Breast Augmentation Post Nursing. 34A-?? 400 Cc Under Muscle Under Crease.On Q Pain Pump - Maryland

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I've never filled up a bra, and if I did, my...

I've never filled up a bra, and if I did, my stomach usually stuck out more than my breasts! When I became pregnant with my son, I had a WONDERFUL set!! That is until my new job as an RN on a busy floor forced me into early weaning.

Now that my son is 1 year old, it was time. I made 3 appointments wtih top doctors that had numerous awards and credentials. I ultimately choose the most expensive, with the furtherest date of operation available, and I'll explain why under the "Doctor" slot. I was SUPER excited. Printed out pictures of shapes and sizes I found appealing and brought them to my pre-op apt.

Was nervous when the doctor told me that he was going to go 100 cc up then the size I tried on... 400-450 cc seemed like mega overkill!! BUT, I kept in mind the fact that the number one complant seems to be "I wish I had gone bigger". After discussion with my husband, he stated "you chose this doctor for numerous reasons and his reputation, trust him". Was super excited until 3 days before surgery. Then it turned into the whole "why am I risking my health for such a vain procedure?!" and panic about pain and everything in between.

I logged back onto Realself and read stories and it helped alot. Us women have gone through childbirth and raising children and everything in between. WE ARE WORTH IT! Day of surgery was very nervous, and then exciting, and then again nervous as the Doctor again mentioned that I was going to be in a "good amount of pain" and to "take my pain medications around the clock". As they walked me back I was literally shaking. Nurses were awesome in reminding me how long I've prepared for this and how I derserve something for all my hard work as a devoted mother and wife.

On the table, I lost it. Shaking like a leaf with fear, crying, the whole nine yards. Dr. Markman held my hand, rubbed my arm, the whole team was extremely patient and they were gracious enough to give me the gas and POFF! Why was I so nervous again? Who knows! BOOBIES WOO HOO!. Had a shot of versed which made me feel like a limp noodle and that was the last thing I remembered.

I woke up. RN asked me how I was feeling. Nowhere near as bad as I imagined. About 4/10 pain but it was creeping up so the RN gave me another shot and I felt great! Off into the wheelchair I went and and on home! Car ride was ok.... as we pulled into the driveway I nearly vomited. LUCKILY I had brought the dissolvable zofran with me and took one on the ride home. BRING YOUR MEDICINE WITH YOU AND LEAVE IN CAR FOR RIDE HOME!!! The rest of day I was pretty much out. Husband gave me medicine around the clock. I personally recommend taking 2 percocets with the valium every 4 hours for the first two days.

With the wrap it makes you feel short of breath... thats why they perscribe the valium. Take it. Wake up every 4 hours at night and take your meds. I was in tears when I woke at 330 am because it had been 6 hours since I had taken my medicine. The next night I set alarms... slept like a baby.

The wrap itches like nuts and i found myself trying to cram objects up around the edges to scratch it. Day 3 is much better with pain. Still need percocet and occasional valium when I can't catch my breath but much better. Wraps come off tomorrow. Can't wait! Right now it must be super tight because I look pretty flat chested. As for the not moving arms thing.... elbows must stay at side for at least 1 week. No teeth brushing, drinking, dressing nothing. My husband brushed my teeth for me, washed my hair with a shampoo cap, and sponge bathed me. He also dressed me and had to pull my pants up after restroom use.... you are pretty helpless. Make sure you have SOLID help.... I will post pics as soon as I get after pictures.... I follow up to cut off this stupid wrap tomorrow! I'm glad i got the pain pump because I can't imagine the pain without it.... I did 39 hours of natural labor and this SUCKED. BUT it will be worth it in the end I hope!

So went back to surgeon today. Implants moved up.....

So went back to surgeon today. Implants moved up... Fml. Now i have 4 girls instead of two!! Now i have a bandau torture device thing to wear and pray thecome down so i dont look like a freak. Boobs feel tender but my back is killing me to the point of mental breakdown.... Anyone had this stuff happen?

OKK soooo implants were still high a few weeks...

OKK soooo implants were still high a few weeks ago, so I had to still keep my arms at my side for about 3 weeks... it was HARD. Also the band drove me nuts... BUT, they finally dropped around 3 .5 weeks and they look AWESOME! My check up yesterday I got the 'Ok' to do whatever I want again, just slowly. Ive been in zero pain since the first checkup back to Doctor. I'm still wearing the band as they are stilla "cm" too high, however if this is the best case scernerio I'm ESTASTIC! I got 375 on one side and 425 on other, they're even and a 34D. Scars look good, starting the scar therapy sticky-but-not-really-sticky stickers :) Love the doc, love the results, wasn't sure in the beginning but final consensus was a sure worth it! Love my ladies!
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

He was the most expensive, and had the longest wait time out of all the doctors I've seen but the hospital staff love him, he takes his time. He is meticulous, and personally called me on a Sunday from home to see how I was feeling. I have his cell phone number for questions, and his staff bent over backwards trying to get me a reasonable date. Wonderful bedside manner and wonderful staff. I'm a nurse so bedside manner and patience makes a doctor for me... He was amazing! Second runner up was Dr. Shermack, however I felt like she was extremely rushed, and didn't want someone rushing through my procedure. Feeling of apathy from her. Dr. Markman was worth the wait.

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