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I have fantasized about getting a TT for almost 5...

I have fantasized about getting a TT for almost 5 years. I am 42 years old and have 4 kids (23,18, 11, 5). My youngest was a c-section and that took my stomach from bad to worse! Surgery is scheduled for November 19th. One month and one day away!

I am reluctant to tell too many people, I just don't need their judgement. My mother doesn't even know. My sister knows I've had a consultation, but not that I have scheduled surgery. My husband and 18 year old daughter are very supportive. This is so exciting and will make a huge difference in my life! I can't imagine not having to powder under my "flap" after I shower and before exercise.

I told my mom

I told my mom yesterday. She said I was nuts, and that was a lot better than what I was expecting. 29 days to go!

28 days!

I am exactly 4 weeks out today. My plan is to do an hour of cardio 6 days a week (I usually do 4 days a week), cut out red meat and alcohol until after the surgery. Hopefully I can drop a few more pounds before the surgery.

Got a tip yesterday

I went for a Brazilian wax yesterday, and told the lady that I was having a TT in November. She had one 4 years ago in Brazil. She said that her surgeon told her to drink lots of coconut water after surgery. She did and said that she did not have much trouble with swelling. She didn't even have drains. So, time to stock up on coconut water!

Less than 3 weeks

My pre-op appointment is Monday (11-4). It is hard to believe it is almost here! I am planning to look for a recliner on craigslist to sleep in. My bed is really high off the ground and I don't think I will be able to get in and out of it for at least several days after surgery.

I'm hurting already!

Went formy pre-op and paid the balance today. I got my prescriptions filled and am putting all my supplies together in a small bag so everything will be in one place. I also got a chair for the shower. After all the money I have spent so far I really don't want to buy a recliner with a pull handle or rent a hospital bed. I guess I will just put a step stool beside my bed so I can get up there and use lots and lots of pillows to prop myself up the right way. I would sleep in the guest bedroom, but I am afraid that I will need my husband's help in the middle of the night. I am getting the experel injections in my ab muscles and that will keep them numb for 72 hours after surgery. My PS has had excellent results with the Experel. The morning of my surgery I am to take 2 muscle relaxers (after surgery dose is 1) so that my muscles will be nice and loose for him to tighten them. I am planning to wear my pajamas that morning as I won't want to change once I get home.

Now I need to find some recipes that freeze well so we will have a few nights worth of dinner on stand by.

I will take a pic of my supplies and post it later so maybe you guys can tell me if I am missing anything.

Last hoorah before surgery

My husband and I brought the 2 boys to Gatlinburg for the weekend. We are headed home tomorrow morning. Last night I was so exhausted from the road that I almost forgot to think about my upcoming surgery. Right before I went to sleep I rolled over and had to drag over a pillow to put between my skin flap and the bed (I don't know why, but it grosses me out when my belly flops around and touches things). Although I am not looking forward to the pain of recovery, I am SUPER excited to not ALWAYS be making accommodations for my belly flap any more! It dictates what I wear, how I sleep, my after shower routine, and plays a big part in how I feel about my physical body. I am ready for the flat side.

What am I missing?

Here is my bag of supplies for after surgery. I also have a shower chair as well as a small step stool to get in the bed. Do any of you see that I've missed anything?

5 more sleeps!

Today has been busy. I got my nails done and a pedicure, and had the oven repaired as well as the regular stuff. Tomorrow I am getting a haircut and hopefully buying toys and school supplies for our shoebox donations for Operation Christmas Child ay my sons's school. My oldest is 23 has lived in Houston, TX since March of this year. She is coming home for Thanksgiving and we are having Christmas pictures made the day before Thanksgiving. Hopefully I will be doing well enough to handle it, but she is only here for a week and I don't have any other time to get all of us together!

I can't believe this is actually finally happening! My husband and I were talking about it and he thinks I will do fine. The lady that does my Brazillian waxing said I will be fine because I have a high pain tolerance. When she told me that I had to laugh because she of all people would know! Anyway, I am hanging my hopes on thinking that it can't be worse than the c-section....maybe not even as bad. Guess I will find out soon enough!

Less than 48 hours

We are down to the wire. It has been raining here for the last 2 days and my two dogs have tracked up my kitchen floor something terrible! I really hope I can clean it tomorrow, but if it is still raining I probably won't; it would be futile.

