mind walking out of there paying the $50 consultation fee and never turning back. If his way of consulting is to make you feel bad about all your body before listening to what the patient actually wants it is not what I was looking for.

OK so now fast forward to today: I am excited to say 2 weeks ago I went and put a $1,000 cash deposit and scheduled my surgery for July 5, 2013. Orginally my cost was going to be $6,800 but I told her to go ahead and add lipo just in case. I rather have it in my total cost instead of needing it at the end and I am not prepared. And to me its a big difference because my husand doesnt let me get credit cards he always says if we dont have the cash to pay for it then we dont really need it. So yup I'm saving up all my pennnies for surgery lol.

I have to add that yesterday I went to my regular family dr because of this aching pain i was having in my stomach near my belly button on the right side and has a ct and blood work and was later told that I have an umbilical hernia. I have read on many reviews that the PS will go ahead and fix the hernia while he is doing the tt. And that the cost of surgery actually goes down. Why is this? Does insurance help with the cost of surgery? Is anyone else in pain with a umbilical hernia? To me it just feels like a shooting pinching pain in one area.

More info on my PS just in case:

•Dr. Rios is a highly qualified, board-certified plastic surgeon who has specialized in breast augmentation surgery since 1998. Breast augmentation is the most popular procedure at the Rios Center for Plastic Surgery with over 300 procedures being completed at the center each year.
•The Rios Center for Plastic Surgery has a private, AAAASF-certified surgery center attached to the main offices. This modern facility with state-of-the-art technology makes simple outpatient procedures like breast augmentation very convenient for our patients.
•Dr. Rios has patients from all over South Texas and elsewhere who travel to his facility for consultation and surgery. The Rios Center for Plastic Surgery caters to out of town patients and offers accommodations for overnight stays during recovery.

So today Dr.s office called that he will be out of...

So today Dr.s office called that he will be out of town 4th of July and I can reschedule my surgery for July 3rd or July 10th. I told her July 10th but now keep wondering if I choose the right thing because I am do anxious to have this new me. The only thing holding me back is that if I do it July 3rd then I can't enjoy the 4th of July with my kids. What do you all think??? Decisions...Decisions????

So for the past couple of weeksI have been...

So for the past couple of weeksI have been contemplating changing my plastic surgeon for a few reasons. First of all his price seems pretty high considering other locations I have looked into are giving me prices of 6200-7200 and that is including facility fee, follow up fees, medication, surgery, lipo to the hips, tummy and pubic region. Second, the patients that I have seen from Dr. Rios have an incision line that is crooked or comes high up which is not what I want. Third, many patients complain that follow up appointments are very far apart and he is quickly in and out. I want to be reassured that my ps is wanting to make sure I am ok and that I am healing well. The two plastic surgeos I am contemplating between have very high ratings and I have seen there work and I am impressed. So the first doctor that I am going to go see is Dr. Decherd in San Antonio. Since I live 4 hours away I called and talked to Courtney, his right hand person who just so happened to answer the phone due to how busy they were. After being on the phone with her over an hour asking her question after question she was very helpful and due to the fact that I live over 4 hours away she said my consultation would be free. She also said Dr. Decherd would meet with me personally go over any other questions I would have. I said how much does it usually cost, she stated that a tt would be 7200 and I told her I wanted lipo and she said that the price wouldnt go up and that the price already included unlimited lipo since he didnt believe in adding cost for lipo. I also told her that I have an umbilical hernia and she said that he would fix that for free. I told her the only thing I am scared of is that I know I will have a scar and what is keeping me from staying with my current ps who I already put money down on, is that the scars I have seen on some of his patients are crooked and I dont want mine crooked. She said that he is a reconstructive plastic surgeon and often has to correct other drs mistakes and leaves women with a thin straight line, which gave me more peace. The only problem I have is that he is 4 hours away. She told me that I would come in the day before surgery for pre-op and medications, then when I come out of surgery I would be put in a suite at the Mariott hotel next door for convience and so that I can follow up with him the next day. She also stated that I would have a nurse on call to be available for help or questions. Needless to say that won me over.

The second plastic surgeon which is Dr. Ghafoori she is here locally where I live. She also charges between 4800-7200 and charges a $100 consultation fee. When I called I was told the first visit she has you watch a video that she put together depending on what you want to have done. That is free, now if you still want to meet with her then I would schedule an appointment and pay the $100 and if I book the surgery within 3 months that money will be applied to my surgery. And basically she will do all the same within that range which is tt, lipo to the hips and pubic area as well as cover med fee, office fee, surgery fee, etc...

