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I have decided to give my self a gift after the...

I have decided to give my self a gift after the hard work and dedication of loosing 133 pounds and maintaining my weight for two years. It is time to trim the fat November 22, 2013. I have exercised and I am unable to get the excess skin off of the abdomen area. I am not looking for the perfect body and have some toning to go but my stomach is my only concern at the moment.

I am documenting my journey on youtube and videos are posted in the bio and I'm excited to share my story here on realself.

I am having the Extended Tummy Tuck with muscle repair and my plastic Surgeon Dr. Keith Hanna with Marietta Plastic Surgery is doing the drainless technique so I'm super excited not to have drains. He also stated it gives you a faster healing process as I only have 10-12 days to recover.

I had two consultations scheduled for a Tummy Tuck on the same day back to back. The first consultation went well but I just didn't get that click or connection during my visit with the PA "not the doctor" after the consultation I was given the surgery proposal and not only were the dates I needed available I thought the cost and fees were extremely high so I was discouraged that I could not afford this.

I was referred to Dr. Hanna by my office manager who had work by him and came highly recommended. My first impression from the staff as i walked in was very kind and professional as I called ahead because I was running late because I had trouble with my car on the way. although I was late my wait time was less than 5 minutes.

The nurse during my consultation was great she has been with the company for over 20 years and to me that speaks volume because if your staff is happy than I believe you have great doctors on your side that care.

I am a nurse as well and have allot of new patients that ask me how do you like working for your doctor? hows is his bed side manner? And my answer is he is amazing. He is kind and patient and I could no t have found a better doctor to work for and they say your just saying that. I have worked for many doctors who are rude, disrespectful who belittles you those office have a high turn rate and don't stay long because of the abuse. I can say after 8 years I work for a great doctor and to see staff with longevity means a lot to me.

After that being said I found a great surgeon in Dr. Hanna he was patient and answered all my questions even after leaving with questions that I forgot they got back to me right away.

Tammy the coordinator is amazing she has been the main source of contact since scheduling, confirming my appointment, emailing back n forth to going over all my pre op questions. She even remembers me when I called last year inquiring about a Tummy Tuck. lol she is great. well I wont talk your head off but my Pre Op appointment is scheduled for November 15th and will update you at that point.

Be sure to check out my YouTube videos "29lawanna" and happy to answer any questions I can. I would love to here from you if you have had work with Dr. Hanna if not your stories and experiences. I would love to hear them!

Blowing out the candles on this Tummy!

Updating before pics!

Everybody Is Sick! TT Anxiety is at its Highest!!!!! 9 More Days!

Hi everyone well as I prepare to get my house in order ie cleaning, grocery shopping for thanksgiving, putting the freakin tree up lol Everybody in the house is sick! I have told everybody in the house to stay out my room, I keep a can of disinfectant on me, I refuse to eat in the eat it kitchen with them so I eat in the dining room adjacent to the kitchen in fear of getting sick.
rescheduling is not an option because I'm only aloud to have 10 days off is to combine it with the holiday off days sigh..... not to mention I am a nurse who works for a Respiratory doctor and all patients are sick. I was instructed by my PS to stop taking all meds and vitamins 2 weeks before /2 weeks after but I feel I have to stay high on Vitamin C. I called the nurse today and thank you Jesus she said to go ahead and continue the Vitamin it will be fine. So Vitamin C and Emergen C it is whoop whoop

I have been going crazy with all that has been going on not to get sick .I tend to get sick once a year and I have yet to get sick so far so I am spazzing out but I will grasp my self and get it together! lol

Pre-Op Appointment was today "pretty standard" & 6 more days and counting!!!

Hi guys!!!
I went to my pre-op appointment today at 8 am. I was pretty anxious and didn't get any sleep last night from tossing and turning. I got there and had to complete several consent from regarding risks and complication, anesthesia consents, finacial consents, revision consents and was given a what to expect booklet that include pre checklist, what to expect before and after care and registration of CosmetAssure a supplemental insurance that was included in my fees in the event of complications.

I went back with the nurse and went over my physical and history, she answered all of my extra questions other than the ones i had during my initial consultation. I had 18 question and she answered all of them and except for a few that I had for the doctor. She went over everything that I was to expect, what to do if anything arise and gave me my prescriptions to fill.

Prescriptions given were Percocet (pain) , Robaxin (muscle relaxer) Zofran (nausea) Pepcid (acid reducer) and Xanax for (anxiety). I am to take the night before the Xanax. The morning I am to take the Pepcid and Robaxin. Nothing to drink or eat after midnight and the night before and the day of shower with Hibiclens. My acrylic and nail polish she states is fine.

Before I went for my pin up photo shoot lol she did a finger stick to check for anemia and my blood pressure which were both fine, There was no need for a chest x-ray or labs because I'm in good health and also i had a physical prior to my consultation which was all normal.

