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Hello everyone well i'm 22 yrs old , i have one...

hello everyone well i'm 22 yrs old , i have one daughter and i have always disliked my boobs, they are shaped like a cone and with huge dark aureolas, after my pregnancy they started to sag a little bit so i decided to looking to the reduction and lift, I had a friend who recommended me Dr. Petrosky who did her breast augmentation and also another friend of mine who had lipo with him and they were very pleased with the results so i decided to go check him out. He staff was very nice with me, since I'm hispanic they told a nurse to take care of me and ask me a couple of questions in the room while i waired for the dr. to show but she was hired as spanish speaker but clearly didnt know how to speak spanish since i didnt understand anything she said lol so i told her it was fine for her to speak english with me, later on the dr came to talk to me and explain to me the procedure with the reduction and told me to put on the gown and stepped out, when he came he told me to show him my breast and then said that i needed also a lift and i was a perfect candidate for the procedure since my breast are small (34a) so he told me to dress and and another lady gave me a quote and that same day I schedule my surgery and we'll see what happens....

pre op

So I went to my pre op on the 10th and it was very quick, the nurse took some pictures then took some blood and that was it. I didnt get to see the dr. or speak to him which I thought I was going to. The nurse also gave me a package with all the instructions on what to do before the surgery like not eating or drinking anything before midnight. She also gave me my prescriptions and I paid off my balance. I put some on my carecredit and the rest I paid it with my debit card.

Surgery day

Ok so I had my surgery on the 24th and I was supposed to be there no later than 10:45 but with all the traffic I git there 10 minutes late and I called the office to let them know and they were totally fine with me being late. When I arrived at the office I had to wait like 5 minutes so they could get everything ready then the nurse took me to the back of the center where they do the surgeries and she gave me the gown and got undressed. I was so nervous!!! The nurse then introduced me to the anesthesiologist who asked me a couple of questions and took me to a room where she gave me the IV and I told her that I was very nervous and started crying, she held my hand and told me I was going to be fine, then she told me she was going to put something in my IV so I could relax. Whatever she gave me made me feel happy, then I was taken to the op room and they took my piercings because they said I could get burned but didnt hear from what or how because that when they sedated me.

I think the surgery lasted like and hour then I just remembered waking up with my clothes on and the nurse asking me what day was best for my follow up visit, I was like I just woke up lady I cant even think straight!!! lol. then my ride came and surprisingly I wasnt in any pain. I thought I was going to be on pain med alll the time but I really dont need them. I took a couple of pics and I got that round look on my boobs not like before they look like cones but they are a bit swollen and I havent been able to look at my areola reduction because I have surgical tape all over it so I guess I have to wait a couple of weeks to see the final outcome.

op pics

after surgery

almost 2 weeks

2 weeks

3 months post pics

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