What I like about these two doctors is that tt is what they specialize in although they can pretty much do it all. Where as Dr. Rios is specialized in Breast augmentation. Decisions, Decisons. When I was asked why was I still looking into drs even though I already had one, at first I couldnt come up with an answer. But after doing much more research I realized I wasnt that happy with the one I had choosen, cause if I was then I wouldnt keep on looking.

I will update later after I go to Dr. Ghafoori today to watch video. I see Dr. Decherd next Monday so I will also tell you how that goes. Have a great day to all my realself people who are looking to get their skinny back and to those in the healing process.

Those of you that had surgery do you recommend a...

Those of you that had surgery do you recommend a recliner? I only have my sofas and bed is pretty high and ps said I would need to sleep in sitting position for at least a month. What do you all think?

So excited, meet with Dr. Decherd here in San...

So excited, meet with Dr. Decherd here in San Antonio tomorrow at 4 then drive back home and meet with Dr. Ghafoori for a consult on Thursday at 2. My phone broke Thursday and I feel like I am going through withdrawls not checking on realself or reading comments...lol. Anyhow I will post tomorrow via my ipad before we begin our 4 hour drive back home and let you know how the consult went.

After meeting with two different plastic surgeons...

After meeting with two different plastic surgeons last week I have made my choice and I am now going with Dr. GhafooIri. Let me tell you a little about my two consults. I met with Dr. Decherd last Monday and loved my consult with him he was really nice, told me he could make my scar really low and told me what I could expect and for lipo, mr, hernia repair and tt the total was going to be 7600. Although I liked everything about him I didnt want to commit to anything because he is four hours away from where I live and I still hadn't met with Dr. Ghafoori. So last Thursday I met with Dr. Ghafoori and did not wait long at all, I showed up 15 minutes early and I literally waited 2 minutes before I was called in. I liked her because she was very straight forward and didn't sugar coat anything. She told me what to expect and exactly what I would look like and with lipo, tt, mr and hernia repair she said my total for everything would be 5200.00. So needless to say I have choosen her for several reasons. 1st in case I needed something or if something went wrong she works down the street, 2nd the price is something I cannot beat and 3rd since I am going to pay cash she knocked off an extra $400. Needless to say I am going with Dr. Ghafoori. I am putting money down and scheduling the date for July 10th. So excited.

I put the $1,000 deposit to secure my date today...

I put the $1,000 deposit to secure my date today with plastic surgeon, now I am hoping for a partial refund from my old plastic surgeon but they are giving me the run around. Anyhow so excited cant wait for a new me.

Can I do it Alone?

2 weeks before my surgery we are going to California for 8 days so my husband cannot another vacation when I have my surgery only get a couple days off. My surgery is on a Wednesday so my hubby can take off Wednesday n Thursday and my mom is off Friday-Sunday, but I think she will help more with my kids than helping me out. So my question will I be able to do it on my own getting around etc???? Advice

Less than a month away (help w/ necessities)

I'm almost a month away and I need help and advice on what to prepare for n with. I need to buy compression socks, does anyone recommend any or where I can buy some as well as what else should I buy? Getting nervous I will take all the help n advice I can get. Thank you

18 days 8 hours 1 minutes till TT

I am anxiously awaiting the time to my tummy tuck I think I am getting a lol nervous n scared now only because I see so many great looking success stories and I am scared I will not be happy with my outcome. I always tend to be that 1 % that something will go wrong, ugh. I had been really proud of myself lately only because I had lost about 12 pounds but I feel that is going away. We are on vacation in California for 8 days and all the going out to eat and not working out as much plus only bring 5'1 I can see the inches coming back. Why is it so hard to lose yet so easy to gain. My hubby keeps trying to tell me I look good blah blah blah but when u can feel it nothing they say can make u feel better. All the ladies who have just had there's done and those coming up take care and congrats on the journey to the flat side. Today I am including a pic of me in regular clothing so u can see what I look like.

