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I'm 46 looking to have surgery again . I have had...

I'm 46 looking to have surgery again . I have had 2 surgery the past one in 1999, and 1 in 2007!! The first surgery I put in saline implants filled to 425 cc the 2 nd surgery I put in saline implants 700 cc ,, I don't want a lift . But a few doctors I have talked to said I should get a lift with this surgery !! I want to replace my implants and considering silicon implants .. I'm used to being a 34DD so it's really hard for me to go smaller ,, I live in Maui Hawaii , only 2 doctors still do surgery on the island so im limited to doctors . Unless I go to Ohou ,, i have been researching a lot and still trying to decided what I want scares or no scares ?? I'm looking at the ultra high profile silicon implants & a lift !! But I've seen bad reviews on healing !! It scares me ,, I know what to expect from ba !! But don't know what to expect on the lift part !! Or do I need a lift ???? Please help me !! Any information will help ??

Here's some photos of me now ,, before 3 surgery !!!

Bigger to Fuller & Smaller

So I went to Dr. Yu Maui Hawaii, on sept 20 .. Talked with him about do I need a lift ?? He said yes cause I went so big the 2 nd surgery I needed to lift them if I wanted a better result !! So after interviewing 3 other doctors !! I choose him !! We are gonna do a lift with implant replacement & go to 550 cc implant silicone under the muscle !! Iam now 700cc over the muscle with saline implants ,, we are also using ultra high profile implant !! I'm so excited !! Counting the months down ????

Booked my Date February 6 2017

So I'm getting really excited !! Paid half down . I'm trying to make my mind up what size ??? I'm less then 90 days away ,, I'm going to have my 3 rd surgery replace my implants & get a lift !! I'm 700 ccs over the muscle saline implants now !! I'm getting a lollypop lift with gel implants under the muscle ultra High Profile implants placed in ?? I don't want to go to big cause I'm afraid they will sag again so my doctor is Thinking 500 or 600 ccs ??? I'm thinking 550 ccs ?? Or 500 ccs

Counting the days

So it's almost that time , getting happy but scared too !! Having surgery in February ! Just want it over already !! Hoping for the results I want !! My doctor is one of the best in Maui !! But it's gonna be different to down size !! I'm so used to being a double D !! Getting a lift & a new size ?? so the weeks will go by so fast ! February will be here before I know it !! Prayers for me ????

Wish pictures

These are my wish photos

What do I need for recovery !!!

So my surgery day is closer & closer !! What works for recovery ?? Beside pain melds !! I'm getting a lift & sight change ! Still trying to make my mind up on size ?? I think I want 600 Ccs but I lost sooooo much weight !! I'm 700 ccs now with no lift & had my surgery almost 10 years ago !! I'm going under the muscle,, I'm on top of the muscle now !! My current weight is 110 & I'm 5'7 !! Don't know what to do !!! Just getting really excited !! I only have weeks left !! Soon will only be days !!!

Getting ready as can Be

So it's 2 weeks away !! Going to pre op appointment on Tuesday jan 23 !! Can't wait get to pick my size ???? of implants !! Also have to have a EkG !! Cause of my age !! Even thou I'm in the Best shape I've ever been !! I don't smoke I don't drink ! Workout 6 days a week ! But because I'm in my 40 s they have to make sure my Heart Beats Right !! Scared But just want this test over ! If I did it last year at age 45 I wouldn't of needed a EKG Crazey how one year makes a difference !! Wish me luck !! 2 weeks to go until surgery !!! Yea can't wait !!! ????????????????

Post op Today

Hi so I had my post op today !! We picked sizes !! Doctor ordered 3 different sizes !! Looks like we agree on size so it looks like I'm getting 580ccs or 615 ccs. Under the muscle ultra high profile gel implants !! Yea so happy & excited !!! I have 12 days to go !! Got all my pain meds !! Now just have 2 wait it out !! Also doing a lollypop lift !! I was scared he wanted to go way smaller since I lost lots of weight but he said what I wanted he agreed to do I told him I wanted high round fake looking boobies !! I've already had to surgery in the past both saline both over the muscle 700 Ccs now and I didn't want them too small but whated more roundness !! So I'll I have to do is just work stay healthy & count the days down !! And my Aekg Went really well so I'm all set My Heart is good yea yea can't wait

What's good for recovery !!

