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I don't think Dr. Miller is a bad surgeon. In fact...

I don't think Dr. Miller is a bad surgeon. In fact I think he is most likely highly skilled in his field. What I do think is that he does not know enough about facial aesthetics or is perhaps unaware of or ignorant about what he sometimes does to faces.

I had a combined septoplasty & rhinoplasty to correct a pollybeak deformity. My nose was not terrible, it just seemed to hang a too low and long, especially when I smiled and from certain angles. What Dr. Miller did was lift and rotate my nose up a bit and extend it forwards away from my face, making it look more projected, and in some ways, bigger, though shorter, than my original nose.

Now this would be fine if I had a favorable, wide face with a strong jawline. But I unfortunately do not. I have a recessed chin and a pretty asymmetrical and weak jawline due to terrible orthodontic work I had at 13. I beg anyone considering a rhinoplasty to research the effects of mandible development on facial structure and quality of breathing. The reason I developed a deviated septum and crooked nose in puberty to begin with was because my jaw had become underdeveloped and narrowed by tooth extractions and braces. My nose had nowhere to grow, so it grew crooked. If I look at photos before and after braces, after braces my face becomes longer with a much less prominent jaw that is pushed back and down instead of forward and horizontally, and that is exactly when my nose develops a bump and begins to appear too long for my face. Ever wonder why you were such an attractive child and suddenly puberty hit and you got ugly? Or maybe that kid in elementary school who no one paid attention to and suddenly in high school looks great? ORTHODONTIC WORK, or perhaps the absence of it in the case of the good looking kid. Please don't ever extract teeth because you are extracting inches of bone off your face that supports your eyes, cheekbones, and nose and keeps you looking young into late age. Look at the faces of indigenous peoples - they all have wide, high cheekbones and large smiles with all their teeth AND wisdom teeth. And in my opinion models have bone structure most similar to that of indigenous people: chiseled, angular, 3 dimensional. If you don't believe me literally just google "indigenous people" and every single face has near ideal bone structure.

ANYWAYS - In addition to not liking my nose aesthetically, I had terrible breathing problems and constant allergies/sinus infections. All of this developed after getting braces. See a pattern here? Two years after surgery with Dr. Miller, the septoplasty did absolutely nothing to alleviate my chronically congested one nostril. Additionally, before surgery, my face appeared more balanced, since the nose that drooped a bit made a nicer angle with my chin. Now, the nose that projects further out and is lifted with a supra tip break makes my chin look even smaller and weaker, and the entire lower half of my face looks like its melting a bit (I am 25 years old so it isn't really do to extreme again). Also, I never asked for the supra tip break. It was never on the digital imaging. When I brought this up with Dr. Miller - in fact when I brought up the lack of aesthetically pleasing dynamics in my post-surgery face - he just looked at me and said "I think it looks great", and then pretty much left the room.

Please look at the before and after photos of not only Dr. Miller but most rhinoplasty surgeons on this site. The only time the rhinoplasty looks great is when the person already has great facial aesthetics and bone structure to begin with, which is about 5% of the population due to modern nutrition, soft foods, improper posture, and devastating orthodontic work. Save yourself the money and get jaw surgery or research functional orthodontics - it will change your entire face for the better. Fixing one feature on an under & poorly developed face will just exacerbate the lack of pleasing facial structure on that face. There is a reason your face developed the way it did - to create balance even when there is a deficiency. Jessica Alba's nose will not make you look anything more like Jessica Alba. In fact it will probably just make you look kind of weird and less natural. I truly believe I was more attractive before surgery, and wish I didn't believe Dr. Miller when he said that a nose job would balance out my face. Because it cost definitely did not.
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