Today at church the top part of my tights kept rolling down and settling in the roll where my belly button is. My skinny girl shaping tank kept rolling up from the bottom and my shaping boy shorts kept rolling down from the top. This is nothing new, it is like this all the time for me. It is strange to realize that after Tuesday my tummy will be better. Blows my mind.

I am so nervous. Will they give me something to calm my nerves before surgery?

The last supper

So, I just finished eating dinner. My last meal before surgery tomorrow. I am going to drink lots of water tonight before midnight so I will be well hydrated tomorrow. I think I will cook pancakes for the family in the morning since I won't be cooking for them for a few days after that.

I am supposed to be at the surgical center at 7:30. I am so excited and nervous!


I very sore. Drowsy too. Time for a nap and then pain mess at 4. Ouch'

Pee and a pic

Went to pee on my own! One drain is almost full and one is nearly empty.

I did it!

I am pretty coherent right now so I thought I would write about my day today as much for me as everyone else. When I woke up in recovery, I was in a good deal of pain. I don't think the Exparel had kicked in yet maybe. They told me I had a coughing fit right when they put me under and right before came back up. That probably amused a lot of air in my belly, because I was VERY nauseated. I almost vomited, but they gave me a couple of doses of phenergan and it passed. Mostly my pain I the recovery room was a burning sensation. When we got back home I drank a liter of. Of coconut water and have been drinking lots of water since then. I am not having any problems peeing, so that is good. I did. Ot get a toilet seat riser and was concerned that I may need one, but so far it hasn't been an issue.

Only one drain seems to be filling, but I don't think it is anything to worry about as long as something is coming out. I am getting around all right to keep blood clots away, and am taking deep breaths every hour like I am supposed to.

When we got home today, I lifted my shirt to show my daughter my compression garment and the drains and she told me she could tell I was smaller already! This hunched walking is brutal on the back, let me tell you! I have already walked up the stairs to the bedroom and back down, it was not nearly as bad as I thought it would be. So far my experience is not nearly as bad as the c-section.

My husband and kids have been great about helping, here's hoping it onit use for as long as I need it.

I can't believe idi it! Crazy!


I just took a shower and had hubby snap some pics. Hopefully this is swelling, because I think I look huge!

Creepy crawly sensation under the skin

What is that? I have read others on here talk about it, and now I know what they mean! At least it doesn't hurt?

And oh lord, my vajayjay is so swollen it looks like it might burst! It's also nice and purple. Looks like my incision is very low. I can't wait to see my belly button!


I have successfully had my first post-op BM. Pretty exciting stuff!

Worst day so far!

I woke up twice during the night to pee. At 1 am, I felt ok and had no trouble getting out of or back into bed. I realize now that I should have taken a pain pill. At 4 am I woke up to pee again and had a very hard time getting out of bed. I did take the pain pill that I had left on my night stand at that time. At 5:15 we got up and came downstairs, I took a muscle relaxer and antibiotic when we got to the kitchen. Just a few minutes ago I took TWO pain pills and an anti nausea pill. I am having a very hard time staying on top of the pain today. At this point I am wondering why I did this to myself!

My first look

And I am liking what I see.

Saw the doctor today

They removed the tape and I was relieved to see that the wound was not nearly as bloody as it looked through the tape. I thought that my belly button already looked pretty nice too! The doctor placed a foam pad under the inder to keep the elastic from making lines in my skin.

Today was my first day of swelling. I mean SWELLING! We went to Thanksgiving chapel at my boys's school, then to get a form notarized, to the doctor, and then to the grocery store. All that activity had me as tight as a drum! Just the first of many swelling days to come, I am sure.

On a positive note, my pain is much better today. After seeing my belly button for the first time in years today I am happy I did this!

Serious swelling

So, this swelling is no joke! My thighs and arms are a little sensitive because they are so swollen. Just now I asked my husband to put my knee socks on because I am a little cold; they will only go halfway up my calves! I have read everyone posting about swelling on here, but I had NO IDEA it would be this extreme! How long will it be until this goes down some?

Day 4 pics

I have slept more today than any other day so far . My daughter helped me get a shower just now and we got a few pics. I haven't pooped since Thursday so I may have to take something tonight.

New compression garment

OK, my CG is fraying around the bottom and it is clear that I am going to need another one. My drains come out on Tuesday, but I will still need to wear a stage 1 garment for a week after that. Any suggestions?

