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Ok so I will start out by saying I am excited and...

Ok so I will start out by saying I am excited and nervous, ha just like my title says..I'm 30 years old but feel like I look 50 ( no offense to any of you 50 year olds,because some of you have rocking bods I just dont want to be there any earlier than I need to be) with that said, I have had a few challenges along the way trying to decide if I could emotionally and financially do thes procedures. It seems like alot of things keep getting in the way which really makes me consider the question, does the risk outweigh the reward?

I had my one and only hild at the age of 17 and gained 60 lbs on a 100 lb frame, stretch mark city!!! Over the years I have fluctuated weight wise and now am where I was weight wise before I gave birth..14years later(better late than never I guess) however about 11 years ago I had to have a spinal fusion to correct scoliosis..way to start off surgery wise, but could be beneficial becaus every surgery since then has seemed like a breeze so I am hoping this one is too..now this surgery left me with about a 10 inch incision downmy left side(Ill attach pics later) and this presented a potential probem doing the tummy tuck.UGH Freaking really? The scar could potentionally interfere with blood vessels when the stomach skin is stretched and pulled.

My surgeon wanted to consult another surgeon to check wether it would be safe to do..at this point I left feeling terrible,feeling like I had gotten my hopes up..because for me if something can go wrong it will. So I had a consultation set up to do his 3d imaging for the breast aug and was extremely anxious to go in and thought I would be told then that I could not do the TT aswell, much to my surprise he rexamined the scar and said Id be perfectly fine..I was sooooooo excited, but then came the next set back, he checks my stomach,pushing pokng and even sticks his finger in my bellybutton and I'm like whoaaa since we are going to second base here an I atleast get a discount? I def hernia and 75 percent chance of second hernia...really? freakin really again?? so i came to this consult with hopes of getting a new set of boobs but also got a set of hernias to compliment them..yay me!

Now Thusday I have to go in for a ct scan to check for the hernias and any other unknowns, and I told my dr 'should you find anything else in there,if it isnt gonna kill me I dont want to know about it"but I am fully expecting the worse,but hoping for the best...now my third issue..I was a dumb teen, and got a tattoo on my left breast of a huge dumb flower (who does that? o right me) anywho I lasered the crap out of that thing and ended up with a faded tattoo, had to be surgically removed..DR D did this and I had to go in for sessions to cut it off, now I am left with a scar on my left breast which is far better than the stupid flower but guess what,it gave me a breast lift..so now I have a flat right boob that sits lower than the left..yep I'm a mess..but atleast youd understand when you see the before and after pics. They will be alittle off symetric wise after unless I wanted to do a small lift to the right but I feel like its something I can live with..afterall Im not making my money with my boobs so perfection isnt so important, I just want to not have to buy my swimsuit top in the kids section anymore. I've prepared myself for this to be a journey of ups and downs and probably question wtf did I do this to myself but fulling knowing in my head it will be worth it..and have also preapologized to my husband for my behavior a few days after following the surgery..( tend to be a jerk when in pain) anyways will do a follow up post Thursday after the ct scan and I enjoy reading everyone elses posts aswell..Good luck to everyone else who have upcoming surgeries and congrats to you that have made it and thank you for sharing your exp!

Ugh i had pics with the first par dunno what...

Ugh i had pics with the first par dunno what happened to them

Boobs are done

Haven't been here in awhile... Seemed as though nothing was working out my way, originally was going to do a mommy makeover until 2 hernias derailed that ordeal and set me back months because of 2 sep surgeons having to coordinate and then I had quit my job of 3 years then even though I had the money was afraid to us it but i had vacation to Fl coming up and they wanted to wait until I got, anyways i called the GS a few times and let messages with no response so i decided screw it, ill just do the augmentation right now because i dont know if id even have enough healing time for both...and then get this a freaking lump is found in my boob, so off to get a mammogram and ultrasound which determines it was just a cyst so yay I can still do the surgery..so fast forward from the 10th to the 15th... At the hospital checked in and waiting, iv in finally get something from anesthesiology to relax me get wheeled back in and next thing i know woke up feeling lime a fat sumo ghost was sitting on my chest..i literally then was second guessing my decision. I thought by getting home id lay down and rest,,,, ugh ya not an option if u ever want to get back up. My dr had to call me in an anti nausea med because i felt lime i had to vomit everytime i moved...yes ive cried and said omg why did i do this..then id think remember the unnatural lift to one side from the scar from the tattoo removal and how saggy and little it made the right breast, anywas mine went under the muscle and the extreme amount of pain i have been in i couldnt imagine having done the breast and tummy tuck... I wont even do the tummy tuck now, will post pics when i can see them... Off the land of minimal slumber via lunesta, and setting up sleeping is jot very optimal, just hoping the results is worth the pain

3 days post op boobs only

3 days post op and only on breasts only due to the hernias i couldn't seem to get the surgeons coordinated.. I finally got some sleep last night which was HEAVEN, i feel a TON better today.. If u notice on preop pics my left breast is alot higher up do to a large scar on my breat, it had actually gave me a breast lift on that side so in order to try to even them put i decided to go saline so they could be adjusted while the dr was in there... I have 210ccs on the left and 240 on the right therefore the right is still more painful and sore but i have no bruising and swelling seems minimal.. Very happy with my results so far and spent $5295
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