Found my surgeon Dr Medina in D.R. she's board certified

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I'm looking forward to having Gastric Sleeves...

I'm looking forward to having Gastric Sleeves surgery this Spring if God permits. I'm tired of this weight and all the yo-yo diets. It's time to change my life, this time for good. I've been on "Real Self" for about a year now, man I love it. It helps me with my decision on choosing my surgeon and the do's and don't's when it comes to surgery of all kind. I'm thinking of Dr Wiszman in Margate, Fl or Dr Shillingford in Boca to
do the procedure. Both are charging the same price for self paying clients. I've heard great reviews on both doctors. Decisions, Decisions, Decisions, either way, I'm making the best choices of my life.

mexico? i need honest opinions please.

I found a doctor here in Florida...Boca Raton, Fl that do the VGS at $10,500 which is high, however his credentials are really good. I've been doing a 4yrs research on the procedure and different doctors. Dr. Ariel Ortiz in Baja California, Mexico are just as good. I'm just worried because what ppl are saying about traveling to have procedures done outside the US. My thoughts are, no matter where you go, there's always some type of danger/problem/etc. I believe there are many other doctors in other countries who are great. Some ppl have the misconception on many things.

Finally Getting Sleeved and I Choose MEXICO

I decided to have my procedure in Mexico. The surgeon is board certified in his country (MEXICO) and he's been in Opera and the Doctors show. His hospital is considered a "Excellent" center. Quality is no different then the US. Its 10 min away from San Diego. The coordinators are beyond excellent. It's the Obesity Control Center. Best decision I've made and I'm ready to start this journey. I'm starting at 278, standing at 5'5. I'm paid in full and flight tickets are brought.

I'm Finally Getting Sleeved in MEXICO. I'm Excited About This New Phrase.

Is anyone else going to MEXICO first week of March? I'll be there if God penis March 9th through March 17th. I'll be having my surgery done at OCC its the Obesity Control Center. Looking for reviews, stories, and positive comments. I'm soo happy that I'm nervous. March 11th 15 is the big day....yayyy. Looking forward to the experience.

I'm finally getting sleeved

Hey guys, I have a typo on my review before this one. I meant "Permit" thanks to another user for bringing it to my attention. However, it still sucks because I don't know how to delete to change the words. No option in Profile allowing me to.

3 more days left until i'm officially in mexico, and 5 days in total left before i'm sleeved!!! yayyyy!!!!

I have 3 more days left before I'm officially in Mexico. Therefore, counting down to a total of 5 days left before its time to actually do my procedure. I am excited and nervous, but more excited. Ready to cross my legs again, paint my toe nails, tie my shoes without bending to the side. Yes, it may sound crazy, funny, or dumb to some of you guys, but that's the life I was living being obese. A change has come and I've grabbed it.

Leaving in the morning...

Finally the time has come. I'll be leaving in the morning flying out to San Diego, where the driver will pick me up and make my way to Mexico. I'm more excited then nervous. My surgery is the 11th, but I decided to go two days earlier. I'll keep you guys updated. I'll be having my procedure done at OCC which is the Obesity Control Center in Tijuana. Here is my pic and stats. Pic taking today at

HW: 278
CW: 273
GW: 140
Height: 5'5

In San Diego finally....

In San Diego, CA finally. The driver is waiting. I'm so tired, but very much exited. My pictures from yesterday couldn't upload, so here it is. Also me on the plane today.


I am here after the long light and then the extra 15 min drive into Tijuana. Guess stay at the Marriott, it is very nice and tourist friendly. Free broth, Popsicle, and water. I am happy I decided to do this...yayy me,

Just did my pre op blood work

Hey guys, just did my pre op blood work. Surgery is early in the morning. The place is very clean, they speak English....everyone. I did a scroll around MEXICO today with my mom. We also went shopping. Had a ball.
Hw 278
Pre op w 272

got sleeved today at 9:30am on 3/11/15

Dr. Ortiz and Menendez was excellent. Gas pain is hurting be the most. Because I had a large stomach I had 6 incision instead of 5. The staff here is beyond helpful. I have no regrets. Back to Sleepi I'm groggy. I'm sending one night here. Leaving in the am to my hotel.

Sorry guys....misspelled dr name

My apologies about spelling my doctor name wrong. Its Dr Ortiz and Dr Martinez. Don't know why I kept saying, Menendez. Its Martinez. The both of them are very pleasant and knowledgeable. Dr. Ortiz came in hug my mom and myself and answered all of our questions. Dr Martin educated me on everything, he didn't miss a beat. It was two doctor's in the O.R. and two Anthropologist in the O.R. They made note of all allergies and etc I had just to make sure I did well under the anesthesia. Dr Ortiz also specialize in cosmetic surgery for people who lost massive weight from wls.


It's been a day and a half since I've been sleeved. It wasn't that bad, but the gas for me was the wrost. I've walked, walked, and walked. It has helped. I've also taking Gas-X for it. I spend one nights at OCC where I got the procedure done. I kept asking for pain med due to the gas. They said it will take about a week or so to be gone, lets hope so. Other then that, I'm doing well. My incisions are small. I didn't need a drain. I will put some more pics up later or day after. I do my leak test tomorrow. I pray it goes well. They did gave me nausea, pain pill, anti-acid, and anti-biotic to take home. I'm here in Mexico until Tuesday afternoon, so if I need something or follow up for any reason by Tuesday, I'll still be here. Other then that, I'm staying at the beautiful Marriott. Everyone is so welcoming. Oh yeah, in your price you get broth and popsicle twice a day at the Marriott. Again, I did my surgery at Obesity Control Center with Dr. Oritz and Dr. Martinez. It was worth my 6500

POST-OP DAY 2 Gas pain is still here

This gas pain is a killer. I walk, walk, walk, and walk, yet its still here. Can anyone tell me how long it will last. I've even taking extra strength gas-x. I woke up this morning nauseated, so I took some nausea meds, still feel bad a bit. Now I'm drinking hot tea, maybe that would
help my stomach to relax. I'm going to lay down. Later my sleeve extended family.


Did my leak test and everything went fine. I also requested a video of my procedure, can't wait to see it. I also saw my new stomach, its small for real. It was sleeved nicely. A bit weird but looks like a banana for real.


It's day 3 and the gas is getting better. Thank God. That's been my biggest down fall since being sleeved days ago. I'm so much better. The best thing is walking. Thanks to everyone that's encourage me and mentally helping me get through this. Hey has anyone been dreaming of food? I think I'm having food attacks or something. I keep dreaming about food. What a sick mind I have, but once I'm up I don't have that food craving. I'm actually not tired of the broth as of yet. I can't even finish the whole bowl. Its hard getting liquids in. It goes down well, it's just that I'm full very quickly. Life of a sleever, I guess. Can I get some stories from other sleevers. Positive ones...Thanks


After five teaspoon of this yogurt I was full. Is this a normal process? Today I can finally have yogurts and protein shakes. I was excited!!