Went to the grocery store

I got out of my PJ's and put on sweat pants to go to the store today. Look! No belly roll in the front! I was overjoyed! Makes the pain seem worth it.

My right drain has been leaking so I am washing my compression garment right now. I can't wait to get it back on, it feels unsafe without it!

Drains are out!

Well, I got my drains out this morning. It was not painful in the least, I actually couldn't feel it at all. The right drain, which had been leaking since Sunday must have had a clog somewhere, because as soon as the nurse started to pull it out fluid started pouring out of me. Gross! My doctor prescribed me a water pill for the swelling. Hopefully that will improve soon.

In a cruel twist of fate, I seem to have picked up a stomach bug. I have thrown up twice today. Not on the top is my list of fun things to do a week after you get a tummy tuck.

I noticed my waist even through all the layers under my shirt. I think I'm going to be pleased withy results when I am finished healing.

Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope all my realself friends are having a blessed Thanksgiving.

I am feeling pretty good today. My husband, two boys, and I went out to eat at a nice restaurant a little before noon. I couldn't even eat half of what I usually would eat on Thanksgiving. If only this only being able to eat 5 bites of food at a time would last a long long time! I just woke up from a nap and am considering what to do with the rest of our day.

Although I am still taking some pain pills, it is a lot fewer than several days ago. I think that in another week I will just be down to OTC meds. Coughing and laughing are only a little uncomfortable now, much better than the searing hot pain that they caused only a few days ago. And I know this is probably TMI, but I can now effectively wipe when I go potty!

So I don't have stitches on the outside of my incision, but I have noticed something that looks like fishing line on each end of the incision as well as in my belly button. When will my doctor remove these? I am hoping it will be next week at the 2 week check up.

I meant to take a picture when I was dressed up! but I am already back in my uniform of flannel pajamas. Oh well, there's always next time. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.

9 day belly pics

I had my hubby snap some pictures. I have to say, I like it already!

Day 11

It is hard to believe 1 day can make such a difference!

Yesterday, my husband and I took the boys to an indoor trampoline park and let them jump for an hour and a half. After that, we took them to a cheap pizza buffet that is one of their favorite places to eat. We were out about 3.5 hours and I was so ready to get back home. I was having a hard time standing straight and started feeling like my CG was digging into me (it wasn't), and was just all around miserable.

Today I knew I had to go out to get my nails done, and I wasn't looking forward to it after my experience yesterday. BUT, it was a breeze. I went to pick up my prescriptions, got my nails done, picked up a few things at the grocery store and felt pretty good the whole time. I was walking straight and getting in and out of the car with no problem. I did put on 3 lbs of water weight from the time I left until I got back, but even though I am swollen I still feel pretty all right. Maybe I have turned a corner in my recovery.

Updated too fast

I submitted the update without adding all my pics. For kicks and giggles I tried on these panties, they were not comfortable on my tummy yet, but I think they look pretty good!

So my husband is driving me nuts

When did you all get released to do the horizontal bop?

Two week check up

Doc released me for treadmill and elliptical today, and sex too. I go back for another check up in one month. I am feeling good the last 3 days.

I took some pics this morning, my left hip seems bigger and lumpier than my right hip. I hope at least some of it is swelling.

Christmas decorating and my period.

Oh happy Day! If it had not been for some insane cramping today would have been my 1st day without a pain pill. Oh well. We got our Christmas tree for the family room today, a 12 foot Fraser Fir. I also decided to jump on the bandwagon of having multiple trees in the house, so I got. 6.5 foot pre lit artificial tree for upstairs. Anyway, I am so tired and we aren't even finished putting everything up. Tomorrow is another day!

2.5 weeks

It's been a few days since I updated, so let me tell you what is happening with my recovery. My wound is healing pretty well, there are still a few scabs left. The ridge under the incision is still huge so I am hoping it is because the stitches haven't dissolved yet. I am hoping it flattens out some. I am so tired of sleeping on my back. I have tried a couple of times to sleep on my side and it was very uncomfortable! Also, I have now experienced the waterbed effect first hand. It is so strange to feel that water swooshing around under your skin!

My husband and I went to our first Christmas party of the season last night. I loved the way I looked in my party dress: HUGE boobs and a flat belly. I felt like a non cartoon version of Betty Boop or Jessica Rabbit. I will always be curvy, that's just a fact of life. However, I can't express how wonderful it feels to see my reflection in a mirror and be happy about how I look. I would do this all over in a heartbeat!

