Happy 1 Year bootylicious birthday to me!!

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Ok ladies... I'm not much of a blogger, but have...

Ok ladies... I'm not much of a blogger, but have been stalking you for quite some time! :) I initially wanted SL, and the more I researched, the more I realized BBL was the move! I think I'm going through a mid-life crisis LOL... I am 39 yrs. 5'5" and 172. I was an all-around athlete and had a nice fit body for many years.. NOW... as you can see from my pics, apparently after having kids, and getting old, GRAVITY sets in!! :( It's HORRIBLE!!!! My butt has disappeared and my shape is... well... there's NO SHAPE! LOL... I used my iphone to simulate b4/after pics, so looking at what I can be brings comfort ... NOW... I'm happy to report after reading the many inspirational stories, I have researched, and researched and decided to go with Dr. O... I'm praying he can fix my flats and rejuvenate my self-esteem... I had my consult today and locked in my surgery date. I'm getting my upper/lower abs, waistline, bra roll (much needed) and flanks done w/ fat grafting to the booty.

I will now look to you ladies for HELP!!! Please educate me, and give me ALL the skimmy on what I need to know....Again, I'm new to this blogging thing, and will try my best to keep updates going.

Looks like my pics didn't load :(

Will try to repost later

Ok.. here's my my simulated pics.. sorry for the delay

Ladies, day 2 since my last post. I'm already starting to have sleepless nights, and keep touching my fat areas that I hope to see GONE in 2 months.. I also have this overwhelming anxious feeling. It's all new to me.. I'm excited an scared at the same time!

Muffin top

Ladies... Still reading your posts daily. You continue to inspire me... and I'm also trying to calm my anxiety! But on the flip side, I'm still counting down my main event! 61 days to go! Took a pic this morning while getting dressed, and looked at this muffin top! Can't wait for it to DISAPPEAR!


I have 55 days until my sx and I'm still anxious & worried at the same time. I look on the site daily, reading everyone's updates. I have also been intrigued by a young lady on youtube who had documented her memoirs for BBL & TT; she had sx in Mexico. I'm amazed at everyone's journey and I find myself anticipating my own journey and thinking about the outcome. My main focus is just trying to stay healthy. I'm also confused whether or not to keep taking my vitamins or not? I've read on blogs (from Dr.s that you shouldn't, and then I've seen many ladies taking b12, vitamin c, biotin, etc.. with no issues. oh well.. guess i'll just keep researching.
Also, i wonder why there aren't any recent blogs/posts/updates for Dr. O... he's a wonder Dr. I know he's booked solid for the year since I had to take the last available day with was the day before Thanksgiving (I was hoping for a few days earlier)... Guess I won't be eating my turkey this year!


I also have a question about the garments/squeems, etc... How do you know what size to order? Should I wait for my PreOp or PostOp to determine? What's the best one/best value out there?

More before pics

I find myself snapping pictures every day! Counting down the days that I 'm going to get rid of all this fat!

Panic attacks

Ok ladies. I hope I'm not the only one in this category but it seems that ever since I booked my sx I've been having these mild panic/anxiety attacks. I think in overly anxious, scared and happy at the same time. As many have said in their blogs. This is starting to take over my life! I need a Zanax!! Lol

45 days an counting

Now the fun begins! Monday I go for my bloodwork. I'm hoping all will be good. My panic attacks have stops! Thank goodness! I guess it was me overthinking long this whole process an overloading my brain with RS blogs! I'm still addicted but had to chill a little. Now it's time to get serious and start researching post-op stuff!!

40 days!

Ok, so it's only been 5 days since my last post, but I've been busy researching, and researching and researching! I found a few blogs that was extremely helpful. NYCutie is been absolutely awesome, and there were two of our RS sistas I found to be helpful--IVFMAMA and SAM921, who lives in TX but had her sx done here in ATL (and still recovering here), had information about caregivers (I didn't even know about and was right under my nose), garments, recovery items, you name it! Very helpful. You just never know who can help you out.. It's always beneficial to read as much stories as possible, and weed out what you like/or not, and customize what's best for you.