I'm five days out and 14 pounds down in total. I was so excited when the nurse weigh me. It made me feel even more hopeful.


Today I woke up depressed. I started crying because of the way I'm feeling. I don't feel normal. I'm having second thoughts on was this all worth it. I didn't expect all this what I'm experiencing. The gas
and nausea is unbearable. I'm praying so hard to get through this. Maybe I should have just worked out and stick with it? I don't know, but I know right now I'm miserable and wish I could take back March 11. Maybe I'm upset and angry..idk but I need to vent. Guys don't let me discourage you, I'm just feeling this way today. Its just be and irritation I guess. I'll go pray and hopefullly my mind set changes by tomorrow. Sorry to everyone in advance.


Thank you everyone that have encourage me after posting the last review. I'm doing better and I know God didn't bring me thus far to leave me. This is the best thing that's ever happened to me, is this surgery. No matter what I've said or anyone else. I love my sleeve and decision.


So I found a solution to all my problems, or situation I previously had. My nut said, by day 5 full liquid and bring in puree slowly. The protein shakes have been hard for me especially being Lactose. I came up with what works for me. I took my protein powder, brought pediasure...yes the baby protein shake, mixed it all up in a blender, and drink it like a smoothie. Man I didn't realize I was drinking the protein drink itself. I make sure I added enough powder and calculated what was already in the protein drink to get all my protein in. It worked for me. The puree, what I did was went baby grocery shopping. They had all natural organic puree meals, veggies, and etc. I BROUGHT those and baby food. Man I've always been the one to eat baby food product anyways, so it came naturally. My nut said, that was perfect. So it works for me. I BROUGHT a sippie cup..yes, baby, spoon and bowls. There like 2, 3, and 4 oz. As I move up gradually it helps me. My vitamins are gummies, I don't like to swallow pills, there nature made brand. So I'm gonna do what works best for me. I have started on Jello, it goes down well, using my baby Dr did tell me, I'm well hydrated. Man I do drink a lot. I get
in. I guess that's alll for now. Baby things all the way. I'm working in steps. The good thing is my body is accepting it...Thank you Jesus.

Herbal Tea

I was told Herbal Tea was fine. What a good thing, I just sip some peppermint sugar added and now I'm sleepy. Btw its soothing too. It helps settle my gas problem as well...ok carry on now. Lol

Pic of Incisions

Finally a pic of my incisions. My incisions are healing well. My stomach my enemy for years, soon
it will be no longer. Can't wait for it to go down.

The day I left San Diego

The day I was leaving San Diego. The pic shows how sad I was....hehe. I was more sad because the gas pain at the time. Lol...I can laugh now because I'm a big baby at times.

Weight Check

I just weigh myself today and I'm down 23 pounds.

HW 278
POW 272
CW 255


I went into Publix Supermarket to buy creamy soup, saw the sale on seedless watermelon. I got tempted because I love watermelon. So I brought a small bowl. Man I took one, it was so refreshing and juicy. By the time I look down I had eaten the whole thing. I such feel bad about it, but I don't. I shouldn't have, but I'm human. I get weak. How I did eat them was one at a time, I chewed it thoroughly, then sit it out. I wanted mostly the juice. I should have blend it but I felt like chewing. However, as I was chewing I accidentally swallowed a small piece. I was scared not because I was hurting but reading other people horror dumpling/leak troubles. So I went into panic mode
my mom says, calm down your getting yourself sick. Wait and see if your affected before you start to think you are. I calm down and waited. I'm so happy nothing bad like dumping happened.


All I seem to do is make all my liquid drinks in smoothie form. It taste better that way. Maybe it's because I miss smoothies so much. It works.


Ooops, on me, but I'm not mad at what I did. As I was running errands today, I decided to buy a smoothie from Tropical Smoothie, I decided to add whey protein in there. Big mistake, it made me want to throw up, maybe because I taste the whey. But I couldn't finish
it. I drink there smoothies all the time, since 2003, so I know it wasn't the smoothie itself. What I did different was add whey protein powder for the first time, and definitely the last. Okay, I felt better after about 10 minutes sitting there and smh...Lol.

So about 6pm, I decided to catch a movie. I was curious to find out if my body can handle popcorn. I've read people having no problem eating it. Hahaha, guess what? After about 17 pieces and I did eat it thoroughly, big mistake. That dry, delicious, non salted, hot popcorn did go down, but it was omg I need to drink something quick, and I couldn't drink...there was some stuck, that's the feeling. I was oh no, I did take a sip of water, then I felt like acid reflux feeling. I went and had a Sprite Zero, yes I shouldn't have but I did. I needed something carbonated. I only had about 3oz. I burp, burp, and burp I felt relieved, not even feeling any gas issues since. It was bad I did it, but it took out 2 birds with one stone.


Shame me on experiments. I'm going to continue on the correct track as I started. No more trying out things. Even though I didn't throw up or had anything bad happened, doesn't mean I can't hurt myself since I'm fresh out of surgery. So new sleevers, don't try or think you can have certain things early out because your feeling fine, like it did. Anyhow, its 11 days out and I'm schedule for eating my proteins on Wednesday, yep 15 days out. I may not be able to eat anything yet, but that's what I was schedule for....solids Yikes!!!

Weigh in today 248
Pre op 272
HW 278
CW 248.2

Finding Myself....

I'm finding myself not eating. Is this good? All I'm doing is drinking my protein and water. My jello, broth, creamy soup, pureed I'm not. I feel full and bloated. Just really thirsty. Also, I'm taking my vitamin and B12 but I'm still so tired. Is there something wrong? I'm 12 days out. Have this happened to anyone? Man there are good days and not so good, but I'm still here pushing. I will get myself to eat and not only drink. Oh my, life of a sleever. Today stomach shot....incisions are healed. Thank you Jesus


I just threw up. I was told I can drink Light Cranberry juice just add water, so I did and I found myself throwing up. I threw up everything inside of me, which isn't much. Sorry T.M.I. but I can taste all the meds I was given, such as that antibiotic they gave me after surgery and pirolsec. Gross. No more Cranberry juice for me. I can't fo any Crystal lite drinks either. I hope this throw up didn't cause a leak Lord, please no. :(


This may not be appropriate, but I am experiencing this. I notice after this 30 pounds lost, I'm feeling horny constantly. I don't know if losing weight change my libido, but I feel different compare to before. Maybe its T.M.I. but I'm just saying.


When did any of my veteran sleevers started to exercise? I'm so ready to start working out.


