Very Bad Lipo Result - Marietta, GA

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I consulted for ab/flank lipo and was 10 lbs over...

I consulted for ab/flank lipo and was 10 lbs over my ideal weight. He recommended a little inner/outer thigh since it wouldn't be much more and it would "smooth out" the silhouette. I regret the day I ever met him. He performed lipo in an area I did not consent to and ruined my thighs and butt. He gave me a DOUBLE GLUTEAL fold under both cheeks which is the result of overaggressive lipo. Over the past 1 1/2 years he did a revision and 2 fat transfers which did not take, probably because he spent 20 minutes on the fat transfers. Two 1/2 years later, the problem still exists, and I have nerve damage AND it hurts to sit. I have years of fat transfers ahead of me at a cost of $25,000 and counting.

Has anyone had a good experience with fat...

Has anyone had a good experience with fat transfers to repair excessive liposuction?

I was told that cellulaze or vaser hi-def lipo may...

I was told that cellulaze or vaser hi-def lipo may correct this problem. Has anyone had success with this procedure?

Scheduled for fat grafting with Dr. Sydney Coleman...

Scheduled for fat grafting with Dr. Sydney Coleman in NYC in July. Praying for a positive outcome! Will post pictures after the grafting.

Fat transfer is scheduled for Wed morning with Dr....

Fat transfer is scheduled for Wed morning with Dr. Sydney Coleman. I am so excited to get the unsightly creases filled in and get my butt off the backs of my thighs. I hope and pray he is successful in repairing Thomas Lintner's overly aggressive lipo, I have been disfigured for almost 3 years now and am grateful to have the opportunity to have this deformity fixed.
Will post more photos soon.

1 week after the fat transfers and so far,so good....

1 week after the fat transfers and so far,so good. Still extremely sore and the only comfortable position is standing or lying down with legs extremely elevated. The double gluteal folds are gone as are the extensive creases that extended to the outer thighs. Was it worth it? So far....YES! I am very pleased with the results so far. I will never have my former butt back, but this is such a huge improvement. I need to stay off the thigh area for another 2 weeks. The fat was harvested from the flank/back area. All was used in the backs of my thighs and the extra was placed in the outer hip area. I will post more photos in another week.

Its been 4 weeks since Dr. Coleman did the fat...

Its been 4 weeks since Dr. Coleman did the fat transfers. The swelling has gone down quite a bit, but the areas are still extremely tender. When I exercise it feels like little needles are piercing the harvested areas and the area where the fat was transferred. Not painful, just a very very strange sensation. Still uncomfortable to sit. New pictures are posted. I may need a little touch up, but it is a huge improvement!

It has been 9 weeks since the fat transfers and so...

It has been 9 weeks since the fat transfers and so far, most has stayed. I appreciate everyone's comments and well wishes. I only wish my bad lipo result was not so common. It seems there are many of us that have suffered from incompetent plastic surgeons. I will probably need some more transfers in Feb or March, which is the earliest date. The side view looks so much better than post lipo. The backside is improved also, but there is some unevenness and slight creasing where the double gluteal fold was.

Many people have asked about the texture of the skin and fat transfers. Prior to lipo, my legs and butt were firm. After lipo, the area was very loose, soft, "scwishy" and just vacant. I was missing what appeared to be about a 2 inch band of tissue across the backs of my legs. The indentation was even more exaggerated if I lifted my leg up slightly or lay on my side. The area above and below the lipo was still very firm. The legs were no longer supporting the butt and the butt was holding up the legs (Dr. Lintner may as well have used a chain saw to obtain a similar result). The fat transfers has made the area feel smooth as there is less indentations, but there is still a noticeable difference in the texture. It is not as firm as my butt or legs. The area that was filled in is very, very soft. Afterall, it was fat that was injected and there is not much connective tissue there anymore. This may improve with time, and I will update every few weeks or so. Like all of you, I wish we could go back in time and never have the lipo. I will never have my body back. The appearance is much better, but there is a definite difference in the skin tone.

As far as the sensitivity, it is still extremely tender. Its painful to sit for any extended period, and any hard surface is out of the question for a seat. Hopefully this will improve with time as well.

If you have any questions about the fat transfer, please send me a message and I will be happy to answer.

Here are new photos, 5 months after fat transfers....

Here are new photos, 5 months after fat transfers. I would have to estimate that 80-90% of the fat has stayed, but its hard to tell, due to the intense swelling after the transfers. I was "bootylicious" for awhile! lol
The texture of the areas is still "mushy" and I have very slight scarring, which should continue to improve. It felt great to walk on the beach last week in a swimsuit and be confident.

10 months after fat transfers

Here are several side, front and back sides of the fat transfers. Most is still here. I could use a little "tweaking", but hopeful to accomplish changes by limiting calories, eating whole foods, and working out 5 days a week. So far so good, but need to focus on glutes more. The areas look much better now than after Lintner's fiasco. Dr. Coleman did a wonderful job building up the areas.

1 Year Later

It has been 1 year since Dr Coleman performed the fat transfers. I am very happy with the results and the areas are greatly improved. Most of the scars have faded. I am seeing him in 1 week while in NYC. I would love to have no visible creases from the side, but not sure if I have enough fat left for any transfers. He will take pictures next week and I will post those. Please contact me if any questions!
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon

FIND ANOTHER SURGEON! He is only interested in your money, not the outcome. Wish I could give him 0 stars.

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