So I'm getting down to the big day !! Just looking for a little help with recovery any good tips on what to take or faster recovery from surgery !! I use my arms for work so is 2 in half weeks off enough time to recover ???

Ultra high profile Implants !!

So I'm just getting really excited to have my surgery !! Going with 615 ccs UHP IMPLANTS !! Under the muscle with a lollypop Lift !! Almost there ????

Took longer

All done !! Sony don't know my size?? Surgery was 5 1/2 hours can't wait to kind out why ??? Don't know size feel a lot smaller & look smaller but so wrapped up tight can't breath !! Ribs & back hurt a lot !! Keep getting sick !! So Hungary ???? appt in the morning 1045 to go see doctor tomorrow ,,, can't wait to hear about surgery !! How will I sleep it's like having a new born baby up every two hours ????

Feeling so much better !!!

First night was terrible my meds were not good !! Couldn't keep them down !! So went to see doctor yesterday he changed my meds !! Thank god !! He also said my surgery was 6 hours instead of 4 1/2 hours lots of work to make me happy !! Finally got more sleep last night !! Holding food down & pain is ok !! So far !! Took a quick look at them they look really deformed !! No biggie !! Lots of healing & I feel really good about my doctor & his work !! So there 615 UHP silicone implants !! Just what I wanted !!!post pictures later when the look better !! So happy it's over ????

Long 4 days

My meds didn't help me lots of pain can't keep anything down no sleep cause I can't keep Valium down !! Goi g back to day !! So here they are 615 UHP gel in mplants under the muscle !!!

10 days so much Better !!

So it's been ten days since my surgery !! I went threw hell without pain meds 'n but I couldn't keep them down !! I got dehydrated & doc had to hook me up to I v to put fluids back in my body & give me a shot in my if !! Once I got fluids back in my body !! I started healing faster !! So then I just took Tylenol & felt with the pain !! Day by day got better !! Got my stitches out a couple days ago !! Noticed they have dropped a little !! Now just started my exercises that doc says I have to do to keep pockets good !! Love them & can't wait until the scars fade !! I've been using lots of coconut oil on them

15 days feeling so much better

So it been 2 weeks and I healing so good ! They dropped allot & the swelling has gone down a lot !! I still have mostly pain in the morning & sleeping sitting up is driving me Crazey ! But when I try to sleep on my side they hurt more !! But I'm so glad I got the lift & my scars are healing really good !!! Back to work tomorrow ! This will be the test ! Cause I feel good all day ! Cause I'm just taking life easy !! But back to my job ! I'm a bartender so using my arms a lot !! Wish me luck I make it threw the day ????

Feeling so much Better

3 weeks feeling Better & Better Finally can get rid of recovery Bra !!! Get to start wearing sports Bra !! Thank god !! But all in all feel really good ! Back to work full time & can do light workouts !! No heavy lifting !! No upper body workouts !! But life seems to be getting Back to normal !! My boobs are really settling & starting to feel like part of my Body !! Mornings are still rough & I can start sleeping on my Back !! Yea normal life & Normal Sleep ????

Some photos

almost a month since surgery !! Feeling good !! Better & better each Day

Before & after

So I thought I post before & after pictures it's a little over 5 weeks since I had surgery !!

First Time Trying on bikini Tops !!

So nice not to have To lift my boobs in a bikini They just fit so good in my Tops now !! Yea
Dr Yu

He was amazing so patient with me !! Answered all my questions & his staff Jamie & Carrie were my nurses they took really good care of me !! When my pain meds made me sick He made me first priority !! He helped me find something that made me comfortable !! He's a professional & wanted the best out come for me !! Thank you to dr Yu & his staff there the best !! Still making me fell very special & very caring staff !! Much mahalo to them all !! His the best doctor on Maui for plasticsurgery

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