40 Years Old, 3 Kids Under 6, Excited but Incredibly Anxious

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I'm 5'7", about 145 to 150 lbs. I delivered three...

I'm 5'7", about 145 to 150 lbs. I delivered three babies, all of them over 9lbs, but the honest truth of it is that they were huge because I got huge - gained nearly 50 lbs each time, and never lost it all between pregnancies. I started this process 6 months ago, not wanting to live the rest of my life with a size 12 waist but size 6 body. I had consultations with a few local doctors. I chose to work with "Dr. G" because he practiced as a general surgeon prior to becoming a plastic surgeon, he is young, and he does only drainless tummy tucks. After reading others' problems and discussions on drains, I thought it would be terrific to avoid them altogether. I scheduled the surgery 5 months in advance to be able to take time off from work and have 6 weeks post-procedure before traveling again. But now it's around the corner and I'm a nervous wreck! My husband doesn't want me to have the surgery, so I'm leaning on my sister for support. My biggest fear is dying and leaving my three children without a mother -- all for my personal vanity. Ack. I have had my pre-op, and now just need to figure out what items are 'must haves' and buy them in advance so I'm ready to go in 2 and a half weeks. Would love any suggestions!

5 days to go

5 more days until surgery. I'm most anxious about my kids (6, 4 and 20 months). Anyone have tips on how to manage childcare after the initial few days (I have 24 hr help for the first 4 days). I'm most concerned about my youngest. She weighs about 20lbs and I know I'm not supposed to lift her for 6(!) weeks. Just wondering how I will get her in and out of the crib since my husband will be home many nights but he travels for work. Anyone have tips? I'm would also love food suggestions for that first day. I'm staying over at the surgery center but they don't provide food - I need to bring it. Any ideas on what I'll be able to stomach (ha!) with my new stomach?

PO Day 3

I can't believe I've made it to day 3 and feel pretty great relative to what I was expecting. The morning of the surgery was tough. I was so nervous. The nurses and surgeon were fantastic, and put my mind at ease. Next thing I knew I was in recovery in my binder, relaxing in a recliner. I spent the night at the surgery center and I'm so thankful I chose to do that instead of coming home. The OxyContin I took made me horribly sick and I threw up several times. I thought I was going to pop all my stitches! I will never ever take OxyContin again - I've been taking extra strength Tylenol and so far it is great. Before bed I take it with a muscle relaxer and I'm pain free and really comfortable.

I took my first shower on PO day 2 and it was bizarre looking down and seeing my feet - very nice I must say! My incision is sore and I haven't gotten a good look at my belly button but I think it looks natural and isn't too small, which was my hope. My stomach is a little wavy and swollen especially near the incision, but from all the other posts on here I think it is normal.

I haven't had to use the walker or sleep in the reclining lawn chair I got - I found my bed, with pillows under my knees and behind my head and neck to be far more comfortable.

I want to thank all of you on this site who have helped me have the courage to do this surgery despite having young kids and life obligations. This isn't a great after photo (I will take more soon, when I can manage to get my binder on and off without help) but I took it today and couldn't believe that I actually have a waist! I wouldn't have been brave enough to do this without reading all your reviews and seeing your confident and beautiful selves on the 'flat side'. For anyone on the fence, if you have the means and support just do it!!

PO day 4

Today was similar to yesterday and I haven't noticed any decrease in swelling. I'm still tired but I've been more active, walked to get coffee and hung out in the morning with the kids. I just took my first 'solo' shower without someone standing outside the door and it felt great but it took 45 minutes to shower, get my binder on and get dressed. I haven't needed any Tylenol today but I'm taking the muscle relaxer which is great for the back cramping and stomach muscle cramping. I know I need to be patient but I'm tired of being tired and hanging around the house all day wearing sweatpants. I have more bruising on my back than can be seen in the photo, but it is definitely getting better, with blood settling in my upper thighs (bizarre!). I don't have much appetite yet, and haven't gotten back my craving for coffee in the morning. Anyone else bored at home?

PO day 7

Went back to work today just for two hours - exhausting! Spent the balance of the day working from home. Otherwise I'm feeling great. I can't believe how much better the recovery has been than I expected. I had a great report in my post-op appointment with Dr. Guenther, and can't wait to rid myself of the CG in another week. I teared up in his office and even hugged him because I can't believe how much better I already feel about myself. Uploading a picture of my scar taken just now, which I just can't get over -- it is so thin and tidy. Surgeons (well, mine in particular) have incredible skill. I'm starting to itch, which I think is normal skin recovery. Anyone have a sense when it will go away?


I'm wearing the CG just during the day now, and sleeping so much better! Can't wait to be free of it altogether. I know I shouldn't complain about the CG since it is nothing like the torture of drains which i blissfully (thank you Dr. Guenther!) avoided, but it is a pain.

I finally have more energy and can make it through the day without needing a break. I definitely have swelling in the afternoon and evening, but nothing too extreme. I just started scar treatment at the two week mark. The itchiness is definitely less but I'm still sore in the areas that had lipo. Here are some photos.

3.5 weeks out

I finally have nearly all my energy back! My incision is healing really well. I started scar treatment last week but one spot hadn't quite closed, and it turned red and puffy, so I am giving it a few more days. I am still numb all above the incision, and around my belly button, but I otherwise feel great and all the bruising and soreness is gone. Today we had our family holiday pictures taken and I felt so much more confident. Normally I'm pulling a kid on to my lap to hide my belly, but today I didn't care. So amazing. I'm am in awe of my scar (thank you Dr. Guenther!) - it is already disappearing, and is so low. I love my 'natural' belly button too - it looks real, nooks and crannies and all :) thinking of all you gals out there who are on the fence - it was a hard decision to move forward, takes lots of planning and courage, but it is worth every moment of anxiety. Go for it.
Boston Plastic Surgeon

So far I've been really pleased with my surgeon. He is patient, knowledgeable, not over-confident, and realistic.

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