I Finally Did It

After searching for almost a year and interviewing...

After searching for almost a year and interviewing a few doctors in my local state, the answer of why I should or should not have them done left me alittle nervous about the procedure. But I decided to keep searching my lips were really bothering me they were so thin. I wasn't intersted in doing injectables I was wanted a more permanent soLuton to my thin lips. Furthermore I didn't want really big lips because on me that wouldn't look natural and just won't look right on me since I have never had big lips . I kepting looking on real self and found Dr.Jeffrey Horowriz in Maryland and I just happening to be traveling there for work . So I called and booked my appointment I had basically only one day to get this happen. The day of my procedure I arrived and the Doctor greeted me , when I came in his staff that day were off so it was just the Doctor and I . We talked about the procedure and what was to be excepted . The doctor used a numbing cream to the inside of my cheeks before he injected 4 shorts ( I believe it was lidocaine ) in any case it called a dental block. I didn't find the shots painful at all the doctor did a great job injecting the shots. But everybody pain tolrance is different.I have a few dental blocks before my brother is a dentist . Furthermore he wanted for me to get numb, placed a paper over my face with course a cut out for my eyes and nose . The Doctor said I could feel so pulling and tugging but I felt nothing as far I was concerned it was a piece of cake. Further, with paperwork and everything I belive I was walking out an hour and half later. I left the office with a small ice pack and a surgery mask on my lios The Doctor wrote me a prescription for pain pills because I was getting on a airplane for 5 hours and that was my biggest fear that I was going to be in pain stuck on an airplane in pain. But I decided not to fill it because I was flying alone and what if I feel a sleep and missed my plane or the pain pills made me sick to my stomach. I arrived at the airport about 45 minutes later just in time for the dental block to start to wear off I headed for Jamba juice ( you can't use a straw) but the cold drink felt good. My next stop was the airport store for extra strength acetaminophen of course just my luck they had none . As I waiting for plane my worst fear had come true my lips were throbbing and I was in pain . I decided I had to risk extra bruiseing by taking advil but I couldn't image sitting on a plane in pain. So I took some advil (400mg ) and omg it worked I was relieved I was very tried for not sleeping well the night before and slept on the plane probably 3 hours . I arrived home at midnight I took more advil just incase and had no problems sleeping all night . I am sure I wasn't propped upand I lost the anica pills the Doctor gave me in the airport . So for doing everything wrong I survived lol

4mm tops and bottoms- permalip implants

Let me start my clearing up a few things in my pervious post . I arrived home around midnight from the airport I atempted to brush my teeth but really couldn't open my mouth ( my brother is a dentist I guess I may get a f on my next cleaning check up lol ) I have disolveable stiitches on both sides of my mouth my lips are sore to touch but nothing unbearable alittle bruised but not bad . Of course I am still swollen but it is getting less everyday

Can't wait to wear lip stick

Swelling is going down I think I'd coming out good so far I just hope the shape stays

Getting better every day

The swelling continues to go down but my shape is good I am happy so far. Oh if you wear a mouth guard at night I haven't been able to wear mine I can't open my mouth that wide still alittle chapped but that's getting better today back to work tomorrow. Actual could of went back to day but why ? So back tomorrow

Back to work

I decided today when I went back to work maybe I better not wear any lip stick I didn't want to bring too much attention to myself so I just used a very light lip gloss.. I walked in to work, my supervisor which is a man walks over and welcomes me back and asks what did you do to your lips ? I respond nothing I had a root canal and my mouth is alittle swollen he goes oh I thought you got botox in your lips and then he says well they actually look good like that. I walked away a little freak out hopefully noone else would notice well if they did noone said a word. Well my daughters boyfriend (who is only 19) was over for dinner. Later he asks my daughter did your mom do something to her face or I am just tripping my daughter changed the subjet well thats too people i didnt fool lol Corners are still alittle sore . Furthermore drinking and eating can be a little challenging at times but overall still happy

One week

Today is exactly one week since Wednesday my lips have went down so more on the bottom and I think they look natural for me and I feel less conscious I was worried a little bit everyone would notice .What I noticed so far my lips are still peeling lips are still stiff but getting better , the corners of mouth are still alittle sore but only if I press on them so far I am still happy

Two weeks

I am still very happy with my new lips I believe the difference is Suttle but natural but those woman who want more volume you might need to go to the larger implant . The good news noone looks at me like I had anything done . My lipstick for some reason stays on longer ( the same lipstick I have also used before) my lips are still very chapped . I can't feel the upper implant at all , the bottom one I can feel sometimes it like the lip is alittle numb there but it doesn't bother

One more picture

Week 3

Everything so far is looking and feeling good still very happy

So happy with my new lips

Everything is great I am very happy I did it , I was worried in beginning just couldn't make my mind up since it seems sometimes they just don't work out but I am glad I did it and so glad I found dr Horowriz he did a great job. What I have noticed every now and then I stumble over my words but not often I don't feel the top at all sometimes the bottom lip I can feel but it doesn't bother me . So I went to have my teeth cleaned this week my brother is a dentist ,he or his very smart hygienist didn't notice my lips . The hygienist said well you really needed this cleaning lol I thought I bet I did since I wasn't able to brush my teeth very well for a few days ! I am glad I found doctor Horowriz through real self thank you Dr. Howrowitz


still happy

I haven't updated in a while , everything is going great still. I am still very happy with my decision to get lip implants. I know longer feel self confident that my top lip is disappearing I feel normal. I sometimes wish my bottom lip was bigger but I had such an easy experience I am leaving everything alone. I feel they will make my face as I get older ( darn I hate that word) lol happy I have lips doctor did a great job!
Bel Air Plastic Surgeon

The Doctor himself was great very honest down to earth didn't try to up sell on other procedures but was very honest on what the outcome would be I would definitely refer him to someone else. Very honest and professional. The after care or follow up I rated a 5 because it wouldn't let me leave it blank I flew out of area within 4 hours of procedure so I really don't have a comment for this section

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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