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I'm 46 looking to have surgery again . I have had...

I'm 46 looking to have surgery again . I have had 2 surgery the past one in 1999, and 1 in 2007!! The first surgery I put in saline implants filled to 425 cc the 2 nd surgery I put in saline implants 700 cc ,, I don't want a lift . But a few doctors I have talked to said I should get a lift with this surgery !! I want to replace my implants and considering silicon implants .. I'm used to being a 34DD so it's really hard for me to go smaller ,, I live in Maui Hawaii , only 2 doctors still do surgery on the island so im limited to doctors . Unless I go to Ohou ,, i have been researching a lot and still trying to decided what I want scares or no scares ?? I'm looking at the ultra high profile silicon implants & a lift !! But I've seen bad reviews on healing !! It scares me ,, I know what to expect from ba !! But don't know what to expect on the lift part !! Or do I need a lift ???? Please help me !! Any information will help ??

Here's some photos of me now ,, before 3 surgery !!!

Bigger to Fuller & Smaller

So I went to Dr. Yu Maui Hawaii, on sept 20 .. Talked with him about do I need a lift ?? He said yes cause I went so big the 2 nd surgery I needed to lift them if I wanted a better result !! So after interviewing 3 other doctors !! I choose him !! We are gonna do a lift with implant replacement & go to 550 cc implant silicone under the muscle !! Iam now 700cc over the muscle with saline implants ,, we are also using ultra high profile implant !! I'm so excited !! Counting the months down ????

Booked my Date February 6 2017

So I'm getting really excited !! Paid half down . I'm trying to make my mind up what size ??? I'm less then 90 days away ,, I'm going to have my 3 rd surgery replace my implants & get a lift !! I'm 700 ccs over the muscle saline implants now !! I'm getting a lollypop lift with gel implants under the muscle ultra High Profile implants placed in ?? I don't want to go to big cause I'm afraid they will sag again so my doctor is Thinking 500 or 600 ccs ??? I'm thinking 550 ccs ?? Or 500 ccs
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