TT less than a Week away : /

My TT is officially less than a week awar and I am now having mixed emotions. Partially due to my daughters 2nd birthday being 6 days after surgery and my cousins wedding reception being 3 weeks after my surgery date. So I'm thinking my daughter we can do something small at Peter Pipers where I don't have to do much and ok hoping I can travel the 4.5 hours to my cousins wedding. What do u all think? More painful than what I'm thinking. Well countdown is officially on next Wednesday ( July 10) at 7:00 am I will be on my way to the flat side. Oh n ps I can't find a recliner I want anywhere, Great!!! I thought about renting one from those rental furniture places but the thought of using a used one grosses me out and today I went to look for one and since I have Briwn leather furniture it's hard to find one that matches. Ugh needing support from my tters

It's go Time

By this time I will be on the flat side, super nervous but thanks to all of you I feel alot calmer

Few hours Post-Op

I went into surgery this morning at 8:15 and I didn't get home till about 1:15 but they said everything went well I have post op visit tomorrow at 1:30 and will get to get a glimpse. Hubby took a photo of me just so I could see what I look like n doesn't look bad for having swelling. I do feel sore the only thing that hurts is when I sit on recliner n I move backs can feel like a lil pulling from top muscle repair, is that normal??

1Day post op

My hubby took a quick photo when changing my gauzes, it felt super weird and I got real light headed but we will see what she says at my post op

Po Day 3 pic

Was feeling the blues today but what a difference a shower can make. I am washing my garment so I'm laying on the bed without it n I must admit it feels a bit weird but I took a pic laying down n all though u can't tell much I can see the difference from before, no bulge, no rolls.

1 week PO

I've made it to po day 7, yay!! I saw ps immediately po day 1 so I see her again tomorrow afternoon. I noticed yesterday my belly button was a lil red so I txt ps and she said it looks like I might have a skin irritation or infection, both fairly normal she prescribed me another antibiotic abs told me to make a mixture that I am to put on my bb with gauze twice a day. The mixture included prescribed distiled water, baking soda n Clorox...yes Clorox. I was a little iffy last night as we were putting it on my bb but this morning when we removed gauze to do it again my bb looked 10x better and was no longer red. My ps of awesome texting me at 10pm n calling meds n having make homemade cures : ).

12 days PO

Today I'm 12 days PO and still have a little swelling but overall I couldn't be any happier. Today is the first time that I put on a pair of panties and I'm happy because even with the lil swelling I have it covers my scar. To my it looked like it was high up but I guess it was my imagination. I also still have my drain which sucks but I have minimal drainage so I'm hopping the drain comes out this week on my appointment. Tomorrow is also mine n my hubby's 9th anniversary and although dr told me to lay off sodium to reduce swelling, he's taking me to my fav restaurant- PF Changs so needless to say tomorrow I will feel swell hell but that's ok. I hope everyone is doing just as good as me. Take care. I'm also uploading pics I took today.

Another pic 12 days po

15 days PO

I feel 10x better ps finally took out my drain n I feel like I can move around with ease n not confined due to a drain. Oh yes I when it came out I swear I felt myself standing up straighter. Posting pics without my drain so pleased n happy.

20 days po pics

3 weeks tomorrow n feeling great about the way my bb is looking even though I was stressing about it looking off to the side but I guess due to swelling it looked that way. I've literally changed my eating n have no regrets that I did this. In the pic I'm posting scar is actually lower just didn't fold the gauze r anything I open it up and lay it flat across my body.

3 wks po

Yesterday I turned 3 weeks po n even thought I have appt today with ps I had my first outing yesterday where I could actually drive, mind u I was so paranoid about driving cause ps paperwork said no driving till 3 wks that I took the expressway to mall n had it on cruise control the whole way lol. It was great to get out I also braved wearing wedges n it wasn't that bad. When I came home 5 hrs later and took my son to practice n walked 1/2 mile I noticed by end of night I was a lil hunched over. My stomach nor scar area hurt n I didn't swell up real bad only a lil but think it was normal. Oh ya I also bought my first bikini and since I didn't get a ba I had to go with a Victoria secret two piece to enhance what now sags lol n it isn't my stomach lol. Hope u ladies are doing great going to post pics of scar, two piece n first morning pics. Happy healing loves

4 wks PO update

I'm 29 days post op and and saw my ps today. I'm healing awesome she said I can start light jogging, work out on my arms light weights 1 r 2 lbs e rb do squats r lunges. I am so grateful to her, she also put tape over my scar. I asked her if I could go to beach or swim she told me yes to both but to be careful on my arm motions. No crunches yet till I turn 6 weeks n she also stated I could start packing my bb with a marble. Good things to come. I will see her again when I turn 8 weeks. Happy healing.

5 weeks PO

Feeling great getting more walking in, even started doing squats n lunges n 2lb weights on my arms. I finally go back to work next week, I got do attached to my kids especially them being so helpful. Adding some new pics.

More 5 weeks PO

8 week PO Pics

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