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Welcome to my tummy tuck experience. I decided to...

Welcome to my tummy tuck experience. I decided to have my tt now that my little one is 2 years old and I'd like to get back to the old me. I am 37, 5'5 , about 134 lbs and I have one child. My stomach didn't snap back like I hoped and after a visit with a few doctors I found that I have diastasis recti and all the exercise in the world won't repair this. I am having the diastasis repaired, maybe a little lipo and a nip and tuck here and there all in the stomach region. My doc said I have very little stomach fat. I'll get the before pics up this weekend.
I selected Dr. Matthew Schulman and so far so good he has answered all my questions, seems very knowledgable in his craft and I feel comfortable with him. I'll save my full review for after the surgery but his staff especially Amy (I hope I'm getting her name right) was very nice.
My only concern is that I wasn't able to schedule my surgery time. This information is provided to you the day before the surgery. Is this standard in other offices? I was hoping for the early appt due to various digestion/stomach issues that get really agitated when you add medication (general anesthesia) on an empty stomach so Im hoping they can accommodate my request.
I've purchased all my supplies and medications so I'm ready and also scared. I have an idea of what the pain will be like after a c-section so I'm not looking forward to it.
More to come soon....

Oops correction to the price.

It's 12,900 not 11,900. That was a typo.

My date and time is set!

I got the first appointment so my surgery starts at 8am. I'm so glad my doc was able to accommodate my request. The countdown begins.

Surgery complete, recovering!

Sorry just getting on now, the last two days have been very painful. The doc warned me this will hurt more than a c-section and it does. I had muscle work and it hurts to move, talk, or walk but I'm trying to move around. Day one was of course the most painful and my pain killers weren't working so I had to reach out to the doc to change the prescription. Unfortunately their answering service wasn't working and every time I called the phone rang several times then cut me off. You can understand I was practically hitting the walls and had to deal with the pain until I reached them the following morning. Thankfully his office was very apologetic that I couldn't get through and this was out of the norm and they checked back with me to inform me they were looking into it. So I understand these things can happen.
The new medication works wonders and I slept better last night. I followed my gut b/c I knew I shouldn't be in that much pain after taking meds so my body works better with the new prescription.
I'm swollen but my stomach is definitely flatter. My throat was really sore and my acid reflux was acting up but my appetite is slowly coming back. I've never taken so many medications before, I can't wait to feel back to normal. My family has been wonderful helping out. I've needed them to help me to the bathroom and feed me as I was feeling very weak and nauseous, so make sure you have help. You definitely can't do this alone.

Pics will follow soon. :-)

Before and after photos!

I'll get better photos of the scar next week. I'm still afraid to touch it. :-)

It's getting better!

I can't wait to get the drains out, they are annoying. Especially having a toddler, I wear layers to make sure she doesn't touch it.
I can't stand up straight yet. I hope I'll be able to stand straight soon.

Drains are out!

Yay, it was so unexpected. I thought I would have the drains for a week more. But doc said it was ready to come out. Drains feel weird coming out but not painful. I didn't have to dodge my toddler today. I was so afraid she would pull out the drains but the way the drains are placed it would be difficult to pull out.
It's amazing how flat my stomach is even with some swelling below my naval. So happy to have my body back.
On to the surgery, so I had the muscles repaired as I indicated before and some lipo in the lower region near my c-section. So far I feel like I'm healing pretty well. My doc and his staff are really sweet. Good to have someone really knowledgable working on me. :-)
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