What protein shakes are you guys doing? I notice the protein shakes are starting to not agree with me.

Some pics

Some, I was bored.


Well every doctor of course is different and have their sleeve dietary list different. The doctor is was originally considering but decided not to anymore actually have his sleeve patient's drinking diet soda, but flat. Have anyone hear of that? That's weird to me.


I have uploaded the list after I screen shot it....

Three Week's

Oh my, tomorrow marks three weeks since I was sleeved. Man when everyone says, its gonna get better, yes it has. Man I'm starting to get the hang of things. Happy I am!!! :-)


What in the world is going on? Frustrated! I'm barley taking in 600 cal a day, but I haven't lost anything since my last weight lost and I gain 4 pounds. From 248 to 252, I don't get you sleeve. What is going on. SF Jello, SF popsicle, water, banana baby food, and no weight lose. Ugh...ugh...ugh....the agony.

Soft food

Yayyy, on soft foods. Egg whites doesn't go down well. I dont like eggs anyway. Mashed potatoes goes well but never was into them. I'm making soup with chicken boil down totally it worked. Very blend, but taste like heaven to me.


Each day is a work in progress, but we're doing it. I never thought I'd get thus far, but I have. To all the veteran's sleevers especially "Puppy'sMom" thank you. The support is wonderful and the encouragement, I've received from everyone when I was going through my trails and tribulations couldn't be more appreciate it. Yes, I have ways to go as I approach my 4th week, but I'm far from where I was. I thank God and all the supporter thus far. May God speed favor. :)

Today Meal

I had tuna....oh I love tuna. I brought it from Subway. I didn't get the bread, just the tuna. It was four scoops like a regular foot long sub. No veggies...just tuna. Since yesterday, its been my lunch and dinner. Day two and its still here. Man I know when I'm full. You feel it. I stop, I don't push it. The restriction is awesome. Below will be the reminding of my tuna. It will be dinner and lunch tomorrow. Three days to eat that. Wow...the old me would have had that gone in one sitting. Took my vitamins oh yeah and on point with my liquids. I love my lemonade Crystal lite of course water too.


Happy Easter all, sorry I'm late. Thought I'd put some pics up from YESTERDAY. I brought this shirt in August, couldn't wear it because it was too tight. Now I tried it on yesterday and behold not only did it fit, it was big. I was happy!! I'm not where I want to be yet, but I'm far from where I once was. Started at 3x shirts, this a 2x, now I say, bye bye 2x as well. R.I.P. both sizes...down a 1x now. Progress.


Almost at my month mark, so here's my today weigh in. I can't believe it a month almost here. Thank you Jesus.

Seafood Question

When was anyone post vsg procedure able to eat shrimp or crab?


My one month pics will go up today....because I'm heading out for the weekend, so I'm celebrating my one month. Thank you everyone whose encourage me. Talk to yall after the weekend. Yayyy, one month in...finally. :)


I went out to R.L. for dinner with a friend. I ordered the shrimp meal, it came with two sides. The sides I choose was a bake potatoe and mashed potatoes. I couldn't eat the others like corn, pilaf rice, broccoli, and etc. That's why I choose those two. Anyhow, I had a couple of tea spoons of the bake potatoe and 7 shrimps. The pic below is after I was done eating. I friend said, "Your done? Your plate is still like they brought it." I laughed. I took that in a to-go box. The next day I had the rest of shrimps for lunch and dinner. The following day I still had two shrimp left, all the mashed potatoes and partial of the bake potatoe, boy look a here; its like 3 days or 2 1/2 days to try and finish a meal that use to be gone in one sitting when I went out to eat. Well that being said, I threw the rest away. I just couldn't go another day eating left overs like that. But I'm happy I have self discipline and self control.


The challenges with solid food so far has been great. I still need to work on my chewing to at least 25-30 bites, but hey, I'm a work in progress. I don't know why, but I've always eaten so fast. My mom use to tell me...slow guess my fat ass love the taste of food. I was down south (Ft Lauderdale) this weekend and I can say, I did "Graze" (I think I spelled it right) a bite. Big ass mistake. My fellow sleevers, a hard head makes a soft ass. What I mean when I said "Graze" well not really, because I didn't snack on it or other snacks all day. But what I'm saying is, I had about a size of a quarter piece of red velvet cake. "Yes, that's bad." But, it truly was a size of a quarter. I thought it wouldn't hurt me...omg. I stated to have the worst stomach pain/cramp ever. I thought I was gonna die. I was in pain for like 10 long minutes, felt like forever. Anyhow, after about a whole hour with this cramp I was able to use the bathroom and let it all out (Number 2) sorry if its T.M.I but yes, guys. I had the runs; not all, day but I did go 3 times throughout that day having the runs. After the rest of the evening into the night, I was fine. I feel that was a form of "Dumping Syndrome" maybe, not sure. Other then that episode my grilled chicken and fish have been going down well. I do get full quickly still and I eat every 2 to 3 hours. Oh yeah, I forget to tell you guys, I did get a hot sweaty kind of feeling after I ate the piece of cake. Almost like cold sweat for a bit. I looked it up and its said that VSG people can get dumping as well. I'm just happy it wasn't worst, but no more for me...I'm done. I love my sweets...crying, aw..sike no I'm not. I'm content.


It's 6 weeks today and I had to go weigh in. Though this journey has had its ups and downs, its definitely well worth it. I started at 278, my pre op at 272, now 242 for a total of 36 pounds in 6 weeks...30 surgery.

HW 278
CW 242/242.5 give or
GW 135-145

Tried to add video...guess it's too long


I'm a bit slow, but in due time the time will lessen. I walked 2 miles in 44mins. I'm gonna to adjust the time to less and the miles to more. But that will take time as I'm starting out to really work out now that I'm 6 weeks out.

Don't eat too fast...

Man I'm still working on eating slower. I just ate my turkey slices and forgot I was sleeved. Boy, the sleeved showed me, I threw up. I keep forgetting that I need to slow down when eating. That last bite did it, all didn't come up, but some did. I'm still able to drink and had some beans 3 hrs later, I chewed well, and nothing came up. But I'll do all liquids for the rest of the night. sleevers pase yourself when eating. Don't eat too fast.


What the hell? I started working out and I gain 2 pounds, at 244 now. I am upset, I do brisk walking and interval. I do 2 miles everyday, now a 2 pound gain. I'm eating 500-700 cal a day, if even that much. No rice, no soda, no juice, no bread, no pasta, and if carb like in what I eat...example, oakmeal its like 15g, which I had oakmeal twice. Anyhow my pics thus far starting with when woke, then after shower, a regular towel fully goes around me, never use to be able to, halfway only. Then after shower got dress, throw the wig and I was

Today my walking moved up..

