41 Year Old Mom Finally Getting Her Lift & BA!!!!! - Marietta, GA

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Since I could remember I have always wanted larger...

Since I could remember I have always wanted larger and EVEN breasts...my left is a whole size larger than my right so I am a 36B on the L and 36A on the R but have to wear a bra to accommodate the larger size and I hate it!!!! So finally I am able to get my over due BA! I had my consult and we tried on several sizers and the best one for me looked to be 700cc!!! I am 41 5'5 and 165 pounds so with this and my chest width it looked fine. I will also have to have a breast lift so I am so nervous about that and will I need a pain pump and then the size!! If anyone has any advice or suggestions please feel free to help me :) I can not wait though for this surgery!!!


Need help! Do I need to purchase some sports bras prior to surg?? I have sch Aug 5 and haven't bought anything yet..If so, do y'all get regular sports bras or front closure/zip so you don't have to put on overhead..still debating on my cc size..was 700 but thinking of going down to 625/650!

Pics of me before :(

Ok here it goes..the pics of me now. Can't wait to get my new girls!!! :))

Retail Therapy!!!

Ok had to do it!! Went and bought some sports bras!!! Leaving tags on & keeping receipt just in case they won't fit correctly. Can't wait, can't wait, can't wait!!!!

More of now pics

Wish boobies!!!

19 MORE DAYS till I'll be booblicious!!!!!

Can't wait!!

Surg date moved UP!!!! :))

I just got my surg date moved up!!! It's now July 31 with preop July 23!!! Can't wait! :D


Ok looked in my papers & here's my measurements...
Dia: 15
Under: 32
Across: 36
Top: 38
SS Rt: 23
SS Lft: 25
Soooo can my size support a larger implant???

12 more days!!!!!!

Holy Cow I have 12 more days!!! Can't wait!! I've got everything ready, so I hope except my Rx in which I'll get next week!! Went out last night & got my after surg care bag!!! Woooo Hooooo!!!

Almost time!!!!

I bought my Arnica and have started that..tomorrow is my preop and can't wait for all my questions to be answered!! Surg is only 9 days away!!!! I'm getting so giddy now cause it's really gonna happen!! I'm still debating & worried about cc size! Don't want to be to big or to small!! Want a natural look ;)

Preop is done!!!!

Preop was today and ALL my questions were answered and fears put to rest! Got my Rx and started my iron & Vit C...it's really happening now because the girls have been paid for!!!! Now I just hurry up & wait! I brought a few items of clothes to put on while trying out the sizers again..so my size of 700cc Moderate Plus Profile Mentor round smooth saline has been chose!!! I'm so excited but still nervous at the same time! Since I have to have a lift I will have two small train tubes that I am NOT looking foward to...but it is what it is. My doc told me that after about a year and the implants fully drop you are actually about 50cc smaller so I should settle at about 650 :)) Can't Wait!

Wooo Hoooo!!!

It's even closer!!!

Freaking out!!!!

Ok my surg is this Thurs and I have chose 700cc mod + which looked great on me & I have the frame and stats to support it but OMG I'm so afraid of that size!!! I like the way they look in pics and I know everyone is different but I am so afraid of looking to huge or ridiculous!!! Help!! Should I stay with 700 or go down some?? Anyone who has 700 please comment ????????

Holy Cow!!!

4 more days!!!! I'm sooo excited! I don't think I'll sleep all week till Thurs!! Waited ALL my life for this and it's finally gonna happen :)))

More wish pics

So hoping I'll have a set like these hahaha

Almost time!!!! Only one more full day!!!

Here's another "now" pic..a bathing suit top I can't wait to fill or overfill!!! :))) tomorrow will probably drag!!!!

Tomorrow Tomorrow I love ya tomorrow!!!

Tomorrow is the BIG day!!!! Getting all done today!! Hair, nails, toes...house is totally cleaned, all clothes are done (till my 3 teenage boys have more today) meds all got, premed being taking..gosh I hope that's all!! Everything should be in order! Tomorrow I'll be bringing home twins!! Big ones at that lol :))


In just a few short hours I will have boobies!!!! :)))

One last picture!!

Bye bye stuffed bras!!

I have BOOBIES!!!!!

Today went great !! Lift & implants were successful!!! And I can def tell the Mack truck had landed!! My chest is soooo tight & sore!!! So pain meds are on sch & ice packs!! Thank you for all the positive thought!!

Day 1 post op!!!

Ohhh lawd this pressure on my chest & soreness!!! But I know this to shall pass & is sooo worth it!! I FINALLY have BOOBIES and CLEAVAGE!!!! I ended up 600 implant fills to 700cc with Mentor smooth round saline mod + of course I haven't seen them yet cause I go a life to so I'm pretty wrapped up. I go Monday for my first post op and to have the drains removed!!! Woooo Hoooo!!

Day 2 post op!!!!

Ouch!! This BL/BA combo is sore but welllll worth it!! Ques: I guess it's normal for you're incisions to feel like they are burning?? Also anyone have trouble peeing after surg?? Thanks!!!

