Facelift by Dr. Robert Freund in Manhattan- Scared and Excited. Manhattan, NY

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Had my eyes done (upper and lower) in 2007 and now...

Had my eyes done (upper and lower) in 2007 and now I decided to do my face. My husband claims I don't need it along with many others. I'm told I'm aging well for the ripe young age of 68. It really doesn't matter what anyone thinks. I'm the one who has to look in the mirror everyday. It would be nice if I look a little younger, but the truth is I just want to look better. So the deed will be done on Tuesday. I pray to God that all goes well. I'll keep you posted.

Added pictures for Omniface - Facelift July 5, 2016

I had to put other pictures on the site. My bestie said the pictures I posted doesn't look like me, and she has seen me without makeup forever. She asked me what I did to my face... how embarrassing! I don't take good pictures and I hate selfies. So here goes...

One more day and a wake up...Surgery Tuesday July 5, 2016

I scheduled my face lift one year ago for July 5. The year flew by and now it's here. I planned on losing weight before this surgery, but I procrastinated thinking I had all the time in the world. Well, every time I tried to stick to a healthy diet of just eating right...I sabotaged it. I think I may have lost 5 pounds for the entire year. I'm worried that if I lose 15lbs. after the lift my face with pay the price. Maybe I'm doomed to stay at this weight. Oh well...it is what it is. It's too late to turn back now. Has anybody lost weight after their facelift and experienced their face sagging? Or a big change in their face because of the weight loss?

Tomorrow is the day

Thank you, I Spoke to the nurse today. Have to stay at a hotel overnight with the nurse. Dr. Freund is insistent about this. I'm told by everyone who has had a lift that it is a much needed thing to do. I"m very surprised that I'm feeling calm. I guess I worried so much all week that there's nothing left. But than again, tomorrow's another day! I have to be at the facility at 7:00 AM. Here goes...

post op pictures July 8, 2016

Swollen and tight. Uncomfortable but not terrible. Not as bruised as I thought I'd be.

Post op pictures

before pictures


Still swollen but I have to admit it has gone down a lot. My skin is still very hard on the sides of my checks by my ears and is very tender to the touch. I'm still taking the Arnica and Bromelain. Although I've been told icing doesn't really help any more,I still put an icy wash cloth on my face because it feels good. Everyone who has seen me thinks I look great and younger (even my husband who was so against this surgery), but I still have my doubts, although I don't think I look 68. My Dr, said give it time. i see him again on Monday...remove the rest of stitches.

update day 10 more

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Have my 3rd appt. with Dr. F tomorrow. It will be 3 weeks post surgery on Tuesday.

I took these pictures today, Face is still somewhat swollen and I have a slight bruise & puffy line under my right eye. But I know it will get better. I still have a few stitches that hopefully will be completely removed tomorrow. Having a hard time staying away from food I don't think about being salty, like dill pickles. Does anyone else have problems with certain foods thy're eating after their FL. P.S. My friend took the last picture of me. She thinks it looks good, but I think I look whacked!

August 2nd will be four weeks after my surgery. I have a question would appreciate feedback.

I seem to be healing well except for these festoons I have under my eyes. Festoons are 2 puffy welts under the eyes. They kind of look like someone punched me. Has anyone ever experienced this and if you have, did they eventually go away. If so, how long did it take. I was told by someone I know that she has seen these on someone and it's been over a year since their surgery. I'm a little worried. I've attached 2 pictures to show what I'm talking about.

Facelift - 2 months post-op on Sept 5.

I just got back from a 2 week cruise and I'm swollen beyond belief. That is why I won't post new pictures. Too much salt in cruise food, and the heat and sun I pretty much tried to stay out. Told to use a heavy duty sun block that contains zinc oxide is the only blocker that really works. I will be 2 months post-op Sept 5. I will post new pictures at that time. Hope you all are doing well!!!

I'm back...sorry I haven't posted. I've been busy at work and I got lazy.

I haven't taken a lot of pictures. Even though I feel I look really good (no double chin, no jowls, no wrinkles on my checks) I still hate to take pictures. I promise I will post more soon. I do have one I took on August 24, but today is Sept. 18, and I have healed a lot since then. I had Festoons under my eyes for quite some time, more so on the right, but they are slowly getting less and less. Hopefully, they will disappear completely as time goes on. I saw Dr. Freund on Sept 12. He stated that I am still very swollen especially in my neck area. Wants me back in November. So I'll post new pictures after that but I will post some before that date. The scar under my chin can hardly be seen. The scares behind my ears are still healing, but can't be seen. My ears are still sore and sensitive to the touch, Can't wear heavy earrings and it's still uncomfortable to sleep on my side with my ears. I am now at two and a half months post op.

Face Lift 9 months Post op. by Dr. Robert Freund-Manhattan

I have not seen Dr, Freund since Sept. 2016. I decided to wait untii all the swelling was gone before I went back to see him. I will schedule for April 2017. I am happy with my lift. I am 69 years old, but when I tell people my age they don't believe it. I'm told I look about 50-52. There are a few things I want him but to look at, but overall I'm pretty satisfied.

Dr. Freund has answered all my questions and I feel very comfortable with him performing the procedure. Everyone in his office is very sweet and through. I will keep you posted with the results.

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