I started walking on Friday, I'm surprise I haven't give up. Well total I didn't notice I walked 3 miles, my endurance have increased. Can't wait to do a 5k marathon before the year is over. I hope I start to lose weight again, after my muscle gain. I'm just thankful overall about my success in a healthier me. From 22 to a 18 in shirts, pants, and dresses.


Well you guys were right. I just left Publix and got on the scale, I actually lost what I gain and then some. I brought my friend to see maybe I'm losing my mind, but nope, I'm not. Both scales says, 240. I was screaming inside Publix the grocery store. I gain two now lost that two and some. Got ways to go, but going.

HW 278
Pre Op 272
CW 240
Not even 2 months yet. Thank you my Lord.

My Sleeve Members

What are you eating at 8 weeks post op? I had grilled chicken nuggets from Chic O Filet, I had 5 pieces, there small. I don't know what happened but I made myself throw up. I felt bad, itfelt stuck. I know its gross, but I felt better after doing it.

Am I doing too much? Honest Opinions Pls.

I finally went back to work on Thursday. I work the overnight shift at a Assisted Living Facility. Btw, I'll be going to a different shift next week, no more graveyards. But beside the point, I wear my pedometer since I started. My job is physical, so a lot of standing, bending, and walking. So in 2 hours times once I get to work I'm constantly on my feet. I finally sat down after 2hrs and 45 min, it shows, I walked 4.75 miles. I didn't realize we did do much walking in here. It can be a stressful job, but anyhow, I also go home and did/do 3.25 miles by brisk walking. In total with my work walking and home its like almost 8miles...this only when I'm working, but at home I started walking 3 miles. Well do you guys think I'm doing too much? Will it hurt or affect my body? I do notice my hips and lower back hurts. I do nothing else but walk, this was before heading back to work. I worked out 7 days straight, minus the work walk which only started Thursday. Should I rest one day? The doctors always say, oh 7 days is great, but this my body and I feel
and think I should rest a day. I literary couldn't walk after my nap yesterday. My body ache, I had to use Bengay and Icey Hot on my lower back. Any advice...thanks in advance.


Guys I'm going back to liquid for a bite. I'm comfortable eating the Jello, Yogurts, and etc instead. Eating solids is starting to scare me and annoy me. The throwing up, nausea feeling, and etc. I'll stick to those for a bit longer, even though I'm clear for solids. I mean maybe I'm venting too much, but I'm just the kind of person who don't like crap bothering me, so liquids another week, then try this solid thing again. I'm starting to freaking hate meat.

Vet's and Non-Vet's

Have anyone tried drinking a teaspoon a day of Apple Cider Vinegar? I've heard a lot of sleeve/band/bypass patients take it as they say, helps acid reflux. I'm just wondering because many ppl use it for a detox and I heard its good for many other things. My mom use to drink it for leg pain. I'm not sure, but any stories on this?


I felt like I had to workout anyway. I did stretch well, thanks SuninVirgo,
I felt good. I walked 3.45 without knowing it. Puppy Mom, I did do a bit of a slower pace. Body feels good. Well realself readers I did get up and workout.


I'm obsess work weighing myself everyday. Then I get pissed. Anyhow, I set my 2 months goal to be at 237 by May 11th which will be two months since surgery, today I weigh in and I'm 237 I made my goal for two months, but upset because I'm losing slowly. Someone told me I should be 60 to 80 down by now. All this making me feel like I'm not pushing hard enough. Maybe I'm overreacting, but I just want to be the best and do the best. I don't want to feel like I'm not doing it, but I'm proud of myself either way. I love me and who in becoming either way. I made my goal before my month was up and for that I'm grateful.

Fit in a dress....

I finally can fit in a dress I brought 2 yrs ago, it was even a bit loose as well. Here it is on me. 37 more pounds to go until I hit ONEDERLAND. I LOVE MY SLEEVE


Dann it pics didn't load on above post...Here they are on this post.


Its been a blessing to not hear, "Damm you gain weight, or damn you gaining a lot of weight." I've heard that for years. Now today as I finally went back to work after taking family leave for 8 weeks, my co-workers and boss was super to see the change. It felt good to hear, "Wow, you lost weight and Wow, you losing a lot of weight; you look good." Man those words felt sooo good. I felt proud and know all I went through was absolutely worth it. It pushes you to go even harder and stay discipline. Even the residents were amazed by my weight lose. I thank God for allowing me to cross this journey and keep me going. "HE THAT IS WITHIN ME." Glory be to God. It's a long time coming. I have too still cross other obstacles, but I'm now ready more then ever. "Tell me I can't." "I DON'T HEAR YOU." Everyone we can do this......
P.S. I need to scurbs...hehe first two in pink is today at work. The other two in blue was on Sunday at work.

Errors.....Typo Above.....

My typo...I meant weight loss and I meant on PS....I need to buy new scrubs for work.

Water....Stall...oh yeah, Happy Mother's Day

First and foremost, HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all the mother's and mother's to be. Secondly, I am at a stall or something. I have some water weight apparently...ugh. I went from 238 to 241...within 24 hrs. I went into a health place and the have this cool scale that analyze the whole body. It shows about 3 pounds...of water retention. I'm bummed, but I started drinking more water yo flush out my system and lower my sodium intake. I'm using Mrs. Dash seasoning now since it has no sodium in it. Honestly, I wasn't drinking enough water anyway. I sure do least 2.5 liters a day. I still exercise, but now I do 6 days instead of 7. I rest my body that one day. I'm now doing 3.5 to 4 miles walking/jogging. I started jump rope too...I'm gonna stick to cardio for a while. Well that's my news for today...oh yeah, I do about 6 miles walking at work throughout my whole shift, in total for the day its like doing 9 to 10 miles.


I guess the proof is truly in the pudding. My pressure is normal, my weight coming off. I'm lost for words. I lost the water weight and some.

HW 278
SW 272
CW 234


My blood pressure I've been low lately. I'm in panic mode, I went to the ER they claim I'm fine...bull crap 95/59 isn't normal or 90/64 or 106/66 those numbers are too low. This is stressing me out. Um trying to eat more with more soduim and I had a coke to see if it will go up. This is not good. I didn't even exercise today. I can't I'm dizzy. I Google this and it could be internal bleeding, leak, lung collapse...Who knows but I'm tired of the ER sending me home. Something is wrong, my blood pressure is too damn low. I drink 3 liters of water now to bring it up, that way I'm not dehydrated, but I'm not so it shouldn't be that low. Omg, I'm freaking out. I try to be healthy but that seem to have problems of its own. I'm dizzy now,gonna go lay down. And I take vitamins...


