22, 6'3 Athletic, 400-450 Ccs, Ideal Implant - Marietta, GA

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My surgery was decided rather quickly due to my...

My surgery was decided rather quickly due to my quick surgery. I haven't seen much on Ideal implants or taller women so hopefully this helps someone. I am a 36 b but being so tall it doesn't Appear to be that size. I originally wanted 350 but he said with my big frame and more than average broad shoulders I shouldn't go smaller than 400. I wanted to be about a full B/small c. I am an athlete so I don't want them to be in the way but I want to increase my Size. Think we're gonna go with 450.

One day post op!!

I feel great! So excited too. They look a little big but I know it's because they are swollen. I had my bestfriends take care of me and ended up staying at the hotel nearby. Everything went well. The nurses were lovely.. And made me super comfortable. Before you know I was knocked and woke up with new boobs! I handle the anesthesia really well. I was a little grggy but no throwing up.. No issues. They look lovely though. Can't wait for the swelling to go down. I felt fine as far as pain wise the first like ten hours. And through out the night it got a little uncomfortable. I switch from morohene to hydro because I felt that worked better honestly. The morohene wasn't really doing anything. I slept on my back... Drank a ton of water.. Ate healthy and I haven't really had issues. I've been Icing pretty regularly as well!!
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon

We only met once but he helped me make my ccs decision and he seemed confident which is key

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