We went into the photo room where all angle pictures were taken and was given those cute paper panties lol I asked if I could have copys of the pictures she said ok. Dr. Hannah came in and he answered the question the nurse could not. He will be giving me a nerve block, I asked about my belly button, incision line and markings.

After that was done I was taken to the finance room to pay my balance and was given my post appoint that is scheduled for Nov 27 the day before thanksgiving.

And that is all folks! ;-) total time about 2 hours.

2 More Days!!! Medical Equipment Delivered...HOSPITAL BED & TOILET EXTENDER!

Hi guys wells it has been a month long wait and have 2 more days to go and Im very emotional at this point. I have been shopping and pampering my self and keeping busy. I went to the mall this past weekend and went Aroepostile and found this dress on clearance with an extra 30% off and got this for 10.00 but I had by girdle on and was definitely sticking my stomach in and imagining how great it would be not to have to hold my stomach in any more and being able to breath for a change lol I cant wait.......yesterday evening I went to the movies to see The Best Man Holiday which was very emotional on top of my personal emotions. But it was nice to get out.

I ordered a recliner bed from a medical supply store for 75.00 I got a discount on that because Im in the medical field so the normal ranging price is 100-135 I was told and i think its a great price for comfort simply because I cant sleep with 8 pillows under my back and six pillow under my legs I get real hot at night and I know I will feel suffocated so I chose to rent this instead.

The kids really "LOVE" this bed and don't know why lol I def encourage you check this video out coase I got some footage of them actin crazy over it. My son slept in it the night it was delivered and my daughter slept in it last night lol WOW to crazy but I enjoyed them in there with me.

I heard getting a toilet extender would be good to have this is a 3 in 1 that acts as a extender over the toilet for elevation, a toilet of course and a shower chair 35.00 for this but the company I rented the bed from just there this in for me so I'm thankful for that .

I'M READY.....

9 hours 21 minutes and 59 seconds to go....

Not much to say I'm high on Xanax I'm prepared as can be. The anesthesiologist called me to ask me questions and to walk me through the process and stated he would take good care of me.

Today I have been a wreck but Ive let god and letting go.

Thanks to everyone for your kind words and prayers.

I will see you guys on the flat side!!!

I made it finally "flat side"

I can't remember much of yesterday the videos will best explain most of it. I got to the surgical site signed a few more concent forms the doctor did my markings went back to the OR the anesthesiologist was super funny and nice he numbed my hand before placing the iv didn't feel a thing and they joked with me till I was out. Woke up in recovery and they were trying to push fluids to get my robaxin down they said they took off 5 pounds.

I don't remember the car ride I don't remember getting up the steps. My pain level yesterday was an 8 today about a 5 but more so soreness than pain.

Its hard getting in and out of bed and doing my every two hour walks are a chore but getting better. The recliner bed is wonderful and glad I got the toilet extender.

I can't say I'm in pain much cause I'm on schedule for all my meds and will take tylenol in between if I need to.

Everyone has been such a great help you will def need this support at home.

Right now when I walk I'm hunched over I have some low back pain and my thighs get heavy but gets better after each walk.
My fiance changed my dressing I got nauseated and felt I had to pass out but the zofran worked immediately ..... no drains and replaced them with a bed pad all the way around because at first without it the incisions were burning and itching . I think the incision is right above the pubic line it feels very very very tight.

My ears won't up pop I try to yawn but they won't pop hmmmmm
I've been only eating crackers applesauce and the kids made me toast eggs and grits

I will take pics tomorrow when I take a shower:-)

My babies are great!!!

Mommies little helpers I would not have made it without them!!!


So today is day three and I'm feeling much better I took a sponge bath and changed my dressing and felt a world of difference. I'm walking much better in stead of shuffling and I'm getting in and out of bed with less assistance.

Still no bowel movement I have taken three stool softeners since after surgery and a gentle laxative but nothing I hear to take milk of magnesia but i cant I know it will make me vomit should i double the laxative or do an enema? any suggestions would be greatly appreciated....

I saw my self a little and i can tell I'm a little swollen it appears to be good but cant confirm that until i take a full shower which will be tomorrow or will wait to take pics during my post op visit when he changes the dressing on my BB Wednesday that he said not to mess with lol

As for as right now I'm just getting some much needed rest to help aid in my recovery, drinking plenty of fluids, not overdoing it, getting up every two hours for my five minute walks, enjoying my family and the new "ME" xoxo

tomorrow is my birthday so I cant wait to see what that day will bring!!!! thanks so much everybody for the support its greatly appreciated ;-)


Welp today is my Birthday and I'm 4 days Post Op and I'm feeling great I think i have weathered the storm lol still resting but I'M MUCH MUCH BETTER" no change really still walking more and more, enjoying my Percocet sleep lol but still no BM hmmmm I will discuss this during my post op visit tomorrow!