Well they ran test, all came out super great. Blood count 10.8, no serious problem. I was told my blood pressure is excellent. However, I'm not eating enough. They said, with my working out and not eating enough, can drop it, but nothing to go in panic mode. Its hard to eat, when your not eating. I try. Honestly, I eat probably 4oz all day of food, then drink water all day. This is crazy. First you eat too much, then you not eating enough,but gonna try and eat more.


Hey darlings, I started to do a journal and prepare my meals now, that way I miss none. I had my proteins today and it felt great. I did excersie yesterday and today...even though I said I'll take
a break. I walked 2 miles, now with this eating on point I'm ready to continue my lifestyle.


I went to Wal-Mart and was trying on some pants and scurbs for with. In my scurbs I went from a 3X to 1X, in pants like slacks I went from 22W to 18P, dresses, 3X to a 1X. I was like, "WHAT?" "SHUT UP!!" To myself in the dressing room. That felt great. My waist measurements went from a 56 to 43 inches, my mid area had always been massive. Yes, I said it, "MASSIVE." But that's it for now.


Well I've been beta-blocker since 2008 for high blood pressure. I was on 50mg, I was prescribed it for anxiety. Once I go into panic mode my pressure goes sky rocket, so my doctor put me on there. Anyhow, I'll be coming off of it soon....yayyy, I'm so happy. My pressure and heart rate have been perfect. I just need to continue eating protein and try not to be in panic mode. I'm step closer...bye bye meds.


Wow! Its amazing how a few pounds off can change so much. My sleep apnea is gone. I don't even snore anymore, I can cross my legs....damn that feels so good to do. The change is good. Best decision I've made was the sleeve.


Today young lady saw me and said, wow your actually losing weight. I thought you would have give up on walking already. Some people do it for 3 days or so and stop, but your like walking everyday. I said, "I'm determine, motivated, and getting health for me." Her reply then was, "Oh I knew someone who did that surgery and they careful, its not safe." I held my tongue and walked off, because I was gonna say something that wasn't nice. Some people just so ignorant, Bi@@@ just mad I'm losing and looking good. Whatever...Anyhow, I'm feeling great and I still put in 3 miles today. Now run and tell that...childish chick.


I'm hoping to be at least 224 by my 3rd month...I'm at 234 now and I'm happy about that. Coming from 278, boy look a here, not fun. Long term goal, by December if God permits of 2015, I'd like to be in the "Onderland" Man that would be a wonderful feeling. I'm excited to be under the 250 mark....Good luck everyone and remember, we all got this.




I decided to put all my journey from here on FB as well, and I actually have gotten positive feedback, i was shock. I wasn't expecting that, I don't think I really cared either. I put my story out there and maybe be a inspiration to someone. Well I'm heading to's pic


Finally broke my stall

May 26, 2015

I've had a plateau for 2 weeks now, today I finally broke it. I am 231....Finally, I was so excited. All that water, walking, and constant eating small meals every 3 hours was worth it...move 220's I'm passing through soon. So happy to be under 250, what a long time coming. In the words of Coach Sandra Roach..."Set Goals, and Get Results." My life coach, my inspiration, my sister.


Having 85% of your stomach removed is something someone would probably think is risky. Yes, and they are right. It is very much so "Risky." Going under the knife is never easy, no matter what the procedure may be. I'm almost 3 months post-op and I can gladly say over and over again, Good or Bad, "Thank you Lord!" Because I made it out safely and thus far my stomach is healing well and my incisions have healed. As I sit here and type today, I am finally 49 pounds down...what a blessing, they gift I have given to myself, and to the world too know that; "There is hope, there is a chance, and with hard work and determination, we all can succeed. Success is in those who quest for it.

-"The Fat Girl Within" SleevedGirl2015
Zara Ami


"What we do not attempt to do out of fear is experienced as failure." -Karen Horney's

So your scared? You decide to avoid. Then you become more convinced than ever that you're not capable. But my readers, you can overcome anything, if you push yourself. I have so what you're waiting for?
-Zara Ami


No matter where I'm at, I still find ways to workout. At work instead of sitting every chance I get I would walk up and down the hallways. Instead of taking short cuts, I take the longer route to my destination.

This was my favorite place in the building...these two machines. Now I walk pass them and pay no attention whatsoever. Not my poison anymore.

"That's why I stay M.A.D." -Zara Ami



1 1/2 cups fresh Kale
1/2 cucumber
1 banana
1 cup orange juice
1 cup pineapple, frozen
1 cup mango, frozen
1 cup silk soy milk

1. Blend kale, soy milk and orange juice until smooth.
2. Add remaining ingredients, and blend until smooth.
*You can add 1/2 of green apple if you like...Enjoy!*

At work so i cook my own meal.....

I made some Tilapia and sweet peas....i ate that throughout the shift....that one plate lasted me until was Delicious.

What I'm eating for dinner tonight.
4oz Tilapia with 23g of protein and sweet peas.


Today is the first of June. In 10 days, I'll be 3 months post op. As I weigh myself and take a picture in a public bathroom, I'm proud. Proud of the "Tool" I'm using to achieve the results I'm in quest of. People have misconceptions of Bariatric procedure(s), its only a "Tool." I have too put the work in, and believe it; it doesn't come easy. I'm 50 pounds lighter today and still counting. I feel proud because my hard work is showing the results I long for. I will continue my journey and I am sharing it with the world.

Weight before I spoke with Dr. 280 (February 17th 2015)
Weight when I decided it was time to do this 278 (February 23rd 2015
Weight I was when I was done with pre-op 272 (March 11th 2015)
What I weigh today 228 (June 1st 2015)

" I stay M.A.D." -Zara Ami


The many pics of me in transition...from beginning MARCH 11TH 2015 to today JUNE 1ST 2015...last pic.


Do you see the difference? Yes, because "I'm M.A.D.!"



Sorry, I couldn't send it private, it wouldn't let me upload (No Option to), but someone stated "shorts shows better" so here's me in shorts, since the dress didn't really show my body. Here is a pic with me in my workout clothes today...hope this is better. Thanks all in advance. ;)


I have always been confident but once I started to put on the pounds, that ll went away. I'm learning all over again to love "ME" self love the best love one can have. Whether you're 300 or 100 pounds, love you and work on you. All others will fall into place...mind over matter.

"I STAY M.A.D." -Zara Ami


I guess the saying is right, "You are what you eat." However, I believe if you limit yourself and do things in moderation, then you can find a balance. "Its all about balance!" Here's a ad pic I thought was funny.


Hello sleevers what is your weight goal? Mine is 140...or 145. I thought I wanted it to be 130

Movie Night...Sit Ups

Doing a movie night with my mom...Netflix, I love it. I'm doing sit ups at the same time. I'm trying to stay active even when I'm not...I hope I'm making sense.


