Downsized from 400 to 220 and Swap to Saline This February! - Massachusetts, MA

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Hi all, Some of you may have followed my other...

Hi all,
Some of you may have followed my other stories but I will do my best here to explain! I decided in 2011 to get my first breast augmentation. I started competing in figure competitions in 2010 and landed myself a spot in nationals in may 2011. That was my 5th (and last) time I wanted to compete. i always had a great self esteem and was totally in love with my body, but the bigger and bigger the competition, the more women I saw with even more perfect bodies, and more specifically, perfect breasts. The only breasts id seen in my life were porn breasts and competion breasts, asude from my mothers and sisters which were larger thab mine. Anyways, I lost weight fot my comps and I stopped the pill and switched to mirena all arpund the same time. My breasts went from a full B to a small b and the started to get muscle on top. It wouldnt have been too much of a problem I think if I didnt see so many other perfectly round full breasts, but I started to feel my breasts werent as attractive to me anymore. I guess whrn you submerse ypurself in that environment, it wears on you.

I booked some consultations with surgeons and explained that I had the money and want for surgery and that I wpuld like to be a large c small d. I felt that I always wanted bigger breasts and seeing my breasts shrink and learning I could do something about it, I finally decided, why not! Keep in mind, even though I always wanted bigger breasts, I never really wanted surgery. All these plastic surgery shows make it seem like its no big deal... Wow I was wrong!

I booked surgery for oct 2011 for 400ccs silicone gel under the muscle. The surgeon also mentioned a 'congenital deformity' that my breasts were slightly constricted meaning the distance from my crease to aereola was short. He said a fat trasfer to yhe breast wpuld helo add more volume and even my slightly assymetrical breasts out and stretch the lower portion of my breasts. I felt there was somethi ng wrong with me woth all the terminology used but felt that it wpuld yeild a better result so I booked the fat transfer too which entails lipp. I did not want lipo but could not get surgery without the fat transfer otherwise I would have an unfavorable result.

I had so much pain from surgery...NEVER GET LIPO! The recovery is terrible... Numbness in all lipo areas, burning muscles and sensitivity, soreness for months! You need ti wear a girdle thing for months! I wish I never did it but oh well. Since breast surgery, my implants are just way too large for me. I fit in nearly a DDD! I am embarrased yo workout feeling my breasts are huge and squished up into a cleavage party. They are heavy and I cant enjoy running. I became extremely depressed and wanted to remive them so many times. I spoke with my surgeon who suggested I wait at least 6 months to a year. My depression caused so mamy issues in my personal life and I almost lost my relationships over the severe stress. Things are much better now though, it has made us stronger... But anyways, I waited it out and still wanted them out but was very worried about what I would look like. I for some reason, cpuld not take them oit. I dony know, maybe I am just noy memtally ready. I thought long and hard and have decided to have a revision to go much smaller and switch to saline.

Dony get me wrong, my breasts look like a work of art but they are not for me. I yhink implamts arent for everyone. I am way larger than I asked for and even now, I wouldnt want to be a D! I also developed some lateral displacement, the lefy breast goes into my apit when I lean on something or lay down. I aldo want to switch TO saline.because after all the researvh ive done on my own, I am not comfortable with silicone in my body! Yes, they feel great, but the trafe off is not worth it, and heres why...

1. If there is a rupture the silicone gel can migrate to ypur nreast tissue and lymph modes which botj will have to be excised... I want ALL my breast tissue amd nodes if I have a.rupture thank you!
2. The only true cohesive gel implants available in the US are the sientra nrand which are anatomical textured and they feel as 'hard' as saline anyway!
3. Those implants can still migrate, although rare, I called yhe manufacturer. Also, the textured silicone can flake off and be carried to the lymphatic system by macrophages.
4. Since I eventually want the implamts put,the salime gives me yhe unique opportunity to see what my breast would look like should I have a rupture
5. Silicone contains platinum, which when found in oxidized states can be severely toxic to you. There was a test done by ernest lykissa that showed the platinum.level
s in women with silicone gel breast implants were incredibly high and it also showed it was t in the oxidizrd state causing depression, lung issues and many other atypical autoimmunr issues. I called ernest and asked him if there were any platinum in saline and he said no levels were detectable!

Needless to say, I just want them out. Its just a personal choice I feel more comfortable with. I cant wait for surgery, although petrified! Im scared of anesthesia amd I dont like change. These implants have given me nothing but stress amd I cannot enjoy them. Going smallet will give me the.middle ground I need to evemtually remove. The longer I wait, the more stretched my skin will be.

I am starting to think I may have some slight...

I am starting to think I may have some slight symmastia. I will bring it up to the surgeon next time I see/talk to him. I hope not though. Just more surgery I will need to deal with, which mean more recovery time,

Forgot to mention, Surgeon will only charge me hospital, anesthesia, and implant cost, that's why my price is lower. Also, sorry for all the typos before, it's from my cell phone.