Day 2 post op pics!! I love them already!!!

I am so loving my boobies thus far!! Just can't wait for the incisions to heal so I can see more progress but I know in due time :)) I just can't believe tho I have BOOBIES!!!!

Pics~2 days post op

Don't know why they didn't up load..this was yesterday, 2 days post-op

Day 5 post~op!!!!

Woooo Hoooo day 5 post~op!!! I finally got my drain tubs out yesterday at my first post~op visit (day 4)!! She also clean all my incision areas and took out some staples..I still have some in the anchor area (from lift) to help support all the pulling & healing! She numbed me for taking out the tubes and man those things are LONG but I felt the staple removal and OUCHY!!! But I for through it and all cleaned up. My PS said the incisions are looking great and I'm healing well. I definitely have MORNING BOOB!!! I think I have it all day tho lol it's that over whelming tightness & burning!! My right is worse than my left & it literally feels like my skin is ripping...anyone else have that pain? The left feels great & that's crazy cause that's the side I had lipo on and should hurt more but ??? Oh well, I'm staying on top of meds & ice packs..also my PS said he doesn't use the bands for pushing down cause he doesn't see much benefit for that and is just uncomfortable so in 2 weeks I'll start massaging good :)) These girls needs to get in their spot :)) here are two pics from yesterday, will post the others once my hubby gets them sent to me from his phone! Thanks for all the well wishes! Keep them coming & any advice for this morning boob & burning would be greatly accepted!!

First "real" day out!!!

Today was the first real day I had got out and did a few things which wasn't much!! I had preop yesterday but I just ride there and back so nothing much but today...OH MY!! Had to go to my sons orientation today for 11th grade and it wore me slap out walking around that school & the stairs!! I was about to die from the soreness & swelling up! Now I'm in recliner, ice packs & meds :)) Happy Happy girl!!

Happy one week bday BOOBIES!!!

Yay!! Today makes 7 days since the girls were delivered!! Lol I love them sooo much! 700cc looks great & not to big at all! So glad I didn't go smaller :)) Now to just get through morning boob!!! Ahhhhh I hate it and so ready for these incisions to heal and to drop & fluff :)

Love playing dress up!!!

OMG I am sooo happy!!! I actually have boobies!!!

11 days Post op!!!

Today has been 11 days post op!! I seen my PS today for second post op visit. All is looking great! I still have just a few staples that he is gonna keep until next Monday because there are still some spots that needed it. Steri strips are still applied and I have to clean incisions with peroxide and change every four days. The bruising is almost completely gone from the lipo on the left breast & it looks so good! It's amazing how 3 days can make such a huge difference in the healing of the incisions...I thought I had an anchor lift but from what it looks like I may have had a lollipop lift?? Haha I forgot to ask my PS today..basically I have incisions around the areola and down with a little "hook" looking cut in the fold of my breast where my drains were so that's great that I won't have another scare :)) I guess my PS could do all he needed to with the cuts he made! He told me today I could start sleeping on my side as long as it's comfortable and to support my breasts if they hurt. Sleeping on the back is KILLING me!!!! So today he gave me another Soma Rx. I drove today for the first time since surgery and WOW you use muscles driving you just don't realize you do and then when you have surgery and those areas it hurts! But I will drive again tomorrow :)) Hahaha also the side boob is going to be something to get use to while driving ;) but that's a good thing! I also just had to go to VS for sizing and yeah I know it's to early but right now I'm in a 36 DDD or 38 DD!!! Yay!!! I can't wait to D/F!!!!

2 weeks post op!!

Yay!! 14 days post op!! Loving my new boobies!! I'm trying to be patient as they drop & fluff but it's hard!! My lefty is wanting to hang a little higher but I guess it's ok cause eventually she will settle down!! :))

3 weeks post op!!! Whoot Whoot!!

Well I've made it 3 weeks!! All is going pretty good except my incision on my left breast from the lift is being stubborn & not wanting to close & heal completely so Iam having to clean it & put med on it 3x a day...I am loving them tho & can't wait till those incisions are healed and they D/F!!!!!

ONE MONTH post op!!!!

Tomorrow is actually my one month but I took pics today :)) Little boobie blues cause of the infection from staples in both breasts but it is getting better so I needed a pick me upper!! I absolutely LOVE my girls!!!! Can't wait till I can wear what ever bra I want and they D/F!!!! The VS pink bra I have on is 38DD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon

Where to begin!? I started this process with Dr. Colgrove & Vinings Surg Center in May and it has been great ever since! The office is beautiful and very spa like and the staff is beyond kind. Everyone I came in contact with made me feel at ease and sure if my decision. On surgery day everything went very smooth and I loved how they took care of me and made my husband feel at ease. Dr. Colgrove is a great PS and does beautiful work. I am only 5 days postop and love what I see. I would definitely use him again for any further needs. I got 700cc smooth round saline mod + .. I can't wait for the months to come & see my progress!! Thank you Dr.Colgrove & Vinings Surg Center!!!

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