Is there anyone (Vet Sleevers) who plan on having plastic surgery after their weight loss? If so, what do you plan on doing (procedures)?


Jumping Ropes today, oh boy, oh boy....everything gonna shake...(Fat) here we go. I'm gonna start off with doing 20 and each day gradually increase it until I'm able to do 200. Let's Go!!!


What exercise do any of you guys do? If so, what you do and what your workout schedule is like?


Oh boy, having all this extra weight can truly hinder you. Today I aim to jump rope, well I did it, but only 15...pause and did my 20. Growing up jumping rope was the active sport every little girl did which was so fun, now with 95 pounds of extra weight on me, it was hard, however, I didn't give up. I pushed until I got to the originally start off number for the day...20. I did my 20 and felt proud. My goal is to do 100 without stopping by next week or so and ultimately do 200 at each without session. "A work in progress I am." "Motivated, Ambitious, and Determined!" "I STAY M.A.D."


I'm 5 days early but I'm still 50 pounds down, such I'm so excited about. I weigh I'm today and I'm at 227.2 I will say still 228, I don't want that credit given, I want to earn will I am 3 months post op and 50 pounds down what a blessing. Pics are below from today and even my journey first begin.

Typo Above

Sorry about my paragraph above. I am walking and trying. There's couple of typo hope you guys understand the English I'm trying to write... Lol. "I meant to say that I am happy to be 50 pounds down and I am grateful about the weight loss." "I am almost 3 months post op which is in about 5 days, and the pics are posted." "Thank you to everyone, thanks for the support and may God speed during your recovery and progress."


I have a lot of posted feeds, if I don't reply right away, forgive I'm Juggling Facebook updates, Twitter followers, YouTube videos, Google+, and this page. I may not reply right away, but know I will. You can also leave me a private message. Thank you all


Yes, thank you God, I'm officially 3 months. I'm still 228 which I'm happy about. 50 pounds down and counting. I thank you all for the love and continuous support. I wear same clothes to show the difference in the months too come. Top of collage is Tuesday and bottom was 2 1/2 ago.


I've heard it all, fat slob, pig, whale, cow and etc. Every word cut deeper than a double edge sword. There were times when I wanted to starve myself just to please "PEOPLE." Three months ago was the best decision I could have made. When I found out I stopped breathing for a minute or so while I'm asleep; not to mention other health problems associated with obesity. Something had to give. I made a change. I had weight loss surgery, and it was the best decision for me. I'm not worried about pleasing anyone anymore, but my God and Me. And the best thing about all this, God already was my right hand man, my confidant, my hero, my everything. My mind set is so different now. I see the bigger picture!

I am the same person, just a bit smaller.


I will continue to dodge every ball life throws at me, some I may curve and some I may not, but know that I will get up every time I'm hit.

Many said, I wouldn't last, today I tell them; thank you, because you are my biggest supporters.

Negative people will hurt you, but they can never break you, only if you allow them to.


As always I'm taking you with me through my journey. Most women would say, they hate being on there cycle. For me it was always irregular. It's been 6 yrs since I had a cycle due to being overweight. I was diagnose with PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) this is when you don't ovulate, which for some with the disease don't have a period and end up having infertility problem. Today I wasn't feeling too well. Cramping but nothing to be nervous about. I woke up after my nap to see I'm a "Woman" again. Yes, my friends/family my cycle came on, after 6 long years. Of course the 52 pounds loss made a huge difference. I never thought I'd be happy to see her (Cycle) again. I give God the glory, because my body is regulating to its normal self again. I'm excited!!
"I STAY M.A.D." Zara Ami

I believe


Hello went out tonight...and enjoyed

I went out to a local bar with some friends. I dance and drink water. I didn't drink any liquor, all my friends understood which made the night even better. Pics before, I haven't brought clothes yet. I'm waiting in my 100 mark, I'm half way there. I've also been very busy with my website which will be up in a few weeks. But Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube have videos and lots if daily event's I'm doing. Mostly IG, Twitter, and Fb do. Thanks again, love you all. You guys are the best!!


Sorry done typos above...

I hope this video went through

Earlier tonight

One of my workouts

Just working out...

4 months post op pics

Four months post op feeling great.

SW 278
POW 272
CW 223
GW ?? Undecided

56 pounds lost in total


Sorry, I've been so busy. Thank you everyone for all the kind words and compliments. I've been preparing for my best friend wedding today. Here are the pics, 7/18/15. I had a small piece of cake...hehe. 3 meatballs ans that's it. I wasn't hungry. I didn't have wine or champagne. I didn't even drink soda, just water all night. I think I did well. I didn't miss pigging out either like I use to. I love my sleeve, but mostly my self control..


About last Everyone was so surprise to see how small I've gotten thus far. I can honestly say, it felt good to hear, omg you got small, instead of, omg you got big like I use to.


Its been a while since I updated. I've been doing a lot of speeches as I focus more on my business ventures. Thank you all and I will reply to all messages. I am 13 pounds away from, "Onederland" this is my five months weigh in. Also, a pic. New lifestyle, new journey, and a new hair cut. I chop it off. A second chance at life, so I'm doing it right. ????????????

HW 280
BS 278
SW 272
CW 213
GW 145

BS means, before surgery or before I considered surgery, that was my heaviest. Than I lost 2 pounds from there I contact a doctor and it was history since.

MY Above Post Didn't Upload The Pics

Here are recent pics from my above post....sorry guys...heheehehe

Recent 7 months post op pics

Hello guys I'm here working hard...Lol hope everyone is well, I am doing great. Here is some updated pics, I need to buy new clothes really but I'm wearing 12 in pants from 22 L in shirt from 3x..

HW 280
SW 172
CW 196

Skin, Skin, and more Skin

Weight loss is but the extra skin isn't. Will have a full body lift next summer. Its hard to jog with all this skin...smh

Still at 196...Stall, Stall, Stall

I'm at a stall go from 196 to 201...ugh good thing is since my sleeve, I've gotten my period every month on a regular. After 6 yrs of not having it, I feel so bless to have it again. So I'm breaking this stall by going back to liquid diet, we'll see what happens. I'm 9 months post op best decision I've made was this surgery. Love you guys and keep going. :)

Forgot To mention Size

Pants size 12 from a 22
Shirt M from a 3x
Shoes 7 1/2-8 from a 8 1/2 yes your feet does shrink
Bust 38 C from a 48 C
Waist 37 1/2 from a 52 inches

So here you all go

HW 280
SW 272
CW 198 trying to get down from stall.
GW 145

I Lost 100 Pounds In 11 Months

I'm 9 days from being 11 months post op. I have lost 100 pounds thus far. I started at 280 and now today 180, man I'm excited. This sleeve was the best thing I could have done.

