This is it! Augumentation Rhinoplasty (Asian nose) Manila, Philippines

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I had my very first consultation with Dr. Arzadon...

I had my very first consultation with Dr. Arzadon the other day. His specialty is ENT. I decided to consult with him because he is my friends rhinoplasty surgeon. I love her nose and so I am hoping he can work some magic on my nose too.

I was excited and anxious at the same time. Dr. asked me what I was there to see him for and then he asked if he could examine me. My heart was honestly palpitating as he examined. He had told me that my skin (between the eyes) were thin, my alar base is quite wide, my nose tip is bolus, and that I had a very short columella. BUT I was still a candidate for rhinoplasty augmentation.

He then sat down with me and discussed what rhinoplasty was and the different types of material used. I had already done my research so he didn't have to do much explaining. I told him my concern with using my own tissue/cartilage. I told him I was torn between silicone and gore-tex. He told me with silicone, you can def' see the shape and how define it is. The gore-tex is more of a natural look. I told him, I want a natural look but not so natural that it doesn't look like I even had anything done to my nose. He said silicone would give me that "WOW" factor. The only thing is that through research, I heard many bad stuff that can happen with silicone. I told my surgeon the doubts I had. Basically, had told me that regardless of using silicone or gore-tex there are risks involved. He went into detail and I understand what he was trying to say. I am just thinking about the future tho... let's say I get silicone and my baby smacks/hits my nose. With an "L" shape silicone, I feel it will most likely get misaligned as a whole compared to the gore-tex. I may be wrong tho.

Dr. wants me to get my labs done first to see if I am safe to go under the knife. I will ask him in the next consultation which implant he will recommend for me.


My surgery will be on October 18. :)

Day 3 Post-op!

I can't believe it... I actually went through with the procedure!
All is well. Thank God that the operation was a success.

My operation was scheduled on October 18 @ 7am.
I arrived to the OR & had to change into my gown. It’s funny because at first, I put the gown on backwards… During the wait, I tried to keep myself relaxed. I was nervous, but not really. After 45 minutes of waiting, the nurse said it was show time! Once in the operating room, I was snug under some warm blankets (yay!). The surgeon joked around and asked me if I wanted to be relaxed or alert during the operation. He had the nurse administer an anti-anxiety drug so that I would be relaxed during the operation. That drug def' did it's job! I was under general anesthesia. No, I did not feel any pain. All I felt was the surgeon touching my nose. As far as I could remember, I was awake the whole time, but most of the time my eyes were closed. Thinking back on it... I actually may have zoned in & out of consciousness...

The operation felt like it was only 30 minutes. In reality, I'm guessing it was about an hour to 1 ½ hours. Before the surgeon placed the bandages, he had me hold a mirror so that he could show me my new nose. To be quite honest, I couldn’t really see my nose. I didn't have my glasses on & the anti-anxiety drugs were still in my system so I wasn't quiet aware. I just know I ‘saw’ my nose & when the surgeon had asked me if I liked the tip, I responded with an uh-huh, but in my head I told myself that I wanted my old nose back.

They wheeled me back into the recovery room where I was told to place an ice pack on my face. I asked the nurse for a mirror, but she didn't have one. I had an emo moment and teared up a bit because I was thinking my surgery was a mistake.

As soon as I was discharged I headed straight to the restroom. I looked myself in the mirror so that I could examine my new nose. I guess when doc had asked me on the operation table, I wasn't aware of how it really looked cuz of the meds effects on me. But when I looked at my nose again in the mirror, I thought it looked fine.

The anesthesia started to wear off less than an hour after the procedure. I experience pain at that point but it was bearable (toothaches and cramps are more painful). If I took my pain med on time, I could have avoided it.

3 days post-op:
The discomforts
- I nose bled for about a day… that was annoying
- If I stall on taking my pain meds, I experience some discomfort (not really pain) as if I have a minor headache.
- I can’t open my mouth wide so I have to take my time when I eat.
- I get freaked out when I feel like I have to sneeze.
- My face gets super oily!
- I can barely move my upper lip.
- Puffy eyes as if I was crying for several hours.

- I’ve been able to sleep comfortably.
- No vomiting
- Not in any pain
- I can still function properly
- I can breath through my nose

Picture! Picture!