But this freakin Compression Garment is aggravating its to tight i feel i walk worse with it but when i take it off to shower i feel so much better and can breathe i swear....but i still wear it, it itches it pulls at my bandages and im always adjusting and re wrapping to get it comfortable I just don't know cause i walk straight with it off and feel tight as heck with it on so i will discuss it with him tomorrow.

They also shaved me when i was out under anesthesia and i think they nicked me and that plays a roll in all the aggravation down there lol

Other than that not much of an update so I will post my birthday tummy pics in just a moment its easier to do it from my cell rather than uploading and saving them and all that hoopla lol

stay tuned......

Birthday Post Op Tummy Pics

Still very swollen and so far I'm really excited about the results I think he did a great job!
They say it takes at least six month to see the optimal results!

What cha think?

Incision photos but still very swollen

Still very swollen but I think he did a great job on my incision and my belly button seems to be healing ok. Bruising is minimal and lightening up. I'm starting the Armica Montana for the bruising and swelling.
I'm currently just placing paper tape over the incision and will start putting a cream that a fellow Youtube follower/ friend uses and states it does a great job.
I will have to order it from her PS so I will keep you updated on how it works.


Well I had a minor set back on day 5 the pain medication clearly gave me the impression that I was able to do more that I thought, prior to going to my pre op appointment that day i had to go get my DL renewed, left there to my pre op appointment which all went well it was about a 15 minute visit, he took the dressing off my BB said only let the shower clean it, he pulled the paper tape off my incision and replaced it, we did not discuss scar therapy I guess it will be discuss in one month for the next visit.
We did discuss me not having any bowel movement said to give it a few days everything would resume once I came off the pain medication which I did that next and to wait before i decide to take an Enema, well....after the appointment ended I went to the mall to get a link taken out of my birthday watch AND decided to go to CVS to get the Fleet enema anyway and while I was there, and yall may not know this but IM an "EXTREME COUPONER" and the black friday sales were amazing so I had to get in on the deals but I soon realized it was to much. I was bending and stretching for things that I know I should not have been doing. I got this sharp throbbing pain on the bottom left incision area near the crease of my thigh and I felt like i was going to die, I knew it was time to go and could not walk for a day in a half....tiss tisss so when they say sit your azzzz down and take it easy take heed cause i thought i was doing better and my work days were approaching......but the pain medication played tricks on me!

I knew I was not ready I felt i needed a few more days, before I left work the schedule was light "Im a back office nurse by the way" and I asked to keep the schedule light so it would not be so overwhelming and they understood that. I get to work today and the schedule was freekin over booked i was sooo pist and sooo emotional I became a hateful person today. But instead of breaking down and crying cause I was so tired, my back ached and short winded i had to check my self. I had to say to my self Lawanna this a business, the doctor i work for has a business to run and there are sick patients I cannot be selfish because i chose to have this elective service I cant expect them to have sympathy for me. I have a job and I have to work but in the back of my mind my feeling were so hurt, feeling like i was owed something after working there for four years but I cant be this way but Im human and i was still hurt, not only hurt I had changed my energy to anger and didnt say anything to anyone that morning, snappy worded everything....lunch came and I took my self to the car to reflect and pray REST ALSO but to ask for this negative energy to go away and change my attitude. The latter part of the day got better I was walking more for the better because i was still not walking straight and I noticed my energy picking up and I needed that to build my stamina back because i got lazy, laying in a bed all day and unable to exercise will make you lazy. So today had its pros and cons and ended helping me out for the better today.


Hey guys sooo sorry I have been MIA life has just been busy with work, home and the holidays it has been crazy! I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas......

My video will tell all with updated tummy pics....

My 1 month visit was today and everything went well I got a clean bill of health, he said im lookin flat "loved it" lol belly button looks nice, he pulled the paper tape off and said my incision looks great and healing beautifully, he snipped the sutures off each end and in the middle, told me I noonger had to wear my compression garment omg you just dont know how happy I am about that. He said i can go back to my regular schedule lifting, exercising, SEX lol
He said I didn't know i was make Youtube videos and said three people came in because they saw my videos and was very pleased about it he said it really helps others alot and I couldn't agree more which is the main reason why I chose to document my Journey to help others and make them feel most comfortable about there decisions and be able to guide them in anyway possible. he told me that my last follow up visit will be in two months and I said wait for it wait for it ..... I will be back for a breast lift LOLOL he is soooo wonderful and sooo sweet I am so happy I chose him. We will do post op pictures on my last visit and Im hoping I can show off my sexy body after two months of Shaun T Focus 25 lol Im so excited to tone and work on a six pack baby!
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon

Dr Hanna with Marietta Plastic Surgery is hands down the best decision I could have made! I had no quams no complaints no issue from the beginning to the end he came highly recommended and I highly recommend him to others. I give him 5 stars across the board because he is an exceptional PS and a man who genuinely cares he has a superb staff and he did an exceptional job! i could not be more happier.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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