( Dr. Tansar Mir )---After Silicone Butt Injection Removal I Am Having a BBL ( Reconstruction) - Manhattan, NY

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It has been 9 months since the removal of the...

It has been 9 months since the removal of the silicone butt injection mistake I made. And if you read
My story please check my latest review. My story will shock you! Well Dr. Tansat Mir is going to work his
Miracles on me once again! And this time it's going to be A DREAM COME TRUE!! He's going to do fat transfer for me!! I will post before and
After pics.

Bbl excited

Well I am still waiting on my labs to get back. I hope everything is ok and I can get the process going. I can't wait to get my shape back. My overall health has been amazing. I feel great and I am back to my old self again. Thank you Dr. Mir!

Silicone injection removal 9 months post op pics

Hello everyone! I am in good spirit. I am excited about my BBL. with dr Mir. Everything is going as it should. I can run, sit down, I feel healthy and it's all thanks to my Doctor! Here are some post op pics.

9 months post of silicone removal

I am still waiting on results from my blood work and I am very excited about my BBL. Dr. Mir has high hopes for me and say it will come out amazing. Due to the success of the removal of the silicone. I can only imagine. Dr. Mir is expanding his office to Beverly Hills and is expects to be there this year. He will still
Be on Manhatten but since there are NO DOCTORS in Beverly Hills who performs silicone injection removal he wants to be able to help out there. I am so happy for him. I think he is doing such a great thing. Also he has gain a lot of popularity now since appearing on "Doctor Oz" and the
Show called "the doctors" he is quite popular now. But he is still the same humble Doctor I met 9 months ago k know that will never change. He still has no social media! I tho k he should have a real self account. People would flock to him instantly he is such an
Amazing Doctor! Well I am still waiting for them to schedule my Reconstrution. I wil keep everyone posted. GOD IS GREAT. Keep hope alive and don't GIVE UP!!

BBL. reconstruction. After silicone removal

Well it's been almost a year since my silicone removal with Dr. Mir @ Lenox hospital. And now I am ready for the reconstruction part. Aka bbl. I don't know what's taking Dr. Mira secretary so long to book my appt. I should've had my appointment weeks ago. But I'm not going to get upset. I just been getting the run around lately. Doesn't seem like she wants to help me? Everytime she says I'll call u back I never get a call back? Very odd. I'm excited to give you guys a final date. And show you the pics of the procedure. Oh yeah! If anyone of you guys want certain pics let me know. I really don't know what else to show? Lol ps I am gaining so much weight!! It's crazy!

6 month post op bbl after silicone injection removal

This how I look now. My stomach is a little misshaped and one hip is a bit swollen tha. The other but. I'm going for round two to make everything perfect. Ready for round two. Email me for real pics of full back side and results. Aye_israchel@yahoo.com

It's been 1 whole year POST OP now since my RECONSTRUCTION SURGERY bbl

So far I feel good, I still have chest pains and breathing problems. But I think that will never go away. My scar on my back is healing up completely. It's pretty dark and long in size but considering my lengthy surgery I expected that. But nothing a tattoo can't cover up, which I'm planning soon. I like my figure, I look normal now. As for my bbl scars I still have those and they too are dark. I guess it's my keloid scarring issue. Dr Mir gave me a cute little booty. I really owe him my life. I wish I could find a way to repay him, but I have medical bill up the wazooo! I'm in complete debt because of this life saving surgery aka silicone removal. Sorry I haven't been keeping everyone posted I've been hiding out lately and trying to make money to pay these medical bills. It's tough. Man if I could turn back time. Well it is what it is. Here are some 1 year post op pics. If anyone needs me please don't hesitate to message me.
Manhattan Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Tansar Mir is genuinely a really nice and genuine Doctor. He is so knowledgable about the human body and what a women physically desires for appearance. He is very professional he has a wonderful team at Lenox hill Hospital that is just superb when it comes to Hospitality. They treat you like royalty!! His office is beautiful and they take care of all your needs.

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