I have also booked my lymphatic message sessions with Tiana! NYCutie put me on to her (thanks chica)... I kid you not, Tiana is the bomb! I have not met her in person, but just talking to her on the phone made me feel comfortable, at ease and not pressured! She worked around my tentative scheduling and will be doing home service for me! and her prices are very competitive! I foresee a GREAT relationship! I'm still trying to determine aftercare; I have older kids at home, but as you know, teens can be USELESS! I know I will definitely need help, since the sx is the day before Thanksgiving, and I will need to make my Holiday dinner (yikes).. might have to do that the day before.. We'll just have to see when the time gets closer!

I already got my blood work, so that's also off my list! So far all is good....

Decisions... Decisions.....

Not a happy camper!!

Change happens for a reason!

Well ladies... I am one of the unfortunate ones that has had an extremely bad experience with Dr. O's office. I will not bash them here, although after what they did to me is well deserving.. anyway..now, on to MUCH BETTER things... I'm happy to report I am now TEAM SALAMA!!!!!!! Yippee!!! As I said "change happens for a reason" and this is a FANTASTIC change!!! Let me also shout out my Creditor that was so superb in helping me, and Cynthia at Salama's office for being on point, prompt and extremely helpful!! Even with the volume of clients they see, you would never know because they are patient, answer all questions and guide you along the way!!! I give them so much praise!! and "all hands" up with satisfaction!! Anyway.. I need to get my a** in gear.. I now have less than 30 days and lots to do!! YIPPEE!!!

25 days to go!

So, I've been busy working this "FULL TIME JOB" for Project Bootylicious! :) After extensive around the clock research (my real job and school work has been neglected.. LOL), I've made sufficient progress! Want to give a shoutout to @PreBooty.. Thanks for referring me to Sergio for accommodations. He is awesome! I was initially going to stay at Serenity, but decided to do some more research and thanks to PreBooty I found a beautiful condo at Hollywood Beach resort for $430/week, includes everything except food.. I've heard mixed reviews about Hollywood Beach in general but this particular condo has been renovated real nice and after looking on VRBO (pics attached), all his reviews are excellent, so why not go for it!! and best thing is his deposit was only $120! I also decided to hire aftercare with Ms. Martine... She's cool people and was also very helpful as well. Airfare is booked too! All I'm waiting for is my medical clearance paperwork to come thru.. keep my fingers crossed that bloodwork is up to par... After that I can breathe!

All you ladies have been absolutely wonderful! I'm so glad I found this site! The best forum I've come across!

Medical clearance all set!

All of the big/important logistics are done! Now I can breathe....!

Almost 2 weeks to go!

I can't believe how fast time has gone by! Feels like just the other day, I was researching SmartLipo for this hideous bra roll I have, and then went into full-blown BBL!! and even now, I'm thinking about getting my thighs lipoed as well!... good lord!! Does it end?!?!? LOL.... Well, in any case, I will be getting Salamafied in 2 weeks! I have been given so much advice and an abundant amount of knowledge through you ladies! I love RS.. although it can be a blessing and a curse! Urghhh.... I don't sign on as often, cause not only will I go broke trying to get all the remedies, garment variations, and "might need" items, but some stories also scare me, and I rather go in with some sanity! LOL.... In the end, everyone's outcome will be different, recover times, levels of satisfactions, etc... So with that said, I think I have customized my needs as much as I can, and just let nature take it's course and leave it all in God's hands as to what happens next (all positive) - smile!

Everything is in order, sx paid for, bags packed, meds filled, aftercare, accommodations done, so now it's the waiting game....! Just taking my supplements as instructed, and will take my measurements at preop, then the fun and major updates will begin...

Again, you ladies have been inspirational and advantageous to the process.. Can't thank you enough!

