lower jaw surgery with Dr Jamali ruined my smile

My name is Cassandra Ferguson, i'm wearing braces...

my name is Cassandra Ferguson, i'm wearing braces for over two years because i have on over bite but i was told that braces alone cant closed my over bite, so i met with this orhtognathic surgeon who's name is DR jamali he told me that a lower jaw surgery and genioplasty could help me with the problem, so i took his word for it because i research him and he seems to have good reviews , anyways he submitted the paper works to my insurance for a lower and upper jaw surgery which it was approve i did pay the genioplasty out of pocket , oh he also told me that there's a possibility that i'm going to need a upper jaw surgery too so i said ok we set the date for 9/27/16 its now 9 days since the surgery and i think that my smile looks worst than how i came to him with, the surgery took over five hours he just did the lower jaw and the genioplasty he ruin my smile. i can hardly see my lower teeth my lower lip is way too pull up over it and my teeth no longer meet together it just looks so horrible my worst nightmare, i'm just so horrify right now.

totally horrible lower jaw surgery result


the surgeon pull my lips so far up over my teeth it actually reduce the size of my lips and also reshape it at no pointed time d

very disappointed

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My lower jaw surgery with Dr Jamali is a totally disaster one horrible botched result , I did a lower jaw surgery with Dr jamali on the 9/27/16 to fix my over bite which turn out to be the worst mistake of my life it actually ruined my smile my teeth can no longer closed my top teeth is so far apart from my lower teeth and my mouth now shape very crooked this surgeon also pull my lips all the way over my teeth which it reduce my lips size and reshape my lips when I smile I can hardly see my teeth my lips are pull so far above my teeth and at no pointed time did I ever give any form of permission to touch my lips neither was I aware of my lips been touch until one week after my surgery I look in the mirror and I was extremely horrify by what I was seeing I couldn't stop crying I'm a black woman I normally has full thick lips, this surgery is my worst nightmare before I did surgery with Dr Jamali I checked his reviews an I notice he has good reviews it took him over five hours to do my lower jaw surgery and a genioplasty I totally regret it, one week after surgery i open my mouth and I noticed that my teeth are no longer meeting together it can no longer closed so I contact Dr Jamali and let him know that my teeth are no longer closing his respond is your gonna need to upper jaw surgery to let your teeth closed together. what are you kidding me didn't you notice that during surgery? i clearly can remember during our consultation you told me that there's a possibility that I'm going to need a upper jaw surgery and I said ok. And you submit the paper works to my insurance for a upper and lower jaw surgery and my insurance approved it, isn't that the mean reason why you submit it ? as a professional surgeon didn't you notice that my teeth wasn't closing anymore and that you pull my lips too far above my teeth? during the time that you were doing the whole procedure? I been so emotional ever since I did the surgery especially when I look in the mirror you actually ruined my smile!☹ its almost 4week since I did surgery and I of to be thinking of finding a new surgeon to re do over my lower jaw surgery to re correct my lip in it correct position and also put back my teeth together I'm so saddened by this result

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