Highest Weight 280
Current Weight 180
Weight Lost. 100 Pounds

Finally Got My Date For My Plastic Surgery April 13th It Is If God Permits...Dr. Medina in Dominican Rep

I cant wait for my plastic surgery...yayyy it will be April 13th. I choose a amazing doctor who is certified by the board in the Dominican Republic, after talking with several doctors there, I believe Dr. Medina is the right, yet best choice for me. I am starting my vitamins today...Vitamin B, Folic, Iron, and Vitamin C. What a journey this will be and I will keep you all updated every step of the way.

Happy Valentine's Day All

Heading out... enjoy your evening everyone

Comparison face pics from 280 to 180

Wow, as I look at my face comparison pics to now, I am amazed. My face was "huge" lol seriously but now I can see the person that's always been there. Man it feels so good. I actually can cross my legs everyone. I cried when I did. I can tie my shoe, I can squat, bend, and run without feeling so tired. The energy is amazing. Friday I did a blood count since I was on my period just to see how low it will go, since I'm heavy the first two days, it was 11.3 women hemoglobin should be between 12-15 but for being on my cycle and heavy Dr said that's good so that tells her its higher once I'm off my cycle. Even those it will go back up, I'll still take my iron, vitamins, do my beets and carrot juice, and eat my Spanish and liver. Hopefully by May its up to where I can have my cosmetic procedure. Other then that, I feel well and I'm doing well. Thank you all for the compliments and support. Love you guys....:) P.S. my boyfriend of almost 4 yrd said, gosh I can't wait to twist you like a pretzel and eat you up. He's over seas (military) but will be home for good this August. Yayyy!! Hopefully I get my ring I'm hoping this yr or next. :)

HW 280
SW 272
CW 180
WL 100 pounds
GW has change to 155-160
Pants from 22 to 12 with a lot of skin hanging after tummy tuck it will be in 8/9
Shirts from 3x to S/M depending on material
Dress from 24/26 to 14 depending on material. Last night dress on pic below is a size 14 and it wasn't tight on me. I had room to breath even after dinner.

One Yr Anniversary....Yayyyyy

Hello my beautiful friends, its official been 1 yr and 11 days since I was sleeved, and boy its been a journey worth wild. No regrets! Only I wish I did it sooner. Man so much has happened in so little time, I have postpone my PS reasons as follows.
1. I'd like to be closer to my goal weight so I can have amazing results 160 goal from there once I have PS all the extra skin will drop me to final goal weight 145
2. I was in the hospital for 4 days due to gallbladder issues. Apparently, I lost toouch weight to quickly so they say, which caused stones and now from time to time, I get this pain that is soooo badly I have to take 60mg of morphine once the pain starts. Yes, its that bad. So I'll be removing my gallbladder and be done with it sometime with summer or because the holidays. That's another reason why I withheld my PS and focus more on this issue as its more important to be at this point.
3. Most surgeons said, I can have my TT, BBL, and Lipo but best results ony frame would be once I get to 160 which is only another 35 pounds, I trust them judgment since I've consulted 16 doctors, Mexico, Florida, Dominican Republic, and Georiga. And they all said the same thing, even though they can do it now, they just feel results would be even better if I did, plus the price would be cheaper once I'm done another 220. I'm stable on my weight. During my cycle I'd go up to 186 but after like a week off my cycle, I go back down. I go between 180-183.4 anyway so yeah.
4. I have souch extra skin I believe its the reason way I have more weight too. I didn't know skin weighs, I was just thinking fat. I went to one doctor consultation here in Florida my hometown and he said, "Your problem isn't fat, its more extra skin. You've lost most of your fat percent but now I have so much handing skin. So its good but bad because I'm uncomfortable.
5. My stomach overlaps where I can't see my God blessing woman area. That gets me down. Sigh!! Lifting it up everything to wash is getting annoying. No matter how small I get or how small my stomach becomes, it seems to hang even more, even with sit-ups and excerise. Surgeon says, no matter how much I excerise that part of my body skin is loose and I'll have to do muscle rapair with my TT because its detached from being so big.

Well friends those ate my updates to current. Sorry I took so long, beside the gallbladder issues and working I've been so busy but made time to catch you up on things. I'm not on morphine anymore. The pain has subdue but time to time it comes but not too sharp. I changed my diet a little more too. Even though I can eat normal food now, I can't have certain things because it triggers the gallbladder, example, Salads, Spanish, of course fried food. I would have some chicken fingers once in a blue, the time I did, it was the hospital and man it trigger the pain do bad, the GI doctor said, don't ever eat anything fried period, it causes it to be worst. So I'm eating things like boil fish or bake, mash potatoes, sweet potatoes, my protein shakes, jello regular not sf like before, gram crackers, lots of water, yorupt not sf regular, pudding not df regular, banana, pears, watermelon, strawberries, and etc. But I'm well as of March 23, 2016 6:07am as I type to you all about my ups and downs. Thanks

Depending on the material/make of dress I fit into a 12-14, pants 12-14, shirt M-L

HW 280
SW 272
CW 181.4 (Got off cycle 4 days ago)
GW 140

First Wedding Of The Year...Hostess

The shock on ppl faces who haven't seen me since 2003, even my ex...tried to tell me, let's hang out after the wedding, I politely declined his offer. Man I love my sleeve and the person I've always known to be. I didn't even eat since I ate before the wedding. But I did have a piece of cake and three drinks of coke and rum. I haven't drink alcohol since sleeved. Doctor said, wait a yr and its been a yr...but I knew my limits, I danced to the point I felt like I was sitting in a lol I said, that's my workout...but I'm feeling so much better and this weekend was beautiful. I was honored to be her host and coordinator at this event.

I Love My Journey..

At 176 today...almost at the goal weight. Next year definitely I'll be having my surgery. Tummy Tuck and BBL with aggressive Lipo. This is a journey I love and I have no regards... None at all. So if you're out there and thought for a minute against doing it because of fear, don't fear is not doing it.

Social Media...



So now I've lost all this weight, people who didn't look at me twice is wanting to have some type of communication. Ah, no sir, you couldn't be even a friend with me at 280 so don't try at 176. I'm the same person inside just my putter appearance changed. My size matter to them so why even bother. I am so content right now, I will not waste my time. So I ignored them like they ignored me. Its amazing what men thinks....shallow. No time for it.

Reached my goal by Doctor in 15 months... 174

Updates on this 15 months journey...

Negative COMMENT

you I got messages under my pics on Facebook. Some girl said, "I'm a ugly slut" and I look terrible. Then a so called friend called me and said, "Stop the loss you are not going look good, you looked better big." So you see when your in a good place there will be assholes who want to put you down, don't let them. Even friends will not be friends anymore. I say to that, they were not friends to begin with. I am happy of my loss my journey people can and will no longer dictate it. So keep your head up and enjoy the ride, you'll have a blast.

