Switching from Yily to Contreras!

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I've been pretty much stalking this site for about...

I've been pretty much stalking this site for about 6 months now reading the reviews from all the ladies! I've heard mostly good and a couple of horror stories along the way... I've emailed Yily about 15 times before going forward with the date. I want to go ahead to get it done before next summer. I'm getting a tummy tuck, full lipo to stomach, flanks and waist and the bbl. I'm 33 5'6 and I weigh 190. I'm trying to work on loosing some weight and toning before the surgery. I plan to get down to 165- 170 before the procedure... And build some muscle tone as well... I'm too shy to post pics of my current self... But don't worry ladies... I will definitely post before and after pics after the procedure... I'm also looking for buddies that plan on getting thier surgery on the same date ... Please comment! And any girls that went to Yily good or bad, can u share your experiences with me? I never has any plastic surgery before and only one medical surgery in my life. So I'm kinda nervous... But I'm so Ready for my new body... I'm ready to look as sexy on the outside as I feel on the inside!

Date change- New Date 5/4/2014

well ladies....I came across a snag an had to push my date back...its is now May 4th!!! Any buddies going to Yily around that time??? Please let me know!!!

Doctor Change!!! Dr. Baez!!! Dates still the same!!!

well after careful consideration...i changed my doctor to Dr to Dr. Baez!!! Ive been following her work and I'm comfortable that she will be able to give me the results that I am looking for. She was very informative in her email quote! I've gained a couple of pounds and she said she wont perform the surgery unless i'm 180 lbs or less...which is a great thing because although I'm getting a tummy tuck, I want my stomach muscles to look great and I want the rest of my body to be nice and toned but i want my butt to be juicy so i don't want to get no smaller than 170 before going to DR.So that is my goal weight before surgery. Also ladies, does anyone know of any GREAT vitamins (pre-op) that i can buy from the store... (not from make me heal)...I've been taking Centrium vitamins everyday for the past 3 months to improve overall health anyway... So now I need Folic Acid, Vitamin C, and Iorn in High dosages for the next few months. Oh and also... anyone going to Baez, she is NO LONGER include the massages...she is charging 300 for them now.but anyways she quoted me 3700 for full lipo to back waist flanks abdomen tummy tuck and bbl. And she dont need a deposit to set a date, you just have to let her know 3 weeks in advance for your surgery date.She seems like she really about her business ladies....

From Yily to Baez to Contreras...

Well ladies, I'm finally settled with Contreras!...We have all done it a billion times...but after viewing some of his work, I think that he will give me the best result. I know about his controversy ladies, so please don't copy and past newspaper articles or anything because I've done my research already. His work is amazing!!! Right now, I'm just focusing on eating right, taking my vitamins and working out. I want the best results possible... I was also looking into another Doctor... Luis Lima... The assistant Janet responded to my email, but for some reason, my pics didn't go through...so I sent them again, and I haven't heard anything since, and I've only seen ONE girl on here that claims to have had work done by him...I wasn't impressed by her pics, I was just curious about him and wanted to see if he would send pics of his work...the website sucks... so that was the end of that journey...I'm still curious though, so If any dolls get any info on this guy let me know.... But as of right now, I'm rolling with Contreras! I want the small waist with the fat ass! Any ladies going to Contreras around the same time as me, please inbox me...the recovery house is 60 per night with a buddy, and 80 dollars for an individual...I would love to save money and have someone to go through this experience with at the same time...

When I decided to email Contreras for a quote, I was SHOCKED that he emailed me back 2 HOURS later! And we went back and forth with emails for the next 3 hours about pricing, what I would need to bring, the recovery house fees, supplies, massages... everything...his patience with all of my questions and his promptness... helped me decide that he was the right choice for me.

his quote for BBL/ Full LIPO/TT was US3500
The price includes procedures, anesthesia and TWO days stay in the clinic.

Exam, Faja and at home meds are US500
Recovery house is US80/N individual... US60/N group
Round Trip taxi driver US70

When adding up all of the fees including US450 for the round trip plane ticket...the price is still comparable to other quotes I've received... and his work looks a lot better than other Doctors I've seen... So I'm starting my journey....

Scheduled for September 1st with Contreras

SMH!!! Choosing a doctor ain't no joke... I was holding out to see more of Contreras work on a larger females...(175 and up) I've seen him work on several thinner girls...but when I seen the tummy tuck he just did on the female that was 190 ...and I was blown away :-) I started picking up a few items, but I have some time before my day comes...I just wanted to check in with you dolls! Anyone who reads this and been to Contreras in 2014 please inbox me some details of your experience...it would be GREATLY appreciated
Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

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