Iron vs. Ferrous Sulfate

Hey ladies.. wanted to post some food for thought.. I was recently talking to one of my RS sistas about how much Iron we are taking. She brought to my attention that we (I), may have been taking too much! I know that Dr. S recommends we take 325mg of Iron daily. So I purchased a bottle of Iron 65mg/325 ferrous sulfate, and as you can see the dosing on the bottle is confusing (pic)... So, my dumbass was thinking that taking 5 would equate to 325mg of IRON (cause I didnt know what the hell ferrous sulfate was). Per my homegirls PCP, taking (5) pills is excessive and toxic to your health and will cause a few side effects, like nausea, dizziness, constipation, etc. ! So what's the difference? I had to do some research, cause I was definitely confused as to how much iron I should be taking.... 1 pill vs. 5.... So, after looking it up, her PCP was correct.. Reason being, is Iron sulfate contains 20 percent (elemental) iron by weight - which is iron found in most foods like red meats, cereal, etc (and more than sufficient for recommended daily dose). The standard dose of iron (liquid) sulfate is 325 mg, which is a supplement to help people who suffer from anemia (iron deficiency). The standard dose is 1-3 daily (depending on the severity)....

Maybe I'm the only airhead that did this,... hopefully, I'm not the only one.. hehehehehe! Anywho, I thought it would be helpful to know, so you may want to consult with your PCP or medical provider as to which dosage is good for you. After my research, I figured I need to knock my intake down to 1 pill (maybe 2 for good measure--LOL!! ---Again, just food for thought..

It's about to go down!

Hey ladies. Sorry I've been incognito for a couple weeks. I needed a break and wanted to keep my mind and spirit clear. Also needed to spend some quality time with the kiddos before the holiday since I wont be with them.

Some updates...I touched down in FL last night, met up with Mrs. Martine (healthcare nurse). Let me 1st say, she is the bomb! Clicked instantly! Being around her is like being with your best friend. She is very down to earth and cant say enough about here..So glad I chose her.. I also met another young lady that had been 9 days postop from a tummy tuck with Salama. She looked good and was in great spirits. very cool chic.. LOL... She also reassured me of my decision. Well, today I had my preop with Noami today, and finally saw Cynthia. It's true what everyone says... very beautiful. All the ladies there are very pretty, and very caring. Loved the experience.. So, my journey is now real.. I'm exactly 16 hrs, 24 mins and 45 seconds away (and counting) from getting Salamafied.. I've also been communicating with my girls @FlawlysOne and @DreamBootyVixen on their sx and recoveries, and they are doing great! Well I will take my measurements shortly, but have to get some food in my system before 10pm! LOL...


weight: 172
height: 5'5"
39 bust
36 waist
42 hips

Booty day has arrived!

Ladies. Its about to go down in less than 3 hours! See you on the other side! Asking for all prayers and positive spirits.

Finally made it to bootyland!

Hey ladies. 1st... GOD IS GOOD!! I made it to the other side and recoverying well. I want to also thank you for your prayers and best wishes! Ok let me give u a little run down so far:

Day1- got to the sx center early but didn't realize how time flew cause me and Mrs Martine was flapping our jaws about everything under the sun... DrS was the 1st to arrive. He had me change and pee in the cup. Ladies. You don't need to bring nothing but your robe an slippers. No bra, panties, wallet... Nothing! Cause you change immediately then Salama talks to u about what u want and all the ins/out and he's very up front. He's cool people and has georgeous hazel eyes! He made me feel comfortable which was a good thing. At first I didn't give him my wish picks. I told him to just work his majic but didn't want a big butt!! However, since I'm a little picky I decided to show him some pics so he had a general idea. Anyway. After our talk Sergio came in (boy he fine) an talked about the anastethia. That's when I started to get nervous but he was very kind an reassuring. Anywho. I got on the sx table and after about 60 seconds I was out. Woke up in recovery and the nurses gave me more instructions and wheeled me out. 1st day wasn't too bad. At first I was very weak couldn't stop shivering but once I got my meds in me I was good. I'm currently taking antibiotics, arnica, vicotine, bromelin, vitc, iron an nausea meds. I've been walking every 1-2 hours and eating slowly. I've drained my bulbs about 15-20 times already.... So all in all. So far so good.. I haven't taken pics yet and haven't really looked at myself but will later today. Day2 was a rough start so I'm tryna rest. Will check in later.