3 weeks today!

Today is exactly 3 weeks since my TT. My skin seems to be reattaching to the fascia, especially above my belly button. Also, the numbness above my belly button is decreasing. Still very numb below the belly button.

I went to the dentist yesterday and decided to put on a pair of pants that I haven't worn in a long time because of the way they dug into my stomach. I was so happy! I saw my reflection and didn't think I looked fat! Then my daughter saw me in some black leggings and told me I looked skinny! Awesomeness!

4 weeks after TT

I am *almost* feeling back to normal now. The MR is what makes the recovery take so long. Just within the last week I have started sleeping on my side again. Yay! I can sort of stretch when I wake up in the morning. I have lost a few more pounds the last couple of weeks, so that is nice. I am noticing the strange hump on my left hip is started going down some and that is a huge relief, it looks a little strange!

An old friend of mine is having her TT today, and she is super excited. In all honesty though, I would not want to repeat the first week after surgery. Brutal stuff!

My stitches must be starting to break down. On Sunday I notices something poking out and I pulled it and this pretty long stitch came out. Kind of gross! I have started using silicone sheets on my scar, but am thinking about switching to a gel because the sheets are kind of a pain.

I'm off to the gym. Happy healing, everyone!

Achy breaky mons!

The top of my girly parts hurts so bad!

Mons pain

The top of my hoo-ha is killing me!

More sore than I was last week

I am really not sure why, but the last several days I have felt different. The first few days of week 5 my mons was very swollen and tender. That seems to be better now, but my abs are all of a sudden very sore, like I have done 10 thousand sit ups. It is not painful, jut sore. I haven't been overdoing it and have definitely not done any a work. Today it seems to be a little better, so as long as the improvement keeps up I am going to assume this is normal healing.

On a super fun note, sickness seems to have descended upon our house just in time for Christmas. My husband has been sick with cough and cold symptoms for 4 days. Today my baby boy says his throat hurts too, but it. A hard to tell with him, he may just be copying daddy!

I am attaching some pictures from a few days ago. My scar is a little darker, it is in the "looking worse before it looks better" phase.

Feeling groovy

I am almost to 6 weeks post op now, and I am feeling pretty good. Just a teeny bit sore and was even able to chase my 5 year old son 2 days ago....it didn't even hurt!

6 week belly pic

Tomorrow will be 6 weeks. Here is a picture I took right after my shower this morning.

8 weeks and 4 days

It's been a while since I updated. Tomorrow I will hit the 2 month mark, and can pretty much do anything I want, even crunches. Yikes!

Things are almost completely back to normal. I have started taking care of the housework at the same level as I did before surgery. I can pick up my 40 lb 5 year old now with no problem. There is a slightly raised round place directly above my belly button. I noticed it a few weeks ago, and showed it to my doc on the last visit, but he did not seem too concerned. I don't go back until April 11 so we will see how it is then.

At this point, I am thinking I may need lipo or cool sculpting on my hips, but now that I will be stepping up my activity again I will just see how that looks by April when I go back to the doc.

We are in San Antonio, TX for a few days to see The Alamo and visit a new place. We got in last night, so I can't wait to see this pretty place in daylight!

10 weeks

I am feeling good at 10 weeks. I started the weight machines again, and am able to do crunches with no problem. I have also started weight watchers to lose a few more lbs. by the time I go back to the doctor in April I want to have a good idea of whether or not I am going to need lipo.

Guess what? When I flex my abs I can actually see it now! I have abs, who knew?

My belly is still numb, but the numb area does seem to be decreasing slowly. My stitches must be dissolved now, and I had very few of them that my body pushed out and I had to remove myself. The right side of my scar seems to be lumpier than the left side which is pretty flat. I don't really care about the scar though, my main concern was getting rid of the skin apron.

10 weeks, covered in snow

We are covered in snow here in Georgia. No, we don't like it.

12 weeks!

I can hardly believe 12 weeks has passed since my tummy tuck. I am feeling good and so glad I did this. My day to day activities are completely back to normal now. The numb area on my stomach seems to be getting a tiny bit smaller over time. I still have swelling above my belly button, but from what I understand, the swelling will go on for a while longer. It's not terrible, but just enough to notice it.

It is snowing / sleeting here again today. I am so ready for Spring!
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