Consultation review - Waste of $300 for Appointment, Absurd Cost Asked. Manhattan, NY

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I went for a consult after having called days in...

I went for a consult after having called days in advance to let the receptionist know I was worried about paying $300 for a consult and then losing that money if I went with another doctor. She assured me that it would be money will spent, that he is the best. I accepted this. The consult was less than 10 minutes. Just him asking what questions I have, little on his end offered. Then he left and the assistant wrote an absurd $16,000+ cost for the procedure. I'm a small girl with good skin. It's a simple, quick procedure for my body-type. All other quotes, and I've seen many top-notch doctors, have been less than half that! Can't believe what I was asked and that I wasted $300! I went with someone else who offered a free consult and a normal price and am very happy with the results.
New York Plastic Surgeon

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