Well.... this is news. Surgeon now told me I need...

Well.... this is news. Surgeon now told me I need to choose ONE implant size and sign off on that because he doesn't want to be responsible for my not liking the size. I am very frustrated and upset. I am not a surgeon, how can I possibly make that decision? I did not like the size of my chest right now, not the way they look, if that makes sense....Yes, they look beautiful, but the size is not for me. I cannot function with them the same as I used to. So I am not unhappy with the work, just the size, which yes, I think he picked way too large of a size. I wanted to be a large C small D and I am wearing a DDD! I was a B. From what I have read, if you pick an implant significantly smaller than your BWD, you will gain one cup. if you pick one the same, it will be two cups, if you pick larger, you can gain three or more cups... I guess I am much wider with my implants. Well.... this will be a stressful journey trying to find out the right size for me. ugh

Ive beeb having these crazy dreams about my boobs!...

ive beeb having these crazy dreams about my boobs! iI am not getting much help from my surgeon yet. iI emailed him last wednesday looking for clarification. iI calles the offixe last week and was informed iI may only choose one size to book surgery. thats not what iI understood from the last time iI cobsulted with the surgein so iI emailed him for clarification if its one or two sizes. iI cant make this decision on my own. iI really need help and its stressing me out. iI asked the doctors here on realself and most said stay within 200-240 range and do not go smaller. iI feel they are leaning towards the 220. iI just dont know if that will still make me feel large :( ahhh. iI wish iI knew what to do.

I booked my next meeting with the surgeon. I will...

I booked my next meeting with the surgeon. I will see him mid-end of January to work out all the final decisions on implant size, all my questions and book surgery. I have a tentative date for Feb 7/8 but really wanted it in January. Unfortunately, my appointment last week got cancelled, and I was hoping that that would have been my last appointment before preop and really hoped to book surgery that day for January 24 or 25. I guess I just have to keep waiting. I am sick of waiting :(

Hi everyone! Today I meet with my surgeon to pick...

Hi everyone! Today I meet with my surgeon to pick out size, go over some details of the surgery and finally and hopefully... book surgery! I have been trying and waiting to do this since October. Surgeon wanted me to get a mammo at his hospital, meet with a colleague of his to discuss sizing, think about my decisions, meet with him again to discuss size again, think about it more.. I mean its been taking forever. Last appointment I had got cancelled due to an emergency, so I had to wait three more weeks to come in and here I am! I asked if they could reserve a time for surgery on Feb 7th or 8th last time and they put it in their calendar but could not book at hospital, so I hope its not booked :( This has been a huge whirlwind. I put on a really tight halter top today to see how i looked... I look like a freaking porn star. Every guys would only be staring at my boobs. No wonder I have been trying my best to downplay them and hide them. I put the shirt back and chose a more conservative one. I have been wearing the same 20-25 shirts for about a year now! GRRR And I have so many cute clothes. They look too provocative and revealing with the size chest I have now.

Wish me luck!

So I met with my surgeon and we decided on two...

So I met with my surgeon and we decided on two sizes: 220 and 245 salines. Those are the overfilled volumes. Theyre moderate profile. He will choose one size in surgery that looks best. Surgery is book for this Thursday. Im soooo nervous i just want things to be right. I do have some early symmastia so he will place sutures there and I need to wear the thong bra. Hes also fixing lateral displacement. I imagine it will be painful :(

So I met with my surgeon and we decided on two...

So I met with my surgeon and we decided on two sizes: 220 and 245 salines. Those are the overfilled volumes. Theyre moderate profile. He will choose one size in surgery that looks best. Surgery is book for this Thursday. Im soooo nervous i just want things to be right. I do have some early symmastia so he will place sutures there and I need to wear the thong bra. Hes also fixing lateral displacement. I imagine it will be painful :(

I did it!!!!! Surgery went well ad surgein went to...

I did it!!!!! Surgery went well ad surgein went to 220 instead of 245!! Yay its hard for me to see them right because of bandages and the thong bra to fix some synmastia but im already over the moon happy I did it. Because I waited so long, I contemplated settling with the larger implants, but happy I pushed through and am finally on the other side :) I will take pics when im able. Pain is only about 50-40% of my first surgery. If I didnt have a lot of internal sutured for pocket work, or general anesthesia... Id probably br at 25% pain!

I am 9 days post op and so happy its over!! With...

I am 9 days post op and so happy its over!! With the implants, larger and moreso now smaller, I have noticed assymetry. I will get over it as it is normal for all.women to have assymetry, but it does bother me a little. I am still swollen from my surgery but put pics up for you. I prefer the smaller side size. I wish I actually couldve gone smaller, but, for this surgery it was as small as I could go. If I havr surgery again, I will probably do 150 or 175 if I can. If anyone is thinking about diwnsizing, I would do it! There was a lot if internal work and I am still sore, mainly on my left because he had to tighten the pocket and fix lateral displacement. I also had symmastia repair and wearing the thong uncomfortable its right on my incisions. I am so happy with the saline. Its very squishy!! I hope that my breasts will settle more evenly soon, I think right is sitting higher right now and I hope the assymetry is more from swelling differences. This time around was much easier recovery!!