The only regret

The only Regret I must say I have, is not doing this was sooner. But I rather be late than never. This was the timing. So my follow WL members looking into to doing wls, go for it. You'll get discouraged at times or even once during the journey, however, don't give up. This first step to a healthier you is one of the best decision you'll make. I've had many ups and downs, but I'm here and still pushing. Even with the negative comments or lost friendships along the way, its OK. It will be OK, just stay focus and remember why you did this in the first place...your health. I'm here and I'm happy. :)


Well everyone, I'm in the hospital and will be having surgery on Monday to remove my gallbladder. I'm happy because this constant pain from it will be gone. Now that will be remove, I'm more comfortable about having my plastic surgery in Feb of 2017

Finally Gallbladder Removal

Today I finally got my gallbladder removed, boy oh boy its no joke. I feel like the pain and incision area of the gallbladder is more intense than the vsg...well I finally got it removed so in a few days hopefully, I'll be bk to normal me.

Day 13 Still In The Hospital

I'm still in the hospital for the last 13 days. I thought I would be release today but no. Before my surgery they put a Midline since it was hard to find my vien to put a regular IV in well surgery went well and etc the day after I was having bad pain in my right arm where the midline was put.. Come to find out it develop a blood clot lord knows how. So now I'm on coumdin for the next three months to stop any clotting from happening. I'm sad, upset, confuse, and just blah. But I thank God for helping me find this before it was too late. Ppl talk crap about over sea work but the US no different, things happens anywhere at anytime.

Hello....My...Loves Update

Hello everyone I am doing oh so well. I was released from the hospital on June 26. I did like 16 days in total. I am still on coumadin until like September. I take it faithfully. They just want to make sure its totally gone so I will stay on it until then.

The first three days from the hospital was hard mentally. I was so depressed and crying, but after talking with my doctor, family, and friends I learned that being on the blood thinner wasn't a cruse. It was to help me. I thought I'd be on it forever, but I will not. Its just the midline caused it to develop but because I was aware of something feeling wrong it was caught on time.

I am happy, alive, well, still losing weight and eating right. Thank you everyone who was concerned. I appreciate it.


Hello everyone, I'm back and well. This year has been good and bad, but I wouldn't change anything about it. This March 11th 2017 will be 2 yrs post op. I'm still at 175 not where I want to be, but far from 280 where I was. Vsg saved my life, I regret nothing. Now this is chapter two in my life and I would like some good surgeons in Mexico. I was going to Dominican Republic because they have some really great doctors who can.sculpt you in an hour glass figure, but since I did my wls in Mexico and had great results and time. I wouldn't mind going back. So ladies give me some info. I heard Dr. Pajori I think I spelled his name wrong, but I heard he's really good. Looking to do this by February

I got my quote and date


I think I  can  do a  very  good job to improve your figure, so  you can  be  the  best  version of  you.

After see your pictures I understand I can improve your body with the following interventions:

Tummy tuck with muscle repair

Liposuction on lower and upper back



with or without lipoinyection to Buttock (BBL)

Price: US$4500.00

Recovery House included:

Shared room 

All the Meal,

Nurse 24/7,



US$75.00 per night. 10 nights US$ 750

Transportation included:

Airport Pick up

Medical Check up

Bring you back to the airport


Total price: US$ 5350.00

Extras areas of liposuction are US$ 300 each one (YOU HAVE TO HAVE A PRIMARY LIPOSUCTION AREA).


Please read all the information.


Some dolls pics:














 •   EKG




·  The Administrative Process and balance of fees is due 48 hours before surgery.

·  Price is in America dollars.

·  To book a surgery date you have to make a US$500 not refundable deposit.               

·  Prices Guarantee only for 3 month. 

·  Any other test that is not list is extra. 

·  If you do have Diabetes, asthma cardiovascular pressure problems, smoke or has any other diseases bring an extra US$300.00 for an specialist evaluate and approve for surgery. 

·  The procedures will depend on your hemoglobin levels.

·  Is important to have a good hemoglobin level to have your surgery done. Your Hemoglobin and levels has to be over12ml for one procedure, more than 13 g/ml for 2 procedures and more than 14mg/dl for 3 procedures.                

·  Is recommend to stay 14 days after surgery or more depend of the procedures.  

·  Take Iron pills 6 weeks before surgery. 2 weeks before stop all that contain Vitamin A and E.    

·  The U$ 500 deposit to secure the date of your surgery are not refundable in case of cancellation 

·  Must remain off work 3-4 weeks.

·  If you don’t have a place to stay you can use a recovery house. The costs is 75 dollars a night all inclusive. Also we can coordinate transportation.   

·  Nonsurgical guest to stay at the recovery house is US$55 a day plus transportation.     

·  In case you need to stay extra night at the recovery house for your condition or after surgery cost US$75.         

·  The take home medication are not included in the quote. Costs approximately 250 dollars. Antibiotics, pain medications, proton pump inhibitors, vitamin C and Iron. Other medication than those has an extra cost.           

·  The lymphatic drainage massage should be performed, recommended are 10 massages. This has cost about 300 dollars. Massages are not included in the quote.       

·  It is mandatory for patients to buy insurance complications, the cost is between 150 dollars. Bring it in cash. Can get in the offices. The complication insurance cover extra hospitalization in case of complication, does not cover anything that is ambulatory          

·  . If you smoke you will have oxygen treatments (mandatory), at least 6 hours, each hour cost US$ 100.           

·  In order to get surgery you BIM h


OMG...its been 8 months since I've been on here. Well ladies I got engaged on Saturday...yayyyy. i am excited about that. I also got a really good job. I'm a counselor now for a Domestic Violence organization. So, my job requires a lot and I've been busy with that. I haven't gotten my Tummy Tuck yet, I am thinking of finally doing in March which will be my 3rd year Post-Op anniversary. Soon after I'll be planning wedding. But I hope you guys are doing well. I'll post recent pic of me on the next post shortly. Love you guys...

Recent 2017 Pics

Pic I promised from above post
Mexico Bariatric Surgeon

Dr Medina will be my plastic surgeon . Ariel Ortiz and Dr. Martinez reviews on his website is magnificent. Obesity Control Center" International Center of Excellence. He's done more than 1,200 surgeries. He's also been on the show, "Doctor's and Opera." Many people says, he's very nice and knows what he's doing. Really good bedside manner. He's also nice to look at...hehehe, so handsome. Anyhow, I am seriously considering him.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
Was this review helpful? {{ voteCountOthers + ' other' + (voteCountOthers == 1 ? '' : 's') }} found this helpful