27 Years Old, 3 Kids, Wanting Breast Augmentation - Saint Louis, MO

Since I was 18 after having my first child I...

Since I was 18 after having my first child I wanted a Breast Augmentation. However I could not afford it back then. I had my second child at 23 and third at 25. I am now 27. With my last child My boobs actually got up to a full B sadly once my milk dissapeared so did my boobs. :( I am very flat chested. I wear a 32A bra around but I do not fill it at all. I have been to 4 different consultations and with this last plastic surgeon I finally feel confortable. I feel like my consult was booked for an hour and they spent an hour and a half answering my questions thoroughly and letting me decide what I wanted after hearing his opinions.. I am 5'6 115lbs. I fluctuate about 5 lbs as most women do. I am very active with my kids and I workout mostly cardio frequently. I am getting 340cc Saline under the muscle. I chose Saline because I have 3cm of upper pole tissue so it wont look round and wierd and also because im getting them under the muscle Ill be fine. I wanted saline because I am nervous about the whole silicone rupturing and leaking out into my body just basically health issues with them even though there are no proven issues with it. I have backed out of a surgery before and Im hoping with this one I can stick with it because I am one of those people who always thinks about the worst that could happen. I am TERRIFIED to go under the knife! Wish me luck and I will keep you updated to be sure my surgery date stays the same.

Before surgery pictures

This is me before breast augmentation. Obviously I don't have anything. Flat as can be!

Changed my mind

So now I am thinking I want 300cc Overs, Silicone. I cant make up my mind about anything i swear. Or pick a date! I need to save my money and quit buying clothes lol. I am going with Doctor Rottler in St.Louis, MO For sure. I have seen 4 doctors now and I LOVED him, so did my husband. #stopprocrastinating

I feel like a little boy when I go in public in my...

I feel like a little boy when I go in public in my swimsuit. It hurts. Even if I just had a little something I would be fine but literally nothing there! It's so frustrating. I have yet to make an appointment I just started a new job about 6 weeks ago. It's a desk job luckily. I would be so happy with myself if I went through with this I know it. #justdoit does anyone have any encouraging words?

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