Day 2

Day 2 was very rough! I think I had overdone myself on day1. I was walking every 1-2 hours even throughout the night. Didn't really get any rest. So day 2 I woke extremely fatigued an my leg was numb. I started to panic. I ended up having a full blown anxiety attack an was forced to rest by my nurse. I also had to change hotels so that didn't make it any better. However toward the night I started feeling better. I posted some pics from day2 Postop. I will be seeing Salama later today to see how much cc's he injected and probably a garment change. Will update later. Be blessed.

Back shot

RS acting up. Pics aren't posting

Will post later I guess

PostOp pics

Ladies. Sorry for the delay. Been having ups/downs. Ill post updates soon but in the meantime heres some pics. Hopefully they will post this time. Smh

Well that didn't work. Urghh

I'll have to post from my laptop so hang tight. Will post later.

ok.. 3x a charm! pics

Hey ladies. I'm doing much better. Still having shortness of breath, but pain is subsiding, so I'm hopeful. I also had my 1st massage today with Celia. She's so cute and boy does she have a phatty on her! LOL... Even with doubling up on pain pills I was still hurting.. but made it through...yeah!

Day 4

Today is my 1st day on my own without my nurse. I'm doing ok. Already pooped 2x.. The struggle is real!! I was also able to shower by myself. Girls it took me about 30-45 mins just to get my garment on, add padding and suit up! Goodness! I can't wait until the swellen goes down but I'm starting to get use to my new figure. Its definitely an adjustment!

My current measurements are 31 waist (from 36), 47 hips (from 42). I expect to lose volume cause my booty is too big for me! -__-

1 week post

Hey ladies. Well, I'm 1 week post and finally home relaxing and in my comfort zone.. boy has it been a journey! I highly admire those RS solders that have taken this challenge by themselves, as I suffered lots of anxiety attacks from this ordeal..I was having issues with strong heart palpitations during my first week, along with shortness of breath. This was happening more so when I was resting, or waking up out of my sleep! It happened at least 2x a day, and caused me to go into panic mood, since I haven't seen any of my RS girls experience this, nor was this normal (heart racing/shortness of breath during sleep). All kinds of things was running through my mind like, blood clots, heart attack, etc, and because I was far from home, panic set in heavy! So... I was in communication with Dr. S and we both agreed to prescribe Xanax, as it sound more like anxiety attacks (I never experience full blown attacks like that). He advised that if it didn't work after first dose or 2, we would go to the ER... Luckily it worked!! So ladies, be attentive to your body and always talk to the doc if something seems out of wack!

I'm back in GA, and let me tell you I am so happy! The plane ride was awful, I didn't know how to sit in those tight seats, during take off/ landing, which felt like eternity sitting on the booty, then I had wheelchair service which was even worse, cause the boppy didnt feel right! Girls... never again! LOL.

I included some pics of my 1 week post. I felt my butt was too big and wanted my figure to heal proportionally, not to mention the orig. garment was cutting my butt crease and creating double creases, so I have a butt-in garment-- I LOVE IT! BTW, Celia used one after her sx, and her booty is still looking strumpous and full.. so I can say, butt-in garments will NOT flatten your butt...I get my 1st home lymph message from Tiana tomorrow. Can't wait!

BTW.. want to send a shoutout to my girls @FlawlysOne & @DreamBootyVixen! They came to visit me and we stayed in heavy communication throughout the process. DreamBootyVixen even drove 45 mins to spend the day/night with me! Both ladies are looking FAB!! Also, another shoutout to @azzmatazz for having my back getting home!

Well ladies, mom duties call so i'll update lata...