My bandage is off & the stitches were taken out.
The responses I've read about removal of sutures stated that it doesn't hurt. Well, for me, I must say it was one of the worst parts of the whole experience. I wasn't in excruciating pain but I'm so glad it's over. Doctor says I am healing well... He told me to look in the mirror and I honestly thought to myself, "I look so ugly." I'm so overwhelmed with my new look. I had an implant inserted to raise my nasal bridge... I barely had one, and now, I have one that is obviously seen. I had a super wide nose and now, it's slender. It's swollen and I feel as if I look like an avatar. I'm a complete emotional wreck! LOL. BUT, I know I'll be fine.

I got home, put on some plus and eyeliner. I felt prettier.

I am loving my side view. I pray that my front view will look better once the swelling is gone...

Oh! And I feel my nose is a bit off center. Wonder if it's because of the swelling...

Bandage off.

Today is the second day with the bandage off...
8th day post-op.
I am still trying to get used to my nose. Makeup is really helping me deal with it. Haha. I feel my nose is asymmetrical tho... I read that it is normal esp. since my nose is still healing. I'm wondering if my nose really was asymmetrical in the first place. And honestly, can you guys tell it looks a little off? Or am I just nit picking at every single thing about my new nose?


I have to shame in telling people that I was going to have my nose done... BUT I honestly didn't think people wouldn't be able to recognize me after the procedure. I got my surgery done over my semester break... When I get back to school, I will be around the same classmates and professors. On FB, my friends have just seen an updated picture of me. They like the new look but say they didn't even know it was me! I'm hoping my professors and people I know at school will be able to recognize me... Yikes.

more pictures! Almost hit the 3 week mark! :)

Hi everyone! So let me just say, when the bandage first came off, I did not like my nose one bit. I literally wanted to cry because of how ugly I felt. I looked in the mirror and thought I had made a huge mistake in going under the knife. But as the days have passed (swelling going down), I am loving my new nose! Patience is virtue my friends... By the way, I am still getting used to how I look. I feel that I look like a totally different person.

Anyway, I went to school the other day because I had to register. I was worried that no one would recognize me... BUT to my surprise people can tell it's me, but of course with a new nose. Whew. I walked into the college of nursing and thank goodness my professor had said, "I can't help but notice your transformation." I laughed and asked if she could still tell it was me. She said of course, just that... then she pointed to her nose bridge. She used to work in the cosmetic industry so she told me that the swelling will continue to subside! I'm so excited. :)

What in the world?

I am loving my nose despite the fact that it's still healing & the nostrils aren't 100% symmetrical BUT a few days ago the right nostril has been looking funky at the incision site after having alarplasty... is it normal? Did I possibly stretch it out?! :(

Almost been 1 month!

It's almost been a month after surgery.
My nose isn't perfect but I'm still happy with the decision I made.
I'm hoping my minor concerns will change along time...
For example, my nostrils hopefully will be even.


follow me on instagram for transformation pics & vids. :)


is my instagram! i don't know how i missed on posting that. -__- goodness.

what a nightmare.

just kidding... God is good so I am hopeful.
I was cleaning my nose and noticed that a suture had busted open OR because of the pressure, the implant is showing on my left inside of my nostril. My doctor had told me during my last check up that there is a possibility that I am allergic to silicone. I was well aware that this would be a possibility, but didn't think it could happen to me. I am a student nurse so I am well aware that it is possible that the body will try to reject an implant. I wish I could have known ahead of time, but when it comes to surgery, you have to take risks.

I love the way my nose turned out but as these weeks past by, there has been things going on which possibly will lead to (worse comes worse) a possible revision. I'm unaware if it's too soon, but hey, I have to deal with it.

I talked to my doctor... we just have to see how things play out from here.

Do I regret getting my nose done. Heck no! I do wish I didn't have these kinds of complications but, "shh happens" and you just have to deal with it.

My body is

rejecting the implant. I'm scheduled to undergo revision on Dec. 15. Ugh.

I get it now

After much research, it is clear to me how my decision on using an L-shaped silicone was the wrong choice. It's a mistake that I made and have to deal with. I am more comfortable about my decision on using goretex+cartilage. This time around my new nose will be even better. I am sure of it. :) Please keep me in your prayers!
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