31 Yr Old , 1 Kid. Want my Sexy Body Back - Manhattan, NY

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So Dr Morrison came highly recommended by a close...

So Dr Morrison came highly recommended by a close friend of mine who had tummy tuck and breast implants. I've seen her body before, right after surgery and now almost 1 year later and she looks soooooo good. I've had 2 consults with Dr Morrison so far and i am very happy and comfortable using him to do my procedures. I am hoping to set my surgery date soon. I will be getting abdominoplasty and breast augmentation. I had a baby 3 years ago by c section. and have tried dieting and exercise but to be honest working full time and being a single mom i have not been able to get results i want. I feel by getting surgery will be like a push start in right direction. if i look good i will feel good and after spending so much money and being in pain i KNOW i will not gain back weight. I am so excited :) will add pics of how i look now later

My before pics / consultation

Lines drawn is what is going to be removed. Also wearing bra with 350 cc silicone inserts.

My inspiration photo

I know im not as tall as her but this is figure I want and showed doctor

Just sharing my thoughts

Soooo I'm super excited nervous n anxious snd need to just vent lol.

Firstly. I keep watching videos on YouTube and I'm now worrying about all the pain I'm going to be in doing both Brest Aug and tummy tuck at same time. Has anyone else done both ? Please help

2. I had to stop smoking in preparation for surgery and I'm going through major withdrawal and anxiety. Ugh. But I know it will be worth it.

3. Does anyone know where I can rent a peer lift recliner at a reasonable cost ?



Update long overdue. I had surgery June 14. Everything went well. Was told I was under for 6.5 hours. I stayed overnight at the hospital by choice. Good thing I did. Couldn't imagine going home and being in that much pain.

Week 1 was hard. No lie. Very sore. Pained up. Sore all over. My back. My sides. My stomach.

Out of the 3 procedures I had I think the lipo caused me the most pain.

By week 2 I was driving. With a pillow. Still taking it slow. Went back to work by week 3.

So far I love my results. I love my boobs ! Scar is minimal. Love my new shape. Only thing is I'm still sore and extremely stiff when I just wake up. I have been wearing the garment and sleeping in it most nights with the foam inserts. I'm not loving my scar too much as I think it looks keloidish. But doc assures me I don't have keloid skin and it will get better over time. So I'm hopeful.


Stay in hospital first night.
Try to get a recliner to sleep in
Get loving and very patient family member to help you out. Lol.
Set alarm to take pain meds and antibiotics. Don't skip
Make sure you have gloves , personal wipes , clothes that zip in front , lots of pillows
Liquid diet , salads, green juice, applesauce
Prune juice and milk of magnesia is a must ! Lol
Try to walk as often as you can. When you sit still too long it makes the pain worse to me.

If I think of anything else I will add it.

Overall I'm happy. Just want to hurry up and feel normal again.

Before and after

Recovery is not as quick as I would want it but getting better day by day. Looking back at pics in so happy with my results.
New York Plastic Surgeon

Very warm, personable, straight forward. I'm feeling confident with my choice.

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