1st home lymphatic message

Ladies. OMG!!! I just had my 1st massage with Tiana. Let me tell you she is the bomb!! All those reviews about how good she is is completely true! I feel like a million bucks! At first I was dreading yet another lymphatic massage and even popped a Vicodin just in case. But once she started to work on me it was completely different from my 1st two with Celia. Don't get me wrong Celia is great but she is very aggressive. Tiana's messages are TRUE lymphatic drainage massages. Very soothing!!! Honestly didn't need a pain killer. My body feels so smooth an tenderness is (temporarily) gone! I can move around and bend and almost feel normal. I dread puttin my garment back on!! HIGHLY recommend we for those in the Atlanta area.

Removed last drain

I'm so proud of myself! I took out my last drain. I was scared as sh*t an hands were shaking but did it!! It is true is feels very uncomfortable an like a blade is coming out of u. But it's tolerable and is very brief. The pain was more from the end of the drain coming out then from the beginning. Well. Another obstacle accomplished, but the journey is far from over. By the way Tiana was very impressed with Salama's work. She complimented my figure and symmetry being almost perfect!! She said he did an excellent job sculpting me! That made my day!

Some pics

Right before my massage. Sorry for the dirty mirror

1st day driving and back to work

Ladies... I'm not a happy camper! The drive was awful, even being propped up I felt so uncomfortable and having the garment on makes it worse!! I feel tight and stiff! I had to drive my daughters SUV today, cause my car which is sporty and low riding wasn't working in my favor! No headroom, and hips was rubbing against the seat buckle!

Work.. NONE of my clothes fit! My hips and bootah is a problem..!! Yes, this is a good problem, but I wasn't prepared! LOL... Trying to camouflage this "masterpiece" is going to be a problem! I also have a desk job and haven't been here an hour, and I'm ready to go home! Lawd!! pray for me!

2 weeks post

2 week update... So far I've went down 2 garment sizes (2xl post; xl-1 wk post; lrg-2wks post). Butt is softening in some areas. Lost about 1/2 inch in booty (now 46 1/2) and 1 inch in waist (now 39 in). Had 3 home massages.

Oops. Waist size typo

Waist is now 30"

3 week update

Okay ladies I'm officially 3 weeks post today! :) I included some b4/after pics thus far (hopefully they load) but here's my journey this far ! 

Sleep: nights are getting much better. I find myself sleeping at least 7 hours a night. I wake up for pee break then back to bed. I don't wake up stiff anymore but I faithful do a morning stretch regimen that consist of back, hips, legs an putting myself in full fetal position. 

Bowel Regulation: I was told the more you pee and poop the better so you can get all the toxins an waste out your system so I drink plenty of water and take 1-2 stool softeners (colace) a day. This ensures I poop daily an it's soft!! 

Itching: I notice when I take my garment off an after my massages the itching is intense, so I now take 1 Benadryl pill 1 hour before sessions and it works wonders! I also have my masseuse mix my medicated itch cream and arnica with her massage oil. Makes my skin feel so refreshed. 

Massages: I will be on my 6th home massage tomoro (8 total). Tiana is awesome!! She continues to praise Salama's work he did on me an says that my body is healing nicely. He lipoed the heck out my back and flanks.. down to the ribs which poke out a lot... Smh... However, My tummy is very smooth and flat an scar tissue has already taken over. Very little fluid left. My back however still needs some work. Scar tissue is there but there's some inflammation there especially at the bottom and flanks area. Those are also the most tender. I also use my heating pad 2x a day. In the morning and night. I self massage all areas while resting the heating pad on those areas an it helps with the itching as well. Also this method is workin wonders for keeping my mid section smooth!!

Incision sites: they are healing nicely. There's one site where the drain is that I keep covered. It's taking longer to heal. I also have a small garment (yes garment) burn about he size of my pinky finger that I also keep covered. It has not peeled or left any pink skin... THANK GOD! It's shrinking nicely. Salama also prescribed some cream just in case but I haven't used it yet. 