Sorry.. here are the pics! I am bummed I notice...

sorry.. here are the pics! I am bummed I notice asymmetry. I know its natural. Do you think the amount of asymmetry I have is normal/? Am I a cup different? two? one half? I have no idea. My bra pulls to one side. I am just overly sensitive I guess. I hope someone can just reassure me about it. I am not looking to get anymore surgery at all... just would like to accept the differences in breast size :/

HI Ladies, Sorry its been so long since my last...

HI Ladies, Sorry its been so long since my last update. I am a few days away from removing my thong bra (fingers crossed!!) I havent put up any more photos because they are having a hard time dropping from the thong bra. The underneath band is very thick and preventing my boobs from dropping. I have seen a lot of change in the aseymmtry I mentioned before, they are getting close to being more symmetric. Although they will never be because one was always bigger..right after my downsize the left was much bigger. Anyway, I will post some pics when I feel there is significant change after the thong bra is removed. I am so pleased I moved forward with the downsize. I wish I could have gone to 130-160ccs range though. Oh well. I am still pleased im much smaller!! If you are struggling with your implant size and considering downsizing GO FOR IT!! You will be happy! I am also extrremely relieved having saline over more worries for this girl :)

4 months post op - falling right into place and less swelling!

Hi all. So its been 4 months since I have downsize and I am thrilled. I noticed that almost everywhere in my house where I take pics, the lighting hits my slightly larger breast and makes it look massive next to the smaller one, but I found some great lighting and a good angle to show you how they really look. yes, lefty is bigger but not by too much and its naturally bigger.

Anyway. My breasts have fallen nicely and swelling has gone down if you can see from last pics. I added a few photos and and thrilled. I would truly wish to go down smaller but I am happy. I am also happy I got the salines. I can always have a surgeon deflate them in the office when I am ready to remove to see if I should just remove them totally or just reimplant with 130ccs. I know it doesn't sound like much but after all my surgery went through with the first time, I realized what I wanted then is not what I want now and what I got was MUCH larger than I ever wanted anyway. Now my goal is to look very natural and just have some improved shape and a LITTLE boost of my natural breast.

Recovery was easy, I still get some pain on the outer part of my breast on the left where surgeon had to place internal sutures so the implant didn't displace itself into my armpit again but its really only in the morning.. its like "morning boob" i guess. I am happy with my results and don't regret going smaller one bit. I am the happy person i shouldhave been to begin with. This is probably my last update unless I remove them down the line or have a complication or downsize again. Im not really too into surgery.

8 Months out and wanting to be smaller

Hi ladies! So its been a while but here are some updates. My breasts pretty much look the same, as my latest pic up there (4mo p/o). The asymmetry you've seen in the earlier pics 2 months is pretty much resolved. Although my left was and is always bigger, it looks like it does in my 4 month po pics still. But basically, I am on here for some reassurance...

1. I still want smaller boobs. I know, I probably sound crazy to some of you but, When i work out, they are all in the way and stuff, and I am still a 36D, 34DD cup boob :/ I wanted to be a C. I am at 220ccs but I can't help but want to go smaller to 135-150 area. I am not making any decisions at all, but I know in the next 3 years before I start having babies, I would like to deflate my implants and just see how I feel without them. I guess that's what I wanted from the beginning. Then after babies, if I can't accept it, I an always put the smallest implant I want. I refuse to be talked into a lift. No one NEEDS a's just a matter of choice. Ugh, I mean, I guess I am fine now with my boobs, but I still don't flaunt them. I realized I don't like attention, or being found "attractive" for something that isn't god given. It actually makes me feel like, "hey, like me for me, not my plastic tits." I know it sounds weird, but I just don't like implants for me I guess. I got saline so eventually I can just get them deflated, giving me an opportunity to see appearance without full blown removal surgery- the only option with silicone. It's really brought my anxiety down 100% with having saline.
2. My cysts... so since my PS did fat transfer the first surgery around (still annoyed/bothered about my thigh irregularity from the lipo!!!!) I have developed fat necrosis/cysts that are very painful in my lower right breast. Figures... in the smaller breast as it is. If I remove the cysts, my right breast will be even smaller!!! I know I sound vain, and that's the last thing i want to sound, but I feel i should just leave them for now. I deal with a lot of stress (when I let myself get carried away) with having asymmetrical breasts, even though, its probably a half or a quarter of a cup size if that, it just gets to me. I would be even more upset with even more asymmetry. So I guess I leave it for now.

To end, I am still 100% happy I downsized. My only regret is not going smaller. If you feel big, DO IT!!! I went down nearly 200 ccs with no lift and my boobs bounced right back. I am still overall happy with my decision, since I wasn't ready or mentally prepared for removal surgery.
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