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I agree with the review that he only wants your...

I agree with the review that he only wants your money.
-----My breast lift and augmentation surgery---
I just wrote about over a page and ended up erasing it thinking that this is T M I.
You want a review. My story is long and I honestly do not like typing it all. (too much)
Trust me. I am sure he can do a good job but make sure that there is no confusion because you will get blamed for it even though it's not your fault.
((He cant remember verbal agreements)) btw
There will be no apologies if a mistake is made. They will try to cover it up. I am left needing a 2nd revision because of Dr.Lintner's mistake. He did his 1st revision and it is still wrong.
He did not do what he said he would do, in both surgeries!!
He made my breasts more uneven than they were to begin with. He got his left and right confused. I even have papers where it was crossed out by hand to try and adjust the mistake. He said he would do revision again, but now I am scared of this doctor and just want to find another doctor.
I did not SUE him because they would have won with all the papers you sign now days stating that basically however it turns out "its not the Doctors fault"
Also, hopefully his wife (his nurse) likes you because if not, there might be abusive behavior from her as well as was in my case. I was never abusive to any one of them even though I had a right to be upset. They did not want me to see it as Dr.Lintner's mistake.
Bottom line...Dr.Lintner messed up and his wife backs him up and she is abusive to me. Now I need a 2nd revision and will not go back there. (Even though I asked him about doing it)
I believe he has done a good job on some people but not on my surgery. If you use this Doctor...... Good Luck. I wouldn't take the chance with this doctor if I could do it all over again.
Also it took him 2 times to get a piece of cartilage off bridge of my nose. He did finally fix it but I had to pay for revision when another doctor could have done it all in one.
All that read this review and do not agree or defend this doctor, go right ahead. I am only telling my story. If you had a good experience, that's great.

Dr. Lintner Ruined My Breasts

I came in for an implant removal and Dr. Lintner talked me into a breast lift with exchange of implant. He said to go bigger. He doesn't explain well why or what he means. It is confusing. "Ughh" was my thought because I just wanted implants out. I thought my old implants were making me too big. I did not see sagging skin like Dr. Lintner did. In fact when I said put a smaller implant in, it was because the implant did not taper down smoothly on upper chest so I thought it was too big. Dr. Lintner never bothered to explain or show me pictures of myself and what he could do to "me." He had me bring in pictures of other women and I did. I brought many different sized women. I wanted natural look and thought bigger would make me look too fake. I thought a B cup size implant would work not knowing how much skin he would take. He does not explain in laymens terms and his drawings to explain are hard to understand. I thought take my D cup implant out and put in a B cup one in so the hump would go down. He said I would be wearing a padded bra if I did. So I withdrew my idea and said that I would trust him. Well on surgery day he forgot that I agreed with him and reviewed my prior wish and incorrectly gave me the wrong size. Not only that he botched the results. He did not correctly do the lift/exchange that he talked me into. He took off so much skin that one nipple points up and the other points down. I cannot wear normal bras because one nipple will not stay in the cup and I look like a freak now. I look worse than before now with no projection and I am so small. My breasts do not fit my body at all. I will not date ever again and it is all I think about daily all day. It has been 8 years now since Dr. Lintner ruined my breasts. I am more self conscience than ever and I am ashamed of my breasts. Dr. Lintner blamed me and said "I tell my patients to trust me"! I did !! He just forgot and will not accept that he made the mistake. I have one breast a lot larger than the other that cannot be fixed because of how much skin he took. I have a huge indented scar because he missed the infammory fold. It is 1 and 1/2 inch below my nipple. He blamed my prior doctor for this (18 years prior) when this is clearly Dr. Lintner's fault. I could tell right away that the surgery was wrong. His nurse/wife yelled at me one day after my surgery because I called and was upset at what he had done. She was never in the consults to hear our final agreement. I did not raise my voice to her. My throat was bruised from surgery. I am ruined for life. He amputated my breasts. I never understood his lift. I just wanted natural. I am upset that he took advantage of me knowing that I did not understand. I had multiple visits to try and understand. This is a horrible doctor. Another plastic surgeon confirmed that he took too much skin and was negligent to put such a small implant in and crop all of my skin off like he did. He has ruined my life. I will never marry or date ever because of what he did to me. He as a memory problem and he is a butcher. I lost all feeling in my right breast also. He talked me into a procedure and ruined the results.

Dr. Lintner Ruined my breasts

Dr. Lintner Ruined My Breasts
29 May 2015
I was talked into a breast lift exchange when I only wanted removal of old implants. I was a bit big I thought because of the old implants. I finally agreed to all that he recommended that I do, so that I would not be wearing a padded bra like he said if I went smaller. On surgery day he forgot our agreement and put in too small of an implant anyway. He forgot our last consult to put larger size implants in. He put small implants in and cropped off too much skin. I wanted a natural look. He gave me a very small adolescent look. He took more skin from my smaller breast than my bigger one. I have written proof of this. I have one nipple that goes up and one that goes down over an inch off asymmetry. My right nipple will not stay in bra. He placed this nipple too high. He gave me a reduction not a lift. He violated my imfammory fold and cut horizontally too high leaving a gashed in scar on my right breast. I was even asymmetry before and really did not have a lot of sagging. He blamed "me" for the outcome because of the implant size he used. He forgot ! He also blamed my prior surgeon from 18 years ago for where my fold was. He spent minimal time with in consults which made me feel like a pest. I just wanted to understand more so came back a few times before surgery. His nurse/wife was very rude to me because I was upset at how small he made me the day after my surgery and reminded me of "all" the consults that I had with her husband. I only took one pain pill after surgery and remember so much of distorted things they both said. Also, Dr. Lintner never gave me an option to do this surgery in two stage approach for a better outcome. I found out later from other surgeons what he did and did not do. It is too late now though. It is not my fault "he forgot" steps to give me the best look. It is not my fault that he cannot preform a breast lift implant exchange correctly. He will not take the blame for his errors when (he) is the one to blame.

9 years ago..In my consult I stated that I only wanted my old breast implants removed. Dr Lintner talked in into a lift/exchange (I had never heard of a lift) and botched the results. I did not understand larger implants he at first recommended, not knowing how much skin he was going to cut away. He did not explain well enough his procedure. I'm only seeing my larger breasts beforehand with hump from old implant that wanted out. I did not mind my mild sagging because it looked natural. After surgery-He basically cut half of my Breasts off, put in a small implant making me look adolescent, and does not measure so my nipples are not even by an inch plus the scar under right breast is gashed in permanently due to him removing too much from this side. He blames me for outcome because of 'implant choice' which I DID NOT choose.(we agreed in larger) He lied about removing more skin from right than left and I have proof on OP papers where is crossed out by hand the mistake but it's still on my chest! His wife also is rude,defensive to me the day after my surgery when I could barely talk/ whisper. I agree on what I don't understand. He told me I did not trust him! If that were true, I would have found someone else. I wish I had of now. He forgets his advise to go larger and ruins the whole result/ blames me!!. It was horrible mess and confusing! I am now too small unnatural looking for the rest of my body. He did not listen to me. My right breast is deformed now, my left is not what it should be according to another plastic surgeon seeing Dr. Lintners work on me.

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