Lipotherme Done Today, Feeling Optimistic About Procedure and Results

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I am a healthy and fit 5'8 male weighing in at...

I am a healthy and fit 5'8 male weighing in at 155 pounds. I do not think I needed liposuction nor would anybody I know ever say I needed it. However, I made the decision to have my abdomen and flanks done because I was NOT happy with the way in which pockets of fat would accumulate in these areas. The fat was not hard, but rather quite flabby and loose. I live a healthy lifestyle and do not have problems with weigh fluctuation.

After researching various liposuction techniques and the numerous doctors in the area, I consulted with two doctors from different areas so as to get a good reference as to the cost of the procedure. To my surprise, both doctors quoted me a price within $100 of the other. I am very happy with the doctor I chose. He is a young but distinguished doctor with a very impressive background. More importantly, he took his time during the consultation to answer all of my questions, despite the fact that I had arrived 30 minutes late. I asked him to estimate the amount of fat which would be removed from my body and his answer was spot on, 1000cc.

I had my surgery this morning at 8 AM. Upon arriving, I was given antibiotics and a valium to calm me down. The valium made me pretty loopy at which point I changed and laid down on the operating table to begin the procedure. I have read various different accounts of which parts of the procedure were painful and which were not. For me, the injection of the fluid was not painful at all. Nor was the majority of the actual suctioning of the fat. I only began to feel the discomfort towards the end, after the doctor had made many many passes with the cannula. Even though I did not show any signs of discomfort or pain, the doctor would ask about every 30 seconds if I was okay. Great bedside manner. The doctor appeared to be extremely through, asking me to turn and stand multiple times so as to ensure an even result. The final touch was to reinsert the laser for a final skin tightening. I was then wrapped in a compression binder and sent home after the doctor spent 10 minutes ensuring I was not going to faint.

Once at home, I noticed my abdomen becoming very very sore. Walking was difficult. I took the prescribed pain killer and slept for about 7 hours. During my sleep I soaked two towels with blood tinged fluid so I changed the towels and rewrapped myself in the binder. While changing my binder, I was able to take a peek at my abs and noticed they looked GREAT!!! Absolutely flat with muscles slightly visible underneath. I am very very optimistic about the final results post swelling. I realize this may take more than 4 months. While laying down or sitting up, I do not feel any pain or discomfort. The process of getting up from a laying position, however, is very painful and I feel stinging sensations around the belly button and back.

Right now I am sitting in front of my laptop typing this 17 hours after my procedure. I feel fine :) I will continue to update this post as I heal.

Day 2 I am no longer draining any fluid so I...

Day 2 I am no longer draining any fluid so I removed the pads under the compression band and rewrapped myself. I will try showering later today and rewrapping with a new compression band. Pain is slightly better. Does not hurt to sit or lay down however walking is still a bit cumbersome.

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Competitive pricing. Strong credentials. Takes his time in explaining and performing the procedure. Great staff.

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