Garment control: Ok... This is my disclaimer. This is MY method and it may/may not work... NYCutie is going to kill me LOL...but..... Here goes... I am still in a large butt-in garment with med vedette 103 Cincher.. However I ONLY where the whole outfit with all the padding & board at NIGHT. During the day I only wear my Cincher with ab board an foam in back--no garment. With or without the garment both are on 2nd hooks so time for new gear. I'm in need of a smaller size now so I'm in search for the garment I will wear for the next few months. The reason I don't wear my garment all day is 1. It's butt-in an I don't want any more compression on the booty although it hasn't affected my results. 2. It sucks trying to wear fitted business clothes and dresses and ur thighs sound like cardboard rubbing together! 3. I'm more concerned with my waist then my ass ( I know. I got issues!) and 4. I want my skin to breathe and don't want to feel confined to the garment. Anywho, I've been doing this since week 2 an it hasn't altered my results thus far. My butt went down to 45" week2 an is still at that mark. My waist also remains the same at 30". Also, as you can see from the pics Salama gave me an hour glass shape with HIPS!! My ass doesn't have a lot of projection (yet) but it's full an plump and 80% soft! I also don't want my waist smaller than 29" bcus my waist/hip ratio will look crazy ( in my opinion).... Of course I have a long journey ahead of me an I'm sure I'll change up eventually but for now that's my story. 

Other than that everything is going well. Never thought I'd make it this far and I thank god everyday for my outcome. There's been some horror stories lately an I'm glad I wasn't one of those young ladies that has to endure the suffering!!! My only dilemma is driving an sitting at work!! It's the worse!!! I can't wait to sit!!!!! Urghhhh!!!

5 weeks

Hey ladies. Wanted to send a quick update. I seem to be progressing ok. things really haven't changed; only few things... The little burn on my right side has peeled and pink. As you can see from the pick it is quite small and I'm very very fortunate that it's not bad. I have seen some bad burns lately and I thank God every day for my progress. Also I have changed garments and now in a small vedette 136 (May need to get into a x-small soon but I don't think I'll do that since I'm broke. I will however have my vedette waist cincher altered to a XS to help tighten compression. I love the 136 but I can't stand it splitting my Vjj in 1/2!! :( So i ordered hook extenders to give more leverage. I am also getting a little bit of back fat/loose skin in the lower back as you can see in the pic. I'm trying to flatten it out with more compression let's see how it works! I also noticed that my butt still has some HP (discolor) but I'm letting time heal itself to see if it'll lighten up. Other than those minor issues things are going as planned. I'm going to start working out next week thank God! By the way. Measurements are still the same. 30" waist an 45" booty. Happy Holidays ladies!


No real change from last post. However I have been bad!!! I stopped wearing my garments. I only wear my Cincher an waist band an even with that only 12 hours/day. I know the vets are gona kill me but I couldn't take it no more. My skin was highly irritated an seems like my body was getting too use to the garments. I felt restricted. I talked to the doc about it an was told it was ok to try to wean off. At this point my body is not going to change with just using the garment. Excerise and eating healthy are now what matters. He did advise I continue with massages. My measurements haven't changed so I'm happy. However I noticed I have unevenness. My left cheek had a flat effect to it and feels lighter then my right. I'm still not goin stress it as I'm still healing. Here's some pics.

More pics

6.2 weeks

3+ month update!

Hey ladies.. Sorry I've been incognito. I've been busy with full-time classes, work, kids, life, and everything else!! Wanted to send you a quick update letting you know I’ve been progressing very well, and have not had any major issues. I have NOT worn any garments or cinchers since my last review. Think I stopped at about 6-8 weeks post. My waist & booty still measuring the same as I was 1 month post, and trust me I still measure daily! LOL…Also, truth be told, I don't restrict myself with anything (I wear jeans, sit hours a day, sleep on my back, etc.) My weight is also the same but I noticed I've been eating like a pig (not good)! I work out 3x a week doing cardio and some weight training, but running is still an issue cause the BOOTY TOO HEAVY, so I wear tight compression shorts and that helps keep it snug when I’m running. I feel like my booty has shaped nicely, and I no longer have or notice the uneven sides I discussed before.

