Recovery Mode from BBL done on March 28, 2012 - Maryland

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Hi everyone, as a Hispanic woman I unfortunately...

Hi everyone, as a Hispanic woman I unfortunately was born with a flat butt, only time I would somewhat fill in a pair of sweatpants was when I gained weight. Problem is I tend to gain weight all over especially around my waist and face. I didn't like how my body looked so I decided to do something about it and scheduled a BBL.

I had liposuction done on my abdomen, flanks, lower back, dorsal roll, back of my arms and inner and outer thighs then had the fat transferred to my butt and hips to give me more of a coke bottle shaped body(I looked like a blowed rectangle before), and a fuller rounder butt. The first 9 days were the worse days of my life! I was in sooo much pain!, threw up everyday, and felt so dizzy and weak. Thank god I had my bf take a week off of work to come and take care of me. Coming back to new york Im currently staying with my dad until I get better (I live with my bf who i have been with for 6 years but since he works 6 days a week 12-13 hrs a day i decided to move in with my dad to help take care of me by helping me get in and out of bed when i need to pee evey 2-3 hrs and bring me food. Then when my bf gets out of work he comes over to visit me and help me out of my garment so I can number 2 while standing over the toliet, wipe my butt and give me a shower (trust me you need someone to help you with all this since you will be in a lot of pain limiting your mobility).

It's been 15 days since my surgery and so far the worse is over and am feeling soooo much better. I am a lot stronger, I stopped throwing up, am not in a lot of pain anymore just discomfort, and looking great. A lot of the swelling as been going down so I now have this small waist, my butt looks great, it's not huge but for my body frame it suits me (I don't want to be the girl with the big ass with chicken legs lol). My doctor did a great work sculpting me, I didn't think it was possible for me to have a body like this. I love that he filled out the hollowness of the sides of my butt and this dent that was on my lower left butt cheek (had a double creased which embarrassed me) I just HOPE that dent stays filled. I don't plan on sitting for the full 6 weeks to try give my fat graft the greatest chance of survival and when the 6 week marks comes I don't plan on sitting directly on it, using cushions on my thighs to lift my butt off for another month (I don't want my butt to shrink anymore since I like the size it is now, when it was swollen from surgery the first week I thought it was too big lol). I'll upload pictures when I get a chance, I'm writing this review from my iPad which doesn't allow me to post pictures, but when I get my hands on my bf's computer I will.

Hi everyone, it's been about 19 days since surgery...

Hi everyone, it's been about 19 days since surgery and so far I'm doing well for the most part. Everything feels firm and tight, making it uncomfortable for me to move but not too painful. Recovering sucks since I'm so bored from laying around in bed (on my stomach of course) and walking in circles to help circulate my blood (doctor says its important to walk around every few hrs to avoid blood clots). What I do to pass the time is play angry birds lol, watch tv, eat and sleep -.- but I know that in the end it will be worth it. Just to warn you guys, make sure you buy some anti itch lotion and a scratching stick because you will get it it itchy whereever you had lipo, it's annoying :/. I have a heated massager that I try to use everyday for at least an hr to massage all my lipo areas and let me tell you it's made a difference with the firmness, it helps soften it up. Although when I actually touch my lipo areas it feels hard, most of it at least looks pretty smooth expect for the area above my flanks, around my bra area, looking a little lumpy, I hope that goes away with time. I'm going to Maryland tomorrow with my dad and my driver for my third follow up appointment

P.s. before I forget I'm 5'6 and weighted 140 before surgery with measurements of 36-31-36

My measurements as of right now is 36-28-40, I'm...

My measurements as of right now is 36-28-40, I'm one month and 4 days post op

Hi everyone I just moved back in with my bf yday,...

Hi everyone I just moved back in with my bf yday, good to be home again lol. Its been 5 and a half weeks since my bbl and so far I haven't say down down even for the bathroom, I try not to bend too much although it's hard when my leg is Itchy and I'm laying down :/. I still sleep on my stomach although it's soo uncomfortable and I'm still not use to it. I'm 75% happy so far with my results although there r a lil things I would fix. Pros r that I don't look like sponge bob anymore with a square body lol, so far my double butt crease is still filled in thank god, most of my body is lumpy free especially my stomach (very smooth) and I'm happy he convinced me to have lipo under my butt giving me more of a rounder appearance. The cons r that I have some lumpiness/dent on my left dorsal roll but hopefully itll smooth out with time, I feel like the sides of my waist is a little uneven, like one side was lipo a little more then the other side. My left hip is a little more rounder then my right hip. And although my butt is a much better improvement from what it was, I wish it was a little more rounder and projected more towards the center. I got to try on some sweatpants and skirts with the help of my bf of course since im trying not to bend too much, and sweatpants that use to sag on my butt can barely fit now. Some of my skirts look nice on me and some of them I'm going to have to give away because it rides up too much from the back or doesn't fit my waist line anymore since its too big. My stretchy shirts looks so cute on me now (unlike when I had a gut that I had to hold in), however though I'm def going to have to go shirt shopping in 2 months because a lot of them look baggy on me now that I have a smaller waist (I'll keep them to use for the gym when I'm ready months from now). With time well see how my body changes.

***Meant to say sat down not say down in the...

***Meant to say sat down not say down in the second sentence

Hi everyone it's been a little over 4 months since...

Hi everyone it's been a little over 4 months since my surgery so I've decided to update my progress. The positives to me having this surgery is that I actually have a butt! Lol, I'm very curvy to which I've being getting a lot of attention. Im pleased with my smaller waist and my curvier figure. However the negatives that I will address to my doctor when I see him is that I have developed a little bit of cellulite on my butt to which I've never had before (maybe some of my fat reabsorbed unevenly, idk). But that's not my worst concern, what my worst concern that I do plan on getting a retouch up whether its from markmann or someone else (because it's def gonna happen in the following year of 2013) is that my hips are uneven. That's the real major issue that bothers me a lot, my left hip (ur right) is square and longer while my right hip (ur left) is rounder and shorter. I need to get this corrected (hopefully my left hip will match up to my right rounder hip) then I will be happy as a clam. This sucks because I took 4 months off of work to heal properly and didn't sit for 2 so it sucks that I will have to take more time off and spend more money to fix this -.-
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

Love his staff they are so sweet, and understanding especially when I went to my second follow up appointment an hr and a half late (sooo much traffic when there was a fire in NJ, and construction on the way to Maryland, they still managed to see me instead of saying sorry have to come back another time.

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