Breast Implant Removal

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Dr. Leake performed three of my operations. Two...

Dr. Leake performed three of my operations. Two breast augmentations and my final... My explant . Very skilled, compassionate and talented surgeon . Would never think to go anywhere else . My results were great with implants , took them out for health reasons. My results are looking amazing for removal.

3 weeks post op

They aren't perfect at all. But they weren't before implants or during implants either. I can stand in front of the mirror and critique it and take tons of pics and daily obsess over them, but I'm not going to. I'm way to happy to have imperfect breasts and most of my health back then to worry if more changes are ahead. Yes, each week they do seem to change a little . I wish I had more pics of them before BA and 1 week post op etc... So, they will probably go through more changes as
time goes by. It's funny at 43 yrs old I have never felt more comfortable in my own skin than ever before . I don't look at my stretch marks from carrying my babies as ugly anymore either. I look at my stretch marked stomach and breast as what God intended it for me , to carry children and nurse them with my breast. I am no longer looking for perfection or even throwing pennies in the fountain of youth. I will grow old gracefully. I am done being a slave to my body. I am done with elective surgeries. This whole surgery has been such a blessing! I never felt that way with the augmentation. Don't get me wrong , it was a good augmentation both times except for ripping when I bent over. But, I just felt so fake and judged right away for having them done. For the first time in 12 years I am wearing shirts that fit and cute tank tops AND not getting those unwelcome looks from people. I have only worn a bikini 3 times in 12 years and it was uncomfortable. No matter how good your boobs look everyone knows that a smaller frame girl doesn't usually have a full D. My health is so much better!! The heavy saline and then I switched to slicione were more than my body could handle . If anyone is on the fence about removing them , please don't be. It's a decision that could save your health. Thank you all of you that have supported me along the way . :)

Here were my fake boobs

I should have posted this one first . Is there any part of me that misses them!???NO!!!!

6 week update ! Wrinkle, dent etc

Well, each day is totally different. I had a wrinkle issue then one night I noticed where the wrinkle turned into an indentation and now we are back to wrinkle/puckering. All in all they aren't as nice as my pre- breastfeed/pre-implanted boobs, but nicer than what I had after nursing my children. And truthfully I think they do look better than the fake sets I did have. I look back on that and don't miss those toxic tanks at all nor do I think they looked good at all anymore. I can honestly say, there is not one regret I have had with removing them. Even if my health was not declining, there was this huge underlining doom of I will have to replace these , I may have a rupture at any time, I must not wait for them to rupture, then I will have more of a mess of health problems, and then there was this when do I replace them do I go by what he FDA says ? Will I get that "rare" anaplastic lymphoma that the FDA finally admitted implants cause ? So rare that I do know someone who has it ! Will I get cc? Will I be financially able to replace over and over ? Now, all that is done !!!! Literally and physically a weight off my shoulders . If you are reading this and on the fence do it ! If you are reading this and thinking about getting implant don't . I wish someone would have slapped me , but even then I probablt wouldn't have listened . Hugs to every woman who has encouraged me along the way and posted their stories and pics. This is a group of strong women on this side. I have learned so much ! I will update probably update at 3 months, 6 and a year.

So happy!

This will be my last post for updates. I am 6 months post op and extremely happy with the way my breasts look. The slight puckering went away, they look like normal NATURAL breasts. i am so used to giving light hugs, even with the new silicone I had the last 5 years of my implant life , I gave soft hugs as I knew that everyone could tell I had implants. Mine were very soft, but there's just a big difference between what God made and what man tries to replicate, and man will never be able to create the real feeling thing. All that to say, I finally realized I was still giving lighter hugs and today I reminded myself squeeze away , they are real . It was nice , it's the small things... and the huge things, like no more of those strange health symptoms I was having , no more worrying about when they will need to be replaced, no more avoiding mammograms bc of fear of ruptured implants , no more unwanted stares and whispers behind the back. So happy I did it so unhappy I did this to myself in the first place !
Marietta Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Leake performed three of my operations. Two breast augmentations and my final... my explant . Very skilled, compassionate and talented surgeon . Would never think to go anywhere else .

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