Only minor issue: my abdominal area feels weird when I have loose clothes rubbing against it, and my lower back feels tight when I wake up in the morning. Also I still have hyperpigmentation/scarring where my lipo sites were on my back (middle & 2 on top of booty). I use bio oil and fade cream daily but doesn’t seem to be helping. Also, I had a small burn on my side.. It is now fully healed and almost nonexistent! Yay!

I was going to post pics, but honestly, I look the same from my last post, so I’ll hold off until I get my 6-pack abs that I’m working on! As with most of you ladies, I get a lot of compliments on my shape, and I noticed I wear a lot more leggings to compliments my figure, so I’m loving my body! Hopefully, I can continue to maintain my sexy shape, cause I will not be going for round 2! This journey has been more than I cared to ask for! However, I’m seriously contemplating a boob-job! LAWD!! :)

What a difference

Had to post this recent b4/after. I knew my butt was flat before but this new side/side made me more aware. Love my new bootah!! Looks natural and plump!! No regrets! :)

5 month update

Hello ladies... I'm still here, just very low key. Just wanted to check in and say I'm doing well. Body still looking good. Weight still steady, of course I'm eating a little better and in the gym, so that helps! I do not wear my garment or cincher at all.. Only when I'm menstruating (only cause it makes me feel better! LOL). I also think the booty has fluffed.. It grew about 1 inch ( now 45")! and it has been a struggle lately to get pants over the precious cargo... but I have no complaints there!

Still waiting for this six-pack before summer hits! I have to look "delicious", especially since I'll be hitting the big 40 next month!! My only issue is the HP (hyperpigmentation) where my incision sites are.. Dr. S prescribed some HQ cream, since Bio-Oil, Mederma and OTC HQ wasn't working... I hope this works!

I'll update next month for my 6 month anniversary and add some pics.. until then, keep that booty shaking ladies!

Final update..

Hey ladies. Hope all is going well in booty land. Everything is progessing on my end. Again no changes therefore less updates. I'm posting my last pics for now. They are not the best but you will get the point. Maybe ill post again for my 1 year anniversary. I am forever greatful to Dr Salama for the work he has done on me. I have a new found confidence and recieve lots of compliments daily...I can tell u more but I'm sure you've heard it all!! Lol. It's been quite the journey!!

1-year update!! Booty birthday

Well ladies as promised I am reporting in on my one year update!! I never thought I would say this but I am officially a VETERAN! Yay!!! As I sit here and reflect on my year, I can't forget about all the girls that helped me get through this crazy journey!! I know for sure I couldn't of done it without them. Unfortunaetly, I have not talked to any of the girls since then except for one, dreambootyvixen (and she's doing fab) but I know they're doing just as good as I am ;) The journey has been interesting and very receptive I wouldn't say I would do it again but I am definitely happy with my results. I continue to get ALOT attention, look super natural and have never gotten any "she got implants" remarks. I can't thank Dr Salama enough for sculpting me and giving me this new bootylicious figure! I love every minute of it!!! I have posted a few pictures (and my before pic) of my progress throughout the last couple months as you can see the booty still holding fine and the waist is still looking snug. I will also say I have gained a little bit of weight but that's typical but I'm still watching my measurements. At current my waist is "31 (from 36) an my luscious booty is 46" (from 42). I have slacked a little in the gym but i'll be back on my "A" game after the holiday :-)

Well ladies there's not much else to report just know that I'm doing great and everything is fine. Also note I have not worn any cinchers since my last report and I am 100% back to normal. Well... I think this is it but if you have any questions for me I'm always here!! Good luck ladies and keep is sexy!! :-)
Miami Plastic Surgeon

OMG!! There's so much great things to say about this office. I am more than pleased with the staff and process.. all the reviews are absolutely true! Extra shoutout to Cynthia and Ruben! As I said in my review "even with the volume of clients they see, you would never know because they are patient, answer all questions and guide you along the way!!! I give them so much praise!! and "all hands" up with satisfaction!!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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